Rachel’s Team Pick: Stud Magazine

Stud Magazine was referred to me as having “a really good Health section.” This is probably true, and I encourage you to explore it fully, but I have to admit that I am really into the “Images.” I want to wallpaper the inside of my house with this. This is a frontrunner for Sexiest Queer Lady Magazine, and I say that as someone who works for a really fucking sexy queer lady magazine.

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  1. Speaking of those images: is it acceptable to wear boots with pants that fit one’s calves? I feel like maybe I haven’t been doing it all this time b/c I am afraid of criticism for that style choice, but if I am free to wear boots then I would like to.

    I feel really dumb I know nothing about fashion; I need tutorials.

    • are you talking about the tartan/denim girl b/c if so, yes i think that is acceptable. i actually really like the look of chunky boots with the top few holes unbuttoned, folded down/out slightly and therefore loosely tied at the top if at all (like docs, or whatever is cool now that it’s not the 90s anymore) with fitted pants and sometimes socks/legwarmers peeking out.

      if this isn’t what you’re talking about then forgive me, i usually wear sweatpants

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