Queer Tarotscopes for Taurus Season 2021: What’s the Lesson to Pay Attention to for Your Sign?

This season’s tarotscopes feature The Muse Tarot and the Compendium of Constellations.

If Aries is the fiery gunshot at the start of a race, the brilliant call to movement towards a very specific goal, Taurus brings to mind our energy and focus a few miles in: finding our pace, settling into a rhythm, connecting with the physical world around us in a way that lets us make steady, determined, intentional progress. We’re closer to the start than to the finish line, yet we know where we’re going, and are allowing ourselves to find a stride that feels good, that honors our strengths and our limits. Aries might have defined the objective for us, made space for the expansive dreams and desires that Pisces revealed, but with Taurus we start to put in the real work.

Associated with fixed earth, Taurus is responsible and grounded, sensual and observant, able to put their nose to the ground and dedicate themselves to specific tasks and ambitions. This is an energy of devotion, of practice, the knowledge that what we are working towards is well worth the effort. Fixed energy is controlled and efficient, taking the ideas generated by cardinal signs and putting them into structured, organized practice in a way that can be brilliantly effective and occasionally stubborn. Yet Taurus also understands the power of pleasure, balancing their focused work ethic with luxury, indulgence, and beauty. This sign craves security, investing in themselves time and time again in order to make their long-term dreams and ambitions come to fruition. And when we sit in resilient, loyal Taurus season, we may find our own tendencies to prioritize comfort amplified, offering us relief after such intensive focus and drive.

Taurus is associated with the fifth archetype of the major arcana, most commonly known as the Hierophant. Bridging the mysterious spaces between the physical and the spiritual, this card holds a complex and challenging energy. It’s at this stage of the Fool’s journey that we begin to make space for meaning beyond our earthly goals, to tap into rituals and traditions that connect us to our own complex histories, to find communities of learning and growth that help us understand the ways that those in our past have understood our world. How do we expand knowledge, connect with others, make space for growth? What allows us to tap into our roots, to find synergy with those that have come before? When do we access the magic that is all around us, and how do we create new practices that let us carry that magic forward? The Hierophant is usually seen as a spiritual teacher or guide, a mentor, someone with a rich sense of both history and knowledge. But while sometimes this can feel like a gatekeeper, someone who wants to restrict access to these most sacred of tomes, I like to think of the Hierophant as one that helps us find our way to a number of different pathways, to explore the various methods of learning and expansion that are available to us. This is someone that can help us discover and open doors, rather than one that keeps them locked up tight.

The Hierophant is associated with the number five, which in numerology is connected to education, change, humanity, nature, sacred unions, and an odd, yearning sense of incompleteness. Tarot fives usually speak to a point of tension within a larger cycle — feeling pulled in multiple directions, grappling with opposing desires, trying to find our place in the world, grieving for the things that we lack even as we turn our attention to all that we still have. There’s a sense of struggle between earthy magic and airy intellect, a desire to reconcile understanding with the unknown. And while this kind of tension can be unsettling at times, it also challenges us to expand and discern, to make space for mystery, to learn to be content with all that we don’t know. The Hierophant urges us to let the things that we are sure of settle into our blood and our bones, even as we dream of the stars and the secrets that surround us. We keep moving forward, even as we find solid tethers to our past and allow there to be ambiguity in our future.

Many of our cards for this season challenge us to pay attention, to focus our movement, to shake ourselves free of old destructive patterns and begin to establish more useful ones. New journeys are beginning, old foundations are being broken, and there are powerful opportunities present for growth and evolution. In this season of Taurus, remember the lessons of the Hierophant, and pay attention to areas of tension, to places where you’re being called to learn and grow. Experienced tarot readers or astrologers can plug the cards I’ve drawn for their sun, moon, and rising signs into the spread below to create a custom reading for this season. Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and abundance, so if you know your placement for Venus you can also include that in your reading for a fuller picture of your Taurus season.

Tarot spread for Taurus season: an image of four card positions arranged in a cross shape, with the text "plug in the cards referenced in my Taurus tarotscopes for a complete picture of your season." Starting from the top card position, moving clockwise, the card positions read: Rising: I project; Venus: I have; Sun: I am; Moon: I feel

After a six-month hiatus I’m open for custom tarot readings again, so head to my website to check availability and book your reading with me. I’ve also recently published a new single-card study on the Fool, part of an ongoing series, and am working on my first class. Check out my daily writing and card draws on Instagram, and you can get my latest tarot writings and updates delivered straight to your inbox by signing up for my newsletter. Lastly, head to my website for larger spreads, writings, and to purchase my four original e-books for learning tarot.

As always with these tarot readings, take what you need and leave what you don’t. Happy Taurus season!


A photo of the card Knight of Inspiration, which features a galloping horse, a constellation card that reads Aries: Sacrifice, and a yellow crystal

Knight of inspiration

As we shift out of your season, you may find yourself continuing to race towards those big goals and bright ambitions. There’s magic in this kind of movement, a deep and authentic joy that bubbles up when we feel that we’re in exactly the right place at the right time, doing what we’re meant to be doing. New ideas may keep tumbling forward, so fast that you may have trouble keeping them organized, or remembering what your larger intentions are. This can be an exciting, captivating energy, one that inspires everyone around you and keeps you on your creative toes, but don’t get so carried away by the momentum of what you’re building that you burn yourself out. How can you balance all of that fire, share the weight of your ambitions with others, collaborate and prioritize in a way that lets you stay in this work for the long haul? When can you fully indulge your passions, and when do you need to slow down and deliberately assess your next steps?


A photo of the tarot card Awakening, which features a Black woman's face in profile, the constellation card that read Taurus: Strengthen, and a grey crystal


Happy birthday, Taurus! You are right on the precipice of something transformative, something with the potential to open up your world in a bright and brilliant way — yet there’s one more big step on this journey, something that can only come from within you. What have you been carrying, something that feels so essential to who you are that you’ve forgotten that you have the choice to set it down and leave it behind? This archetype, known as Judgement in other decks, invites us to consider what is holding us back from a massive evolution. Do you need to forgive yourself for something that happened long ago, to release a sense of guilt or anger or shame, to fully grieve something in a way that you’ve never allowed yourself to? Have you been carrying the weight of a certain expectation, a fear, a desire you’ve tried to smother, that you could perhaps approach in a new way? Give yourself the freedom to reimagine who you are allowed to be, to consider the ways that your world would open up if you made a change that you’ve been resisting. What are you waiting for?


A tarot card for the 8 of Voices, which features a woman in harsh shadow, a constellation card that reads Gemini: Unite; and a variegated pink crystal

Eight of voices

Sweet Gemini, it may feel in the coming weeks that you are stuck between a rock and a hard place, with no hope of escaping from the trap that you find yourself in. But if you’re tempted to throw in the towel and give up, remember this: you have far more options, more magic, more strength, than you realize. Any frustration or anxiety that you feel may be based on a misunderstanding of where you are, or assumptions that you’re making that aren’t completely true. How do you understand truth? Where can you shift your perspective, make space for possibility? Don’t let yourself drown alone under the weight of something that only you seem to fully understand — instead, reach out to those you trust for clarity, new viewpoints. You have everything that you need in order to get where you want to go, but if you let doubts cloud your vision, you may miss opportunities when they come forward. What choices or options have you been dismissing? Which possibilities for movement or change could you explore more fully?


A tarot card for the 6 of voices, with a woman bowed over a body of water holding a small figure in her hand, a constellation card for Cancer: Distract; and a red crystal

Six of voices

This season may find you moving forward out of a situation that has left you feeling trapped, frustrated, or isolated, making space for freedom and movement in a way that you haven’t experienced for quite some time. There’s a freedom in this card, a sensation of reclamation and sovereignty that may leave you feeling both exhilarated and battered, excited for the future even as you grieve for all that you have been through. The insights and truths that last season revealed may have motivated this change, allowing you to view your world in a new way, to prioritize yourself and choose joy instead of staying stuck in an old situation or pattern. Celebrate this victory, even if you aren’t sure what your next steps are, and be intentional about leaving those old narratives and conflicts behind. How can you show yourself grace, compassion, and kindness as you adjust to this new path forward? Where are you standing up for yourself, getting yourself out of a negative situation, and how can you honor that progress in a way that feels authentic and empowering?


A tarot card for 10 of Materials featuring a group of people circled around a blooming tree; a constellation card reading Leo: Defeat, and a brown crystal

Ten of materials

You’ve put in so much energy and effort towards establishing safety, security, and legacy, and this season may find you able to ground yourself in a way that feels joyful and comforting. Revel in this sense of prosperity and victory, honoring everything that you have built and recognizing the hard work and dedicated effort that you have put in to make this dream a reality. This is no time to doubt your efforts or feel guilt for what you have — instead take pleasure in all that you possess, in building a life that gives you comfort and pleasure. Even as you enjoy the fruits of your labors, pay attention to the assets and resources that you have gathered, to areas of surplus or places where you may still find yourself wanting. How are you sharing your bounty with those around you? Where can you give back to those with less, to the people that have helped and encouraged you along the way? What are you doing to stay connected with the communities and groups that you are a part of?


A tarot card for the Tower featuring a figure in black falling through a void with stone and lightning, a constellation card reading Virgo: Encompass; and a blue crystal

The Tower

As the most adaptive of the earth signs, you have an innate understanding of how to move through challenging circumstances, how to clean up messes and make sure every last detail comes together. But it may feel this season that things keep slipping through your fingers, that the ground is unsteady beneath your feet in a way that you can’t control. As unsettling as this archetype can be, the Tower comes through like a wildfire, cleansing and destroying, making space for new things to thrive and getting rid of the old rot that is weighing us down. What have you been unwilling to release? What have you been afraid to walk away from? You may have opportunities to make some major and important shifts, so work to be open to change instead of hiding from truths that reveal themselves. Be gentle with yourself through this transition, but know that this is a time of necessary clearing, and that you will likely find yourself lighter, freer, and even more capable on the other side. What possibilities are emerging?


A tarot card for the Ace of Voices, featuring a woman with multicolored hair and a flying snowy owl; a constellation card reading Libra: Evaluate, and a gray crystal

Ace of voices

This season, it may feel like new ideas are rapidly clicking into place, like lightning is striking quick and true. As truths are revealed, as clarity shifts your perspectives and forces you to pay attention, be open to the paths that are opening up before you, to the ways that your mind pushes you to explore and expand. What are you realizing, either for the first time or in a new way? What are you coming to terms with, and how is that creating new opportunities for growth and change? How is your world cracking open, broadening and developing, and where are you being called to change along with it? Sometimes it can be jarring to feel ourselves recognizing potential or processing information, so give yourself plenty of room to reflect and question, rather than forcing yourself to take these new insights and immediately act on them. What is capturing your attention, changing your mindset, expanding your horizons? What are you being asked to analyze?


A tarot card for Strength, featuring a white woman in a red dress seated calmly astride a lion; a constellation card reading Scorpius: Punish, and a black crystal


There are times when we are called to act, and times when we are called to wait — and this season, it’s essential that you give yourself space for observation, reflection, and interrogation before you move forward. This archetype asks us to balance our wildness with our experience, to give weight and power to the things that we have endured, to listen carefully and know when we are to act with fierce anger or thoughtful intention. What is driving you, and how are you considering your options? Last season may have felt like a lot of pieces clicking into place, like movement was assured or even inevitable, like you were finding comfort in old routines even as new ones established themselves. But when things don’t feel quite so clear, when you need to assess multiple avenues of progress or hear several options before deciding your next course of action, there is wisdom in giving yourself time to decide, and in practicing patience. How do you balance instincts with intuition?


A tarot card for the 4 of Emotions, featuring a figure inside a giant goblet seemingly cast of water as they consider three other, smaller goblets, and two faces in profile seem about to kiss in the background. A constellation card reads Sagittarius: Protect, with a translucent lavender crystal.

Four of emotions

You’re someone that values knowledge and insight, that trusts your instincts, that prefers movement to sitting still — yet this season, you may find yourself wanting to retreat, holding parts of your heart back from both the world and those closest to you. There are always risks to vulnerability, to letting ourselves be deeply seen and known, and it may be tempting to remain hidden rather than sharing our fears and desires with those that care for us. Yet you deserve comfort, support, love, and it can be harder to receive those things when we shelter ourselves away or deny craving them. What are you afraid of? Who are you guarding yourself from? What is feeling stagnant, and how have your actions or inactions contributed to that sensation? Give yourself the gift of community, rather than telling yourself that a disappointment or frustration necessitates cutting yourself off from others. How can you be patient with both yourself and with those around you?


A tarot card for the Knight of Voices featuring a white pegasus flying through a golden sky, a constellation card reading Capricornus: Evolve, and a translucent pink crystal.

Knight of voices

In this season of Taurus, you may find yourself energized and focused, ready to throw your entire self into those brilliant ambitions and long-term goals. New ideas and a powerful sense of truth may have you moving relentlessly towards your objectives, focusing on what you want and creating a focused plan to achieve it. Yet even as you feel clear and driven, even as you set your eyes on that big, powerful prize, pay attention to how rapidly you are rushing, to how you understand the ideas that are manifesting within and around you. There’s such power in this card, yet knights often call us to balance their element with the others — and an overabundance of air can lead us to overlook other ideas, to tune out facts and truths, to only listen to our own opinions and insights. Where can you slow down a little, open yourself to other perspectives, consider different potential paths forward? Moving with intention is a powerful thing, but don’t get so obsessive about your ambitious vision that you miss important details along the way. Where can you listen?


A tarot card for the 4 of Inspiration, featuring four female figures seated on a stone platform clasping hands and meditating or praying; a constellation card reading Aquarius: Sense; and a teal crystal

Four of inspiration

Supported by community, crackling with inspiration, for you this will be a season of creative movement and brilliant growth. You may feel a sensation of things clicking into place, moving without restriction, as collaborative efforts expand and personal vision for a brilliant future becomes clear. Whatever you’ve been doing, Aquarius, keep it up — this is an opportunity for unencumbered progress, so double down on your goals and keep feeding that internal fire. What do you desire? Which foundations are you establishing for your own expansion and flow? How can you continue to support your own sense of joy and magic? If last season called for careful, deliberate movement and an attention to detail, you may feel particularly happy in getting to rush forward and take a broader, more far-reaching view of all that you are moving towards. However, make sure you don’t get so caught up in the potential of your future that you forget to celebrate all of the little victories in your present. What are you proud of right now?


A tarot card for the 4 of Materials, featuring a woman in glamorous makeup clutching four blooming roses sensually; a constellation card reads Pisces: Elude, with a vareigated gray and black crystal

Four of materials

You may find yourself a bit more preoccupied with earthly things than usual, emerging from the watery depths that you prefer to inhabit and paying careful attention to your resources. Creating a budget, monitoring your assets, and guarding what you possess can all be important and empowering steps — yet when we become consumed by our possessions, when we fear that all we have all be lost, it can distract us from making progress and finding joy in where we are. Whether you’re truly experiencing a lack of what you need or are simply being stingy with what you have, consider how you can show yourself compassion, even make space for comfort and pleasure. Why are you cutting yourself off from the things that you know make you feel safe, secure, appreciated? How can you find ways to indulge that don’t leave you feeling anxious or guilty? If setting new boundaries will help you reduce anxiety or fear, then set them — but don’t deny yourself the things that you truly need to thrive. How can you remember to find joy in what you love?

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