No Filter: Laura Jane Grace And Béatrice Martin Arm Wrestle In A Park Because Why Not

Welcome back to No Filter, an intellectually stimulating trip through the annals of Hollywood Instagram. This week has been very busy for everyone with Kristen Stewart-related feelings, but there’s a whole lot more to get through. Without further ado, here are the most (arbitrarily) important social media moments from this week’s news cycle.

This is how my toddler pronounces the names of great leaders. Not even joking.

A photo posted by Kaki King (@kakigram) on

Kaki King’s small child weighs in on the impending election  (but honestly I thought it was this).

Mesmerizing filter

A photo posted by AzMarie Livingston (@azmarieofficial) on

I hate it when people Instagram pictures of themselves in Snapchat filters but uh, I’m gonna let AzMarie Livingston get away with it just this once.

So apparently it's #nationalgirlfriendday ?

A photo posted by Brianna Hildebrand (@briannahilde) on

National Girlfriend day showed up to make those of us who are bitter FEEL EVEN MORE BITTER but that’s OK because look how cute these two are.

I’ve been rewatching Sex and the City for whatever reason and this video of Hari Nef is giving me straight up Carrie Bradshaw.

Holla if your shirt too big…?

A video posted by Samira Wiley (@whododatlikedat) on

I mean, Samira has some pretty cute moves.

You know what’s really great? Seeing Laura Jane Grace in an affectionate, lovely relationship with this very cute lady who arm wrestles with her in parks.

Follow me on snap ? ?: theddlovato

A photo posted by Demi Lovato (@ddlovato) on

Mey’s girlfriend Demi Lovato has a really gorgeous jacket. What a great jacket, Demi.

Footsies. #balletboi #butchballet #butchesforbalanchine

A photo posted by Jiz Lee (@jizlee) on

Jiz Lee, in with an update on the butch ballet.

queer professional // nerdburger // toddler [ ? @dabbouseh ] #nerdburger #brownboi

A photo posted by QuirkyRican (@quirkyrican) on

Esteemed author Gabby Rivera looks like she’s ready to sell me some Life Cereal.

Join us next week, when Laura and Beatrice try thumb wrestling at the zoo.

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