Queer Tarotscopes for Leo Season 2021: How Should Your Sign Be Intentional About Its Power?

This season’s tarotscopes feature The Spacious Deck and the Compendium of Constellations.

We’ve made it through one rotation of the signs, and now we find ourselves in another season of fire. Courageous, confident, independent Leo season is here — a time when we step fully into our boldness, when we embrace our crackling flames, when we are willing to stand up and explore everything that burns so brightly within us. And after our time with the protected, flowing water of moon-ruled Cancer, after the deliberate boundary-breaking of the Chariot, sun-ruled Leo and Strength are here to remind us of how brightly we can burn when we have the energy and resources to do so. What did you discover within yourself during Cancer season, that you might be ready to show to the world? What do you love about yourself, that you’re finding new depths and mysteries within? How do you show up in the world, and where are you unafraid to let your light shine?

Leo energy is so often associated with being brash and shameless, craving the spotlight, soaking up attention — and whether that resonates for you personally or not, this season is an opportunity to take pride in exactly who you are, to show yourself love and radiance instead of hiding your fire. How are you stepping into your personal power? Which aspects of yourself give you a sense of joy, pleasure, confidence? Where does your magic come from?

Our archetype for this season is Strength, a card of patience and restraint, of balancing wildness with wisdom. Generally associated with holding back or not rushing into action, Strength is so much bigger than simply waiting for the right moment to act. This archetype is one that comes after we have explored our wildest fantasies, established powerful structures, remembered our histories, let our creativity and intuition flow freely — now, Strength gives us the space to wield our might with intention, rather than simply letting our instincts take over. This is a moment when we remember the lessons that we have learned, the challenges that we have faced, the ways that we have grown and evolved along the way. Where the Fool rushes right into something simply because they are craving it, Strength asks us to consider our moves carefully, to balance that desire for change with an awareness of the cost. Think about that old adage of growing where we are planted. How do you show up for yourself, regardless of the circumstances? How do you flourish even when faced with unexpected shifts or struggles?

When is standing up, speaking out, fighting back, worth the risk? How do we know when to throw our weight around, make a fuss, and when it might be better to listen first and act later? We all have ideals, dreams, fantasies of being the one brave enough to blaze a trail, to step out of line and inspire others to follow in our footsteps. But the truth is that sometimes, we have to put our safety, our health, first. Sometimes we have to think through our choices, consider the consequences. We cannot always fight for everything — sometimes, we have to choose our battles, negotiate rather than jump right into the fray. Strength is not a card that asks us to hesitate, to be lukewarm about our opinions — far from it. But it does ask us to invest our energy wisely, to know how to best use our skills and connections to reach our goals. How can we be strategic? Who can we align ourselves with? When do we roar with all of our might, and when might a gentle word or collaborative effort have a more substantial, long-term impact?

Numerologically, Strength is tied to the number eight, a digit connected to power and abundance, capability, and organizing — a number of action, mastery, and resources. Strength knows all that they are capable of, and has enough wisdom and experience to understand exactly how to use everything at their disposal. We see this idea echoed in the eights of the tarot: unobstructed movement in the suit of wands, leaving something destructive behind in the suit of cups, intentional study and growth in the suit of pentacles. Even the eight of swords, a card typically associated with letting the mind’s fears limit our ability to act, shows us what can happen when we get so twisted up in our lack of power that we surrender things that we don’t need to give up.

So many of our cards for this season speak of powerful, intentional movement — rushing forward, finding stability, establishing spaces of creative joy and personal magic. For some, this movement may bring surprises, but for all it is necessary and transformative, helping us to understand the full depth and breadth of our own abilities, vision, and inspiration. In this season of Leo, don’t be afraid to take pride in where you are and where you’re going, to own your successes, to celebrate your magic. Experienced tarot readers or astrologers can plug the cards I’ve drawn for their sun, moon, and rising signs into the spread below to create a custom reading for this season. Leo is ruled by the sun, our central star connected to ego and willpower, so pay special attention to your sun sign card and reading.

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As always with these tarot readings, take what you need and leave what you don’t. Happy Leo season!


Nine of wands

You’ve likely been moving at top speed towards an important creative goal for some time now, putting all of your energy and fire and magic into something that means a lot to you personally or professionally — after all, this is the same card that we had for Aries last season, meaning that things may feel even more expansive than before. Particularly if you haven’t hit a lot of road blocks or challenges along the way, you may be feeling like nothing can stop you, like the sky is the limit. You are coming within reach of those big dreams, yet there’s a chance that you’re starting to run out of steam, feeling your edges begin to fray. Even if you think that you still have everything that you need to reach that finish line, pay careful attention to your needs, to the ways that you are allowing yourself to be supported by those that have your best interests at heart. How can you carve out a bit of energy for self-care, for rest, for awareness? What helps you not run head-long into a place of burnout? Even if your natural fire feels like it’s burning with wild abandon and you don’t sense a lowering of energy, prioritize a little time for recovery anyway. How can you balance joyful creation with intentional renewal?


Ace of wands

If last season felt like a time of quiet awareness and gentle stillness, of personal exploration and deep contemplation, this season may arrive with a bang as a new idea or inspiration flashes through you with high energy and rich potential. New sparks may fly for you this season as something begins to build, a creative journey or powerful connection or exciting invitation that captures your imagination and has you ready to run forward at top speed, chasing after this beautiful new dream. Enjoy this crackling magic, this intoxicating new beginning — the sky is truly the limit, and in indulging these fantasies and allowing your mind and soul to take flight together, absolutely anything is possible. What are you dreaming of, ready to pursue? How can you make space in your life for this new adventure? You may not always be someone that is comfortable stepping away from your comforts and routines, but this is an opportunity for something big, something that may require boldness but could create welcome change. How can you summon your courage and follow your heart?


The Tower

Major transformation is in the air, for better or worse — and while it may feel like the ground is unexpectedly moving beneath your feet, throwing you off balance or forcing you to adapt to wildly changing circumstances, the truth is that this shift is one that’s been building for quite some time. It’s very possible that this is something that you’ve been working towards and anticipating, a break that brings freedom, joy, and welcome magic into your world. But it’s also possible that you haven’t felt this coming, that you are caught off guard and have to make some quick adjustments in order to keep up. Either way, this will be a season of shifts, of growth, of unexpected surprised and opportunities to show just how flexible you can be.

When the Tower arrives, it’s not a sign that your entire world is going to fall apart — far from it. But it is a herald of change, a warning that something that you once believed to be solid now must be left behind. Be gentle and compassionate with yourself as you navigate these choppy waters, but also be conscious of any excitement, relief, or joy that you feel during this transition. What are you ready to release? When the dust settles, what will you anticipate?


The Lovers

As we move out of your season of rich water and into this dazzling new time of fire, pay careful attention to the people and places and things that make your light shine brightly. What makes you feel the most like yourself? What brings you a sense of peace, magic, joy, contentment, and power? Where do you feel safe, and what facilitates that safety? This archetype is one of connection and community, of finding the people that help us step into our full selves and of celebrating the ways that we are unique and individual. It’s harmony and balance, brilliance and intimacy, the kind of vulnerability that manifests deep strength. As you think about your weeks ahead, consider the choices that you’ve been making and the decisions that are still on the horizon. How is your current path leading you to something that feels deeply, completely you? Are you taking actions that feel aligned with your vision for your life and your future, or have you made compromises along the way that have taken you to a different kind of place? Honor your desires, your needs, your wishes, and work to make them happen. How can you step into true authenticity?


Four of wands

Happy birthday, Leo! Your season of crackling energy and rich, personal fire may start with a bang, as important pieces of your work and creative intention begin to click into place, and the vision that you’ve been running towards starts to manifest in beautiful and exciting ways. You’re someone that knows how to take pride in your achievements, that recognizes the things that make you unique and special — and this season, take the time to celebrate all that you’ve accomplished, all that you’ve built. What about you and your magic have made this milestone possible? How has your unique spark sent something brilliant into motion? Even if your path doesn’t feel totally clear, even if your natural wildness has you chasing down unexpected ideas, give yourself permission to feel deep pride and joy in what you are doing. What about where you are is feeding your spirit? As you continue to clarify your own dreams for your future, what beauty have you already discovered or created?


Three of pentacles

Some of the seeds that you have been planting and tending are beginning to take root, starting to find their footing and grow into something that has real potential for future magic. This season will be one of continuing to invest in yourself, finding balance between new projects and old responsibilities — and as you move through this time of Leo, you may feel that the time is right to start bringing new perspectives or fresh resources into your work. Who do you trust, that you’re ready to collaborate with? How can new ideas or insights boost growth in brilliant and unexpected ways? Which assets or forgotten talents could you access within yourself, skills that may come in surprisingly handy as you continue to expand your vision and scope for this work?

If you find yourself itching to see progress faster, give yourself permission to play and dream instead of obsessing over hitting specific milestones. Progress is being made, even if you can’t always see everything that is happening underneath the surface, so resist the urge to fuss over every detail and instead remember the bigger picture. How can you keep moving towards your goals?


Nine of cups

Last season you may have had to make some difficult but necessary choices, stepping back from a particular kind of movement and instead refocusing your efforts in a new direction. As you continue to prioritize your own health and safety, as you find new strength in honoring the instincts that guide you and the boundaries that protect you, you may find powerful joy and a sense of beautiful contentment in this time of Leo. The relationships and communities that you have found can help keep you grounded, present, balanced even as you continue to reach for the stars, to dream of bigger and brighter tomorrows. And while there may still be hopes and ambitions that you want to pursue, take time this season to find the pleasure in where you are. How far have you come? Who has been by your side since the beginning? What have you learned about your own needs and desires, and what does it look like to prioritize those needs?

There’s nothing wrong with wishing for more — desire is not synonymous with a lack of gratitude. You’re so good at balance, so give yourself permission to honor both sides of yourself. How can you find happiness where you are, even as you make space for new adventures or dreams?



While Leo is a sign of fire and movement, independence and courage, your Leo season may feel a bit more quiet, a bit more personal. This may be a time of major revelations, as you discover something about yourself that isn’t new, but that you perhaps have been unwilling (or unable) to examine until now. And whether this discovery is painful, shocking, empowering, or joyful, give yourself time to process it deeply, to internalize its lessons, to allow yourself to continue shifting and transforming. Who are you becoming? And what might you need to forgive yourself for, in order to step into yourself more completely?

Both Justice from last season and Judgement from this one are tied numerologically to the number two, pointing us back to the High Priestess. And while this may seem like a solitary moment, a period of stillness and reflection before a major shift, do not forget your communities, your chosen families, your people. How do you learn from others? Which partnerships feel like anchors? What are you learning about who you are, and how do others help you be more fully yourself?


Five of swords

You’re generally right at home in another fire sign’s season, but this new shift may bring a sense of restless energy, frustration, or tension. Sometimes we get so focused on our ideas about how something should be done, how we will achieve a particular goal or ambition, that we lose sight of any other perspective — and while believing in ourselves is important, so is knowing when to put our swords down and walk away from a fight that serves no purpose. If you find yourself irritable or obsessive about a particular situation, relationship, or conflict, do yourself a favor and take a big step back. What are you really fighting for? Where do you really want to put your energy? What are you really trying to prove? Hurting another person’s feelings just for the sake of winning may have a higher cost than you realize, and alienating yourself to prove that you were right may backfire in a way you aren’t anticipating. Why are you willing to tear everything down just so that you can say you’re right? What might be a more constructive place to put your energy?


Elder of swords

After the king of cups last season, the king of swords asks you to be open to multiple perspectives but to trust your own instincts, to balance truth with fairness, to recognize what is worth fighting for and what should be released. As you lean into this season of fire and this energy of air, don’t forget the lessons you learned last season with water — it may be less comfortable, but that means it’s likely worth paying special attention to. How are you investing in relationships? What do you learn from the people you surround yourself with? How can you find different kinds of truth in new perspectives, and who do you trust to call you out on your shit? Where are you being called to lead, and how are you integrating multiple lessons into your leadership and influence?

The elder of swords relies on logic and practicality, but that doesn’t mean that they shun all other attitudes or experiences. When does being detached or cold really help you reach your biggest ambitions, and when does that kind of attitude hold you back from new experiences? How can you prioritize logic without losing touch with your heart, your soul, your magic and your fire?


Ten of swords

Dear Aquarius, you may have a challenging time this season, finding yourself overwhelmed, exhausted, or unable to work your way out of a particular personal narrative. The stories that we tell ourselves about who we are, what we can accomplish, and the ways we will succeed are incredibly important — but sometimes, we get so attached to a certain idea or story that we can’t see any other way out, and get lost in our own version of the truth. The good news is that you are fixating on something that isn’t grounded in reality; the bad news is that no one can save you from this perspective but yourself. Something isn’t working, but you absolutely have the power to make a change and get moving in a new, more fruitful direction.

If it felt like last season was bursting with unencumbered movement and joyful enthusiasm, this shift may be particularly painful, frustrating, or guilt-inducing. Remember that you are, in fact, a human being, and that you do not need to hold yourself to impossible standards in order to still succeed. How can you show yourself compassion? Where is it time to delegate, ask for help, or put a particular task or goal on the back burner?


Ten of cups

You are someone that is defined by your compassion and sensitivity, by your ability to empathize with emotions or experiences that others might never be able to dive into — and this season, the fire of Leo meets the richness of water in a way that brings gratitude, affection, and a rich sense of connected community. As you consider the people that you have invested in, the chosen family that you have supported and been supported by, take some time to celebrate the world that you have built for yourself, and the dreams you once had that are now powerful and inspiring in their truth. What are your daily joys, your consistent pleasures, your profoundly ordinary comforts? How do you experience peace and abundance? There’s such tenderness and strength in vulnerability, in sharing our most intimate selves with people we trust deeply. Where do you feel energy flowing, connecting you to those that you love and care for? Who needs your support, and how can offering your kindness to them start a chain of connection that finds its way to others that need it?

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  1. I loved the opening commentary! It felt so spot on for my life. I was recently referred to as a “respectful mama bear,” which was exactly what I was going for as I was advocating for one of my kids. Parenting and advocating for my kids is where I find my magic and my power.

    Also Meg I loved reading about your space and seeing your table and noticing in the pictures how you use the table and the light! I love when people make their places and spaces work for them!

  2. “invest our energy wisely” coupled with “ Remember that you are, in fact, a human being, and that you do not need to hold yourself to impossible standards in order to still succeed,” is exactly what I needed to read.

    Last year, when things first shut down, I threw myself into keeping a certain community connected, but after a few months and none of that energy was reciprocated, I stepped back to let some from that community shake loose while strengthening bonds with those more invested. I’ve been much more intentional with what I take on in my personal life, but still struggle to try doing it all at work. Often I don’t have help, and when I do receive offers of help, I get stuck letting perfect be the enemy of good. This reading is exactly the reminder I need. Thank you.

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