OPEN THREAD: 2014 MTV Movie Awards Live Blog!

Hello all you people out there! Welcome to the MTV Movie Awards! A show where the most important award is for Best Kiss. I hope girls kissing girls wins!

9:00pm EST: [Full disclosure this took place in my life at 11:00pm EST due to a hilarious mix of lack of cable and a little slip up involving leaving the gas stove on]

Looks like Conan O’Brien is hosting and doing  something with his face and a whole bunch of Celebrity Cameos. I understand that part of the joke was that he’s not trying to be funny, he’s just trying to get celebrity faces and then that’s supposed to be meta funny. But meh.

Except the bit with Taylor Swift and the manicures. Perfect.

Like do we have times for pedicures?

Like do we have times for pedicures?

My really question here is who asked Conan to host a show where the median age is 14? You know… and 26 year old med students.

This man is old enough to be your dad.

This man is old enough to be your dad.

9:10pm EST: I fully appreciate the category of Best Kiss Fight. I feel like this was a category designed for lesbians. Just saying, who among us queers has never had a Kiss Fight? (Not to be confused with the omnipresent Hickey Battle.)

Just to be clear, when Conan plays the guitar he’s just making fun of Jimmy Fallon right?  I would be clearer about this except I don’t care about men.

9:15om EST:First up is the total babe and generally more talented than everyone else actress Lupita Nyong’o!

tumblr_n3zyk4OGYy1ruu897o1_250 tumblr_n3zyk4OGYy1ruu897o2_250

Of course. Talented, beautiful and actually pretty hilarious. And those shoes. Unfair.

Jared Leto wins Best On Screen Transformation 

This award feels weird and transphobic. Fortunately Jared Leto doesn’t waste much time before reminding us all that he really totally did have a band once. Seriously! They had songs and everything. 

My Girlfriend: Fuck you and your straight white male privilege.

9:24pm EST: I see Seth McFarland is showing his face on TV again. And here I thought after the Oscars he was going to find a cartoon rock to crawl under and die.

Does anyone know why all the video clips MTV seems to be showing have been run through an Instagram filter? Is this Amaro or Mayfair?

9:27pm EST: I’m confused. Who are these actors announcing the next musical act? Are they from Spy Kids?

Wait. Stop. I don’t know Twenty One Pilots is, but did no one think the huge hoard of folks in white hoods would look like the KKK?! Did no one think of this? Where was upper management on this?

Poorly thought out

Poorly thought out

9:32pm EST: Why doesn’t Chris Pratt have a microphone? This is a train wreck. Actually it’s a shitshow. A literal show of shit.

This feels like an appropriate time to point out that Grumpy Cat was on the red carpet.

Did no one think to rehearse this?

Did no one think to rehearse this?

9:48pm EST: My favorite part about this year’s MTV Movie Awards are that there isn’t a single famous musician there because everyone is at Coachella. I would be at Coachella myself except that I hate sweating, loud noises and touching people. Thus I’m at home watching MTV.

9:42pm EST: I just realized we’re in the middle of that awkward moment when Twelve Years A Slave, an epic Academy Award winning film, is going to lose repeatedly to The Wizard of Oz.

Mila Kunis wins for Best Villain

On the bright side we get to look at Mila Kunis’s hot face.

Mila Kunis: You’re making my twelve year old self’s dreams come true!

That’s great Mila, because you also played a prominent part in all of MY twelve year old self’s dreams. Specifically bedtime dreams.

9:50pm EST: So I guess “Best Shirtless Performance” is a category. I’m going to leave aside for a minute that this is part of The Problem to point out that I find it very confusing that any men are in the category. I’m going to need this one explained for me. Why would anyone want to see a man shirtless. I’m confused.

Zac Efron wins Best Shirtless Performance

…and takes off his shirt. Shocker.

9:51pm EST: Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. Ellen Page is on the screen. In a tie. And she’s talking about the new X-Men movie. Guys, I just remembered Ellen Page is gay. Ellen Page is gay. Ellen Page is gay.

I’m going to die.

I’m dead.

This is the picture my girlfriend took of the TV...

This is the picture my girlfriend took of the TV…

...And this is the picture she then took of me

…And this is the picture she then took of me

My Girlfriend: Baby it’s the sneak peek world premiere. The WORLD PREMIERE of the new X-Men movie. And Ellen Page is in a tie. I might shit my pants.

Best day ever

Best day ever

9:55pm EST: Okay that clip showed us actually nothing about the movie. Don’t care. Still happy. Ellen: call me.

10:00pm EST: So Channing Tatum is getting the 2014 Trailblazer Award. Fitting because my girlfriend just watched Magic Mike the other night and had a lot of questions. I’m so glad the person getting the Trailblazer Award is a good looking white man. Thank god. No need to give it to anyone else. It just feels right you know?

10:03pm EST: Sorry guys, I wanted to say more about Channing Tatum but I was so busy gagging on my own vomit. Was there seriously no one who thought this was not a Grade A mistake. Who was oversight on this? Was it Fred from the third floor? Was he the same guy who approved the KKK crowd?

10:10pm EST: I’ve decided that every time Eminem needs a hit song he just calls Rihanna. Like every time he realizes he’s no longer relevant and/or that no one wants to hear his bigoted crap he just gives her a ring and asks to collaborate. Seriously he should be ashamed of himself. And MTV should be appalled that they asked him to perform.

She actually asked for "One of those new queer headbands the girls with alternative lifestyle haircuts are wearing" but the costume director misheard her.

She actually asked for “One of those new queer headbands the girls with alternative lifestyle haircuts are wearing” but the costume director misheard her.

I’m also very confused by Rihanna’s “Fear” headband. I thought initially that maybe the line “That’s not fair” in the song was actually “That’s not fear,” but I looked it up and apparently that line is actually “That’s nothing.” Who knew.

10:15pm EST: My favorite thing about Dave Franco is that he has the same goofy motherfucking grin as James Franco.

Best Kiss Goes to Emma Roberts, Jennifer Aniston & Will Poulter for We’re the Millers

Now am I disappointed that Ashley Benson, James Franco and Vanessa Hudgens didn’t win for Spring Breakers but only because I feel like Ashley Benson and Vanessa Hudgens would have probably kissed live.

10:25pm EST: Sorry. Got really distracted watching that kiss scene from Spring Breakers. Fortunately there has been such a long commercial I didn’t miss anything.

Now that we’re back to our regularly scheduled shitshow, I’d like to say that Nicki Minaj looks really hot. And hilarious. I appreciate her use of the term Matthew McConaugHeyyy.

They're back at my house. Original skin tops and everything.

They’re back at my house. Original skin tops and everything.

Additionally Carmen Diaz is always hilarious. Not sure where she got that dress but you know none of my business.

Re: changing the channel

Re: changing the channel

Although I will say as a side note that “Objectifying Men” probably shouldn’t include explaining the ways in which you will sexually gratify him/please him and such. Just sayin’.

Josh Hutcherson wins for Best Actor

Feels like there have been better actors in better movies this year but, okay, whatever.

Feels like there have been better actors in better movies this year but, okay, whatever. I’ll take it.

I’d like Josh Hutcherson to admit that he sort of a haircut icon for lesbians. Though I can’t get over how much he reminds me of Draco Malfoy. Or really just the chick who played Malfoy in A Very Potter Musical.

10:30pm EST: I know I’m supposed to be solemnly morning over Paul Walker, but is that Jordana Brewster? Is that the chick from D.E.B.S?

10:40pm EST: I’m actually sort of surprised that 3/5 of the nominees for Best Fight involve women. You know, because Hollywood hates women.

Orlando Bloom & Evangeline Lilly vs. Orcs wins for Best Fight

I did love the nasty little hobbites movie. Loves it I did.

10:40pm EST: Even though we already gave out a “Trailblazer” award I guess it’s time to give another award to good-looking white buff man. Couldn’t possibly be bothered to find a woman or person of color or—gasp— a woman of color for this award.

MTV Generation Award goes to Mark Wahlberg for being 1000 years old

My Super-Boston Girlfriend: Baby!! It’s Mahk-y Mahk! You shut your mouth about Mahk-y Mahk!

True to his roots, Mahk-y Mahk is dropping F-bombs left and right.

10:50pm EST Cool Spider-Man Trailer bro.

Just remembered Ellen Page is gay

Just remembered Ellen Page is gay

10:55pm EST: Very excited about Ellie Goulding and Zedd. I actually saw Ellie Goulding in concert like four years ago before she was that big. That’s right guys, I liked something cool before other people knew it was cool. Feel free to applaud.

Zedd seems like a nice guy too even though his name feels mostly like he should be the main character in a Nintendo video game.

11:00pm EST: Well we had to watch about three hours of commercials to get here (which was hard because the show was only two hours long) but we’re finally at movie for the year. And Johnny Depp is here to announce it. He signed on to a 10 movie contract with Disney for Pirates of the Caribbean  and now the only way he can get out of it is by doing the MTV Movie Awards until he’s 70.

Movie Of The Year goes to Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Unfortunately J. Law isn’t here to accept the award because she’s too busy off being the most perfect woman alive. Such is life.

And that’s it go home. This is MTV. If you can’t do it in two hours get the fuck out.

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  1. Not sure if it’s just me but Jared Letos speech seemed rehearsed or as if someone told him to say all that. Also I feel like the production team is making these weird little mistakes.
    I am only watching for zedd and ellie and the xmen clip they promised

  2. As someone familiar with Twenty One Pilots, I can tell you that the “hoods” are a reference to the music video for the song they performed. It’s a ski mask that the singer wears at one point in the video.

  3. I wasn’t going to read this because I don’t care what MTV thinks, but then I did and it was hilarious.

  4. I love movies and I love awards show but every year I get pissed at MTV for showing people I have no idea who they are (that’s when I realize I’m old) and for awarding the most obvious wrong people. And yet I watch it. At least this year I had the excuse of the X-Men sneak peek (I couldn’t tell my wife that I actually wanted to see Ellen Page more than I wanted to see the clip, she’s getting jealous). Very accurate post btw :)

  5. Grumpy cat in a Pharrell hat!! God I love Tardar, I hope her owners are taking as good care of her as the interviews imply.

    I think Ellen Page is awesome, and I know it was mainly the fault of the writers, but holy shit I hated her portrayal of Kitty Pryde in the last movie. Shadowcat is my favorite X-Man by a wide margin, the fact she was used only to stir drama was super insulting. I also feel like she’s a bit too mellow to portray Kitty, but I’m going to try to go into the next movie with an open mind.

    Also thank you for reminding me of the glory that is A Very Potter Musical, the whole thing is GOLDEN

  6. “I’m so glad the person getting the Trailblazer Award is a good looking white man. Thank god. No need to give it to anyone else. It just feels right you know?”

    This seems like it was said just to be spiteful. Who do you think should have won, and what is a reason he shouldn’t have won besides being a white male?

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