Orphan Black Episode 202 Recap: Governed by Sound Reason and True Religion

Meanwhile, Mrs. S and Sarah are traipsing through the woods towards a safe house. They were never kidnapped; Mrs. S just made it look that way to throw people off the scent.

Look, we've been walking for four hours and we still haven't found Klub Deer. We're lost.

Look, we’ve been walking for four hours and we still haven’t found Klub Deer. We’re lost.

She takes Sarah to the safe house they stayed in when they first left the U.K. Here, Sarah re-meets Barry and Brenda, aka the Bird Watchers, a network of people who help refugees stay safe and disappear.

But girls, camp isn't for another 23 days!

But girls, camp isn’t for another 23 days!

Well, can we stay here and play L Word trivia anyway?

Well, can we stay here and play L Word trivia anyway?

Kira comes running out to greet Sarah, and mother and daughter are reunited. Yay!

Adorable family is adorable.

Adorable family is adorable.

Meanwhile, Angela shows up at Art’s apartment and wants to know what the fuck is going on. She shows him photos of Helena in the hospital, but Art refuses to let her into Clone Club.

Well, the first rule is, I'm not supposed to talk about it...

Well, the first rule is, I’m not supposed to talk about it…

He tells her to drop it, which of course means that the next scene is Angela storming Helena’s hospital room. But Helena is gone; she’s being wheeled out by Belt Buckle.

Classic example of "Vicodin Face".

Classic example of “Vicodin Face”.

We then jaunt on over to the Prolethian Farm House, where Bonnie and her daughter Gracie are talking about Helena aka their new ward. They keep referring to her as “it”, which is not cool, guys. Clones are people two! SEE WHAT I DID THERE.

It's gluten-free bread, I don't see what's so confusing.

It’s gluten-free bread, I don’t see what’s so confusing.

Holy shit Bob, your legs work?!

Holy shit Bob, your legs work?!

Hank goes in to see Helena resting and creepy old Tomas whipping himself with his belt. Gross.

I was gonna put a shirtless Tomas picture here but I didn't want to subject you to that.

I was gonna put a shirtless Tomas picture here but I didn’t want to subject you to that.

Tomas thanks Hank for rescuing them and taking them in. He was going to pray for her, but then he remembered that abominations have no souls. I think we know why Helena is so fucked up, guys.

so I creep creep yeah, just keep it on the down low...

so I creep creep yeah, just keep it on the down low…

Dr. Pastor Hank, who apparently went to MIT, took some x-rays of Helena’s body, and it turns out that she’s a mirror image of Sarah. Literally. All her organs are reversed, which is how she survived the gun shot. Dr. Hank explains it as a “yin yang” sitch, and says it’s common in identical twins.

And by "yin yang sitch" I mean she's a huge fan of the Ying Yang Twins.

And by “yin yang sitch” I mean she’s a huge fan of the Ying Yang Twins.

Tomas treats this not as a miracle, but as further proof that Helena is damned. But Hank is a pro-science Prolethian who sees Helena as the war for the future of creation. I don’t think either viewpoints bode well for poor Helena.

Over at the Bird Watcher’s house, Sarah is giving Kira a tour of her old digs. She even shows her where she and Felix carved their names into the headboard. It’s pretty adorable.

the sibs that vandalize together scandalize together

the sibs that vandalize together scandalize together

Back in Preppyville, Alison watches Donnie on the elliptical and sets her trap in motion. She pretends to call Sarah and plan a meet-up with her, but she’s really just talking to Felix, who is working on a nude portrait in the nude. It’s like naked multitasking.

I don't want to see any more Mapplethorpe exhibits...it's like, I get it, you like dicks.

I don’t want to see any more Mapplethorpe exhibits… it’s like, I get it, you like dicks.

Alison's out, you in?

Alison’s out, you in?

Only if I can keep wearing this football.

Only if I can keep wearing this football.

Donnie takes the bait and follows Alison to Aynsley’s grave, where she is meeting up with Musical Sarah, not Clone Sarah. Donnie is bumbling around the cemetery in a not at all discreet way, which makes me wonder how he managed to hide from Alison this long. Real talk, he’s a shitty spy.

We're not peeing on her grave, are we? Because I DID NOT sign up for that.

We’re not peeing on her grave, are we? Because I DID NOT sign up for that.

Spying: you're doing it wrong.

Spying: you’re doing it wrong.

Alison of course sees him, but he pretends to be worried about her and quickly buggers off. Alison is certain now that Donnie is her monitor, and presumably is off to Michael’s for some more glue sticks.

SO GLAD I pre-printed those Michael's coupons.

SO GLAD I pre-printed those Michael’s coupons.

Back that the Bird Watcher’s house, Kira plays while Sarah grills Siobhan. Mrs. S was planning on taking Kira with her to London that night, to keep her out of harm’s way. She assures Sarah that she’ll bring her over when it’s safe.

We'll ride the London Eye as many times as she wants, I promise.

We’ll ride the London Eye as many times as she wants, I promise.

Sarah is dismayed at the idea of losing her daughter again, but Mrs. S tells her that it’s not her fault. She’s just in a whirlwind of shit that’s out of her control. Sarah questions Mrs. S about the photo Amelia gave her and Project LEDA, but Mrs. S swears she knows nothing.

Clandestine refugee meal time!

Clandestine refugee meal time!

Over dinner, Sarah finds out that Mrs. S and the Bird Watchers used to sell weapons to finance freedom, which is kind of like fucking for virginity, but whatever. They talk about the dangers of the work and Sarah gets concerned about how safe this safe house really is.

Meanwhile, at the Dyad lab, Cosima and Delphine are making out and making a shopping list for their new lab.

I found a table we haven't done it on yet!

I found a table we haven’t done it on yet!

Now kissing

Now kissing

If I knew science was this hot, I wouldn't have majored in Communications.

If I knew science was this hot, I wouldn’t have majored in Communications.

They’re interrupted by Rachel, who wants to talk to Cosima alone. Clone block!

Am I interrupting anything?

Am I interrupting anything?

You're interrupting EVERTHING, GTFO.

You’re interrupting EVERTHING, GTFO.

The first thing Rachel says to Cosima is, “So, you’re gay?” which is not the first thing I would ever say to my clone (the first thing would be “nice boobs, right?” then a high five, then a question about her sexuality). Cosima answers that, despite what Tumblr says, her sexuality is not the most interesting thing about her.

Obviously, the most interesting thing about me  is this bonkers dress I'm wearing.

Obviously, the most interesting thing about me is this bonkers dress I’m wearing.

Rachel gives Cosima her latest medical tests results, as well as Katja’s data. She tells Cosima that they need to figure out the illness. Cosima wants to study the original genome, but Rachel tells her it’s not possible.

Wanna touch each other's boobs...for science?

Wanna touch each other’s boobs…for science?

I might.

I might.

She then assures Cosima that the damage was done during the cloning procedure, which is a total clone slam. She then gives her Sarah’s file and fully sequenced genome; she wants to find out what makes Sarah so different… and what makes Kira so special.

Sarah is helping Kira pack, when Kira tells her that Mrs. S was snooping in Amelia’s stuff and is full of secrets and might not be on Team Clone after all. Sarah decides to take Kira and make a run for it.

Look kid, I'm just gonna keep showing people this photo until I get some answers.

Look kid, I’m just gonna keep showing people this photo until I get some answers.

Staring contest, 3,2,1!

Staring contest, 3,2,1!

While they sneak out, Barry tells Mrs. S that there are delays with their ride. Brenda pulls a gun on Mrs. S — the Bird Watchers double crossed them!

Criss-cross! Criss-Cross!

Criss-cross! Criss-Cross!

Make you wanna jump jump?

Make you wanna jump jump?

They sold them out to the Prolethians for money, as fighting for change and justice is not a real money maker. Boo-fucking-hoo Bird Watchers, anyone who works for a non-profit could have told you that!

I'm just sick of the constant fundraising and the poor company stucture, know what I mean?

I’m just sick of the constant fundraising and the poor company structure, know what I mean?

Mrs. S kicks the shit out of Brenda and stabs her hands into the dining room table. Who knew Mrs. S was such a badass?

Still a more enjoyable experience than Teach for America.

Still a more enjoyable experience than Teach for America.

Sarah and Kira steal a truck and try to drive away when Barry comes after them. Sarah hits him with a metal lunch box but before he can retaliate he’s gunned down by Mrs. S. Sarah and Kira drive away, nodding at Mrs. S as they go.

Stop using your signal in the "turn only" lane!

Stop using your signal in the “turn only” lane!

Back in the not-so-safe house, Mrs. S tells Brenda that Sarah and Kira are from Project LEDA… looks like she was lying after all. Mrs. S then shoots Brenda in the head.

Can we please have a Mrs. S origin story?

Can we please have a Mrs. S origin story?

Alison calls Felix begging him to help her, but Felix is out of time. He’s leaving town with Sarah and Kira, and he can’t tell Clone Club where they are going.

Get in loser, we're going shopping!

Get in loser, we’re going shopping!

Alison feels helpless, and Felix tells her that Aynsley’s death is not really her fault. I mean, kind of, but not really.

Oh sweetheart, you didn't make her wear that ugly scarf.

Oh sweetheart, you didn’t make her wear that ugly scarf.

He tells her to call Cosima and just play possum for now.

But I don't want to talk to Cosima! She'll just ramble on about the way Delphine's hair smells and their open-eyed orgasms!

But I don’t want to talk to Cosima! She’ll just ramble on about the way Delphine’s hair smells and their open-eyed orgasms!

As Felix, Sarah, and Kira head off, we head over to the Prolethian Farm, where Hank talks science with Tomas. Hank wants to see if Helena is fertile, but Tomas is still on his religious bent.

On this farm we raise cows, chickens, and misogyny.

On this farm we raise cows, chickens, and misogyny.

If Tomas is so convinced that Helena is evil, then why has he been caring for her for so long? What’s his involvement with Project LEDA? Before we can find out, Belt Buckle shoots Tomas with a cattle gun.

Guys, I'm legit worried Tomas's murder traumatized those calves.

Guys, I’m legit worried Tomas’s murder traumatized those calves.

RIP Tomas, you were a fundamentalist dick. Although I doubt that Hank and company will be much better.

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  1. I feel like you missed a line here:

    “Felix arrives and is surprised that Sarah let Art into Clone Club. But he doesn’t know the secret handshake or anything! She doesn’t know where she is, but there’s a scary old man with her. Scary hangs up the phone before Sarah can get any more info.”

  2. The fish symbol represents fecundity/fertility and is the symbol of the Prolethians – it’s been on Helena’s knife handle, tattooed on Maggie Chen’s neck, on Tomas’ ring, and now also on creepy hair dude’s belt buckle.

    Also, if Bob is a Prolethian now, maybe Gladys can turn up too and teach Donnie how be good spy?

  3. OMG how am I the first to comment a full two hours after this masterpiece is posted? This makes me wonder if I underestimate the magnitude of my obsession with this show.

    This is my gf’s theory: Rachel is obvi jelly of Sarah’s motherhood and she is equally jealous of Cosima’s sexuality. When she remarks “So, you’re gay?” I definitely got the sense that she is gearing up to hate Cosima because she’s assuming that, for Cosima, the question of bearing children is made irrelevant by her sexuality — as though she has already had to contend with the idea of never bearing her own children, or never raising children at all.

    We, of course, know that this is isn’t necessarily true (Um, that’s not the most interesting thing about me) but it gives Rachel a reason to resent the real Cosima (not the one who kicked her ass or whatever).

    • I thought the reason RAchel is intrgiued by Cosima’s sexuality is the same reason she is intrigued about Sarah’s motherhood; that there are fundamental differences starting to emerge about the supposedly identical clones.
      Helena having mirror image innards – no one noticed this before, say during a routine physical exam for camp? wouldn’t that discovery make the medical journals? or is it not that unusual for someone’s vital organs to be flipped around?

    • Well also, any variations that were not specifically planned(genetic specifically, but behavioral as well, I would imagine) are going to mean something to people who are attempting to essentially “build the perfect human”. The inability to procreate, sexual variations, diseases, are all things that seem to frustrate their attempts at CONTROLLING the perfection of their processes.

      I also have to wonder who Rachel is. She seemed actually personally tweaked a bit by the fact that Sarah can procreate. It makes me wonder if her rush to judge “the process” as the reason for the disease isn’t just a point of pride in the science, but perhaps something personal as well. Not from a jealousy point of view, but… I mean, who is she? Is she a clone? Or is she the original source material and THAT is where the obvious frustration lies?

  4. I love all of the clones and Felix so so much, but I have to say that Mrs. S is probably my favorite character. What a badass. I love how ambiguous she is. Sure, she keeps a lot of secrets from Sarah regarding her role in this whole thing and what she plans to do next, but you know that she definitely has Sarah’s back, and will stop at nothing to protect Kira (who seems to be a bit of a clairvoyant or just incredibly perceptive for a 5/6 year old). I can’t wait to see what she does next.

  5. I kept getting really distracted by Bob Corbett now being some kind of evil Prolethian-but-also-scientist cowboy. And Rachel’s henchman Daniel is one of the Cylons from BSG, so obviously he’s up to no good.

    Definitely want to see more of Mrs. S! No idea what’s going on with her except that she is badass.

  6. Wait, wait, Orphan Black recaps!?!? I love this show so much! It is the best acted and written show on TV right now and maybe ever. I can’t believe how talented Tatiana Maslany is. I often forget that she is playing all of the clones and they aren’t different actors. Insane.

    Anyways, I really love this season so far. Mrs. S doesn’t mess around and Helena isn’t dead. I love her crazy ass so much. Can we all just appreciate what they found in her pockets at the hospital? A shit ton of candy and things she probably just picked up off the street like a picture of a baby from the 1920s.

  7. I just realised something really weird… Project Leda is presumably named after the myth of Leda and the Swan (Zeus in disguise). Leda gave birth to Helen of Troy, who was arguably the source of the Trojan War. In Euripides’ ‘Helen’, it is revealed that Hera made an ‘eidolon’ or copy of Helen and hid the real Helen in a temple for ten years while the war raged on. Might this be a clue that Helena in Orphan Black is the original? She grew up/was hidden in a monastery and was captured by the rival side, after all. This might also point to the clones’ father being a Zeus-figure, who played God in their creation… like Aldous Leekie?

  8. I was so confused about why that priest/farmer guy seemed so familiar!
    Did Donnie go to the same spy school as bad accent no why? because they’re just terrible spies.

    And now I’ve got all these sad,disappointed bomb girl feelings.

  9. Love this episode and this recap! Cophine scenes were sooo cute! MOOT MOOT! And bloody hell, Alison thinks she’s useless and alone and her life is falling apart and I’m sad because of that, she needs to realize she’s a strong woman, I think she’s my fave now altho a BuzzFeed quiz says I’m more of a Sarah clone. ANYWAY LONG LIVE THE #CLONECLUB

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