Sunday Funday is Lounging Poolside with Chelsea Manning, the Pretty Little Liars, and Butch McDyke at Coachella

Happy Sunday, motherfuckers! I hope you want to hang out with me, because I just bought new boots and crop tops and I’m trying to show them off. Oh, and I hope you’re ready for some happiness, because I have an entire BUNDLE of it awaiting you here. Happy Sunday Funday! Drive safe!

I’m Living Vicariously Through Celebrities Who Are At Coachella

+ The Pretty Little Liars cast are the cool kids at the party this year at Coachella, clearly.


+ If you’re home like me and missed out on the OutKast Coachella show and, ultimately, your last shot at reliving your childhood while on drugs, you should do as I did and watch it on YouTube. I wouldn’t advise telling people you were “totally there” – but you can stream the whole damn thing.

Butch McDyke is Like, Fuck Y’all

They think she’s recruiting lesbians in South Carolina, and all she has to say for herself is: maybe I am, who the fuck cares, are you people serious.

Pharrell Loves Happiness, Hats, Homos

Pharrell went on Ellen to show off a hat even larger than that other hat (and get one even bigger than that) and profess his undying love for all women and queer folk alike, and I’m digging it to be honest.

Gay Marriage: Law of the Land

+ Meet the three (THREE!) lesbian couples fighting for gay marriage on North Carolina.

+ They’re doubling down on gay marriage in Virginia, in the good way: Attorney General Mark Herring and Former US Solicitor Ted Olson both think the state’s ban is bullshit.


17 gay anthems by gay people. Boom.

Chelsea Manning’s Your Marshal

Chelsea Manning will be the grand marshal of the 2014 San Francisco Pride Parade, because San Francisco is a fucking special place.

It’s Pool Weather

via Attack of the Cute.


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  1. I feel like I’ve missed something. Did everybody just conveniently forget that Pharrell was part of Blurred Lines, is he now just a hat person that sings catchy songs?

  2. Was super confused about the Manning as grand marshall situation b/c I thought she was in prison? So it took me reading the article to realize it was “honorary” grand marshall.
    Although, not too sure about that. What she did was not without MAJOR problems that put a whole bunch of people in lots of danger. Not really wanting to turn this into another debate, just questioning why she’s the right choice to be the “honorary” grand marshall. Because of the whole “in a men’s prison” situation? Cece McDonald would be a better choice then. Or Monica Jones. Really anyone.
    On a completely unrelated note, that gay anthem thing clearly missed Drive by Melissa Ferrick. It definitely deserves more rep than anything by Lady Gaga, whose fetishization of young gay boys creeps me out and who seems to use the gay community for street cred or something (like everything she does). Plus Drive is just hotttttt.

    • “What she did was not without MAJOR problems that put a whole bunch of people in lots of danger.”

      I’m really surprised to hear you say that.

      The manner in which at least two of the outlets (Wikileaks and Guardian) involved in publishing the material went about doing that might have been questionable in a few cases, but scapegoating Chelsea Manning as the SOURCE of the leaked documents (which exposed warcrimes in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as the brutal conditions and clearly illegal nature of detainment conducted at Gitmo, among other things) seems totally unjustifiable.

      What if, for example, the NYT had published some portion of the Pentagon Papers that should have been redacted? Would we then go back and blame Daniel Ellsberg for having supplied the leaked documents in the first place?

      • My opinion sort of falls in line with this one: (with regards to her releasing the documents; I don’t have an opinion about her transition)
        Also that she’s white and has a history of violence. I kind of think SF pride is doing it because they know it’ll bring attention? It’s just not a statement I think the gay community should make, or align with. There are far more deserving candidates, like the aforementioned.
        Just my two cents. I’m sure it’s colored by my entering the military and being raised by an airwoman. The military has plenty of problems (hey misogyny/rape heyyyy) and transparency is important, but again, I don’t think Manning was smart about this/wise about this/responsible about this. And I don’t want the gay community aligning with that. Want to talk about the prison system and how it’s flawed wrt trans people and how that affects Manning? Sure. Absolutely the gay community should talk about that/align with that. But saying she’s a hero? Eh. Not my hero.

        • If the focus was on her history of violence (and I’ve never gotten a clear story on exactly what happened, but I would like to know this better) that I could understand.

          However, quite honestly I think the ‘threat’ the exposure of these documents supposedly created has been dramatically exaggerated. I can’t help but observe how easily Manning herself obtained them; apparently they were widely available within the military. I do think a great number of people with power were extremely embarrassed by them being published, that much seems very clear.

          However, FWIW I do agree with you about Lady Gaga. In an interview a few years back she referred to herself by saying something to the effect, “Why do people think I’m hot when I perform? I look like a total tranny!” slurring trans women and basically admitting her performance was some kind of appropriation. She caught a sense of the backlash though and made it a point never to say that again.

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