Real L Word Picked Up For Season Two, Ilene Chaiken Hates Us

Showtime has announced a second season of its ‘groundbreaking’ lesbian reality series The Real L Word! Ilene Chaiken, the only human capable of bringing you such news, had this to say for herself:

“I’m thrilled and truly excited by the support from Showtime and their desire to really bust it out in the second season. We’re looking to tell deeper stories about some of the cast members whom we got to know in season one, and to meet some new women whose lives reflect additional facets of lesbian life and experience.”

That sound you’re hearing, waaaaaay off in the distance, is Riese banging her head against a wall. I’m assuming IFC has taken a long hard look at the problems with Season 1 and how we would’ve fixed them and I, of course, look forward to seeing how she has grown, both as a human and also as a teller of our ‘stories.’ Can’t wait!!

There will be nine episodes and a mix of old and new cast members. We predict / are 99% sure that Mikey will not be taking part in Season 2, which is a real shame, as Robin was basically put on Earth to play the role of Raquel via Autostraddle’s Real L Word Parody, the most ‘groundbreaking’ and eerily well-cast parody EVER.

In honour of this blessed news from on high, I’ve compiled a list of my Top Five Favorite Excerpts from Riese’s recaps of The Real L Word Season 1. Enjoy!

1. Christ almighty.

2. I’m just a shell of myself. Ok, Brandy? I’m a shell of myself.

3. This recap is late because I wanted to wait and see if Whitney & Romi’s sex scene would tip the balance in our favor in the Prop 8 Trial. Mission accomplished. JK THIS EPISODE OF THE REAL L WORD WAS SO WEIRD.

4. What do you want from me. The Real L Word. 108. It happened. Deal with it OMGFASHIONWEEEK FASHIONWEEK.

5. Episode 109 of The Real L Word is THE LAST EPISODE OF THE REAL L WORD. Dinah Shore happens, other things happen OH FOR CHRIST’S SAKE

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  1. I love this site. To you ladies, TRLW is the girl you know is no good for you *what will people think* after all, but you can’t help but be fascinated. So much processing and energy devoted to her, I mean, the show. Kinda like that closet case Asst.DA stalker and his gay boy crush.

  2. In Season 2, Whitney will matriculate in law school somewhere and learn the meaning of the word “commitment,” after she gets dropped from a class due to ditching three times to sleep with three different women who all look suspiciously similar. After convincing the dean that she “has changed,” Whitney will be re-admitted to said class where she will meet one of the new characters, another law student named _____ who will remind her (and the world) that all that marriage bullshit from the first season doesn’t make any goddammed sense because GAYS MARRIAGE IS NOT FEDERALLY RECOGNIZED for fuck’s sake. The show will then blatantly ignore this concept again and spend the rest of the season planning Mikey and Raquel’s wedding, but at least that means more Raquel. In an effort to lend the show an actual plot, the girls will simultaneously open a restaurant/compete to be the next Iron Chef, giving Cat Cora a run for her money (but Cat will win, of course). Tracy will spend an entire episode trying to pick out an outfit in which to meet Stamie’s parents, which hopefully will involve a lot of footage of her cute matching underwear….that’s all I got so far.

  3. This whole comment section is like every relationship i have ever had.
    I keep thinking the problem has been talked about to death and has gone away. Then, days later, I get a passive aggressive response in my Gmail to let me know it has not.

    Also, this is exactly what IFC wanted to happen, goddamn.

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  5. ok i adore this show!! i love mikey!! why is she not gonna be a part?? someone plz tell me this ik im a lot delayed on the fact of this show at all.. but i love it! and if ur gonna dis on lesbians ur on the wrong site.. im just sayin. its some bull htat ur really gonna sit there and act so immature about it. it happens. get over yourself.

  6. I can understand why most of you would hate the show based on what it presented on the different behaviors amongst the characters. I’ve been around lesbian and bi girls that act exactly like most of those characters. I can see the context of some of the points listed on some of the comments above. I personally agree with some and disagree with others, but I personally enjoyed the show, ’cause I’ve met girls like the ones identified on the show here in California (I went to elementary school with Sara) and when I used to live in Brazil, the show may not be a legitimit representation of the lesbian community, but it resembles a part of it, even if small.

  7. I love this comment section. I enjoyed watching TRLW for how terrible it was. I would love for a 2nd season so I may continue to laugh and point.

    “This is a positive representation of lesbians” Cut to scene of a girl using a strap-on on another girl

    “Deeper meaning” Cut to scene of girls in a creampie corn pool or whatever the fuck that was


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