VIDEO: Orange Is the New Black’s Season 3 Trailer Is Everything You Need And More

Remember a couple of weeks ago when Riese blessed us with a round-up of 19 things we know about the new season of Orange Is the New Black? Well, now that list is up to 100 because, y’all, Netflix just dropped the Orange Is the New Black season three trailer and it is like manna from the heavens. You thought you missed the show, right? You really did. But you have no idea just how much you missed it. Watch and see:

Okay, and so:

+ Who is that new queer gal with the alternative lifestyle haircut getting her flirt on with Piper?

+ Big Boo’s makeover.

+ Are Flaca and Maritza gonna hook up?! (again?)

+ “You know, the hot one’s back. The Bettie Page of Litchfield.”

+ Gloria and Sophia are arch-enemies now? Why? No!

+ But Big Boo and Pennsatucky are best friends? Lesbian request accepted, I guess!

+ Taystee and Suzanne! :(

+ Apparently Alex is is as mad at Lori Petty as the rest of America because of how Dottie dropped that ball for Kit at the end of A League of Their Own.

+ “It’s not just sex. It’s love. It’s two people connecting … with four other people … and aliens.”

Tell me your feelings about this trailer! Share with me your fears!

Season three lands on Netflix on June 12.

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Heather Hogan

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  1. Okay so
    Ruby Rose is high up there on my list of Beautiful Beings That I Love, Adore, And Envy The Looks Of and I am SO EXCITED about her being in the show.
    At the same time, the seemingly unavoidable disintegration of VauseMan (which she is partially to blame for) is very sad indeed. I hope the writers manage to do it in a way that doesn’tassivley affect the show etc etc.
    Also: why is Ruby’s characted Stella going for Piper/Alex when Poussey is around? P’s still all heartbroken over Taystee at this stage and can we talk about how beautiful a couple Poustella/Samiruby would be???!!!!

  2. a friend of mine on facebook linked to the buzzfeed post with this trailer, and I was like, no, no, I should wait and see if it’s on autostraddle. but it wasn’t yet, and I’m weak, so I clicked through to buzzfeed. SUCH REGRET. those assholes called suzanne “crazy eyes.”

    anyway, the point is, autostraddle forever. this post is nine million times better.

      • I’m not worried. She looks pretty unhappy when they show it to her, I doubt it’ll last! Maybe they’re trying to mainstream her look for a court appearance or something? I love how her happy face just falls at the end when she sees it in the mirror.

        • That was my first thought! It seems like it could be a callback/similar to when they got Tastee and Miss Claudette new hairstyles and nail polish for their parole-board/release hearings.

    • I definitely didn’t recognize her the first time I watched the trailer. This is not something I’m at all comfortable with

      • Watched it multiple times and did not recognize her. Watched it specifically looking for her makeover and didn’t recognize her. Went on tumblr did a search for big boo— oh I was wondering who that lady was! wtf.

  3. I’ll echo Cora and say, why would Ruby go for Piper when Poussey is there?! (O_o) They would be the hottest couple ever!

  4. Frankly, i am nervous about season 3. Seeing only a brief shot of Laverne Cox’s character being threatened is upsetting. It feels like the producers are saying, come watch a trans woman get murdered. I expect more trans awareness from Orange Is the New Black. I will be disappointed if season 3 turns out to be another cis-centric season with a token trans woman.

    • I hope they bring some major trans awareness too, and they should introduce other trans characters if possible, and if anything happens to Sophia I’ll be super sad. But I just want to point out that like, every single character gets threatened with murder in this show. So while you could read it as insensitive in the light of current events – I’m reading it as, she’s a power player this next season. At least that’s what I’m hoping for.

      • Yeah, I’m also feeling (HOPING) that one clip is indicative of Sophia’s importance to the season and not anything icky. I mean, even characters like Red and Alex didn’t get more than a few quick shot in this trailer, so I don’t think quantity means much here… or at least I’m (once again) hoping so.

      • Doesn’t Ruby Rose in real life identify as non-binary? Since non-binary can fall under the trans umbrella, they could make their(Ruby’s) character non-binary?

  5. The new queer gal with the alternative lifestyle haircut getting her flirt on with Piper is Ruby Rose playing Stella Carlin, Paula and Arthur’s illegitimate daughter.

  6. I feel like Orange is also apologizing for that song Naya did with little sean, because the show just gets us sometimes.

  7. I’m super stoked! A lot Vauseman fans are going to jump ship (pun intended) and be all about Stella Carlin and Piper Chapman a.k.a. Carman. Wars will ensue on Tumblr and many a lesbian will get into an all out war.

    I LOVED the trailer, but it was lacking my spirit animal Nicky (Is she out or was that a flashback scene?!), but there’s just so much you can put in a 2 minute trailer.

    Seriously, I’m waiting for some hot Flaca and Maritza action with some Joy Division or The Smiths playing in the background.

    • I don’t see a lot of Vauseman shippers (or even some) jumping ship at all for Stella and Piper and/or Stella and Alex (since there’s rumors she gets involved with both and RR’s character appears to be appreciatively staring at Alex in the one part of the trailer). Laura Prepon has said fans will love this season and she knows everyone loves Vauseman so she’d only say that if there will be some great Vauseman stuff. All the fans on social media are talking about today is that great pic of Vauseman against the wall so I don’t see them all jumping ship for what will probably be a fling (if that) with Stella.

    • I’m so worried about the lack of Nicky too! I feel bad for saying this, but I hope she isn’t out…

    • 20 years after Titanic, I finally get the hype.
      Maybe I’m just going to rewatch all of the Leo diCaprio movies and pretend he was a butch Lesbian.

    • Haha, thank you for this!!!

      Once upon a time in 1996 the 12 year old me had almost identical picture of Leo on bedroom wall. It makes sooo much more sense now……..

  8. I’m just so glad Lori Petty is back ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!
    (also shoutout to Heather for also being on team “Dotty dropped the ball for Kit” <3)


  10. Ruby Rose, Laura Prepon. I can die a happy death…er…after I do a few other things. You’ll excuse me…

  11. Also Ruby Rose has appeared like 0.000005 seconds but she has already convinced me. You can stay. I approve.

    Black Cindy queen of everything.

  12. Alex Vause is back and she’s looking fine even all battered and bruised!!! Sorry but I can’t make it past that lol. Bring on Vauseman angst!

  13. I think season three looks like it might be a little bit of a hot mess
    But like a hot mess
    Suzanne’s last line is what really got me, I am so ready

  14. I actually think that it would be cool if Ruby hooked up with Sophia or Poussey rather than Alex or Piper. Also I really hope that Gloria and Sophia don’t become enemies. I love both of them to death. The Maritza/Flaca moment was everything though I’m crossing my fingers that those two get together.

  15. I got choked up seeing Alex again. Oh my god I missed that fucked up bag of brooding darkness with pouty lips.

    Also? Bring on the queer love-triangles. I’m not above ridiculous romantic relationships! Queer representation! WooooooO!!!!!!

  16. Shit, I think I know the name of Suzanne’s alter ego on!!

      • Now I’m trying to think of what a more modern technologically-appropriate way to express this would be. Click back? Scroll back? Nothing quite seems to work. I’d say you’re safe with “rewind” – it might just become one of those fossilized terms like “dial” that younger generations continue to use without knowing its etymological origins.

        (Sorry to linguistic-nerd out in your comment thread…)

        • Don’t even, I love it.

          I was thinking “backtrack”? But that sounds weird. Rewind it is.

  17. Big Boo’s makeover brings back painful old memories of myself, a young tomboy, being forced into dresses. I will personally start a club for other butch ladies and boi’s who have experience this. So sorry.

    • I would join. *Sigh*
      Worst part is going to my father’s and seeing those pictures of 9 year old me forcing a smile while being all uncomfortable and awkward in a dress

  18. yes to all of the above-
    but I’m surprised no one is commenting on that cute new guard who shows up at the very end… who’s she, one wonders…?

  19. yes to all of the above-

    but I’m surprised no one is commenting on that cute new guard who shows up at the very end… who’s she, one wonders…?

  20. I just screamed “I AM SO EXCITED” 9 times at the computer screen and pretty much everyone in the dorm can hear me because I. AM. SO. FUCKING. EXCITED.

  21. I saw the trailer on Facebook, freaked the hell out, and then started laughing because of #SorryNotSorry (Naya and Big Sean probably should have copyrighted that)

    Suzanne and Black Cindy are the best. Also is Miss Claudette able to come back this season or is her actress still in recovery? I have her in my thoughts always, Miss Claudette is the queen

  22. I don’t actually care at all about the whole Ruby Rose thing, mostly because I don’t really know anything about her character other than “exceptionally attractive dyke who has hot sex” which is great and all, but Poussey’s still in prison so that should be her.
    Also, so much sympathy for Big Boo having to go through that, plus fear that the writers decided it was something she would chose for herself. Unless it’s to prepare for a family visit? Hopefully we get a lot more Big Boo this season.

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