No Filter: Lauren Morelli And Samira Wiley Do Pride Perfectly

Welcome back to No Filter, another week, another pile of Instagrams filled with famous queers trying to convince us that yes, they’re just like us. This week was relatively slow news-wise but I did pause to wonder about the infrequent whispers about Celine Dion possibly being one of our people. Like, do you know a lot of straight women who wear leather overalls? Just wondering.

photo via CRYSTAL/ PacificCoastNews
Just another day when you’re Ruby Rose. Would anyone like to tell her about the banana museum?

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Happy Pride!!! 🌈❤️

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Our very famous friend Brittani Nichols’ magnificence was finally witnessed by Gloria Steinem, and also these other people.

I LOVE IT WHEN PEOPLE I ENJOY QUIT SMOKING. If you see El Sanchez around, be gentle.
This is the only acceptable response.
There’s a lot to choose from in Gaby Dunn’s feed this week but I thought today we’d celebrate her being a cool queer teen.
Perhaps you’d enjoy this video of Laura Jane Grace singing “Happy Birthday” to her girlfriend, whose birthday seems to be a month and a half long (but I’m not mad at it).

Don’t talk to me or my mango son or my passionfruit son ever again.
Perhaps you would also enjoy this shot of Tegan and Sara on their way to BLOW THE MINDS of all the kids at the Autostraddle/Everyone Is Gay pride party last Saturday. I personally witnessed many tiny queers hyperventilating in their presence; it was adorable.

Join us next week, when.. I’m gonna be real with you, I still won’t be over that picture of Samira and Lauren.

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  1. Ever since Mallory cut her hair my brain has been screaming “SHE LOOKS LIKE IF KRISTIN RUSSO AND DANNIELLE OWENS-REID HAD A BABY WITH EACH OTHER” and I can’t turn it off, someone please either tell me I’m wrong so the screaming will stop or tell me I’m right so I can move on to being smug.

  2. my favourite thing about celine is that her brain considered all of those items–the bedazzled aviator goggles, the leather overalls, the snakeskin purse, the peekaboo-toe hairy high heel boots–and said yes yes that will be perfect to each and every one of them. this outfit lets us experience her brilliance as much as an interview would. a true feat of fashion!

  3. So I know this was like 2 weeks ago but a bunch of my friends were walking to the Trikone float after having marched in SF Pride (which was amazing, btw) and we see the Netflix float slowly drive by and realized THE CAST WAS ON THE FLOAT AND WE ALL STARTED SCREAMING AND THEY CAME OUT AND WAVED AND BLEW KISSES TO US AND I’LL NEVER FORGET IT AND IT WAS COMPLETELY AMAZING.

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