Queer Tarotscopes for Gemini Season 2021: What Do You Have to Learn about Choice and Connection?

This season’s tarotscopes feature The This Might Hurt Tarot and the Compendium of Constellations.

After the fiery burst of inspiration and ambition from Aries, after the focused determination and sensual drive of Taurus, Gemini season brings a spirit of exploration, expansion, and discovery. The sign of mutable, adaptive air, Gemini is the social butterfly, the connector, the “onward and upward” energy that encourages us to embrace a sense of freedom, magic, and authenticity. By indulging our curiosity, by being willing to stand on our own two feet, Gemini invites us to ask questions, take chances, and gather as much information as possible. And in this rigorous process of joyful seeking, we often learn more about ourselves, and the things than drive us, than we ever thought possible.

Like all mutable signs, Gemini is known for their flexibility, their ability to dance and weave through new obstacles, their willingness to compromise and adjust and learn as they go. Adding the element of air to the mix gives this sign an intellectual fluidity, a sense of creativity and development that encourages investigation and experimentation over solid, sure-footed movements. And while we needed the strength and deliberate movement of Taurus to get us onto a steady path, Gemini allows us to take that foundation and begin to brainstorm where we can go next. Once we have a safe place to land, we can soar even higher, test out new patterns and procedures, learn everything we can about all of the possibilities at our fingertips.

When we keep these ideas about Gemini in mind, it helps us see the Lovers through an entirely different lens. An archetype typically associated with partnership, balance, and choice, the Lovers follows the Hierophant’s sense of tradition and community learning, but takes it in a new direction: one that lets us begin to blaze our own trail. After honoring our roots, establishing personal rituals, and making space for the unknown alongside a figure of knowledge, with the Lovers we allow ourselves to wander more fluidly through those lush mysteries, to find those that we connect with most deeply and imagine what we could create together. There are decisions to be made, ideas to be tested, desires to tap into — yet in making space for the love that we crave, for the truths that we know in our bones, we can celebrate who we are as individuals instead of conforming to the world around us. How do you want to be seen? What matters to you, and how does that impact your choices?

Love is not as simple as a crush, as romance, as happily-ever-after. The Lovers do not represent a perfect fairytale, two soulmates that live in a dreamy wonderland of perfection and beauty. Instead, this understanding of love speaks to the ways that we define community and connection for ourselves, the power in owning the full depth and breadth of our identities, the vulnerability in allowing ourselves to be exposed to people we trust. There is freedom in the choosing, in the paths that we explore, in the space and weight that we allow love to hold. And rather than simply accepting whatever we are given, Gemini and the Lovers want us to interrogate our desires, to recognize what is truly driving us forward, to celebrate the spaces and places and ambitions and communities that encourage us to be our full, complete selves. What does it feel like to be seen, truly recognized for the person that we are? What does it mean to stand with confidence in our present, to be open to whatever future may be on the horizon? How do we create our own path? And in what ways does love inspire us, helping us imagine bigger and brighter opportunities for ourselves?

As we consider our cards for Gemini season, keep both the archetype of the Lovers and the significance of the number six in mind. In numerology, sixes are connected to harmony and movement, healing and solutions, acceptance and joy. What do you truly love about yourself, and how does that love manifest in your work, your play, your relationships, your ambitions? Where do you find pleasure in your present, and how is that shaping your dreams for the future? Nearly every card this season sits in the middle of a cycle, urging us to consider where we are and what we are pursuing. Where did you begin, and what have you achieved? How are you finding joy in process? Experienced tarot readers or astrologers can plug the cards I’ve drawn for their sun, moon, and rising signs into the spread below to create a custom reading for this season. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, planet of information and communication, so if you know your placement for this planet you can also include that for a more complete picture of your season.

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As always with these tarot readings, take what you need and leave what you don’t. Happy Gemini season!


Nine of wands

Your natural fire may feel like it’s in overdrive this season, as ideas keep tumbling forward, bolstering all of the progress you’ve made towards your biggest goals. You’re so close to reaching that big finish line, yet your attention may feel a little bit scattered, your energy starting to wane even as your enthusiasm stays blazing. How do you care for yourself during stressful times? What helps you find balance, support, restoration? The things that you want are within reach, but it’s not worth completely burning out in order to achieve them. Perseverance is an admirable quality, but not when it comes at the expense of everything else.

It’s likely that you have resources available to you, community help or powerful encouragement that can give you what you need to keep going. Where might you benefit from an outside perspective to help you get organized, manage your time and energy in a way that sustains you? As you work to overcome any final obstacles, how are you prioritizing restoration?


The Sun

Your season may have brought a rich sense of transformation, as you shed an old identity or pattern and leaned fully into whatever is next. And on the heels of that beautiful and necessary transition, Gemini season offers a new sense of clarity, purpose, and joy, asking you to take pride in where you are and recognize the deep clarity that you are experiencing. What has been revealed to you, and how is it shifting your perspective on your dreams, wishes, and hopes for the future? What have you learned about yourself, and how can you give yourself permission to let your needs take up space? Chase pleasure this season, exploring the activities and communities and ambitions that bring you a pure sense of delight. What do you really value, and how can you continue to prioritize it? How are you reorienting yourself towards the things that matter most? What are you acknowledging within yourself for the first time, and how does that allow you to leave old shadows or fears behind?


Three of wands

Happy birthday, Gemini! It may feel this season that brilliant creative ambitions are beginning to clarify, as the ideas and planning that you’ve been working on start to manifest in tangible, exciting ways. Yet you may feel impatient for growth to happen more quickly, wishing for the things that you want to achieve to appear overnight. Anticipation can help us to understand what it is we really desire, to hone in on what is most important — so as you look towards that far-off horizon and dream of all that is ahead, pay attention to the emotions that bubble up, to the longings that reveal themselves. What are you really hoping to create? How does this particular dream intersect with and build upon previous accomplishments, or contribute to future ambitions? The track that you’re on is a brilliant one, and the things that are clicking into place can help you figure out exactly what will be best for you. How can you use your skills of collaboration and community to bolster your own joy? Where might combining your sparks with those around you build all of your flames to greater, more sustainable heights?


Three of cups

You have so much to celebrate, and this season may find you sharing your joy with the people that matter most to you. Cancer is so often associated with boundaries and protection, yet when you share your heart, the love and intensity within you is beautiful, expansive, and powerful. What points of connection have you established, and how can you allow those relationships to continue to grow and flourish? What do you give to those you love, and how do you receive those gifts in kind? After the challenging growth you experienced last season, this is an opportunity to be deeply, perfect present. And in the process of connecting more deeply with others, pay attention to how your energy shifts and amplifies, to the ways that reciprocity creates sustainable flow. What about your life do you love? How do you feel seen by the people you trust, the ones that know your heart and soul? Where have you received encouragement, and how can you continue to give support to those who need it?


Eight of cups

Last season may have felt particularly stable and safe, as you reveled in the community you’ve built and celebrated the successes that you’ve found along the way. But sometimes in recognizing all that works, we also identify the pieces that don’t quite fit, the dreams that no longer resonate, the relationships that may be doing more harm than good. And this season, you may find yourself preparing to walk away from something that once felt intensely important, something that is now holding you back.

If this idea scares you a little, that’s okay — endings can be challenging, and after everything that you’ve put into this particular ideal or connection, you may want to keep trying, keep pushing. It may even hurt your pride to think of leaving this behind. But when you’re really honest with yourself, when you think through all the ways that you’ve twisted yourself up in order to make something work, what are you still trying to accomplish? Sometimes the healthiest, most productive thing that we can do is to choose ourselves, to prioritize our needs rather than catering to someone else’s. How can you show yourself love, grace, and compassion? What is it time for you to do?


Page of pentacles

In this season of flexible energy, you may find yourself craving a beginning, longing to make a shift or explore a new passion. Perhaps you’ve been imagining something new, dreaming about making a change or expanding your experience around a certain topic. And while time spent in reflection can be great, this season wants you to actually begin building the things that you want, instead of just planning them. How often do you give yourself full permission to experiment? It’s not necessary for you to have every single detail ironed out before you get started – instead, taking this opportunity to open multiple doors, peek through windows, to wander and question and even get a bit lost. What might you discover if you stop limiting yourself to specific kinds of progress? How can you learn by doing? There can be so much joy in the process of seeking, particularly when you are open to many kinds of discoveries. What sensations do you trust? How can you make space for new experiences?


Seven of pentacles

You may have found yourself wrestling with some new insights recently, seeing a challenge, relationship, or ambition through a new lens. And while that kind of internal shift can manifest in a number of ways, this season may give you opportunities to evaluate where you are in a more grounded way, recognizing the process that you’ve made and the resources that you’ve created for yourself. How do you measure success?

Sometimes we get so fixated on our end goal that we overlook the slow evolution that happens during the building process — and Libra, you in particular can fall victim to the trap of wanting to make sure everyone around you is satisfied, trying to keep everything in balance at the expense of your own wants. If you have spent a lot of energy recently on movement, this may be an invitation to slow down, assess where you are, and consider if what you’ve been working towards is something that you still want. How have your ideas, your dreams, shifted? What new clarity may be impacting your ambitions? There’s no shame in making a change, so give yourself room to unpack your emotions and sense of authenticity. How can you be true to yourself?


The Fool

You are standing on the precipice of something exciting, new, transformational. What dreams have been bubbling up within you? What has captured your attention, demanded your focus, teased your desire? If you haven’t been able to stop thinking about an ambition, wish, or need, then this season may the moment to finally take that leap of faith and start moving in a new direction. Even if you aren’t sure exactly how you’ll get there, even if you don’t know precisely what that end goal would look like in reality, this is a moment to trust your intuition, listen to your heart, and start going after what you want.

You are someone that isn’t afraid to dig into the shadows, to explore the unknown — yet the Fool is bigger than just acknowledging the mysteries of the world. What parts of yourself have you never truly acknowledged? What longings, desires, needs, are you ready to finally address? How can you take the time and space to go after those most intimate wishes, instead of keeping them locked up inside of yourself?


Six of swords

If last season left you feeling a bit cut off from community or support, this season may find you moving away from old challenges and embracing a new path forward. Sometimes we have to navigate choppy waters before finding that golden horizon, have to work through difficulties and overcome obstacles before we can see a clear path stretching out before us. And if you’ve been a bit discouraged with your progress, a bit frustrated by where you are, lean into this new sense of movement and power with joy.

Sometimes leaving a bad situation behind can bring up complex truths or unexpected emotions, from guilt to frustration to anger to grief. As much as you’re able, give yourself opportunities to actually process these sensations, instead of pressuring yourself to let them go as quickly as possible. Better things are ahead, but you have to choose, and keep choosing, to see the possibilities that are available to you. You’re so good at recognizing truth, at allowing yourself to pursue and inquire and explore — where are you ready to take a path less traveled? How can you move with authenticity, towards something that will serve you?


Ace of cups

You might not always think of yourself as particularly emotional, Capricorn — so often you are recognized for your ambition, your drive, your intentional efforts towards building a life that you can be proud of. Yet you are so much bigger than your work, than the ways that success is typically measured. This season, Gemini wants you to consider the relationship that you have with your heart, with love, with connections and communities and collaboration. How do you allow yourself to lean on others? What does it mean to be vulnerable, and how do you separate that from a feeling of exposure or weakness? There is an endless well of potential springing forth this season, inviting you to open yourself to new relationships, both with others and with yourself. And if you’re willing to engage on a richer level with your own endless depths, you may be surprised by all that you discover. How can you fully embrace a sense of hope, magic, intimacy? What delights you, and how can you make intentional space to explore those pieces of yourself?


Four of pentacles

Last season may have brought a heightened sensation of joyful movement, powerful creativity, and expansive collaboration — yet as you step into curious, flexible Gemini season, you may find yourself dragging your heels. As high as you’re capable of soaring, something may be keeping you tethered to earth, worries about having enough resources to keep yourself safe. You may even find yourself feeling a little stingy, reluctant to care for your physical needs and risk not having enough for the future.

Let me assure you, Aquarius, that there’s nothing wrong with being intentional about how we spend money, how we save, how we budget. And beyond finances, resources help provide comfort, pleasure, joy, security — all things that are necessary for our health and well-being. But in putting so much energy into protecting what you have, you may be forgetting the joy that comes from indulgence, from sharing and partaking, from treating yourself. How can you give yourself permission to live in the world, instead of protecting yourself from it?


Page of wands

It may feel like you’re bursting with energy this season, with ideas coming faster than you can write them down and a desire to start as many new things as possible all at once. And after the hesitation that you may have felt last season, this will likely feel like a welcome change, an opportunity to leave sticky feelings behind and embrace a spirit of transformative creativity. This is a moment for courage, for experimentation, for finding joy in exploration and fresh starts. What is capturing your attention, exciting and uplifting you? Where are you eager to plant seeds, to collaborate with others, to brainstorm and play and celebrate everything new? Give yourself permission to pursue whatever feels like it has potential this season, but take care not to stretch yourself too thin — this is a time for fun, rather than for setting high expectations or committing yourself to too many projects. Where are you discovering magic? What is lighting your fire?

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