Queer Tarotscopes for Scorpio Season 2020: What’s No Longer Serving You?

This season’s tarotscopes feature The Vindur Tarot and the Compendium of Constellations.

We’ve finally made it, friends: it’s Scorpio season; a time of transformation and power, of magic and intensity, of releasing the old shit and making space for the new. After a tumultuous, impossible, terrifying year, Scorpio is here to get real, honor intuition, and recognize our deepest and most personal desires. And in the wake of Libra’s airy beauty and balance, after sitting with Justice and these essential themes of equality, fairness, and moral responsibility, we now have a chance to slow down and be brutally honest with ourselves about what we want, what we have learned, and what we can leave behind. If Libra is about how we move through the world, how our values manifest in the life we are building, Scorpio is about what is most important to us, and the ways that we allow ourselves to evolve.

Scorpio is known for mystery and intensity, a sign of fixed water that is always eager to dive deep and explore what lurks in the shadows. After navigating ethics and justice with Libra, after understanding what truly matters to us and what shapes our decisions and choices, Scorpio urges us to leave behind those old versions of ourselves that we’re still clinging to. What is no longer serving you? What seeds are you still feeding, that stopped growing long ago? How can you shift your energy into the people, goals, and dreams that truly matter? This is a time for powerful authenticity, for acknowledging truth, for embracing necessary change. We cannot keep carrying everything that has ever mattered to us and expect to still have energy for new growth — sometimes we have to let things go, or acknowledge what has already gone, before we can truly transform.

Our card for this season is Death, an often misunderstood archetype connected to release, loss, and change. Unlike the Tower’s chaotic destruction or the Wheel of Fortune’s cycles of luck and karma, Death has a sense of slow inevitability. This is not a sudden, shocking shift that pulls the rug out from under us or has us scrambling to find our footing — instead this is the culmination of a long journey, an awareness that something that once seemed so essential is no longer necessary, and may in fact be holding us back. Death is a natural end, a necessary progression, an opportunity to reinvent ourselves in a way that is deeply authentic. With this archetype, we say goodbye to something, and open ourselves up to new possibilities. That’s not to say that this loss is necessarily small, quiet, or easy — on the contrary, the fear that many feel when working with this card is wrapped up in the fact that we cannot avoid or escape it. There is no way to control what is happening; we must receive and endure this transition in our own way, and process on our own timeline. Even small losses can be difficult, particularly in such a frustrating and destabilizing year, so remember to be gentle with yourself, and to show yourself both grace and compassion. And if instead of sorrow you feel relief, allow yourself to celebrate what you have moved through, and to recognize the growth that is allowing you to let go with a sense of peace. Death can sometimes bring powerful, transformative freedom, offering us new paths forward, new open doorways. There’s no shame in celebrating true and permanent progress — instead, allow yourself to move into a new place of genuine joy and magic.

Our cards for this season speak to assessing where we are, paying attention to what is resonating and inviting in new progress. In this season of Scorpio, remember the lesson of Death, and the power and purpose that endings can bring. Experienced tarot readers or astrologers can plug the cards I’ve drawn for their sun, moon, and rising signs into the spread below to create a custom reading for this season. Scorpio is ruled by both Mars, the planet of fierce focus and righteous anger, and Pluto, the planet of regeneration and personal power, so if you know your placements for these planets you can plug them both into this spread template for a fuller perspective on your season ahead.

A five-card spread with three cards lined up in a row across the top and two cards lined up below. Starting on the top row from L to R, the spaces for the cards read: Mars: I Crave; Rising: I Project; Pluto: I Desire; Sun: I Am; Moon: I Feel

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As always with these tarot readings, take what you need and leave what you don’t. Have a safe and transformative Scorpio season.


An Aries card from the Constellations tarot along with a Three of Swords

Three of swords

You’re someone bursting with fire and energy and passion, and while a lot of the time your independent spirit and powerful drive help you accomplish a lot in a short amount of time, you may find yourself struggling to accept a painful truth this season. Scorpio can be an intensive and emotional energy, and during the process of excavation and examination, you might uncover an unexpected insight or revelation that catches you off guard, bruising your heart or your ego. Last season brought a lot of boundaries, goals, and defined objectives for you, so this may feel like a setback, causing additional frustration or irritation. If you can, work to be patient with yourself, to tend to your feelings and give yourself time to recover before pushing forward.

Everything might feel terrible for awhile. But this is not a card of failure or impossibility — instead it’s a reminder of how strong you are, of how much you are capable of handling. It’s okay if you don’t feel ready to keep going in this exact moment, but take heart, because you will eventually. This is something that you will overcome, and eventually even be proud of moving through. What can you learn from painful moments? How and when does your strength manifest?


A Taurus card from the Constellations deck and a 3 of Cups card

Three of cups

After a season of building and intentional collaboration, you may now be in the mood to celebrate, connecting with friends and chosen family in a way that feels both expansive and deeply personal. For you, this season will be about honoring the life that you have built, the ways that you are generous and vulnerable, the people that allow you to thrive and evolve. You’re someone that isn’t always comfortable with big changes, that values tradition over innovation — yet with people that you trust by your side, you may find that it’s a little bit easier to embrace transitions or be open to new opportunities. How are you staying connected to those you love?

If the lessons of Scorpio are coming through in an intense way and you find yourself moving through a shift of some kind, rely on your community to give you support, and be particularly conscious of ways that you can hold space for others. Sometimes being able to extend aid or kindness can be just as important as asking for help, so pay attention to reciprocity, and be open to both giving and receiving. Who do you love? How does that love reveal itself?


A Gemini card from the Constellations deck and the 5 of Swords card

Five of swords

Last season made a lot of space for assessment, for checking in with yourself and looking for ways to grow and change. If you found yourself unsatisfied with where you are, with the progress you’ve been making or the goals that you’ve been working towards, it may feel tempting to burn it all down and start over. But throwing a million new ideas into the mix may only further cloud your mind, leaving you scrambling for purpose and uncertain of your footing. For you, Scorpio season may feel scattered or disorganized, as you work to win at a game that may not have clear rules. What are you fighting for? What is your real purpose? As you work to solve problems and move forward, pay attention to what is motivating your choices, and consider if you’re just getting caught up in the drama of friction.

If you find yourself wanting to stir things up or simmer in conflict, give yourself a break and take a step back from the action. Scorpio season can feel like a good time to burn things to the ground and start over, but don’t get so focused on destruction that you miss out on a real opportunity for progress. What outcome do you want? And where could slowing down help you find what it is you’re looking for?


The Cancer card from the Constellations deck and the Knight of Swords card

Knight of swords

This season may feel quick or even frantic to you, as new ideas come rushing forward and you find yourself scrambling to keep up. A goal that you’ve been working towards may feel clear and achievable, giving you a new sense of purpose as you chase after those big ambitions — and if last season brought a fresh idea or a more precise objective, this is a great opportunity to keep moving towards that vision of the future. Enjoy this sense of movement and power, but don’t get so caught up in following one particular path or method that you refuse to innovate. Knights always ask us to consider how we are balancing their element, so pay particular attention to your mind this season, to the ways you perceive and process information. Where do things feel clear, and what could use more investigation? Where are you feeling confident, and where can you spend more time considering your options? There can be real power in finding solutions and running with them, but make sure that what you’re doing resonates, instead of just giving you a way to escape something else.


the Leo card from the Constellations deck and the Magician card


Libra season for you was about taking a break, giving your mind a chance to heal and recover, and carefully considering your next move. And after that much-needed pause, Scorpio season is inviting you to dream big, to embrace your vision for the future, to pay attention to the longings and desires that are making themselves known. What kind of life do you want to build for yourself? What roads have been stretching out before you? How are you expanding? What feels possible?

While Scorpio is so often associated with endings and transformation, it also clears the way for new growth and rebirth, and the Magician is a figure that embraces that energy wholeheartedly. Take time to assess the resources that you have access to, particularly those that you may not tap into as frequently. Where can you make some changes, try some new things, consider the opportunities that you’ve turned down in the past? This is no time for limits or hard boundaries; instead give yourself room to explore, to let your imagination run wild, to tap into your deepest and most powerful magic. Who do you want to be?


the Virgo card from the Constellations deck and the Page of Swords card

Page of swords

You may enjoy a rush of energy and visions this season, with a mind brimming with potential and a sensation of endless, brilliant possibility. Although this may feel like a season of conclusions, for you something new is beginning: and as you consider your options and let your mind expand, give yourself space to explore instead of worrying too much about outcomes. Last season gave you a chance to tap into history, traditions, and the roots that you’ve put down over the years — but now you have an opportunity to look forward, to consider new ideas and fresh insights, to look at the world through another lens. And while you’re someone that likes to pay attention to the finer details, this is a time for you to think big, to make some mistakes, to get a little messy. Instead of worrying about having a clear purpose or focused goal, allow your mind to wander and explore. Indulge your curiosity. What have you always wanted to learn? How can you release assumptions and instead gather information with a fresh perspective? What new ambitions are revealing themselves?


the Libra card from the Constellations deck and the High Priestess card

High Priestess

It may feel that in the wake of your season, you’re eager to keep running forward, to find ways to put your new lessons into place and keep tweaking all of the plans and ideas that you just started. But after making a powerful new connection or enjoying your expanding community, the High Priestess asks you to check in with yourself, to pause and enjoy the sensation of solitude and quiet stillness. There may be a choice at hand, but instead of pushing forward, give yourself some time to reflect. What are you doing? What options do you have? What decisions have you made, and which ones are you in the midst of making? Are you hesitating to act or choose, and if so, what is holding you back from movement?

You’re someone that is so good at balance and collaboration, who is passionate about allowing all voices a chance to be heard — but sometimes that can make it difficult to honor your own personal truths, to recognize what it is you really feel or crave. Take some time to listen to your intuition, to check in with yourself instead of letting those around you call the shots or weigh in first. Are you doing something you love? Are you passionate about what you’re creating? And if not, what changes can you make that will reflect your desires more authentically?


the Scorpio card from the Constellations deck and the Two of Wands card

Two of wands

Happy birthday, Scorpio! A new idea or fresh challenge may have recently manifested, making you feel like you’re on the cusp of something brilliant and revolutionary — but before you dive in head first or allow obsession to take over, give yourself a beat to make a plan. What needs organizing? Which path forward do you want to take? After such a rush of movement last season, it may feel that you’re moving backwards, being asked to slow down or reconsider what it is you’re creating. But rather than feeling discouraged, remember that this is a moment to decide what is feeding your spirit, what is inspiring and motivating and captivating you. How clear is your vision? What questions do you still have?

You’re someone that knows how to get shit done, that can give something the full weight of your focus and desire. Make sure that the project that you’re putting so much time and energy into is something that has real roots, that can stand the test of time. You’re not afraid of change or transformation, so look at your work with fresh eyes, and consider what is really resonating with your spirit. How can you give true authenticity to this work? What can you do to help this fire burn with powerful longevity, instead of just enjoying a quick spark of inspiration?


the Sagittarius card from the Constellations deck and the Queen of Pentacles card

Queen of pentacles

For you, this is a season for being fully present, for indulging, for taking care of yourself. You’re constantly gathering new ideas, sharing your fiery energy with so many and keeping people motivated, excited, and inspired. Yet in this time of Scorpio, make sure you’re also prioritizing your own needs, giving yourself space for rest and leisure. What do you need in order to thrive? What physical pleasures or comforts help you relax, allow you to get the healing and recovery that you need to keep going? How often are you getting fresh air, turning off your phone, spending time enjoying your home and community? The seeds that you have been planting for the last few seasons are showing real growth, so remember that you can continue nurturing them while also feeding your own spirit.

After last season’s careful and methodical efforts, pay attention to balance this season, giving yourself equal time for both work and play. Be intentional about prioritizing satisfaction and fulfillment, about taking time to laugh and connect and rest. Exploration is so important for you, so make sure you’re creating daily rituals around both curiosity and pleasure. Where can you simplify? What makes you feel good, and how can you prioritize that sensation for yourself?


the Capricorn card in the Constellations deck and the Strength card


You are known for your boundaries, your focus, your ambition, your drive — and last season, those skills were put to good use as you evaluated your options and were logical and intentional about choosing the best path forward. But this season, you may be called to practice a bit of patience, to listen and learn instead of jumping straight in with your ideas or desire to be in charge. It’s no secret that you’re competent and capable, but what happens when you take a step back and look at the bigger picture? Where have you been so focused on the end goal that you’re missing potential for new progress? Which of your skills or resources have you been overlooking, and how could changing your strategy open up new possibilities?

This card asks you to balance your natural wildness with your brilliant self-control, paying attention to how often you lean on both abilities. There’s power in knowing the self, in practicing maturity and being willing to wait, but sometimes you may need to loosen those internal reins a little and give yourself the freedom to roar. Where have you been restrained? How are you holding back? Where could a little wildness help you evolve?


the Aquarius card from the Constellations deck and the Strength card


Your work and dreams have been building and building, and this season you may feel a sense of rich movement, creation, and abundance as things begin to come together in a new and powerful way. This is a moment of joy and pleasure as your work begins to take real, tangible shape, so celebrate what you’re accomplishing and honor what is being built. How are you seeing yourself in what you’re making? What does it mean to let your ideas take up space in the real world?

You tend to be someone that is always looking forward, that wants to understand the bigger picture — yet this is a moment to be fully present, to appreciate where you are and how far you’ve come. And while last season may have left you feeling frustrated or afraid, uncertain of your perceptions, Scorpio season will bring a new sense of confidence and joy, an opportunity to leave some of those shadows behind and instead look forward with eagerness. How can you slow down and enjoy the moment? What is changing right now, and how does it feel to recognize and appreciate that movement?


the Pisces card from the Constellations deck and the Six of Wands card

Six of wands

After a period of dreaming and reminiscing, for you Scorpio season will be about a rush of drive, creativity, and forward movement. If you’ve been feeling stuck or frustrated, you may enjoy a bit of a breakthrough in the coming weeks, as obstacles seem to fade away and your energy is both high and positive. Enjoy this feeling of victory and triumph, the sense of purpose and accomplishment that you may find alongside a new understanding of freedom and personal power. And while it may at times feel a bit sad that a few of your older ideas are fading away, the new ones that are moving into place will be more in line with your long-term vision for the future.

While this kind of action-oriented focus may not feel as comfortable as your time in the fantasy world, remember the lessons you found last season, the people and events that have shaped you into the person you are today. What have you learned from your past? How can you bring those lessons into your present, and allow them to help you impact your future? What are you rushing towards, and how can you trace your progress back to your roots?

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