Satellite of Love: Queer Horoscopes for June 2017

It’s been a tough year so far, my brave friends. Luckily, this month brings some blessings. The biggest news is that the biggest planet, Jupiter—deity of all things expansive, joyous, and decadently excessive—is moving forward after about four months of being retrograde. What does this mean? Imagine that your best friend—the one who believes hardest in your potential even when you’re not living up to it, the one who finds you gorgeous no matter what you’re wearing—has been kind of MIA since early February. She may send a few encouraging texts, but she hasn’t been deeply present in your life. Maybe y’all have needed to sort out some things in your relationship (Does she indulge you too much? Do you take advantage of her care?). With Jupiter shifting direct, we’re all getting some of that BFF energy back. Jupiter is the planet that boosts our confidence, inspires us to grow, and helps us laugh when everything seems doomed. Relationally, Jupiter helps us forgive each other for all the messy and imperfect ways we show our love. Jupiter is our inner gay cheerleader, and as it moves direct this month our spirits will be donning those striped athletic socks and creating rowdy, raunchy chants against all the forces of oppression.

This month also sees Venus (planet of “hey, girl”) moving into Taurus (sign of “wanna eat chocolates in this here hot tub with me?”), and Mars (planet of “dammmmn, girl!”) moving into the Cancer (sign of “let’s work out this conflict through sensual massage, okay?”). In other words, there’s a whole lot of steaminess going on. Watch out for how Mars in Cancer can stifle our capacity to engage in conflict directly, though—don’t hide from necessary difficult conversations or try to ignore any bad dynamics this month! But do look for constructive ways to let your disagreements take place within a sense of deep care for one another. Handled right, the energies of this month offer a welcome breather—a chance to relax and reconnect to each other, to rebuild ourselves, to grow stronger and sweeter.

As always, the astro-literate are advised to read their rising signs first, followed by Sun and Moon, and everyone is welcome to choose the ones that resonate best for you this month. For in-depth readings and other astro-insight, find me at


01 aries header autostraddle copy

As your ruling planet Mars moves into the emotional, protective waters of Cancer this month, you may find it harder to access the full fire of your passions. Is this good or bad? Some of y’all might welcome an opportunity to cool off, while others will feel distinctly blocked and uncomfortable with this placement (which lasts till July 20th). Tips to remember: direct conflict is always better than festering resentment, but try to do conflict in a way you can be proud of. Call people in, if you want to keep them in your life. Don’t freeze people out rather than explain why you’re hurt. Meanwhile, as Jupiter moves direct all your partnerships could benefit—your enthusiasm is high for teaming up with your favorite people and making some magic happen. Jupiter makes everything expand, so your healthier relationships should get even stronger right now, but any cracks in difficult relationship could also get bigger. Use that Mars in Cancer energy to problem solve lovingly, carefully, and with the goal of healing any rifts that deserve to be healed.


02 taurus header autostraddle

Venus moves into your sign this month, coming home. With Venus in Taurus, all the ways you like to explore love are heightened: pleasure is on the menu. Your charm is at its highest, and your stamina is equally charged. This is a beautiful time to reconnect with longterm partners or play with new friends—what you have to offer is a certain kind of tender passion and confidence that is very attractive. After several months of stress and tension, this is a great time to take a vacation—even if that just means romantic meals with your boo when you both get back from work, an extra pint of ice cream, or meandering through city parks on your lunch break. As Jupiter moves direct it will support your efforts to show up for your health and your daily rituals. Recommit to experiencing your body as a site of joy and strength, exactly as you look now, exactly as you feel right now. This month’s aspects are here to remind you that you have everything you need to love yourself fully.


03 gemini header autostraddle

This will be an interesting month for you! Intellectually stimulating, raising big questions about who you are and what you want, and how your ideas about love influence what you can experience. If you’ve been blocked, shut down, or stressed out, this is the time to release those thought patterns. You’re luck is turning right now, if you can participate in finding those opportunities that will arise for a change in perspective. What you’re learning right now doesn’t have to be logical: trust that you’ve got some extra protection and support, even if you can’t pin down how and why. As Jupiter moves direct, expect much more activity in your creative and romantic life. If you’re looking for love, this is an excellent time to get out to the gay bar, tour with your solo project, or host a Solstice potluck. If you’re partnered, use this time to woo your sweetheart all over again—or to demand that you be wooed, depending on your dynamics! Whatever unfolds, expect the unexpected when you access desires you may not recognize, and let it be sweet!


04 cancer header autostraddle

You will definitely feel more activated as Mars moves into your sign this month. That could mean more erotic energy, or more irritation with your housemates and partners—or some delightful combination of the two! Mars isn’t especially comfortable in Cancer, and you aren’t always comfortable with what Mars asks from you: risk. This month, you owe it to yourself to take some meaningful risks in your relationships. Don’t be subtle or indirect. Don’t leave yourself an easy exit route. Be as vulnerable as you can handle being. You might be surprised by what you could have if you try this! And if the risks don’t pay off? Don’t get bitter! Be gracious, and grateful for what you now know that you maybe only feared before. It’s always better to know than to fear! As Jupiter moves direct this month, reconnect with the part of yourself that needs family—chosen or otherwise. Remember that you’re deeply connected, especially as you experiment with getting more of what you want from love.


05 Leo header autosraddle

Be generous with your attention this month. Many people are going to want to consult with you and hear what you think. When they don’t interrupt your concentration, these conversations can stimulate your creativity and give you all kinds of new insights. Watch out for that inevitable confusion about how much you’re giving and when, and what you feel able to ask for (attention, silence, solitude, care). If you’re hoping that helping others will feed all your needs, you’re setting yourself up for some major resentment down the road. Trust that even when you’re being an advisor you have the right to set limits and ask for support. Spend some time this month deeply integrating what helps you feel respected and cared for in relationships, and hold that line in as best you can in all your connections.


06 virgo header autostraddle

If you can stop overthinking it, your romantic life can really blossom right now. With your ruling planet Mercury in Gemini, your mind is extra-sharp and also extra-fast—just make sure you don’t talk yourself out of anything before you give it a chance. Your mantra for this month, that you may learn to believe if you can’t believe it yet: Love doesn’t have to be hard work. You get to experience joy. You’re enchanting exactly as you are. You don’t have to be ashamed about your desires. If these sentiments feel false to you, remember this: Whatever experiences you’ve had that blocked you from feeling worthy, lovable, and trusting aren’t your fault and don’t define you. You get to heal, which means you get to experience joy and confidence and trust again, but there are many valid reasons why you may feel blocked (misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, white supremacy, abusive relationships—just to name a few). This month offers you an opportunity—but not your only chance—to begin taking yourself back from these toxic experiences. Let love and sex heal you, starting with your own ability to feel worthy.


07 libra header autostraddle copy

There is so much you want to do (and, dare I say, so many people) right now! Jupiter has been retrograde in your sign for so many months that you may have gotten used to that feeling of being pulled inward and slowed down. No more! This month brings a burst of energy, vitality, and new ideas. You are keenly able to step into the best version of yourself, so much so that you might feel dizzy and caffeinated from all the potential. The best thing you can do for yourself and all your relationships right now is be super clear about what helps you grow and learn, and what merely drains and exhausts you. You’ll need to draw on a lot of yourself for stepping into a new phase of life right now—don’t let nasty dynamics with anyone hold you back or make you feel smaller. If you can focus on your true desires, and know your actual limits, this will be an incredible time for you.


08 scorpio header autostraddle

The dreams that are coming true for you this month may be hidden, but you’ll feel the shift. You have tremendous energy for sinking deep into relationships of genuine caring. Remember that you are connected and included, and don’t go full hermit right now—it may be tempting to spend a little more time in your private dreamworld, making those visions into reality, but that doesn’t have to mean isolation is the only way in. Risk sharing something vulnerable—a desire, a fantasy, a hope for your future. How can you build this dream together?


09 sagittarius header autrostraddle

You’re in luck—this month you get to reconnect with the people who inspire you most. As your ruling planet Jupiter moves direct, you may feel more free, more optimistic, and more capable of stretching and growing beyond the narrow confines of your daily routine. Focus on how to show up for the relationships and causes that matter most to you (hint: they often overlap), and trust that what you’ve been learning is now ready to be shared.


10 capricorn header autostraddle

Not to be cliché, but this could be a month when you accomplish a lot! There is still a nagging sense of always needing to do more in a day than you actually can, but that should ease off later in the year. For the next few months, find ways to recognize when you’ve done enough—how many hours of the day do you expect yourself to work? This includes paid work, emotional labor, and all the care work that goes into keeping yourself and others fed and clean. How much do you need to improve in your personal relationships? Can you live with a little imperfection right now? In other words—what problems don’t need solving right away? This month offers you some genuine sweetness if you know how to accept it, but it can also bring up irritations and tension of all kinds. Make sure you’re sending your energy where you want it to grow and thrive.


11 aquarius header autostraddle copy

Ah, sweetie. Your delightfully unique ways either inspire or confuse your lovers, but rarely do people feel neutral about you. This is a month when you may feel a little more out of step than usual with the folks you love, or the ones you want to love you. You need adventure right now, especially as Jupiter moves direct—you are on a path of growth and discovery that is almost all-consuming. You don’t particularly want to slow down and lie on a blanket at the beach, thank you, unless you’re allowed to bring an extra-thick book and your notes. Make some extra room in your closest connections right now to get a sense of freedom and independence—if you ask directly, your loved ones should recognize you value your connection. Let your partners, lovers, housemates, and BFFs know that loving you well means letting you go off in your own direction right now—and assure them you will come back.


12 pisces header autostraddle

This month is blessedly easy for you, dear fish. If you want deep romantic connection, passion, and expansive, joyous growth—now is an incredible time to ask for all this. The only problem with this month’s energy is that you have to participate for any of it to work. First, you have to ask for what you want—you have to name it, imagine it, imagine how you would feel when you receive it. Does it feel good? Scary? Do you want to run? Who would you have to become to receive as much love as you desire, and feel you deserve it—not worry that it will come with a high price? Identify what you’re really ready for—that’s your first step right now. And then you have to invite it in. This can look a lot of ways, but here are some clues about how to proceed: Reading poetry in your bedroom every night while you wait for some hottie to knock on the door isn’t going to get you what you want (unless, of course, you live with that hottie and have invited them to knock on your door every night). You see where I’m going with this? What do you need to do right now to make yourself more available for the love that you want?

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  1. Is it normal to frame a horoscope? I always love your horoscopes Corina but this month’s is particularly pertinent, thanks so much!

  2. Wow I work as a writer with a hobby in making visual art. So a boost in creativity is great for me :)

  3. I’m going to blame Jupiter for my recent mental issues because assigning external blame always makes me feel better =/

    But seriously….that Virgo was everything I needed to hear right now, as was the Libra reminder of actually having limits (Virgo/Libra cusp ehhh) so…thank you for giving me a little spark of light Corina <3

  4. It’s been a rough year so far. Need the soothing this month promises. Taurus rising, moon. Virgo sun, Venus.
    Ooof. Thank you.

  5. My Pisces Sun horoscope is honestly the best thing I could have read today. (Pisces Sun / Aries Moon / Taurus Rising) I want to say the affirmation every day: I am worthy of love. I am worthy of loving myself. I want to invite someone into love with me. I want to be in a loving, happy, silly, committed relationship. I want to affirm my identity and the identity of my future partner. I want to invite someone to share love with me.

  6. This Gemini is quite pleased that the planets are determined to help me find a cute gal during Pride Month ??

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