Queer Tarotscopes: Aquarius Season Breaks the Things that Need to Be Broken

This season’s tarotscopes feature the Spacious Tarot and the Compendium of Constellations.

Welcome to 2020! While the Gregorian calendar had us celebrating the new year a few weeks ago, the astrological calendar has a few more seasons to go before we revisit Aries’ fiery energy. For now, we’re moving from focused, disciplined Capricorn season to the airy, forward-thinking, big-picture energy of Aquarius. Capricorn’s drive and work hard, play hard mentality helped us whip our ambitions and dreams into shape, putting plans into place and building foundations that will help us both reach and potentially exceed our biggest ambitions – and as we moved through the busy holiday season and into a new calendar year, this grounded and responsible earth energy was just what many of us needed to get organized for another 12 months of hard work and intentional growth. But after this period of focused movement and intensive structure, Aquarius invites us to expand our vision of what’s possible, to let our imaginations take over, to consider what kind of future we want to build not only for ourselves, but for the world we inhabit. Where Capricorn helped us to stay grounded, Aquarius demands that we soar.

The last air sign of the zodiac, Aquarius is often associated with powerful independence, a deep desire for innovation, and radical social progress. This is the season for breakthroughs, revolution, for leaving the traditional ideas of Capricorn behind and forging a new path – Aquarius energy is all about uniqueness and difference, about standing apart and being fully and completely ourselves. Even though we won’t move into the new astrological year for a few more months, Aquarius feels like a perfect compliment to setting goals and intentions, a time when we leave behind things that no longer serve us and instead dream about new possibilities and potential – but just like new year’s resolutions, sometimes we can get a little carried away, take on bigger plans than we can handle or rush into new ideas without considering how they’ll play out. As bountiful and exciting as it can be to embrace our unique potential and powerful ideas, to rebel and play and dream of all the changes we can make, we can’t forget the more thoughtful and disciplined approach of Capricorn. Remember the lessons you learned last season, the intentionality of structure and discipline of thoughtful steps forward, the ways that you yourself measure success and growth. Change may feel extra appealing these days, but take on too much at once and those old patterns may creep back in.

After tangling with the Devil and considering the personal cycles and destructive behaviors we all carry, Aquarius’ birth card of the Star offers gentle recovery, sweet renewal, and a deep sense of restoration. This card comes directly after the Tower in the major arcana, and offers a chance to find a more permanent sense of internal balance. Sometimes after big shifts or major upheavals, our world doesn’t look quite the same – and that means that we need to take a beat, take a breath, and regain our bearings. Healing isn’t linear, and neither is tarot, but the Star offers a welcome break from transitions and transformations and instead invites us to find our equilibrium again. After the release and relief of Death, after the temptations of the Devil, after the earth-shattering shocks of the Tower, the Star urges us to celebrate what we still have, to remember who we are at our core. The pieces of us that have survived pain and trauma, transitions and losses – those are the strengths, the wisdoms, the magics that make us who we are. Those are the pieces of us that we will carry forward, that we will use to build something new. The Star isn’t asking us to solve everything, to ignore our fears, to pretend we’re fully healed; but it is urging us to make space for hope again, to consider the beauty and wonder and power that we still hold. This is a season when things start to feel possible again, and if we’re open to it, for real and lasting healing.

With so much happening around us, with the endless onslaught of news and updates and catastrophes, it may feel impossible to stop, to breathe, to rest. And with Aquarius’ desire to improve and innovate, to help everyone and enact necessary, impactful change, you may feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders, wondering how you can protect your life and liberties while also helping the environment, defending the defenseless, donating to those who need support, writing to representatives, on and on and on. Helping the world to heal doesn’t always leave a lot of space for internal reflection and restoration – it can feel like we can only have one or the other. But Aquarius is not restricted by the structures and traditions that are already in place. Instead, this is a sign of rebellion and disruption, an opportunity to break the things that need to be broken and find possibilities in the pieces. After all, in a world that is so eager to box us in and destroy our spirit, what’s more rebellious than still believing in magic, in hope, in healing?

When looking at our cards for this season, many of us are called to set up boundaries, to closely monitor the structures we put in place last season and consider how they can continue to serve us. Others are invited to open ourselves to possibility, to let our intuition guide us, to remember the inner wisdom and magic that make us who we are. Sometimes it’s easier to focus on the biggest problems, the things outside of us, but this season we need to take time to remember our own path forward, to make space for emotion and connection and restoration. Big changes can be good, and innovation can be its own kind of magic, but don’t use altruism as an excuse to hide from more personal shifts or realizations. And if the healing that you’re asked to do feels out of reach, if Aquarius feels like it’s demanding too many changes, remember the lesson of the Star: we don’t have to know how we’re going to solve every problem, but we can still have hope.

As you read through your cards for Aquarius season, keep the Star’s energy of healing and renewal in mind. Experienced tarot readers or astrologers can plug the cards I’ve drawn for their sun, moon, and rising signs into the spread below to create a custom reading for this season. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the planet of originality, technology, and surprising events, so if you know your Uranus placement you can also include that in your spread for a fully personalized reading.

I’ve recently published a few more tarot pieces on Autostraddle, including a new year’s spread and some shorter tarot spreads for gentle dragging. You can support my ongoing tarot studies, creative work, and publishing dreams at Patreon, and I provide daily card studies and free weekly community readings on Instagram. I also offer personal, custom readings through my website, along with larger seasonal spreads, writings, and a new downloadable study guide with explorations of all 78 tarot cards.

As always with these tarot readings, take what you need and leave what you don’t. Happy Aquarius season!


Ten of pentacles

After what may have been an emotional or challenging Capricorn season, Aquarius will bring a time of celebration, stability, and security. The resources you’ve been gathering and the ways that you’ve been investing in yourself have paid off, and you may find that a project you’ve been working on for a long time is finally wrapping up. Take some time to celebrate everything that you’ve accomplished, to enjoy the fruits of your labors and the ways that you have allowed yourself to expand, grow, and prosper.

Your natural fire and desire for constant movement may have you looking around for your next project, eager for something new to sink your teeth into – and with Aquarius’ innovative and unconventional energy, this is a chance to dream big, to think outside the box. What inspires you, motivates you, makes you feel like pure magic? You may prefer to work independently, but the resources you’ve gathered and the collaborative power of Aquarius could indicate opportunities for rich community expansion. Be aware of the potential around you, and don’t put any limits on your imagination. You’ve just accomplished something beautiful, and whatever comes next could be even more impactful.


Ten of swords

Last season may have been one of vision and expansion, but you may find yourself a bit more stuck this season, circling around the same confusing truths and wondering what you’re missing. Whether you’ve gotten trapped in your own stubbornness or are intentionally burying your head in the sand, the personal narrative that you’re clinging to isn’t the whole picture. Aquarius may urge innovation and change, but this isn’t always a comfortable path for you – and yet, you may find yourself getting left behind, holding fast to your own version of the truth while the rest of the world keeps moving forward.

This may be an frustrating or disorienting time, but remember the hope and healing of the Star, and give yourself some time and space to process your reality more clearly. Rather than pushing forward on your own or ignoring these problems, let those you trust in, and work on expanding your perspective. What have you been unwilling to look closely at? Where are you fighting against something that you know is true? How are you twisting yourself up to avoid a particular insight or issue? Be gentle with yourself, but stop dodging the truth. Once you look at things more honestly, you’ll find it’s likely not as bad as you think.


Four of cups

With your endless ideas and constantly flowing energy, Aquarius season may feel both empowering and exciting, a chance for you to try new things and tackle the projects you’ve been putting off. And if Capricorn’s structured energy had you drawing firm lines around relationships, connections, or emotions, this may be a chance to reconsider how necessary they are. What are you protecting yourself from? What are you trying to control? Sometimes boundaries can help to keep us safe, but if your emotions or relationships are feeling stagnant, stifled, or frustrating, you may have pushed them too far, even isolated yourself from the people you care about the most. This could be a chance to find an unexpected solution or try something out of the box, rather than digging your heels in or doubling down on your previous decisions. Consider whether your needs are being met, or whether you’re finding extreme ways to protect yourself out of fear or anxiety. There’s nothing wrong with being conscious of how much of yourself you’re giving away, but don’t be so afraid of vulnerability that you reject your most valuable connections.


Eight of swords

Last season brought opportunities for gratitude and gentle movement, a chance to assess the resources you have available and find places for growth. But you may find yourself getting a bit mentally tangled this month, struggling to find your footing and wondering if you’ve worked yourself into a corner. Whether you’re fixating on a particular version of truth or feeling like you’re trapped in a messy situation, this season may feel a bit stagnant, have you scrambling to understand your reality. As confused as you may feel, this is an opportunity to make space for awareness and look for new methods of healing – your situation isn’t nearly as bad as you think, so take some deep breaths and work to consider your current state from another perspective. You’re excellent at setting boundaries and protecting your heart, but this may be a time when letting others in and sharing your concerns or fears is the best way forward – they may be able to help you see the truth more clearly, or shift your perspective to one that’s more realistic.


The Moon

After opening yourself up to new possibilities and connections last month, listening to your heart and letting your intuition guide you, Aquarius may broaden your understanding of expansion and imagination, bringing a new sense of wonder into both work and play. You may be made of fire and magic, someone that moves through the world with confidence and curiosity, but this is a chance for more internal exploration, for wildness, for dreaming. Where does your imagination take you when you stop trying to force it in a particular direction? What are you craving, fantasizing about, longing for? What might you be repressing or avoiding in your desire to always show the world your brightest, most brilliant self? Aquarius is a time for possibility and innovation, for taking unconventional routes, for finding healing in unexpected places, and it may be that your subconscious is trying to tell you something important. Give your mind and spirit space to wander, and see what themes emerge.


Four of swords

Although Capricorn season had you learning how to loosen your need for structure and control with relationships, Aquarius season may have you feeling like you need to tighten things back up again. This is a season for you to learn how to rest, creating boundaries around how available you are to others and particularly protecting your mind from intrusive thoughts or a constant need to achieve. You are such a hard worker, so dedicated, but that need for perfection and an endless desire for everything to be completed on time and on budget puts a heavy burden on you, one that others may not even notice because you’re so damn good at everything. Give yourself a break this season – not necessarily by cutting anything out, but instead by giving yourself permission to rest at times, to find healing, to breathe and listen to your mind and body’s needs. You don’t have to be a superhero, even if others may see you that way – you can be a human person that sometimes needs sick days or rest days or times when you scream into the void. Prioritize space and healing as much as possible, and you may find that you soon have renewed energy to tackle that endless to-do list.


Ace of cups

You’ve been seeking truth, chasing ideas, expanding your perspectives on dreams and projects and ambitions through Capricorn season, but Aquarius may bring a dazzling new connection or intense new opportunity to the forefront. What sparks your interest, lights you up, catches your eye? The Star’s radiant healing energy may manifest for you through your heart, urging you to build new relationships or strengthen old ones, sharing some of your dreams and vulnerabilities even as you learn to give your intuition more space to communicate. Finding ways to honor your instincts and personal wisdom can be tricky, but it’s the perfect balance to your tendency to listen to everyone else’s thoughts and ideas first.

Give yourself permission to trust your gut this season, moving in a direction that feels right for you – this could be as simple as accepting an unexpected invitation or as major as opening yourself up to a new relationship. But rather than soliciting opinions from everyone around you, listen to that inner voice that’s been building in power and confidence over the last few seasons. Let yourself chase the things you want, and celebrate how good it feels to honor your intuition.


The Emperor

The last few seasons have asked you to explore your relationships with power and control, with the ways that you allow yourself to surrender, with the larger forces at work in the universe. And after Capricorn season made space for examining personal cycles and established structures, Aquarius is here to urge you to build some real plans for your year. What are you trying to accomplish? Who are you working to become? What are you longing to create? If you haven’t already spent time figuring out how you plan to turn your dreams into tangible goals, this is the season to get to work. You don’t have to map out every step for yourself, hammer out every gritty detail or obsess over a five-year plan – but you do need to understand what you’re working towards, and make a commitment to pushing forward in a structured and organized way. It’s very possible that some of the things you’re building could benefit from some more defined strategies or intentions, so consider where adding structure could help you move with purpose and focus. You’re not someone that’s afraid to be in control, to take charge and set limits and define ambitions – so the question is, what exactly do you want?


Six of pentacles

You’ve been working through some intensive growth the last few seasons, taking a close look at the burdens you’ve been shouldering, the personal narratives you’ve held close, and the wisdom you’ve developed. And after a time of reflection on how far you’ve come last season, Aquarius is giving you an opportunity to celebrate how much you’ve built. What have you been growing? How have you been investing in yourself? Where are you expanding, building, thriving? All of your hard work is creating beautiful things, and the resources that you’ve discovered and harvested are ones that can provide power and inspiration not only for you, but for everyone around you. As you reflect on your own growth and take pride in those powerful achievements, consider what you can share, and how you can give back to those that have helped you along the way. Take pride in all that you’ve accomplished so far, and as you’re sharing joy and resources with those around you, make sure you extend that same kindness and generosity to yourself.


Guardian/Queen of wands

With your season drawing to a close, the rebellious energy in the air may hold an appeal you aren’t used to, perhaps tempting you to step away from your carefully structured plans and indulge in a bit of fiery, impulsive movement. The queen of wands is a card of courage, boldness, inspiration, and high energy, an opportunity to go after what you want and embrace all the magic and passion and power you possess. You may be known for determination, discipline, and focus, but what happens when you combine that with speed, devotion, and vision? Just because you typically move more thoughtfully and deliberately doesn’t mean there can’t be empowerment and deep joy in moving quickly, in letting your instincts guide you, in following your dreams. Make space for potential shifts this season, for opportunities to rush forward and grab for the things you crave – it may be that harnessing your inner fire is just what’s needed to help push you to the next level.


The Lovers

Happy birthday, Aquarius! You’re an independent spirit, often preferring to do your own thing and not be restricted by the demands or desires of others. But as powerful and magical as you can be on your own, when you’re able to partner up with those you trust and build connections and communities, you’re practically unstoppable. What relationships or communities allow you to find deeper freedoms? How do you balance your desire for innovation and rebelliousness with a craving for safety, stability, healing? Working with others, feeding off of their energy and finding inspiration in their ideas isn’t a weakness – there can be both strength and freedom in vulnerability, in sharing those big, magical dreams with someone that wants to help you make them a reality. Don’t push others away – instead, embrace the immense potential that exists when multiple souls come together.

The Lovers is so often a card of connection and partnership, but it’s also one that urges balance. As you embrace your uniqueness, magic, and independence this season, make sure you don’t let your dreams and ambitions carry you so high into the sky that you lose sight of the ground below. Moderation is not a dirty word, and letting your feet walk the earth sometimes may offer you more than you realize.


The High Priestess

You’ve been spending intensive time in both introspection and leadership lately, learning how sharing your emotions and insights with others can both help you find new ways of connection and can also inspire those around you to dig more deeply. And while Aquarius can feel overwhelming in its expansiveness, pushing you to consider the big picture at a time when you’d prefer to be focused on the internal, the High Priestess makes space for listening to your inner wisdom. You’re already brilliant at looking within, at making space for your intuition and being aware of your own innate spirituality, but this is also a chance to check in about your bigger journey. How are you feeling about the goals you’ve put in place, about the ambitions you’ve been working towards? What are your dreams for the future, and how are you reaching for them? You excel at getting lost in fantasy, at making space for your imagination to thrive, but how are you bringing those ideas into the real world? Take some time this season to embrace your powerful inner magic and make sure you’re on a path forward that feels right for you. You have choices, and can make shifts if necessary.

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  1. I love these every month! Especially excited to see them with The Spacious Tarot, I recently got the deck and love it!

    • thank you so much! and i absolutely love the spacious tarot – carrie and annie have really created something special with this deck, and i want everybody to be as in love with it as i am 🖤

  2. I firmly believe that when you feel called out by something indirect, like a tarot pull, it’s because there’s something you need to learn. and i feel so called out by this. my five-aquarius-placements ass does not want to do the work of setting boundaries, like my therapist and i discussed in capricorn season. so clearly i need to get my shit together and do this for My Season.

    • i absolutely agree, and i think it’s one of the reasons i love writing these ‘scopes so much – because while not every single thing will resonate with every single person, the things that do feel so powerful and personal.

      (also i literally just published another piece today on the emperor as the universal card for this year, if that helps your aquarius self – my scorpio sun got the emperor as my card for this season as well so i clearly have some work to do!)

      • I went home a did a pull after this, which resulted in 7 of cups, 2 of pents, and 8 of cups. “you have all these options and all these things going on, and clearly something isn’t working, so why aren’t you ready to move on yet?”

  3. This is great! I would love some Imbolc spread ideas – having a little gathering with some new members of our tarot circle :)

    • thank you! and i’ll actually be sharing an imbolc spread on my instagram on saturday – i create a lot of spreads around moon phases, sabbats, and other needs, so following me there is the best place to get daily tarot content. i’m @3am.tarot!

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