PHOTOESSAY: At Washington DC’s 2017 Equality March, Queers Resisted Like a Rainbow Storm

It’s Pride Month — and this year, instead of parading we’re protesting. This weekend, we resisted in DC with lots of glitter, dancing, and the sweet sound of queer choirs echoing through the streets. Our president hasn’t acknowledged pride month, so we went to his house. Legislators are not just not representing us, they’re fighting us, so we went to their building. We took the nation’s capitol by rainbow storm and said we’re coming for you — not just for ourselves but on behalf of all the people who can’t stand up and who are most impacted by policies of hate and exclusion.

This is what it looked like.

Molly Adams is an LA-based photographer. You can find documenting life from Afghanistan to Standing Rock to the LA queer nightlife. You can also find her on Instagram.

Molly has written 66 articles for us.


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