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+ After weeks of thirst and speculation, CW has announced that out genderfluid lesbian model/VJ Ruby Rose has snagged the role of Batwoman, a character described like so:

Armed with a passion for social justice and a flair for speaking her mind, Kate Kane soars onto the streets of Gotham as Batwoman, an out lesbian and highly trained street fighter primed to snuff out the failing city’s criminal resurgence. But don’t call her a hero yet. In a city desperate for a savior, Kate must overcome her own demons before embracing the call to be Gotham’s symbol of hope.

Batwoman, initially introduced in the early ’50s, was on hiatus from the DC comics universe until 2006, when she was reintroduced as a Jewish lesbian, but rarely actually seen until 2011. Rose will debut the role in the annual December Arrowverse crossover event, and will star in the Batwoman series currently in development from out producer/directors Greg Berlanti and Caroline Dries. Some news outlets have incorrectly labeled this event as The CW’s first lesbian superhero, which is not true, that honor belongs to Anissa Pierce / Thunder on Black Lightning! However, Batwoman is the first openly gay superhero to headline a TV series AND she’s being played by an openly gay actor. I think it’s pretty great, honestly, and I’m excited to see Ruby Rose play Batwoman.

But also, lol at everybody!

Ladies, gird your loins for Round Two of “I’m Gay For Ruby Rose: A Straight Woman’s Story”!

Also, here’s everything The Mary Sue learned about The CW’s Batwoman series and the Arrowverse at the TCA Summer Press Tour.

+ Variety‘s August issue is dedicated to “Transgender Hollywood,” and it’s pretty rad! The cover story is a really interesting roundtable with Trace Lysette, Laverne Cox, Chaz Bono, Jen Richards and Brian Michael. The article only includes clips entire roundtable is an hour-long video and it’s a very compelling watch. Alexandra Billings in particular is incredible.

This particular passage has garnered some buzz:

I’m so curious about this! Like if that’s the real reason… why didn’t he come up with a lie that would sound better than that? That is a terrible thing to say! But would also be a weird fact to get wrong! Jen Richards has tweeted that the only reason Pose actors weren’t present was because the panel took place in Los Angeles, not New York, and Ryan Murphy re-tweeted her tweet. Also, Pose‘s cast and creators have spoken extensively about trans-related issues in the press as recently as last week in The Hollywood Reporter. The Variety roundtable was moderated by Ramin Seetodeh (who you may recall from his 2010-2011 career claiming gay actors can’t play straight roles, which led to GLAAD and several prominent creatives and actors, including Ryan Murphy, calling on Newsweek to issue an apology, but they apparently sorted it out).

The Variety story also has a gallery of trans and non-binary actors to watch and an Open Letter to Hollywood from GLAAD, co-signed by a number of production companies including Berlanti Productions, SAG-AFTRA, Shondaland and Sony Pictures Classics.

+ In Broadway’s “Head Over Heels, The Go-Gos Music Is The Star:

…it was about an aristocratic girl in a small, mystical town in love with a boy who is beneath her social status. A servant, if you will. Said servant dresses as a girl to stay near his beloved. Mayhem ensues, lesbian love blooms, trans love is re-kindled, a marriage is put though a trial, and a lover is lost. Well, sort of.

+ The Miseducation of Cameron Post Is a Hopeful, Hilarious, Heartbreaking Lesbian Coming-of-Age Story: a wonderful review from a wonderful person.

+ Aisha Dee on Biracial Representation on Season 3 of The Bold Type

+ A Look at the Misandrist Villain In Comics

+ Orange Is The New Black Season 6 Has Strong U.S. Debut on Netflix, Nielsen Finds

+ Hayley Kiyoko May Break The VMAs — If You Vote in Time

+ An Ode to Florian, GLOW’s Lost Gay Icons

+ Trans Drama Girl Wowed Cannes, but Can It Impress American Audiences?

+ Everybody is coming back for American Horror Story: Apocalypse including Sarah Paulson!

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  1. Super disappointed by the casting for Batwoman. I feel this could have been a really groundbreaking show and could have been something incredible. Unfortunately I feel as though Ruby Rose simply doesn’t have the acting talent to give the role justice. I also think there are better role models out there especially for younger audiences.

    • So because they cast Ruby Rose, it’s no longer a groundbreaking show? Wow.

      Also, so you happened to see all the auditions and you came to the conclusion that she wasn’t the best for the role from those that auditioned? You know better than the casting directors?

      Also, since when did casting become about role models? Lol.

      • I mean, the argument that an actor/actors can drag down really influential and groundbreaking material isn’t false. Like go see a regular high school production of The Color Purple and then watch literally a 20 second clip of Cynthia Erivo on Youtube.

        But also, casting directors aren’t like, beyond reproach. Like look at Scarjo’s most recent films to prove that. You remember the live-action Avatar the Last Airbender movie? Clusterfuck of casting decisions. OrOrOr when Zoe Saldana was cast as Nina Simone. Lordy. Lots of people are hired just because they’re popular and not completely terrible, certainly not because they’re the best and most talented. And like, we’ve seen her acting. It’s not great and sometimes its actively bad so for people who view Batwoman as really important to their lives/development/childhood/queer identity, I’m sure this sucks and it’s not ungrateful or mean spirited or shows how little we deserve to want more than scraps as a marginalized identity. Like hate campaigns are very rarely appropriate, but that doesn’t mean we have to be falling over ourselves to thank a bunch of powerful tv people for doing things they should’ve been doing in the first place, especially when they could do it better. We should be encouraging healthy, productive criticism and commentary, not silencing ourselves out of fear. But I do agree that we should also wait until it comes out to like, fully unleash our disdain for it because she may have worked on her acting since the last stuff she was in, especially since she’s headlining it.

    • Seconding all of this. It’s great that the CW wanted to cast a queer woman, but there are so many other queer women who are better actresses than her. Batwoman is a super complex and complicated character, and I’m sorry, but Ruby Rose was barely passable in OINTB when literally all her character needed to do was smirk and look seductive. I really just don’t think she has the range to do this important character justice.

      Not to mention, there is no way in HELL she’ll be able to pull off an American accent. It’s going to be terrible. And a Kate Kane who is not American (and therefore could not have been in, and then kicked out of, the American armed forces) makes literally zero sense. So either She has to do a terrible American accent, or they make this version of Batwoman Australian for some reason, and re-write the most important parts of her backstory. Not into either scenario.

      I just really want this Batwoman show to succeed, because obviously if it doesn’t everyone will say that a tv show fronted by a lesbian character can’t work. It may be a controversial statement, but I’d take a super talented straight actress (and a writers room that includes a few queer woman) over a queer actress who can’t play the range required of the character any day of the week and twice on sundays. A queer actress is a bonus, actual acting TALENT is a requirement.

      • I agree. Watching her in Orange is the New Black with all those amazing actors was almost painful. Granted, her character was not well-taught out or layered but she didn’t bring anything to the table. Taylor Schilling was doing all the work in their scenes.

        It’s not about thinking she’s wrong for this role. She can not act.

      • While I haven’t been impressed with her dramatic acting, she did well with the action in John Wick 2, and that’s also an important part of the role.

        As for the accent, she did a passable American one for Pitch Perfect 3.

        And I don’t get why you say “a Kate Kane who is not American (and therefore could not have been in, and then kicked out of, the American armed forces)” when you can join the military as an immigrant. It get’s trickier because Jake is in the American military, and her mother was a Wayne, but they could potentially work it out.

        Have Jake be stationed at a base in Australia when Kate was young enough to pick up an accent, then she comes back to the US as a teenager

        • I’m going to wait until the show airs but the entire casting issue makes me fear they’re going to erase or undermine her Jewish identity.

          Anyway, this has inspired me to rewatch Black Lightning season one so, win.

  2. What a shame. I was highly disappointed seeing so many people from the queer community dragging down Ruby Rose. Even worse, fellow actors like Rhea Butcher and Brittany Nichols complaining about it too? I mean i get it from fans. But fellow actors? Seriously, it shows we don’t deserve nice things.

    For once, we got a lesbian to play a lesbian. The sole leading and headlining character. In a mainstream network. In a superhero show. We didn’t ask for them to give us Batwoman. They decided to do so on their own. They also decided to go out of their way as they would never normally do and hire a lesbian as the developer/showrunner. They then cast a lesbian in the lead role. And now many of us are saying we don’t want or it would be better if it was just a straight actress or someone unknown who is more talented.

    But by the time the show officially makes it to series, it’s the same people who will be claiming Batwoman to be ours and for the straights to step away and be expecting Ruby Rose to be loving to the community and fans after the shit we have all said about her.

    This shouldn’t be about whether you like the casting or not. This should be about the opportunity that we have to see a lesbian superhero single handedly toplining her own show on mainstream.

    All I know is that, they didn’t make a mistake with this casting. The same people who cast for all the Superhero shows did the same here. And they all cast perfectly. This will be no different. Let’s not be the ones creating problems for ourselves in our own community.

    • I’m on exactly the same page as you! I was SHOCKED to see Rhea and Brittany (both of whom I love and respect) talking about this as if it was a horrible thing. Like did I miss something? Did Ruby Rose harm the community in some heinous and intentional way? or are people just annoyed at how much straight women drool over her. i’m so confused!

      • Ikr? You’d think she has harmed the community with the way people are talking. They aren’t even proud of one our own. We should all be happy. She has been in 4 Blockbuster movies within the space of a year and a half. How many young lesbian actresses of today can attest to that? She is proof that we can still make it in the industry regardless of our sexuality.

        And instead they are trashing her so bad. It is so disgusting.

        As for Rhea and Brittany,it must be jealousy. None of them have acting careers as successful as Ruby Rose. They probably think they are better than her and will do a better job.

        • brittani wasn’t hating on the casting choice, she was just making a joke about how so many queer women had reacted to the casting choice, which i thought was funny! that’s why i included it.

          • @riese Well, then my error and mistake for not catching the jokes. I guess seeing everyone’s hate tweets all around and seeing Brittani and Rhea’s tweets right in the middle, my sarcasm skills weren’t on alert.
            Shame on me. Thank you for pointing it out.

        • I saw their tweets and took them as jokes, because they were. They are comedians. I do not see the “bullying” and smear campaign that is being alluded to here in some of these posts. Not from these two anyway. I have seen plenty of negativity from white male dudebros though. They are the ones who are coming after Ruby Rose directly on social media, not these queer women.

    • I feel bad for Ruby Rose. She was probably so elated to land this, see all of the news items about it, and read what people think. I imagine that even a thick skinned person would cry after reading all of those comments.

    • Agreed! I realize it’s not going to be everyone’s cup of tea, queer or not, but this is a BIG DEAL. You don’t have to like Ruby Rose to appreciate what they’re doing. It isn’t even out yet and we’re casting judgement? I thought we were better than that.

    • And as far as I can tell, it’s ONLY queer women who are upset about her casting? Like, Twitter/Tumblr have been super-critical, but the comments on general fansites are overwhelmingly positive. I don’t really have any intelligent insight here, it’s just something I’ve noticed.

      I’ll admit she doesn’t look at all how I imagine the character, so I was surprised by her casting, but I’m still excited for this. Gal Gadot got a lot of hate too from people who didn’t think she had the acting chops for Wonder Woman, and she killed it, of course, so fingers crossed for something similar here.

      • Yes. That’s the thing. Support has been positive. It’s only from queer women that she’s been getting backlash. Shame.
        All I know is that they’ll never miscast in this type of role. They wouldn’t give someone who isn’t what they imagined.

        We sit and complain that we never get LGBT+ actors playing major roles then try and boycott Ruby Rose getting Batwoman. Let’s just say we only support those catered to our specific interests and go lol.

        I mean people are wowed that they got someone of Ruby’s caliber. We are busy saying there are better lesbian actresses than her.

        She wasn’t what I imagined too. But i’m excited to see that they got her. Ruby Rose trended worldwide. Batwoman trended worldwide. It was because of her. She has already brought attention to what was otherwise going to have been an already dying superhero genre on CW.

        Shame on us.

        Love your Gal Gadot example. I remember that time too. Now everyone is says they can’t imagine any other actress playing the role.

        We are the ones who just like to make things difficult for ourselves.

    • Ruby Rose is not who I envisioned for the role so I felt a little disappointed when I first heard the news, but I’m going to give her chance and regardless of that, nothing validates the hate campaign that’s taking place.

      When I first heard about the insane reactions from queer women I assumed it was probably some anonymous BS, like twitter accounts with fake pictures, so perhaps men pretending to be us to stir sh*t. But then I saw YT queer reactors who I liked to listen to and who I thought were decent people, acting like complete deplorables, engaging in what’s basically bullying and harassment. I’ve never felt so disappointed by this community.

  3. I WAS going to give the show a chance but then this happened yesterday. Yesterday was already a pretty bad day for news. This was essentially the shit cherry on top of the spoiled melting ice cream on moldy cake.

  4. Most of the criticism I have seen has to do with not hiring a lbtq Jewish woman for the role. I have to agree for the most part there. There are some nuanced differences between a Jewish playing Jewish role and a non-Jewish person playing that role. Jason Biggs(really not a fan of him) is a solid example of that as he’s played Jewish a few too many times(and that’s not including the American Pie series). As BettyOnIt said above they may undermine or erase her Jewish identity(which is happening more and more in recent times). Like Jenny can’t be one of the few Jewish queer characters played by a Jewish woman(wiki just says LGBTQ rights activist). I also never really thought about the quality of her acting until people said it was bad, or not suited for her, so I will hold judgment there. I also don’t get straight girls fascination with her either.

    • Thank you for giving a reason why some people are unhappy. I had assumed it was an objection because she is genderfluid and so not female enough. Other than that all I could think of is that she’s said/some harmful things that I wasn’t aware of.

      • I’m fairly sure her character on Transparent was Jewish as was the version of herself(Carrie friends of The Mayor) on Portlandia. I don’t remember much about her character Carol though.

  5. I think my intense love for Batwoman is pretty obvious so when I say I’m very invested in this show you know where I’m coming from. Is Ruby Rose my choice for Kate Kane? No. There are several actresses I would have preferred over her. But at the same time I can see why she makes a lot of sense to the CW. She’s a big name. She is experienced at doing action scenes as John Wick 2 and XXX have shown. She’s openly lesbian. And of course, she’s freaking gorgeous. Being a great actor is not their biggest concern guys. Look at Stephen Amell. Even Caity Lotz was pretty bad when she was on Arrow. She grew into the role of Sara Lance and I think we’re all grateful she had that chance.

    My point being, I’m will to wait UNTIL I ACTUALLY SEE HER IN THE SHOW before I freak out and bombard the CW with hate. I’ve been waiting for yesterday for a loooooong time! That day Batwoman casting came out. I thought it would be an exciting happy day and instead Twitter and Tumblr were full of ugliness. People overreacting, being mean spirited and screaming abuse at Ruby herself and the show runner, a lesbian woman working in Hollywood which is a really tough place to be. Pretty depressing.

    • I totally agree — I think their main concerns were getting a p big name, someone who can do action, and someone who is cw-hot, and they did a good job! I think the Caity Lotz comparison is a great one. I haven’t seen Ruby Rose in a meaty enough role to really have an opinion on her acting (did not think she was amazing in OITNB, but that was a nothing role), but I do imagine she’ll get a chance to grow into it over the course of the show.

      Also, let’s be honest, I was going to watch the Batwoman show no matter what. It would be cool if the casting choice were someone I already really loved, but I feel about the same about this as I would about an unknown actress. Like, “oh I hope they’re good!”

    • Thank You! When Gal Gadot was cast as Wonder Woman my response was god help us that is a big mistake. I was wrong. Caity Lotz in Arrow is a far cry from the Caity Lotz in LOT. Give this poor woman a shot before throwing her over the edge. Greg Berlanti has done a great job in casting the right people. I have faith in the CW so I withhold judgement until we at least see her playing the role on screen.

    • I’m not equipped to speak to the queer/Jewish representation issues. Just the acting.

      But…didn’t people think that Kristen Stewart wasn’t that good, once upon a time?

      Then she got a couple of characters better than Bella to work with and upped her game

  6. Oh boy. I was not prepared for just how much I wasn’t a fan of this casting choice. I should preface this by saying I am a HUGE Batwoman fan and The CW has let me down many times in the past. I’ve read a majority of her two series save for a few by a certain writer as well as seen her first animated appearance in Batman: Bad Blood. I’m very protective of the character and Ruby Rose just doesn’t fit the image of who Kate Kane is IMO. And I worry that they might erase her Jewish heritage if this ever gets to series. Her casting does make sense just in terms of star-power and CW’s usual casting practices so I’m not surprised she was their first choice. Even though she is nowhere near my personal first choice I’m still going to watch the show and hope it is a success because I know that if it isn’t we are likely to not see another live action version of this character for a very long time.

    I think any criticism of Ruby Rose in this role is perfectly valid, especially if you’ve been a Batwoman fan for a while. I don’t get why she is getting outright hate though. Then again the only bloodthursty hatred I’ve personally seen has been from the usual Anti-diversity white males who complain about any casting that isn’t white and male. I’ve seen them froth at the mouth all over social media since the initial announcement that Batwoman was even coming to the CW, calling it “SJW LGBT pandering”. These are the same guys who are making 20 minute long YT rants about ow two girls kissing in The Last Of Us 2 is ruining video games forever.

  7. I’m the camp that finds the Ruby Rose casting disappointing. Apart from that fact that, from what I’ve seen (OitNB, Resident Evil, Pitch Perfect), she’s an extremely mediocre actor at best, I bummed out that they went with a white woman. Yes, I know Batwoman is white in the comics, but the casting call was open ethnicity and this could have been the Arrowverse’s first live-action POC-led show. It’s a serious missed opportunity, and not even one that can be justified, I think, with the tired excuse of hiring “the best actor regardless of race,” given her poor track record so far. I don’t seek to take anything away from folks who are just happy to see a queer woman cast to play a queer woman, but I also think there’s plenty of room to keep calling for more and better.

    Anyway, “misandrist villain” sounds like an oxymoron.

    • I mean, Black Lightning is in the Arrowverse, even if they haven’t really connected it to the other shows yet…

      Know as far as “best actor for the job” goes, I think this is debatable. Ruby Rose has serious action-chops, the physique of Kate Kane and is an out lesbian, not to mention she is a known commodity. While I am also sceptical about her acting capabilites, but she hasn’t had roles where she got to do a lot of acting yet, so I will wait and see.

      • Nah, Black Lightning is explicitly not a part of the Arrowverse. That might change in the future, but for now it’s it’s own thing. And Ruby Rose’s physique… did she buff up or something? Last I saw of her, she was extremely thin, which is in pretty sharp contrast to Kate Kane’s ex-military muscles, but I’ll admit I don’t keep tabs on Rose or her career.

  8. FYI, Head Over Heels is actually pretty problematic. A big part of the plot and many of the jokes are transphobic, ex: assuming all men have penises and all women have vaginas. For a show that prides itself on LGBTQ inclusion (it features Peppermint, one of Broadway’s first out trans women to create a role in a musical), it totally misses the ball. According to a trans friend with whom I’ve spoken about the show, the show has so much promise for trans people to be seen, but it fails and actually offends.

  9. As a Jewish nonbinary bisexual, I’m happy they casted a lesbian to play Kate. However, I’m disappointed that they didn’t cast a Jewish lesbian actress to play the Jewish lesbian character. Kate is very important to me. Her Jewishness is as important as her sexual identity. I’m afraid the Jewish part will be lost or the lesbian part will be used for the straight male gaze. But we’ll see.

  10. Ayayay. I’m not going to put this in anyone else’s comment because I’m not starting tiffs with anybody and aside from not really needing to explain myself, I didn’t want to write an essay but there are people here who seem to forget two very important things: it is not possible to be liked by everyone and everyone has an opinion which you won’t necessarily agree with. Just because you disagree with it doesn’t mean it’s bad or wrong, it’s just different.

    I am not one of those people who watches a show or a movie just because there’s (supposedly) a homosexual relationship. I am also not one of those people who puts someone on a pedestal, applauds them, sings them praises and fawns all over them just because they are a part of the community. People’s character is what I give importance to because that is what defines a person at their core. I support the people and things I like, and as it turns out, I do not like Ruby Rose. I don’t owe her or anyone else anything.

    I disagree with people attacking anyone over this and don’t condone such behavior since displeasure can be expressed diplomatically, but, I have disliked this woman since before most people knew she existed because she has never seemed genuine. From crap that she has said throughout the years, I have felt that she is whatever is convenient for her to be at that particular moment in time.

    She said she’s genderfluid at the time when “transtrending” was created because it was the time people thought it was cool to be trans. When I saw her video, I felt as though she made a parody mocking dysphoria. She said she prayed that she wouldn’t develop breasts to then say years later that she’s glad she didn’t have gender reassignment surgery because she’s proud of being a woman and wants to have kids. So which is it?

    Because I find her so distasteful, I really don’t much care if her acting has gotten better or for anything that she does. If you’re gonna watch, have at it. If you’re not gonna watch, then now you can do something actually productive. It’s your choice; no one else can live your life for you. Decide for yourself how you’re gonna live it. Complaining and giving people a hard time over reactions solves nothing.

    • “She said she prayed that she wouldn’t develop breasts to then say years later that she’s glad she didn’t have gender reassignment surgery because she’s proud of being a woman and wants to have kids. So which is it?”

      I know personally, I’ve felt very different about both my body and my gender (and their relationship) at different times in my life. I’d be super hesitant to say that another person’s experience of gender isn’t genuine because it has changed over time.

      • The speed at which she has changed her mind is ridiculously fast though and again, she said she was part of the transgender spectrum when it was “cool” which is my problem. Here’s her career thus far so you can see why I feel as I do towards her and her lack of being genuine:

        she was bisexual in 2008 http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/mtv-star-ruby-talks-about-her-bisexuality/news-story/59bb7e0cb49213a90cb78b38f5425849?sv=b413e92c112e68dcab2184f92d031742

        but then a month later https://www.adelaidenow.com.au/entertainment/celebrity/mtv-vj-ruby-rose-i-came-out-at-12-let-me-get-on-with-work/story-e6fredq3-1111115911432?sv=55313516c1ec26ab7509de3586b2c30b

        then gender fluid in 2014 https://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/jul/25/ruby-rose-video-break-free-gender

        and finally last year https://people.com/bodies/ruby-rose-glad-didnt-get-gender-reassignment-surgery/

        That’s a lot of flip flopping.

        I was not going to talk about this but my irritation with her from her video is because I was diagnosed with dysphoria (when it was still called gender identity disorder!!) and that video does not represent the pain, difficulty and feeling disassociated with parts of your anatomy that seem foreign. I decided after twenty two years to not do HRT because aside from feeling I am both and neither, I’m tired of injections (diabetes since before my age had two digits), I don’t want to stink (more than I do because diabetes means I produce more oil and sweat so the search for deodorant that works took a long time) and find body hair repulsive (which I get a lot of anyway because insulin). If I were to do HRT, I would sprout hair like a Chia pet until I turn into Chewbacca but go bald because of male pattern baldness on both sides of my family. I like having long hair and being able to have stuff in my piercings.

        Also, though not a fan of certain parts of my body, I am a fan of what women do with them during Sexy Times. I eventually realized I can ignore those parts most of the time and a lot of my discomfort is more from the way certain groups of people look for and at them and question my thinking capacity and abilities to do anything not considered feminine on account of having a vagina. Though I have no plans on changing my lot, I can never imagine myself pregnant. I don’t want anything phallic all up in my junk and can’t understand why anyone would. I accept there are people into that sort of thing, but I can’t understand it and don’t want it for myself.

        These things I noticed were noticed probably three years ago and as previously mentioned, at that point, I had lived with it for twenty two years. Most of us who struggle with whatever plagues us find something close to peace after at least a decade, if ever. It’s not a change that happens at a moment’s notice. It would have probably been better if she had said that she doesn’t want to be as people think she should and was going to do whatever the hell she wanted aesthetically. It’s as if she felt she needed to give a reason for cutting her hair and wearing clothes made for people with more testosterone in mind so she jumped on a bandwagon until the general public stopped talking about it.

        I know coming to terms with who you are takes a long time and sometimes you don’t know there’s a word for it (my Yahoo searches in trying to find out if there were other people with homosexual inclinations were complete sentences because I thought I was the only one since this was 1999) but I strongly feel she is not very honest. It feels like when Ricky Martin came out upon figuring his career wouldn’t end because of it.

      • It appears my response to this might never be posted (probably too many urls) so I’ll condense what I said because it was way too long anyway:

        I know it takes time to come to terms with your identity and sometimes you don’t know there’s a word for it but in her case, she’s flip flopped between identities since 2008 which I find quite dishonest. Realizing things about yourself doesn’t happen at the drop of a hat and based on her video and things she said in subsequent interviews, she appears to think of it more as an aesthetic rather than an identity.

        Upon looking for evidence of the flip flop to avoid accusations of me talking out of my ass, she was still talking about being genderfluid mere months before saying she’s happy to not have had reassignment surgery, is a woman and wants kids. I am unaware of anybody who has changed their mind about this sort of thing after such a brief amount of time. I lived with dysphoria for twenty two years and after very thorough research about what testosterone would likely do to me and realizing what exactly it is that really makes me uncomfortable, and that truthfully, I feel like I’m both and neither, I decided to forgo HRT and pertinent surgeries.

        • I’m genderfluid. My identity can change on a daily or hourly basis and doesn’t have to conform to your standards or anyone else’s. Feelings about your body, particularly reproductive elements, are personal and you don’t get to criticize someone for wanting to be able to get someone pregnant or become pregnant themselves. If anything, you’re the one being transphobic.

  11. I’m not thrilled at this casting based on my idea of Kate Kane, or the character she is in the comics, but I’m willing to give the production and Ruby Rose a chance. She hasn’t blown me away with her acting, but maybe her genuine excitement, etc. will allow her to really connect with the character and transcend previous roles.

    I’m also excited to see a masculine of center woman on TV. Playing a lesbian superhero. Who’s headlining her own show (potentially). This could be fun.

    Also, she has a very polished public persona, so I feel like she’ll be able to handle the intense scrutiny a fandom like this might produce than some neophyte might.

    But the description above has led me to letting go of any preconceptions of the character. It sounds like she won’t be a victim of DADT. Perhaps that makes her not contemporary enough for the CW, so they did away with that. She’s a “well-trained street fighter” now. Losing that part of her identity, I would not be at all surprised (with the casting also lending credence to this theory) if Kate also ended up not being Jewish in the CW show.

    So who is she? I have no idea. I guess she’s a blank slate being rebooted. It makes me sad because the current Kate Kane is so rich and layered and intersectional and amazing. Now I guess she’ll be just another vigilante. Perhaps all Bat Pain for no particular reason except a weird series of events like Arrow or dead parents like Batman.

    I think I’ll probably still like it, but I’ll mourn what could (arguably should) have been. And that has nothing in particular to do with Ruby Rose who I’m kind of neutral on (until some straight woman goes all gaga and I have to bite my tongue leave)

    Prepare yourselves now, folks!

  12. Excluding those times when the backlash was because of crimes or unacceptable behaviour of the actor, I can’t think of a single time there has been a huge backlash to a casting choice and the casting hasn’t turned out to be perfect.

    No, wait. Michael Gambon as Dumbledore.

    • (Also excluding those who have ignored the requirements of the role in terms of diverse hiring, which is highly relevant to this discussion so I don’t know how I forgot it. But I don’t think there’s an issue there regarding the hiring of Ruby Rose – I don’t think there were enough good actors meeting the details of the role to complain with their choice).

  13. I think everyone has a right to criticize her acting abilities as long as we don’t attack her personally.

    I actually like Ruby Rose. Yes, she doesn’t fit the image of Batwoman in my head but like I said before it’s not about that, it’s about she can’t act. I saw her in minor roles and she was terrible, now I can’t expect her to shine as a lead. Actors usually prove themselves through minor roles, not the other way around. I know she will slay the action scenes but what about everything else?

    And please do not compare her to Gal Gadot

    • when people cricizing Gal Gadot no one was talking about her acting skills, everyone was worried about she’s not white enough, not pretty/sexy enough (crazy people), but mostly not white enough.

  14. Thanks for the weekly roundup. The misandrist villains article was really disappointing to me and kind of missed the mark. I thought the look at “male hating feminist” without really diving into sexuality made the argument fall flat.

  15. I’m really not a fan of Brittani’s tweet, or other comments to the same effect. No one’s complaining for the sake of complaining. The two issues I’ve seen people have with Rose’s casting are that she can’t act and– more importantly– that it erases Kate Kane’s Jewishness. Sure, I guess it’s great that they didn’t cast a straight woman, but I’m tired of seeing Jewish characters played by gentiles. They did the same thing with Kitty Pryde, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, twice with Magneto… the list goes on. We’re not just nitpicking.

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