No Filter: Jenny Owen Youngs Can’t Be Tamed

Welcome back to No Filter, wherein we celebrate the photos that famous people have posted about themselves and try to imagine that we are learning valuable things about their lives and that this information adds meaning to our own lives. This week, some really goodlooking people are hanging out with animals, and some really goodlooking people are eating breakfast, and one really goodlooking person is actually a monster from Looney Tunes. Let’s get to it.


A photo posted by Brittani Nichols (@bishilarious) on

Hello would you like to look at Brittani Nichols with a baby bunny?
How about Ruby Rose with a wombat? Doing anything for you?

[instagram url=””]
Hannah Hart giving me very serious Strongbad vibes right now.


#metroid #punktendo

A photo posted by Laura Jane Grace (@laurajanegrace) on

This is the actual best thing.

Fun night.

A photo posted by Lena Waithe (@lenawaithe) on

If your girlfriend Lena Waithe hadn’t captioned this, I probably couldn’t tell she was having a good time.

Truth is : I'm much happier without you. ? Soundtrack : Everything in its right place by Radiohead #AloneTimeTheBestTime

A photo posted by SoKo ?????♏️?? (@sokothecat) on

Shots fired.

Uh, I’m just saying:

Roscoe's by ultimate nerd @nadyariot.

A photo posted by St. Vincent (@st_vincent) on

However, Annie Clark is the most nonchalant porcelain doll eating breakfast with Pussy Riot that I’ve ever seen.
Damn, Danielle.

When your publisher knows exactly which mug to put your coffee in. Thanks ???

A photo posted by Jenny Owen Youngs (@jennyowenyoungs) on


Next week, I’m gonna be on a mountain with the rest of the A-Camp weirdos but I promise I have something very special planned for you and your eyeballs.

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