No Filter: What’s With The Ring, Kate Moennig?

Welcome back to No Filter, our weekly observation of celebrity Instagram. What a week, huh? We’re all still here, still breathing, and Kristen Stewart is still “like, soooo gay, dude.” Somehow, the world keeps turning.
I thought we could kick things off with Danielle Brooks, who is forever precious and a total dork.

Audrey asked if we could start including Karis Wilde in No Filter and lo and behold she just did this Sephora ad, so here she is being adorable.

RIP Brittani Nichols, who was sucked into the sun after being defeated by a sentient, hovering black basketball.

Immediately after this photograph was posted, a mad fervor spread across the internet as people everywhere struggled to discover whether or not Kate Moennig has been secretly married this whole time?!?!?! And the answer is yes, to Carmen de la Pica Morales, who deserves the WORLD.
Feels like Stephanie Beatriz is just begging for a cameo on the A-Camp resident reality show The Real Slut Shack of Mukwonago but what do I know?

Evan Rachel Wood continues her tour of destruction. How very dare she? She also gave an amazing speech at an HRC gala, which you should definitely watch.

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It's legal in Amsterdam. STV tour 2014. Whoops.

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St Vincent is doing fine, we’re all doing fine, you’re fine.
Did anybody else have to google “cash me outside” this week? No, just me? OK great.

Look at this cute-ass friendship.

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Bo knows. #LiveMas

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El Sanchez is a goddamn legend.

Join us next week, when we finally track St. Vincent down in Amsterdam and see how she feels about whole wheat low fat green tea.

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  1. Going to go ahead and ignore that ring on Kate’s finger and just focus on flailing at this friendship that not only climbed out of the garbage can TLW threw the Alice/Shane bromance in for the last few seasons, but THRIVED.

  2. The Adorable Danielle Brooks has made me teary eyed with positive feelings this blessed eight day of February, anno dominae 2017.
    Let us all give thanks for the bright light of her existence in these clouded times and that of Stef, wondrous herald of fluff.

    i am marginally connected to her through theater things soooo lmk if we need to do some outreach

  4. As an accountant β€œcash me outside” feels wrong. You should do your cash transactions inside, where its safe to keep the register

  5. I’m gonna get in trouble for this, but I hated Shane/Carmen. Carmen was a terrible person. She took advantage of Jenny to get close to Shane, and she was such a mean girl to Max. I honestly thought that Shane’s healthiest relationship was with Molly. Molly was the one person Shane actually WORKED to get to know. Shane gave in to Carmen because Carmen eventually wore her down. Molly brushed Shane off at first, but Shane actually made the effort for her.

    • oh i loved carmen because she forced shane to deal with some of her shit (i choose to ignore the entire jenny thing, or really any jenny things, who’s jenny?), but i agree about molly, she was the one.

      still, that fucking wedding.

      • This is why I liked Carmen with Shane too. (Though I do agree that Carmen was unnecessarily mean to Max.)

        I hated Molly though, she and Shane had zero chemistry.

        • I hated Molly at the outset, but she grew on me for all of the reasons previously cited by others. To this day I’d have an existential crisis if you asked me whether she or Carmen should have ended up with Shane.

          Disagree on their chemistry. I think they definitely had it, but it was…weird chemistry. Which is kind of funny because didn’t Clementine Ford strongly suggest that she and Kate Moennig dated while she worked on the show? It was part of that speech she gave a while back about labels and how she came to call herself queer.

          • Maybe it was Clementine Ford’s acting, I don’t know; I just always felt like Kate was talking to a brick wall whenever they had scenes together. But I’ve heard that rumor that they dated irl too so that is funny. I think there’s an episode of Friends where Joey is talking about acting and he’s like “If two actors have no chemistry onscreen then they’re definitely sleeping together off screen.” lol

  6. I need to know where Evan Rachel Wood got that suit, tho, and do they make them for chicks with hips?

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