Queer Tarotscopes for Sagittarius Season 2020: What Options Can You Open Your Eyes To?

This season’s tarotscopes feature The Lumina Tarot and the Compendium of Constellations.

The transformative energy that we’ve been working with this year has been nearly overwhelming, start to finish: from intensive structures with the Emperor to the endless sacrifice and surrender of the Hanged One, from rich insights into Justice to deep, permanent transformation with Death, 2020 has had so much to teach us. And on the heels of Scorpio’s powerful release, Sagittarius season is here to help us expand, explore, and begin a new chapter. Bursting with energy, radiant with curiosity and passion, Sagittarius offers opportunities for growth and awareness, for questions and potential, for beginning brilliant, necessary new journeys. As we step into this new season of mutable fire, as we prepare to fully leave behind all that Libra and Scorpio have excavated, Sagittarius urges us to open our eyes wide, to take in the world as it is and as it could be, to look for possibilities around every corner.

After so much heaviness and contemplation, we now have a chance to spread our wings, to trust our instincts and passions, to see where the wind and fire can take us. If the last few months have felt like being inside a pressure cooker, Sagittarius brings a much-needed release of steam and power, rapid movement outward and upward. This is a season of freedom, of new magic, of recognizing all of the ways that we have been changing and growing underneath the surface. What did you release last season, and how are you lighter, freer, more open to possibility? What is capturing your imagination, igniting your fantasies, urging you towards dazzling new heights? What has your inner fire been refining and exposing?

Temperance may seem like too calm and quiet an archetype for this explosive Sagittarius energy, connected as it is to moderation, balance, and stillness — but a deeper dive into this card can make some of those connections a bit easier to understand. Traditional imagery for this card features a figure combining water and fire, two elements that seem completely incompatible. In the tarot, water is connected to the heart, emotions, faith, and relationships, while fire represents the soul, passions, inspiration, and creative pursuits. Both are wildly intimate, intensely personal elements, yet in combining them we find balance between what we want and what we need, what we crave and what sustains us. Temperance encourages us to experiment and play, to be open to new kinds of magic, to see the brilliance and wonder that curls around the edges of our experiences and insights. There is magic to be found everywhere, unexplained moments of beauty and power, if we simply open our eyes and look for it. This archetype offers a quiet kind of confidence, a sweet assurance that everything will work out, that this new beginning alongside an ongoing evolution will allow us to become the fullest, most authentic version of ourselves — and we see that same desire for authenticity with Sagittarius, a need to express who we are with clarity and passion, a drive to understand the depths of our being as well as the world we inhabit.

Many of our cards for this season ask us to reflect, to move consciously, to be intentional about our choices and actions. When we select a certain path, when we embrace a particular future, what do we leave behind? How do we make our decisions? Are we choosing stability and discipline, or are we allowing ourselves freedom, options, a chance to get messy and make a few mistakes along the way? In this season of Sagittarius, remember the balancing harmony of Temperance, the opportunities to blend heart and soul together in a unique personal alchemy. What parts of yourself are you honoring? How can you celebrate the pieces that are still revealing themselves, the aspects that are unfamiliar and beautiful? Experienced tarot readers or astrologers can plug the cards I’ve drawn for their sun, moon, and rising signs into the spread below to create a custom reading for this season. And if you know your Jupiter placement, you can include that as well for a more complete picture of your reading for Sagittarius season.

A tarot spread for Sagittarius Season: four cards arranged in a cross position, with the positions reading from the leftmost clockwise, "Moon: I feel," "Rising: I project," "Jupiter: I understand," and "Sun: I am"

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As always with these tarot readings, take what you need and leave what you don’t. Have a joyful and safe Sagittarius season.


King of pentacles

As we move into another season of fire, you may feel your energy swelling, with desires to explore and grow and evolve bursting forward in a new and exciting way. And as joyful as that process can be, keep in mind the security and stability that you have been working towards, the resources that you have been gathering, the patient progress that you have been making for so long. The king of pentacles is a figure of strength and solid awareness, someone responsible and generous, who is content with all that they have achieved and isn’t afraid to celebrate all that they have built.

Last season may have brought some heartache or frustration, so remember to temper any blazing fires that may be emerging within you with this slower-moving earth energy. Remember that as brilliant as you can be when you’re on the move, there can be wisdom in assessing options, in remembering the foundation that you have already created for yourself and your ambitions. What makes you feel safe, respected, appreciated? How do you share all that you have? Where can you put your fire to good use, protect those you love, build places of safety and pleasure?


Six of cups

Last season brought a sense of community and celebration for you, as you prioritized connections while also examining your own needs, desires, and ambitions. And with the arrival of Sagittarius season, you may find yourself feeling even more reflective than usual, considering the ways that your personal history, your family, your roots have impacted your present, and may be influencing your future. You’re someone that deeply values history and tradition, that holds an authentic appreciation for what has come before, for the ways that things have always been done — yet sometimes spending too much energy looking backwards can make it hard to recognize opportunities in your present. Take care not to romanticize the past, to not overlook moments of hardship, truth, or challenges in your desire to understand the journey you have taken. What have you learned from where you’ve been? What sustains you, grounds you, makes you feel connected to both past and present? How does this influence the future you are imagining for yourself?


Seven of wands

You may find yourself right at home in Sagittarius season, dear Gemini, with this flexible and curious energy encouraging you to ask questions, to gather information, to learn and connect and create. And while you’re so good at collaborating and brainstorming, at looking at endless possibilities and considering all the roads ahead, this season may find you needing to stand alone, to defend your ideas or desires in an unexpected way. The seven of wands is a card of fiery independence, of believing in the self, of being willing to speak up and speak out for what you know to be true. What is it that you really want, and what is driving that desire? What ambitions have you been nurturing, fires have you been feeding, that have been inspiring and motivating you? Consider exactly what it is that you’ve been fighting for, and the ways that any conflicts that come up feel different than they may have last season. If what you believe is being challenged, if you’re running into road blocks and obstacles, consider where your unique voice can help create spaces for change and evolution, for progress. How can your personal sparks contribute to a larger blaze?


Two of wands

After last season’s deep insights and new ideas, you may find yourself eager to keep moving, to build and create and begin investing in something brilliant and exciting. There can be such joy in a new journey, in choosing a direction and running towards it, and you may find yourself quickly caught up in a whirlwind of motion and enthusiasm. You’re someone that has such a gift for nurturing, and this season, you have an opportunity to turn that gentle caretaking energy back on yourself, to slow yourself down and interrogate your true intentions. What dreams and desires have been coming forward for you, that you’ve possibly been afraid to act on? Where have you been rushing forward, and what have you been pushing to the side? While Sagittarius may feel all about action and movement, about freedom and expansion, sometimes we have to take a beat to make a plan, to clarify our objectives, to give ourselves space to understand what it is we’re really working towards. How can you set yourself up for success? Where has passion been taking over, and how can you balance anticipation with focus?


Maiden of cups

Shifting into another time of fire is usually a powerful experience for you, Leo, and Sagittarius season is no exception. You may have found some powerful new insights and ambitions last season, assessing your resources and letting your imagination expand in brilliant and inspiring new directions. And as you prepare to move forward into this new time of freedom and exploration, keep a close eye on your heart. Whether a new connection is on the horizon or you’re diving deep into a new kind of spiritual work, whether you uncover new emotions within yourself or find yourself trusting your intuition in new ways, your movement this season may involve more personal investigations. Where has your heart been expanding or opening itself? What desires or longings have been coming forward? Vulnerability is not always an easy thing for you, but if you’re able to honor your more tender side, a whole new world may open up for you. What have you been hiding from, and where are you ready to explore?


King of cups

If last season pushed you to new intellectual pursuits or a shift towards truth and knowledge, Sagittarius may be encouraging you to shift your focus inward, to consider what your heart has been learning and moving through. You may find yourself in a position this season to help others expand their own understanding of themselves, to build new connections or interrogate their own spirituality — and if the opportunity arises and you’re ready to take it on, trust in your intuition and move forward with grace and courage. Your natural desire to understand and perfect things may make emotional work more challenging, as feelings and intuition are often messy or confusing, tangled or hard to define. Show yourself kindness as you move through this season, and consider how your perspective and experiences may make it easy to connect with others in unexpectedly beautiful ways. What have you learned about your own needs and desires? How can you help others do the same?


Ten of swords

Dear Libra, this may be a challenging season for you, as your natural desire to hear all sides of the story and take a balanced approach leaves you struggling to understand what you truly believe about where you are and where you’re going. Sometimes we get ourselves so tangled up mentally that we have trouble finding real truth, that we struggle to recognize possibilities for freedom and movement and instead limit ourselves to what we can see. But the good news is that you have more options than you realize — you simply have to shake off the victim mindset and instead consider the opportunities in front of you, the facts that you’ve been afraid to acknowledge. What has been holding you back? What have you been reluctant to examine? How is fear impacting your decisions, and what practical steps can you take to leave that fear behind? Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it, and work to remember the intuitive work that you put in last season. What is your heart telling you? What feels right?


The Hierophant

Your last few seasons have been about movement and assessment, about taking stock of desires and drives and setting intentions around what you want to create and protect. And after a season of planning, Sagittarius urges you to continue that deep personal work by digging into your spiritual transformations and traditions, by paying attention to the ways that your inner work has been evolving. Where do you cling to established rules and rituals, and where are you creating your own? How do you understand philosophy and faith, and where have you been reluctant to ask hard questions about expansion and exploration? You’re not typically afraid to dive deep, to revel in the unknown, yet the mysteries you find within yourself may feel complicated to interrogate. Remember the wisdom of Temperance, the magic that dwells in those grey and in-between spaces, and the ways that you yourself have carved out your own path forward. What traditions have you established for yourself? How can you invest in those personal rituals, and work to expand your own forms of magic.



Happy birthday, Sagittarius! For you, Scorpio season was about grounding and being present, about honoring desire and need, about taking charge where you can and releasing the responsibilities that no longer feel essential for you. And as powerful as that transformation has been, your season will be one of internal understanding, as the shifts that you’ve been moving through come to a head. Judgement urges us to consider what we have been carrying for so long that we hardly notice it, the burdens or emotions or intentions that feel like they are part of us, that cannot be stripped away. How have you been growing, and what have you outgrown? Where has expansion stopped, and why? You’re so good at asking questions, at indulging curiosity and pushing for deeper layers of meaning, but there may be something within yourself that you’ve been reluctant to imagine, or afraid to fully release. Where are you being called to forgive yourself? And wouldn’t it feel good to leave that old version of yourself behind, to make space for someone new?


The Fool

You’re someone known for your persistence and focus, for your ability to work hard and make plans for success that resonate deeply with all that you want to build and become. Yet this season, you may find yourself consumed with longing for something new, something different, something unexpected. There may be people in your life that don’t understand this new desire, that try to talk you out of it or point out the logical inconsistencies of this new dream — yet if your intuition is buzzing, if your imagination has been fully captured, if everything in you feels drawn to this new path, spend some time considering what it would look like to take a leap of faith and trust yourself and just fucking go for it. What would change? What would the risk mean? How would it change you? Try not to get tangled up in detailed structures or long-term plans, and instead let yourself imagine all of the beautiful possibilities that walking through this door would open up. What have you been dreaming of, in your heart of hearts? What would it mean to make that dream real?


Four of wands

After a season of rich creation, abundance, and celebration, Sagittarius season may feel like the cherry on your sundae, an opportunity to keep expanding and dreaming of the future. You’re so good at thinking forward, at looking at the big picture, and this season you may find new opportunities to build beautiful things, to work with brilliant people, to create the kind of world you’ve always wanted to create. It’s not always easy to protect your energy and sense of personal magic, especially these days, but do your best to honor your creativity, to make space for recharging and collaborating, to let people that you trust help you keep moving forward. What energizes you, allows your magic to build and expand, helps you clarify your ideas in surprising new ways? How can you find joy in your present work, and what possibilities are emerging? Where are you discovering new kinds of freedom, and how is that impacting your vision for all that is ahead?



Scorpio season may have brought a sense of real triumph for you, as you did the hard work to unpack some buried secrets and moved forward in a way that felt both empowering and inspiring. As you continue looking forward, as you shift into this new season of fire, take all that you have learned and consider how you can apply it to greater communities, to the world that you inhabit. Who can you help? What gifts do you have to offer, and how can you care for both yourself and those you love in the process of connecting with new areas of need? You’re someone that may prefer the emotional, the theoretical, but your talents of insight and perception can give you deeply valuable understandings of where people are struggling or suffering, of places that are flawed or broken. How can you use your intuition for greater impact? What do you see, that others have been missing?

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