Faking It Episode 206 Recap: Can I Have Your Number I Think We Should Go Out

Welcome to the sixth recap of the second season of Faking It, an operetta about lesbian love and home decor brought to you by the same network that brought you Is She Really Going Out With Him?

We open in the great outdoors on an amiable bench outside Liberal Oasis Mighty Mouse High School, where Lisbeth and Leila are trying to figure out how to pack this weekend’s RenFair into their busy schedule.

One time I met John Stamos on a plane and he told me I was pretty. Believe it, bitch.

One time I met John Stamos on a plane and he told me I was pretty.

Lauren, who, unlike me, has clearly never wanted to wear a flower crown, get knighted, watch jousting, or whack her little brother in the face with a sack of hay while straddling a log, wants to keep her schedule open for Theo to ask her on a date. But then Theo strolls past offering only a weak nod of acknowledgment in response to her enthusiastic wave.

But before we can dwell on the sadness we feel that Theo is denying the affections of our new favorite character, we’re assaulted with a barrage of other negative emotions as Karma and Liam stroll by, hand in hand, Karma gushing over how long she’s wanted to PDA with Liam.

Are you just teasing me about gold-plated nipple clamps or are you really gonna follow through this time?

See now every time you talk to me about nipple clamps I don’t know if you’re joking or not!

They run into Amy and Liam skedaddles. Amy’s got some documentary picks for Karma and Amy’s Friday Night Movie Night Tradition (these picks do not, for some odd reason, include Animal Odd Couples) but of course Karma’s ditching her opp to learn about prison talent shows in favor of buzzing the brillo with Liam.

You fully heard what I just said, right? Like you heard me tell you that six seasons of Gilmore Girls were just added to Netflix?

You fully heard what I just said, right? Like you heard me tell you that every season of Gilmore Girls was just added to Netflix?

Karma’s so excited! It’s their first date! Karma’s also so sorry for talking about her first date in front of Amy! Amy says it’s okay because only bad BFFs wouldn’t let their BFF talk about their boyf.

Cut to The Art Studio, where Liam’s got a power tool and feels artistically revitalized by his burning hot love for Karma and Shane keeps getting sexts from Duke.

don't think about sex don't think about sex don't think about sex

don’t think about sex don’t think about sex don’t think about sex

Duke texts Shane that he can’t go out ’cause he’s not out but HERE’S A PICTURE OF HIS ABS INSTEAD!

This is one way to deal with Liam

Props to the editor for this situation

Also, Shane can’t believe that Liam Booker has a girlfriend!

Meanwhile, Karma can’t believe that she’s Liam Booker’s girlfriend. She’s never had a boyfriend before and this is her first boyfriend!

Karma: It’s like getting your first car and then SURPRISE! It’s a Ferrari!

When I had my first boyfriend it was more like I got my first car and I knew it was a stick when I got it and I can’t drive stick but I got it anyway and then was like, damn, I can only go like ten feet in this car.

Honestly I can't believe it took me this long to try glue-on eyelashes!

Honestly I can’t believe it took me this long to try fake eyelashes!

Karma eagerly updates her online relationship status, but Amy’s determined to keep it real:

Amy: So you two are exclusive?
Karma: Well we haven’t officially discussed it, but it’s like a given after everything we’ve been through.
Amy: This is THE Liam Booker we’re talking about. Arab princes have had smaller harems.

Amy just wants Karma to be careful and not get hurt and not make any assumptions about Little Liam.

Are you sure? Not even a poppyseed on the top row or something?

Are you sure there’s nothing stuck in here? Not even a poppyseed?

Thus, Karma dashes to the art studio and asks Liam if he has time to talk, and maybe Liam does have time to talk but first he must show her his ART! Look, he pounded a bunch of pipes and sticks into a block of wood! When you turn on the light it’s Karma’s name!


It’s called “Origami in Steel”

Liam’s like, “you inspired it.” That must be a huge surprise, here I was thinking that he was inspired by Karma Go, which lets you take WiFi everywhere and pay-as-you-go for data that never expires, with no contracts or monthly fees and a nationwide network on LTE.

Liam: So what was it you wanted to talk about?
Karma: Oh, um… just… wanted to tell you that you’re the best boyfriend ever?
Liam: And you’re the best… [pained facial expression] … muse?

Wait, so, you seriously would be into it if I were to pick up some nipple clamps?

Wait, so, you seriously would be into it if I were to pick up some nipple clamps? Nice ones this time, I promise!

Back at Chez Fawcett, Lauren’s curled up with her popcorn and her sweatpants when Amy shows up with her popcorn and her sweatpants and Lauren is like, take your popcorn and your sweatpants and your Karma up to your bedroom with your laptop! But then Amy is like, Karma isn’t coming, it’s just me and my sweatpants.

I swear the girl at Babeland told me I could operate the butterfly by remote from across the room I have no idea why it's failing me now

I swear the girl at Babeland told me I could operate the butterfly by remote from across the room I have no idea what’s happening

Lauren’s distracted by the fact that Theo isn’t texting her and Amy’s distracted by her karmasexuality and inability to find a good movie BUT THEN both ladies are rescued from ennui by the arrival of Shane The Party Monster!

Seriously you didn't notice the giant package from Babeland on your front porch?

The cat’s going to the bathroom right in back of my portrait!


God, isn’t that awful?

I'm glad he is. I'm glad somebody's doing something he wanted to do.

No, I’m glad he is. I’m glad somebody’s doing something he wanted to do.

Shane’s got an invite to a Secret Underground Dance Party and Amy MUST GO ’cause if Karma’s having fun and french kissing than certainly Amy deserves a little fun of her own. But as Amy and Shane casually stroll to the other corner of the set, Shane is stricken with a sudden deep pain, seemingly brought on by his failure to invite Lauren.

Shane: Strange, I’m having this weird sensation inside. I think it might be… sympathy?
Amy: Ah, should we? She is my sister -ish?


You’re right, that couch just doesn’t go with the rest of the room

Lauren shoots down their invitation to “a sweaty club where strangers can dry-hump me” but then two seconds later… changes her mind! PARTY TIME!

Starsweep over to the illustrious Hester High Art Show. It turns out that Liam’s not the only one allowed in the art studio after all, because there is a lot of art at the art show.


Liam couldn’t believe somebody else had stolen his idea to hang an empty frame on a brick wall and Karma couldn’t wait to meet the artist behind it

Karma’s still preoccupied with Liam not wanting to call her his girlfriend, so she calls the girl who’d do anything to be her girlfriend to angst about it. Amy’s already at the Secret Underground Dance Party Ravetime Awesome Bash but she takes the call:

Karma: Being a muse could be a good thing, right? I mean it’s easy to be someone’s girlfriend, but how many people could say that they’re someone’s muse?
Amy: Not to be a downer, but throughout history, artists have put their muses on a pedestal —
Karma: See? I love being on a pedestal.
Amy: Until they get bored, and then they toss them aside like used gum.

You better not be calling me to complain about that comment mag144569 left on your blog post

You better not be calling me to complain about that comment mag144569 left on your blog post

Amy meanders back into the party but crashes right into a cart of equipment which is being pushed by none other than the illustrious REAGAN!!! These two have sex with their eyeballs every time they see each other — it’s a genuine connection.


Oh hiiiii



Amy: So you’re a DJ, too?
Reagan: Just to fund my love of cater-waitering.

Amy says the drama at Liam’s Big Family Funtime Party was just her playing a little prank, which Reagan accepts because people on this show accept other people’s obviously untrue excuses for everything. Like when Karma told Liam she had to take a call even though her phone wasn’t ringing and Karma was like “well, I’m psychic,” and he was like “okay?” and I didn’t tell you about it at the time even though it happened two minutes ago but now I feel like I have to tell you. To prove my point.

And this is my dildo collection

And this is my dildo collection

Reagan invites Amy to come visit her in the DJ booth and for some reason Amy says she’ll consider it but probably not ’cause she’s afraid of heights. AMY THAT’S HOW LILO AND SAMRO FELL IN LOVE YOU BETTER GO UP TO THAT DJ BOOTH.

Regan: Okay well, the invitation’s out there.

Then Reagan climbs the ladder to her castle in the sky and Amy gawks until her gawking is interrupted by Party Monster Shane.

Here, it's poison.

Here, it’s poison.

Shane: Thank god we’re inside ’cause the sparks between you two could start a forest fire.
Amy: She is cute.
Shane: She’s so your type!
Lauren: How can you tell, she hasn’t even picked a gender, and the only type here is sad freak. Nobody does neon anymore.

Before we can spend another minute listening to Lauren being amazing, Liam calls Shane to talk about himself and how he may have messed everything up with Karma because he’s physically incapable of saying the word “girlfriend” and maybe has commitment issues. Like he opens his mouth and says “g–” but then that’s all he can manage.

Shane: It’s not like you’re asking her to be your wife! This is only high school, and we’re not Mormons.
Liam: I just wanna say it so she knows how much she means to me.

I warned you that if you kept eating processed carbs you'd run out of energy before the show and I don't mean to be a bitch but I TOLD YOU SO

I warned you that if you kept eating processed carbs you’d run out of energy before the show and I don’t mean to be a bitch but I TOLD YOU SO

So basically, Liam and Karma are both calling Shane and Amy with their hetero drama while Shane and Amy are trying to have a nice gay time all by themselves. STRAIGHT PEOPLE RUIN EVERYTHING AND ARE SUPER DEPENDENT ON GAY PEOPLE BECAUSE WE ARE SO MUCH WISER AND BETTER THAN EVERYBODY .

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  1. “Have you ever heard of Jodi Lerner? Your work is just so reminiscent of her mixed-media sculpture-related explorations, I truly believe you’d have so much to learn from each other.”

    Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

    This show though. Thank god for Lauren. I’m still going to complain that it’s taking til episode 7 of the second season to get Amy some decent make-out time.

  2. Literally, almost every episode I cry for Amy’s life except this one. It’s a nice change to see Amy finally “meet” Reagan. Damn, she’s hot.
    And cheers for Lauren.

  3. My predictions for next episode:
    – Karma will see Amy & Reagan together and realize how shallow her relationship with Liam is.
    – Karma will be jealous of Amy’s affection for Reagan.
    – Karma will vie with Reagan for Amy’s attention. She’ll attempt to show how much better she is for Amy with things like the epi-pen.
    – Liam will be jealous of Karma’s jealousy.

  4. YES!
    I can’t process anything else about this episode other than Lauren’s outfit in the beginning of the party reminds me of Sherilyn Fenn in Two Moon Junction.

  5. Lauren is definitely my fave. Also I’m sooooo not here for Liam and Karma taking up screen time. Show, you promised us gay. Bring us gay.

  6. I somehow missed the promo clip of Fifth Harmony so when the first notes of “The Right Stuff” started I flailed so hard I almost dropped my laptop on the floor. Then I realized that these kids would not have even been born yet when that song came out, like not nearly. And NKOTB is officially vintage now, I guess? I am so old.

    Also: Amy is 16, right? And Reagan is 19. Is this a problem? I mean, I briefly dated a 17-year-old when I was 19. But I read an article once about terrible homophobic parents who pressed statutory rape charges against their teenage daughter’s 18/19yo girlfriend. And I think technically, under the law, they had a case. I can’t remember what happened with it though. (Not that I think anything like this would happen on the show, but in general – do y’all feel differently about the age thing when it’s two women?)

    • On another site someone looked this up. Texas has a Romeo/Juliet law that allows people within three years of each other to have a sexual/romantic relationship.

      • Thanks for the info! I can now rest easy that two fictional characters can legally date each other. ;)

      • Unfortunately I think that only applies to opposite-gender couples; Texas specifically has a stipulation that the two people cannot be prohibited from marrying each other in order for the Romeo/Juliet defense to apply, and gay marriage is banned in Texas. Probably not for very long – you know it’s only a matter of time – but as of right now, a sexual relationship between Amy and Reagan would indeed be illegal. A homophobic parent could definitely take advantage of that loophole.

    • I feel differently about the age thing when it’s between two women, honestly? maybe because i know a lot of people who had relationships with women over 18 when they were under 18… but also i knew a lot of 16-year-old girls with 18 or 19-year-old boyfriends when i was in high school, too, and nobody found it odd. i thought 16 was the age of consent? (okay i looked it up and in texas it’s 17, but it’s 16 in 31 other states)

      but i also feel like age is less of a factor in general between two women, partially because there aren’t as many lesbians out there to choose from to begin with, but also ’cause the correspondence between our age and the stage of life we’re in is a little weaker than it is for straight people.

  7. Lauren is amazing!!!! I really want to know what Theo’s deal is. He has a secret and I can’t wait to find out what it is.

    Also I can’t wait for more Reamy! *sigh* your first real girl hook up who is a person who is also really attracted to girls and not just messing with your head. It’s a beautiful thing.

  8. Once I was out with this girl I had a girl crush on and we went to the second hand music store to thrift some never-heard-of-indie albums.

    At some point she was digging some synth-alternative-pop-new-age band and she said : “Here try!” and she put the headphones on my head.

    Forget nipple clips, I have a headphones fetish.

  9. I’m really trying to understand why there was no post with cats and kittens in tiny costumes for National Cat Day…I’m a little disappointed and don’t know where else to air my grievances :)

  10. So Rita is oficially bactracking now from her words that Amy is lesbian which is something she and Covington talked about and they “don’t want people to feel like they can relate to this vulnerable process that she’s going through, and they can relate to this girl because she’s a lesbian and then have that taken away, like, “Oh, never mind, you know, I’m into guys now.””

    Interviewer: Amy is clearly on a journey of discovery. At this point, she may not know where she falls on the spectrum. But do you think she might decide she’s bisexual and identify as such? There’s so little representation for bisexual people.

    Rita Volk: That’s a great question. It’s important that you bring it up because we have this tendency, when something is not known to us, to either push it away or define it. There are two extremes and there’s no middle ground. Throughout this process people either wanted to label her as straight because she slept with Liam, and lesbian girls don’t do that. Or, she’s automatically gay, and you can’t say that either because she doesn’t know. So, the word bi doesn’t really come up, but absolutely. I think that’s definitely a possibility and that’s really rooted in reality. I know some people that have known since they were however young that, “I’m a lesbian, or I’m gay. I knew that I had these feelings since a very young age.”

    But then, some people don’t know. It takes them a while to figure it out. The whole concept of bisexual — I think that’s definitely a possibility. And I don’t know. I’m just exploring this character as much as everybody else is, so we’ll see. If that’s what she is then I think that makes sense


    BTW, according to GLAAD report bisexual women have only slightly less representation than lesbians. And they counted as lesbians characters that had enjoyable sex with men, like Margot from Hannibal, so in the end lesbians who aren’t sexually attracted to men have very little representation.

    • I agree. A show that pretends to positively portray queer teenagers can’t have a truly gay female character… :/

      • Whoa, back up. Did you mean to say that the only people who are “truly gay” are those who never HD sex with the opposite gender?

        (I mean, I’m also sick as shit of the “lesbian sleeps with a dude” storyline… But yeahhh.)

        • I can’t speak for Natalie, but I just wanted to say that after Amy saying (after being showed to be clearly sexually attracted to Brazilian guy) that guys make her body react against her brain and turn her into “sexual Hulk”, and Covington confirming that was the reason why she had sex with Liam, unless you want to argue that lesbians crave sex with men, yeah, she’s not gay.

          It has nothing to do with sleeping with Liam on itself. Rita Volk initially provided more or less convincing explanations that didn’t involve sexual attraction to men, but it’s all in the past. Now we know beyond doubt Amy is sexually attracted to Liam and guys in general.

          So it’s hard to call it positive representation when we’ve been gaybaited and lied to, and considering that the show with main premise of girls faking being lesbian for popularity didn’t bother to give us lesbian lead.

    • Yeah, but a lot of that is sort of not-actually-representing-bisexual-women. Like, a girl being bi for the sake of male fantasy (as I feel many bi female characters are), is not what I’d call representation.

      Though, even being bisexual, I’m getting a bit tired of every lesbian character ever having a fling or sleeping with a guy…

  11. There are so many screencaps in this recap that I would class as Junior Mint Imperative (JMI), yet no mention. What do these poor kids have to do to get someone to chuck a miniature, chocolate-enveloped mint treat into their mouths?

  12. soo random observation:

    Lauren seems to have the same shitty attitude she always has had, but now it’s cool and awesome because she’s intersex?


    • It’s cool and awesome because she’s got great comedic timing and is genuinely a funny character. I don’t think people are suddenly seeing her as some kind of perfect being – she’s got depth now, and she’s funny as hell as the “complicated antagonist”.

      • Bailey the best actor on the show by a long shot. I know that’s what I respond to – you’re right that her comedic timing is great. I also thinking viewers enjoy ‘mean’ jokes. That’s why so many people also love Shane just as much, and he’s done/said plenty of crap too.

  13. This episode made me outraged because it was a Friday night and Amy said she still had time to catch Colbert. COLBERT IS ON MONDAYS-THURSDAYS.

    It’s like MTV doesn’t have a fact checker. HOW DARE THEY.

    My boycott starts right now.

  14. ‘When I had my first boyfriend it was more like I got my first car and I knew it was a stick when I got it and I can’t drive stick but I got it anyway and then was like, damn, I can only go like ten feet in this car.’

    This comment made my whole week. Thank you :)

  15. Amy is being so selfish. That’s what friends do. They talk about their boyfriends/girlfriends to each other. It would be different if Amy complained about Karma ruining her night with all of those calls, but she didn’t. She said she couldn’t “handle it.” She told Karma she was okay and wanted to go back to the way things were. We, as viewers, know she was lying, but Karma didn’t. Instead of blaming Karma for everything, she should just talk to her.

    • I think that it would be better for Karma to find a straight
      friend who’s not in love with her to talk about the Liam
      drama. I’m pretty sure that would solve the problem. I’ve
      had straight girl crushes and had to keep from rolling my
      eyes everytime they talked about their bf’s.

    • Uh, and Karma is not being selfish? Karma knows Amy would do ANYTHING for her, and she keeps using that to comfort herself. Amy might not be the best at being honest with Karma, but I think friends should do better than simply listen to what the other person is saying. Sometimes you need to think for yourself when it comes to protecting your friend’s feelings. If one of my friends admitted to being in love with me, I sure as hell wouldn’t spend the next couple of weeks putting all of my dramatic love crap on their lap, no matter if they claimed to be ok with it.

  16. For the record, I am a DJ and I have never ever in my life taken my headphones off my head to put on a cute girl’s head. Maybe that’s why I am single? Or more likely, maybe that’s why I am actually a good DJ. :P

  17. I’m finally catching up on the rest of this season, so I’m really late with this comment. But I just had to say that Karma’s outfit at the art show was totally giving me vibes of Princess Fiona from Shrek, with the green dress and the braided red hair.

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