Otalia Spin-Off Promises Immediate Lesbian Action, NOM Strikes Back in Iowa

Movie Post! We watched a bunch of kickass documentaries about religion and specifically the impact of religion on civic life in America and specifically on the Homosexual Experience and here we explain them all for you: Documentaries for Homos: Deliver Us Evil, For the Bible Tells Me So, Tying the Knot, Religulous and Trembling Before G-d.


Olivia and Natalia Almost Kissed on Guiding Light

LESBIAN TEEVEE: These Lesbian Lovers Will Live On After Guiding Light Dies: On Guiding Light, Olivia Spencer and Natalia Rivera fell in love but never had a chance to get it on. Luckily, their relationship will go on in the upcoming web-series Venice. Crystal Chappell will play “a single, gay career woman, and follow other fictional inhabitants of Venice Beach, in Los Angeles,” reports the Times. “Her leading lady on Guiding Light, Jessica Leccia, has agreed to join the cast without pay.” (@queerty)

HOT GIRLS GETTING MARRIED: According to facebook, Model Jessica Clark & Trainer Lacey Stone have set a date for their wedding in 2010!  You can see our interview with them from the 2009 NewNowNext Awards here.

BOOBS: National Go-Topless Day: Dozens of semi-nude women marched through the streets of Manhattan on Sunday for their right to bare breasts, which is really, really, REALLY IMPORTANT. (@ny daily news)

DOGS OF THE SEA: Jessica Simpson Notes Hot Lesbian Canine Action “Daisy and her best friend Bella back together again. Lesbian lovas forever!” (@the examiner)

DANES: Claire Danes (a.k.a Angela Fucking Chase) does Black Book‘s Power Fall Issue, discusses her wedding, Sharon Cherski is a bridesmaid PS: “It’s great, as a woman, to feel entitled to express strength and power, to not be in some kind of flowery frock running through fields—though that has its place.” (@blackbook)

Angela Chase in Black Book September 2009

Angela Chase in Black Book September 2009

LISTS: Time released a list of the 50 best websites of 2009. Autostraddle isn’t on there yet, but we feel it won’t be long before lesbian media is right up there with Essentials like Google, Flickr, Twitter, Etsy and Yelp. Also the 25 Best Blogs of 2009, clealy HuffPo’s got nothing on us. (@time)

LADIES: Women’s rights are our responsibility – “The sustained degradation and subjugation of girls and women remains the world’s most pervasive human rights violation.”(@huffington post)

RUNNERS: An in-depth look at the case of Caster Semenya, the South African teen track star whose deep voice and muscular appearance are causing some serious gender controversy. (@bilerico project)

MALEX: Olivia Wilde is in Malibu Magazine, is still hot, and is also brilliant. On her journalist parents – “Our childhoods were not normal — unless running around your house in your mom’s burka and gas mask is considered normal. I remember watching sitcoms and not understanding the family structures at all. Why was the dad sitting on the couch while the mom made dinner?”

Photoshoot by Tao Ruspoli for Fall '09 Malibu Magazine

Photoshoot by Tao Ruspoli for Fall '09 Malibu Magazine

TROUBLE ON THE INTERNET: ’Skanks in NYC’ Saga Continues: Seriously I know it’s not against the LAW to be an asshole, but it never ceases to amaze me that people are so self-righteous about the law protecting their rights to be an asshole. Just ’cause you have the freedom of speech under the law doesn’t mean you have to use it to call other people skanks and then sue Google ’cause the woman you were being an asshole towards found out who the fuck you were. SO THERE. (@true/slant)

IT’S JUST MY OUTFIT: Katy Perry Kisses Girls, Lady Gaga’s Ass: Turns out Perry probably didn’t say anything about Gaga or her (supposed) two sets of genitalia. We at Autostraddle believe she is afraid of Gaga’s dress of guns. (@mtv)

CONSERVATIVE DRESS OF GUNS: Lady Gaga ‘Promises’ to Dress ‘Respectfully’ in Israel: “The 23-year-old, wearing a leather jacket with spikes in the shape of a Star of David to cover her skimpy top, revealed her plans to swim in the Dead Sea… She also said she was more excited to see the capital than to ‘get drunk in a bar,’ but admitted she might ‘get drunk in Jerusalem.’” (@sf gate)


Group that backed Prop. 8 focuses on reinstating Iowa’s gay-marriage ban: That’s right. It’s NOM NOM NOM NOM NOMMMMMM! (@latimes)

WHAT ARE THEY DOING WITH MY ‘MONEY’ THEN: HRC Missing Own Fundraising Deadlines.: “Like most non-profits, HRC is in the middle of a challenging fundraising climate; it’s not just Focus on the Family with budget problems.” (@queerty)

Pulling the Gay CardSharing your gayness also invokes Gay Privilege. Companies, we hear, want to increase diversity in the workplace, so if HR knows you’re a ‘mo, they can use you to fill the quota. Affirmative action like wha’? (@queerty)

RALLY: March on Washington:The National Equality March is planned for October 10-11. The HRC’s not behind it, the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force isn’t behind it, so why (besides a free stay in Internicane Katrina’s dorm room) should we go? (@advocate)

↓ Lesbian Couple Accosted at Church: Revered Kenneth Whalum Jr. insists the women were not thrown out for being lesbians, stating “If I put every lesbian out of church we’d be putting people out of church all day long.” We believe he is referring to the Church of Tegan and Sara. (@advocate)

Virginia in the Haus: Cynthia Neff, the Democratic candidate for the 58th District in the Virginia House of Delegates is a courageous progressive who doesn’t flinch from answering tough questions – including stating that she supports marriage equality for LGBT Virginians. (@bilerico project)

Autostraddler of the Day

Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani

team-picks-graphic2 katrinafrom Intercaine Katrina:
While I, Internicaine Katrina, neither condone nor discourage the use of #drugs, I do recommend Get High Now, a totally cray cray site full of audio and visual mindf*ckery. It’s been keeping me busy in class.

crystal-iconfrom Crystal:
If you live in Sydney, the place to be this Wednesday night is at Stef Mitchell’s ‘No Love Notes’ exhibition. It’s happening at Perry Lane from 6:30 – 9:30pm, leaving you plenty of time to get to the Bank. See you there.


green-iconfrom Laneia:
One Word is amazing. Go. Write. Read.

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  1. “We believe he is referring to the Church of Tegan and Sara.”

    I need to stop reading these things at work. Intrusively loud laughter, every day.

  2. I never am one to buy into “organizations.” I’m mad about gay discrimination now and I feel like that’s reason enough to go march in Washington now. why wait?

    (also kc’s dorm room will be really fun)

  3. Fun Fact: I once left a family christmas party to go into my bedroom and draw that lovely autostraddling picture of Gwen Stefani in my sketchbook.
    I think making art about gwen stefani because I love her in a totally non-platonic way is a good enough reason to go march in Washington. Also, I really like the idea of marching.

  4. Is anyone else upset about Caster Semenya? It makes me sad that female athletes are supposed to conform and “look like women” aka having long hair, wearing dresses, etc. I mean, do you think Semenya even wants to compete anymore? I feel like that’s a really traumatizing experience.

    • I am! I’m upset! Male athletes like Usain Bolt are running times that are unheard of are met with admiration and praise from the media. But when a female athlete does the exact same thing, everyone starts assuming she’s a man? WHAT PART OF THIS MAKES SENSE?! Answer: none. People are stupid.

      • Me too! I’m really pissed off. So its only guys who are allowed to come from nowhere to suddenly running ‘superhuman’ times, but if a woman does the same they’re obviously just a cheating man. The president of the South African Athletics actually made the same point, saying that when she ran at the Junior worlds “noone said anything there because she did not do anything special. She is the same girl”, so props to him i guess.
        What really upsets me is that the poor kid is only 17. Its crap enough being 17 without the whole world saying that you need to be tested to see if you’re a man.
        Argh, too many feelings. Might need to go read/look at the Olivia Wilde interview again to calm down!

        • I know, right? I read this (http://snurl.com/r67as) article and it made me so mad. Especially this part:

          “[W]e like our women at least a little fragile, at least a little vulnerable. Being blue-eyed and blonde makes a big difference too. We encourage women to be fit and strong, but not too fit, or too strong. Go to the gym, preferably at least three times a week, but pick those workouts so they don’t give you “ugly muscles.” Take up that sport, but don’t get too good at it (we don’t like our women really competitive, either).”

          What the hell? You’re right, too many feelings. Time to go look at Olivia Wilde.

          I just wish that women didn’t have to be “manly” to be good at things.

  5. wow, what would patty and graham say about that pic of angela? rayanne’s influence, obvs…and maybe ricky styled her?

  6. I’m just leaven a coment here because I don’t know where else to do it.

    I wanna say that I love what you girls do here, I read you since the L Word Recap, really funny, I’ve read them all!

    Riese I’m your fan, I follow you on twitter!

    I’m a journalism student from Brazil, not gay, but I’m sympathy with the cause!

    • yayy noemi! viva la revolucion! good luck in journalism!
      in other news, lady gaga’s dress of guns is IMMINENT.

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