November 2021: What’s New and Gay on Netflix, Paramount, Showtime, Amazon Prime, Apple TV, HBO Max and More!

Another month, another opportunity to discuss the crucial community issue of what gay stuff we can stream on services such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO, Paramount Plus, Apple TV. How will we ever keep up! Let us begin with the homosexual highlights.

Netflix Content for the Gals, Gays and Theys in November 2021

Big Mouth: Season 5 – November 5

“Big Mouth is an irreverent comedy about teens navigating a time of puberty, in an animated world where things like hormones, mental health, and more unseen forces are represented by literal monsters that follow you around and only you can see. The show has already featured a bisexual mom, a pansexual student, a trans girl voiced by Josie Totah, and other queerness sprinkled throughout. The Season 5 trailer seems to imply that one of the main characters, Jesse, might be falling for aforementioned pansexual, Ali, which I’m sure will result in something that is equal parts sweet, hilarious, and awkward as all hell, as is the way of Big Mouth.” — Valerie

Gentefied: Season 2 – November 10

One of 2020’s few unexpected gifts was this spirited dramedy about the Morales family fighting to save their family’s restaurant in a rapidly gentrifying area — and we were of course particularly interested in Ana, the queer artist who finds political issues bleeding into her relationship with her girlfriend.In Season 2 they will be dealing with Pop’s deportation and Ana will be “choosing to be with the ones who choose [her]” including a very hot girl she’s looking at art with and dancing with in the trailer!

Passing (2021) – November 10

“Formally, Rebecca Hall’s directorial debut Passing; an adaptation of Nella Lawson’s classic Harlem Renaissance novel, is about Irene (Tessa Thompson), a Black woman finds her world completely turned upside down when she’s reunited with a former childhood friend (Clare, played by Ruth Negga) who’s passing as white. Informally, Passing explores the homoerotic friendship between Irene and Clare, full of longing glances, secret smiles, loaded pauses and fingertip caresses that left Carmen declaring ‘oh this is what white women who love Carol have been passing out about, I get it now.'” — Carmen

Supergirl (The CW): Season 6 – November 16

Cowboy Bebop: Season One – November 19

Based on a beloved anime series, LGBTQ-inclusive Cowboy Bebop follows three bounty hunters in a space Western as they search the solar system for dangerous criminals while also outrunning their own pasts. Nonbinary actor Mason Alexander Park will play the nonbinary role of Gren, a veteran in the original anime who has been updated as running a hot jazz club on Mars.

Vita and Virginia (2019) –  November 22

We all love Vita and Virginia and also, they loved each other. I asked Drew if this movie was good and she said “no, but it wasn’t bad. It’s very fine.”

Bruised (2020) – November 24

Bruised stars and is directed by Halle Berry (in her directorial debut!) as MMA fisher Jackie Justice. Justice’s deal is that she walked away from her career on the rise, and now middle-aged, accepts an offer to fight the top woman MMA fighter in an off-the-books match while also coping with being reunited with her son, who she gave up as an infant. That’s a lot! And when the photos of Halle Berry in the ring burned down the internet a few months ago, Heather discovered that Halle’s Justice is going to be queer — let’s go indie queer media! Researching the stories that matter!” — Carmen

Hulu Is Not Doing Anything For Us This Month Besides Delivering Gillian Anderson in “The Great” Season 2, Which Isn’t Gay But I Thought You Might Want To Know Anyhow, So, Yeah, Sorry

Boys Don’t Cry (1999) – November 1

A tragic film based on the true story of Brandon Teena, a young trans man in Nebraska who found what felt like home and love and ended up subject to violence and murder.

HBO Max: What Gay and Lesbian and Queer Stuff is Going On There??

The Brady Bunch Movie (1995) – November 1

Alanna Ubach plays Noreen, a total 90s lesbian in a plaid vest and bandana who crushes hard on Marcia Brady in this delightful 90s film inspired by the 70s TV series.

Gossip Girl: Season 1B Premiere – November 7

The second half of Season One of this so-so reboot returns with a Thanksgiving episode and more promised cameos from the original series. Social media expert Monet de Haan, the daughter of pharmaceutical moguls, was revealed to be a lesbian in the first bit of Season One, and of course we will also continue to enjoy Luna La, a Mexican stylist played by trans actress Zion Moreno!

Sort of (CBC): Season 1 Premiere – November 18

This “big-hearted series” follows “fluid millennial” Sabi Mehboob, the youngest child in a large Pakistani family. They work as a bartender at an LGBTQ bookstore/bar and as a nanny for a downtown hipster family and are trying to find themselves in a story that “exposes the labels we once poured ourselves into as no longer applicable… to anyone.” This looks really cool and queer and different and I am personally VERY EXCITED for it.

The Sex Lives of College Girls: Season 1 Premiere – November 18 

Leighton is a preppy homosexual from a wealthy family in this series from Mindy Kaling about, you guessed it, the sex lives of college girls! It’s centered on four freshmen rooommates at Essex College in Vermont.

Paramount Plus Delivering for the LGBTs in November 2021

Star Trek Discovery: Season 4 Premiere – November 18

Season 4 will find Michael Burnham as the ship’s new captain, the first time a Black woman has sat in the captain’s chair in a live-action Trek series. The crew, including lesbian Jet Reno (Tig Notaro) and trans characters Gray (Ian Alexander) will grapple with a giant anamoly threatening to destroy life out of the galaxy, sucking various worlds into its orbit.

The Real World Los Angeles: Homecoming Premiere – November 24

After the reckoning enabled by the New York cast reunion earlier this year, L.A.’s return is sure to be equally dramatic, as the first but certainly not the last cast to vote to remove a roommate from the house. Beth A, who entered the home with a 90s lesbian haircut and a “I’m not gay but my girlfriend is” was a late-add, replacing Irene when she fled the house of sin for marriage.

Amazon Prime Video LGBT Options For People To Watch Things

Tampa Baes: Season One  – November 5

This reality TV show, which has already earned some skepticism for its very light-skinned cast, follows a group of conventionally hot lesbians in Tampa as they drink as much alcohol as they possibly can while somehow retaining gainful employment. Also there are fights and sex!!! And um, this will be a neat little situation for us to process as a society

The Wheel of Time: Season One – November 19

The hotly anticipated series based on the widely beloved fantasy series centers on Aes Sedai, a wildly powerful and all-woman organization. Moiraine (Rosamund Pike) is amongst its most respected members, and is the advisor to Rand (Josa Stradowski), the Dragon Reborn, who will either save or destroy humanity! NBD. The showrunner has confirmed there will be lgbt rep in the show. This prediction was backed up by Heather, so!

Hanna: Season 3 – November 24

Trained assassin Hana, works to destroy Utrax —the sinister organization that created her — from the inside, with the help of her former nemesis, CIA agent Marissa Wiegler. Lesbian character Jules (Gianna Kiehl), along with young assassin Sandy (Aine Rose Daly) are getting suspicious about what exactly are Hanna’s impressions.

Apple TV+ Queer Stuff for November 2021

Dickinson: Season 3 Premiere – November 5

Dickinson’s thrid and final season returns in November and will allegedly take place during the Civil War, a battle that divided Dickinson’s family just as she was emerging as an artist. There are some steamy girl-on-girl kisses in this trailer between Emily and her beloved!

Showtime Anytime Lesbian Materials for November 2021

Yellowjackets: Season 1 Premiere – November 14

I was simply excited to read the cast list for this program that is “equal parts survival epic, psychological horror story and coming-of-age drama” about a team of champion high school soccer players who become the (un)lucky survivors of a plane crash deep in the remote northern wilderness: Melanie Lynskey, Juliette Lewis, Christina Ricci, Tawny Cypress — AND our very own (by which I mean “she’s gay”) Jasmine Savoy Brown. Brown’s character, Taissa, grows up to become a politician with a wife!!! It kind of sounds like Alive?

Peacock LGBT+ Shows for November 2021

Saved by the Bell: Season 2 – November 24

The kids are back for a new year at Bayside with new faces and also “As Jamie (Belmont Cameli) gets support from Lexi (Josie Totah) following her parents’ divorce, Lexi struggles with learning to be a more understanding girlfriend.”

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  1. I am constantly looking forward to these monthly run-downs of everything to keep an eye out for every month. I know the slack in new programs is probably the covid delay finally catching up with us (it would have to eventually) but I’m super super hyped for Dickinson season 3 which will be no less than perfection, and I can’t wait for things to start picking up steam again. Here’s to hoping and rewatching the good stuff like Motherland and Wynonna Earp and more while we wait!

  2. I wish I had seen this before I gave Amazon $10 so my 12 year old could catch up between the first part of Supergirl season 6 that is already on Netflix and the episodes that are on the CW app/currently airing.

    Also, I’ve seen the ad for Yellowjackets a bunch of times and it seems like one of those shows that really *feels* like it’s gay even if it’s not so it’s nice that one of the characters is actually queer! Also that cast is 🔥🔥🔥

  3. Does anyone have any thoughts on weather or not we should go back to netflix after the incidents of the last few months? Because on one hand, they do seem to have a lot of great stuff I love watching. On the other hand though I don’t want to give money to a company that is explicitly exploiting communities and is doing nothing about their issues.

    • honestly i think at this point that netflix is like, a utility? it’s a such a behemoth. and also like… i know that the way a lot of farms are run is fucked up, but i at the end of the day i am still eating the corn they grow because i like corn.

      there are a lot of LGBT creators whose stuff is on the platform, and especially with queer stuff, we want those shows and movies to get good numbers to support those artists and all the work they did.

      but also generally i am not a boycott person because capitalism is what it is and thus most corporations are doing evil things, some of which we know about and some of which we don’t. so where do we pick. i kinda talk about that here in the context of chick-fil-a.

      • You know what Riese, you’re actually making a really great point here. I mean, in the long run it does kinda suck, (as is often the case with capitalism.) but also in cases such as these sometimes you gotta give into it a little. But at least some cash is getting to the queers at the end of the day. I guess we can be a little thankful for that.

  4. So excited for Wheel of Time! Can’t wait for my favorite magical pillow sisters/power couple! The books have canonical queer, (problematic) trans, and poly rep so I’m sure the show will develop and amplify those elements.

  5. ‘oh this is what white women who love Carol have been passing out about, I get it now.’” — Carmen

    well im sold on passing now

    AND HALLE’S JUSTICE HAS BEEN SO DESERVED FOR YEARS hope this movie does her right (just realized like a couple of weeks ago that *both* comic universes screwed her over (she deserved more as storm SO MUCH MORE and even though catwoman was a great awakening for 8th grade me she deserved a storyline that made sense) and i am even more adamant about the justice she deserves)

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