In Which We Announce The Lucky Winners Of the September A-Camp Raffle!

On Thursday we announced that having surpassed $80K in our Fundraising Challenge For Life, we’d be raffling off two camperships for September A-Camp (Sep 12-16, Angelus Oaks, CA). That’s really super soon, which means that Zeller A and Amelia D have a lot of planning to do!











Oh and since we’re all here and I’m using 36-point font because it’s Saturday and nobody can stop me, you should know that one very lucky human being purchased the $5,000 “Be an A-Camp VIP” perk and her name is Jill and she comes from the tiniest little town in the entire universe! She’s gonna have the best time in the history of time.




There are less than two weeks left in the campaign, so you should probably donate now in case you forget later, just to be safe. There are just so many amazing things you could get. Look at Zeller and Jill and Amelia, they are the happiest clams in the entire universe.

this is you on a boat

You know why you should have this, dearest Zeller and darlingest Amelia and bestest Jill?

because this


Sidenote: Due to the incredible loveliness of truly delightful last-minute cancellations, there are still camp spots open (and no waitlist) if you’re able to pay your tuition in its entirety up front, just drop me an email (riese [at] autostraddle [dot] com) and we can work it out!

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    Zeller!! I am so excited! We are both running around my house and chest bumping and yelling and jumping and generally being so fucking excited.

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      Sarah, this means you are coming too right?! this is the kind of situations where you start printing your own money and selling your plasma.

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        Heck yes I am coming to A-Camp. You think I’d let an entire camp full of hot women hang out with my girlfriend without me? No way, ladies.

        Oh and also pretty much when she won I yelled “I GET TO GO TOO!” instead of “Congratulations!”

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    Yay!!! I got to break the news to Zeller! JILL!!! you rock! Seriously! What do you like to drink? I owe you one, hell, we all owe you one. xo

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      Hi everyone, Jill here.

      I like how you ladies are thinking (offering your bodies in tribute, etc), but I currently have the most intelligent and hottest girlfriend on the planet so my pants will be staying on at camp, unless I go swimming.

      For future reference, my favorite regular beer is miller lite, and my favorite “fancy” beer is Heiniken. I swore off all other types of alcohol besides beer after my graduation night. 🙂

      So pumped to see everyone in two weeks!!!!

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    Oh man! Torre told me I won, and then Hansen and I jumped up and down screaming in our house. We are so excited!

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    i’m so happy for all of you and especially for myself because i get to meet you in a couple of weeks.

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    just seeing these gifs makes me giddy and add to that these cutie comments and add to that CAMP

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