“2 Broke Girls” Reminds Us that Trying is Embarrassing

This week 2 Broke Girls introduced a love interest for Max. “And the Disappearing Bed” leads me to believe that Johnny will be popping up a few more times this season. This should excite me since Nick Zano was in one of my favorite shows as a teen, What I Like About You (I’ve always had impeccable taste). But then the celery scene happened and I’m kind of over it.

The “young people please relate to this show” joke

Caroline: Max, come in, sit down. There’s something we have to talk about.
Max: This can’t be about my drinking. I don’t have the money to be a real alcoholic.

The dark joke

Max: Somebody date raped me and I didn’t think I’d live through it but I did and now I’m stronger and, uh, still needy.

The edgy joke

Max: And the cupcake on the card has a cherry on it. My cupcakes don’t have a cherry. Haven’t since I was thirteen.

The non-PC joke

Caroline: Unless you’re willing to switch the bedroom every other week.
Max: No, that sounds Mormon.

The “is that racist joke?”

Caroline: All you have to do is dream it.
Max: All you have to do is do it. And for you to build a Murphy bed it’ll take a miracle. So unless you have Jesus or Jesus (spanish accent) on that board, not gonna happen.

The vagina joke

Max: That’s the kind of pounding that’s supposed to happen after you’re in the bed.

The joke that leads to a lot of questions

Max: You start with a thin white board.
Caroline: You’re thin, white and I’m bored.

Wasn’t the vision board on another show? Why isn’t this show that show? Is that girlfriend on her vision board? Is that purple word next to girlfriend Max? Does the Art Department ship Caroline and Max?

I could ask you what you thought about the episode but I think the more pressing question is, if Kat Dennings’ boobs had a spinoff, what would it be called?

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Brittani Nichols is a Los Angeles based comedy person. When she's not tweeting about white people or watching television, she's probably eating pizza. Actually, she's probably doing all three of those things concurrently and when she's not doing THAT, she's sleeping. Brittani also went to Yale and feels weird about mentioning it but wants you to know.

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  1. Kate’s boobs are awesome, but 2 Broke Girls is one of the shittiest tv shows in existence, and I’m baffled at how it hasn’t been cancelled yet.

  2. so…you love this show too right!
    Kat Dennings has impeccable comedic timing for really cheap crass bad pun ‘jokes’

  3. The lack of good supporting characters, the rape jokes, the racist stereotypes, the horse… I wish I didn’t like this show but I do, I can’t help it. I blame Kat Dennings’ amazing comedic timing, it’s all her fault.
    Chestnut, I wish I knew how to quit you…

  4. Glad to hear I’m not the only lesbian who finds this show unbearable. I watched a few episodes after hearing a lot of hype on twitter (let it be known I follow the whole L Word cast as well as many lesbian comedians…Liz Feldman). It’s sloppily written, the jokes are painful, and the characters are unlikable.

    Can we please have a female character driven primetime show that isn’t a complete embarrassment?

  5. Hmm..Kat’s boobs..”Twin Peaks”? No..”Big Rock Candy Mountains”? No..”Pleasure Chest”? No..”Treasure Hunt”..I’m just going to keep channeling my inner teenage boy

    • I think “Twin Peaks” has been done. It wasn’t about boobs which is clearly why it failed.

      • How about “Annie’s Boobs?” After Community’s Annie’s boobs and the monkey named Annie’s Boobs.

  6. Aside from the horrible non-humor in this show, my biggest problem is that Caroline’s hair doesn’t move and she keeps wearing that ridiculous necklace.
    I don’t know why but I just find her hard to watch. Plus the shrill voice… ugh.
    And I met some hedge fund princesses in college – they wore flats and had a clue.

    • My biggest problem with Caroline is that she looks like she’s almost forty. She looks out of place next to the much younger looking Max. I was shocked to find out the actress was only about a year older than Kat Dennings.

  7. I actually really like the show. It can get a bit bland (this current episode being the most blah and bland imo) but I get it it, and it’s fun. However, the rape jokes. wtf. Who does that even appeal to? And the fact that there’s, what I guess at least one per episode? Whyyyyy. Otherwise, I’m smitten, sometimes lame humor aside.

  8. i cringed a lot during the show last night, i tried to count how many jokes were so awfully cringeworthy but stopped at infinity.

  9. About the rape jokes, I think there’s somebody on the writing department whose only job is to write a rape joke per episode, seriously. Let’s hope that person doesn’t use physical experimentation as inspiration…

  10. I can’t help it I think the show is hilarious. I wouldn’t miss an episode. My husband on the other hand is smitten with the boobalisious Kate. Are they real????? He keeps asking me but all I can say is who the heck cares if the show is funny and poor little Han I just love him and the way he hangs his head and just shakes it. Too delicious for words. Kate’s timing is impeccable .

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