Queer Tarotscopes for Virgo Season 2021: Where Are You Craving Awareness and Change?

This season’s tarotscopes feature The Moonchild Tarot and the Celestial Bodies Oracle Deck.

After Leo’s season of sunshine, courage, and loving boldly, Virgo is here to help us refine and perfect, clarify and crystalize. The sign of mutable earth, Virgo’s flexible and persistent nature helps us finish up any lingering projects, efforts, or concerns, adjusting as necessary to meet those big deadlines and prepare for whatever is going to come next. Often associated with a fastidious, perfection-seeking nature, Virgo is observant and thoughtful, careful and detail-oriented, the energy that comes in and catches all of the little mistakes that brash, confident Leo might’ve missed in their broad, brilliant strokes of color. Just like the Empress shines with abundance and the Emperor follows to adjust and perfect, Leo carries the big emotions and desires of Cancer forward — and Virgo follows behind, making sure that everything is in order. With Virgo, we allow our natural sensitivity to shine, showing us the pieces that fit perfectly and the rough edges that need further refining.

Virgo’s birth card is the Hermit, an archetype of solitude and reflection. It’s easy to generalize that this figure is one of rest and recovery — and indeed, for those of us that fall on the more introverted side of the spectrum, the Hermit can feel like a welcome respite from the daily grind — but make no mistake, this is a figure that demands that we work. Taking time to interrogate our desires, fears, hopes, dreams, ambitions, anxieties, and choices is no easy feat, and this time of self-discovery and personal revelations can feel like we’re going over our souls with a fine-toothed comb, not missing a single shadow or secret. In giving ourselves time to shift away from our usual routines and responsibilities, we’re able to consider what is actually working for us, what is bringing us more in line with our goals and vision for the future — and to also identify where we are getting tripped up, frustrated, or craving change. When we think about the structures that we put in place with the Emperor, the traditions that we explored with the Hierophant, the freedom that we found with the Lovers, what do we still want to hang on to, and what are we ready to release? Which established foundations are providing us with stability and safety, and where are we starting to feel stifled? Did we break through any boundaries with the Chariot that we miss or want to reconstruct? Did we take any chances with Strength that we’re ready to double-down on?

The Hermit is assigned the number nine, and when we look at the nines in the tarot we find energy of privacy and self-reliance — for better and for worse. The nine of wands shows someone pushing hard through final challenges and obstacles, balancing a desire to reach those goals with a need to practice restraint and self-care. The nine of swords reveals someone grappling with nightmares and anxieties, having retreated so far into themselves that they’ve lost all perspective on what is truth, and what is fear. The nine of cups celebrates someone secure in the knowledge that they are loved and supported, even as they pursue creative dreams that allow them to shine on their own. The nine of pentacles indicates someone who has created a safe and happy home, who feels independent, stable, and proud of the work that they have done to get where they are. Solitude is valuable, reflection is essential — but if we go too far within ourselves, if we forget to balance our perceptions with objective truths, we can get lost.

So many of our cards for this season are action-oriented, urging us to not be afraid to trust our instincts and pay attention to the desires within us. In this season of Virgo, remember the lessons of the Hermit, and give yourself space for reflection, awareness, and grounded perspective, even as you pursue the things that you want. Experienced tarot readers or astrologers can plug the cards I’ve drawn for their sun, moon, and rising signs into the spread below to create a custom reading for this season. Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the planet of information and communication, so if you know your Mercury placement you can also include that card in your reading for a more complete picture of your next few weeks.

tarot spread template with four card positions. sun (i am), moon (i feel), rising (i project), mercury (i think)

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The Sun

An archetype of personal power, deep satisfaction, and collective magic, the Sun offers brilliant beams of light and a rich, potent sense of accomplishment. As the sign of cardinal fire, you are so good at beginnings, at sharing your vision and being the spark that lights up the world — but in this time of Virgo, you now get to experience the power of bringing something to a successful, joy-filled conclusion, tying up loose ends and preparing to release something finished into the world. If last season felt like a last big push of creative or inspirational energy, if you’ve been wrapping up a major project or long-term ambition, this is a time for celebration, abundance, and pride in the self. What have you accomplished? How did it happen? Where are you sensing shifts in your present, and how does that give you hope for your future? And if you’re still in the midst of completion, give yourself permission to take joy in these last steps, to believe that everything is going to work out exactly as it should. Where are you finding victory? How can you take pleasure in this exactly moment, instead of getting distracted by thinking ahead to the next big project?


Three of pentacles

You’re someone that’s known for your strong work ethic, dedication to seeing projects through, and ability to take responsibility for a number of projects. But this season, you may find joy in collaboration, in delegation, in bringing people that you trust and respect into the process and allowing them to share some of your burdens. There can be deep, unexpected magic in giving others access, in sharing your process and considering new ideas. And while you may feel a bit uncomfortable not being in complete control of this aspect of creation, resist the urge to do everything yourself, and instead see what happens when you open yourself to new perspectives, new ideas, new resources. What are people offering to you, that you’ve been reluctant to receive? How could sharing some of the load allow you to see new possibilities?In letting others help, how might you find the space to bring in new resources or ideas that transform what you’re working on into something even more brilliant?


Four of cups

After the transformation and upheaval of last season, Virgo’s mutable earth energy may find you feeling a little tender, a little hesitant. It’s natural to retreat inwards after a major shift, to want to give the self space for reflection, grounding, and healing in the wake of all that you’ve endured. But you shine the most brightly when you’re working in tandem with others, when you take what people offer you and volley it back with new perspectives and information. In finding ways to protect your heart and mind, don’t isolate yourself so deeply that you lose touch with that essential part of who you are. If you find yourself disappointed with the ways that other people are interacting with you, if you feel discouraged or irritable in your relationships, if it never seems like anyone is doing quite enough to make you feel loved or appreciated, take a step back and consider how open you are to receiving these things. Are you actually making yourself available to the people that care about you, or are you creating unnecessary obstacles to connection? How can you let yourself be loved and supported in a way that truly serves you?


Two of pentacles

It may feel that this season is a satisfying juggling act, Cancer, as you deftly balance the things that you want to introduce into your world with the ongoing tasks and responsibilities that you’ve carried for a long time. And while you are a wildly capable, deeply structured person, while your natural sense of boundaries and protection is a beautiful partner to your desire to care for yourself and those you love, it’s likely that the pace you’re currently operating at is not sustainable for the long term. You may be managing everything beautifully right now, but consider: is everything that’s on your plate something that you need to hang on to? Or are there projects, details, duties that you could delegate, pause, or delay? Taking pride in being good at things can be a valuable and ego-boosting asset, but it’s also okay to ask for help sometimes, to prioritize a few things instead of trying to do everything all the time. How can you put your energy and resources towards the things that matter most to you? What could you release?


The Fool

Have you been dreaming about something lately, been caught up in a fantasy of something brilliant, enticing, magical? Has a new idea, pursuit, ambition captured your attention, in a way that’s distracting you from the life you have now? You are standing on a precipice, poised to begin a powerful and transformative new adventure — but it’s up to you to decide if you’re ready to take that leap, to trust your intuition and let it carry you forward towards something unknown. The Fool is the archetype that begins everything, that pushes us forward, that urges us to keep dreaming and reaching and climbing. Where are you ready to take a chance? You’re already someone fiery and independent, bold and courageous, unafraid to go after something that you desire — but this may be something that doesn’t have a clear roadmap, something that you aren’t quite sure how to discover. Try not to get caught up in the details of all that you don’t know, and instead consider how you can support yourself on this new journey. How are you ready to change your life?


Eight of cups

Happy birthday, Virgo! As we move into your season of thoughtful effort and rich sensitivity, you may find your heart tugging you in a new direction. You’re someone that puts a lot of effort into making things work, coming up with creative solutions for complex problems and often willing to go the extra mile to make sure everything is taken care of — but sometimes, that can mean that you’re putting in more effort than other people, or doing the bulk of the work without the support, encouragement, and care that you deserve. This season, be honest with yourself about the relationships you’re investing in, the communities you participate in, the people and visions and dreams that you give your resources to. Is there balance in these equations? Or are you the only one really showing up? This is not a charge to leave behind something that deeply matters — but it is a call to carefully consider where you might need to walk away, create new boundaries, or give yourself permission to pull back. How can you show yourself the same loving care that you offer to others? What would it take for you to put yourself first?


Nine of cups

A card of sweetness and pleasure, for you Virgo season will be a time of peace and harmony, joyful communion, and heart-forward creation. You are surrounded by love, by support, by everything that you need to thrive — so take time this season for gratitude and reciprocity. How is your heart overflowing? Where has your intuition led you? What are you learning about yourself from the emotions and intimacy that you’ve experienced? How are you continuing to make space for everything that you love, for everyone that you care about? The nine of cups came forward for you last season as well, indicating that you are in a rich period of satisfaction, connection, and contentment. Yet this card also hints at wishes both fulfilled and unfulfilled, the things that we have found and the things that we are still reaching for. You may feel like you’ve developed the skills to balance emotion with perception, but where have you been afraid to be vulnerable, to reveal a sense of longing that you may not completely understand? How can you make space for the things that you still crave?


Ace of swords

You’re known for your sensitive bullshit meter and ability to cut right to the heart of things, and this season, new insights and essential truths may reveal themselves. The key to this card is in figuring out how to wield this blade with strength and finesse, rather than letting ourselves be overwhelmed by its weight, power, or sharpness. What does it mean to recognize something for the first time, to let this shift in perspective alter the things that we’ve believed until now? How does clarity help us move in directions that feel more representative of what we’re really craving? Where do we need to be honest and authentic with ourselves, and how will that impact our existing goals, dreams, and paths forward? After the powerful shifts of last season, it may feel like your perspectives are changing in so many ways. Give yourself ample space to reflect and consider, to make choices with wisdom rather than purely on impulse. What are you ready to pursue with intention and purpose? And are you truly ready for all of the discoveries that you may make along the way?


King of wands

It may feel like your ability to inspire, stimulate, and create is on overdrive this season, allowing you the capacity to juggle multiple projects with ease and set things in motion for other people. The natural fire that burns through your veins, that sets everything that you touch aflame, may feel extra bright, extra potent, extra infectious. How are you using all of that energy to create something lasting, something that inspires and motivates? What are you doing with your gifts? You may already consider yourself a leader, but Virgo’s mutable energy will help you give shape and focus to all of those ideas, pairing your innate enthusiasm with a necessary sensitivity that will help you see things through to the end. When do you feel your most powerful, your most mighty, your most passionate? What are you ready to pour your energy into? How can you balance that inherent visionary quality with focused purpose and intent?


Two of wands

For you, Virgo season may be defined by important choices: what to pursue, what to discard, what gives you energy and what drains you. But as you consider how to turn that small, bright spark of a new idea into a brilliant, steady flame, give yourself the time to fully consider your options, instead of rushing to build. Tangible progress may be satisfying, but there’s something to be said for checking in with the self, for honoring the desires that are burning deep within you. You may not always think of yourself as someone playful, someone that follows inspiration without a clear purpose and destination in mind — yet there can be such beauty, such magic, such richness in creation without an objective. What if you let yourself dream about what’s possible, instead of just focusing on what’s probable? How can you give yourself room to breathe, to imagine, to create without limits? Where might you go, what might you discover, if you put away the map for awhile and let yourself explore freely?


King of swords

After a season that may have felt like hitting rock bottom, Virgo brings a fresh opportunity to scoop up those blades and use them for expansion, investigation, and new insights. You are not afraid to examine things closely, to study and interrogate, and Virgo is a perfect time for you to zoom in on some of the details that your often expansive perspective may sometimes cause you to gloss over. Which aspects of your work could use a more careful, critical eye? How are you utilizing that sharp gaze, and what are you doing to balance your intellect and observations with wisdom? How do your opinions, your observations, your understanding of truth impact those around you? People may be looking to you particularly closely this season, eager to hear your thoughts and ideas, so don’t take that responsibility lightly. What are you ready to share? How are you redesigning the world in your mind? Which structures are you ready to break apart and put together in new ways?


King of pentacles

Sweet Pisces, you’re so often left to your own devices in the dreamy worlds of emotion, intuition, and fantasy, unafraid to dive into the richest depths and murkiest magics. But this season, take pleasure in the mutable flexibility of Virgo even as you hold fast to the grounded nature of earth. It’s okay to put your feet on the ground sometimes, to build instead of simply exploring. Where are you putting down roots? What are you cultivating? How have the seeds that you’ve planted established a firm foundation for your artistic imaginings? Legacy can be tied to anything, but it’s always connected by intention and attention, that act of believing that our actions and choices will have an impact that outlives us. How do you balance your dreams with tangible realities? What sustains you, comforts you, creates systems of security and safety for you? How can you care for your physical body, your home and career, in a way that allows you to be your fullest, most authentic self?

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