No Filter: Emily Hampshire and Teddy Geiger Got Engaged So At Least There’s That

Another week, another No Filter, a once-weekly visit to the magical land of queer celebrity Instagram. This week, we’re all very busy speculating about this:

Who do you think it could be? I know who I think it is, but I’d love to know your opinions. SPEAK TO ME IN THE COMMENTS.

Good news first: Teddy Geiger and Emily Hampshire (who can’t stop gushing about each other on the internet) got engaged!

They love lying around in bed in flattering outfits, looking like the goddamn sisters from the Virgin Suicides. Congratulations, you crazy kids.
I cannot think of a more phenomenal voter, personally. Reader Ari reached out to point out that Janelle and Tessa Thompson have deleted a bunch of pictures of each other (Janelle even got rid of pictures of Tessa in the “Pynk” video!) and have stopped liking each others’ photos. As of press time, they still follow each other so I’m crossing my fingers and hoping for the best.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from Evan Rachel Wood’s Instagram, it’s that she really fucking loves an escape room. I am personally trying to escape from every possible situation, so I’m not sure why anyone would pay for this experience but I am impressed nonetheless.

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I am truly honored that I got to direct the an episode of #brooklyn99 this week, written by the hilarious & smart & kind & wonderful Lang Fisher @loulielang. This episode is something we are both super excited for you to see (as per our expressions in the pic 😃) Directing was truly the scariest and most rewarding thing I have ever taken on, and I’m so utterly grateful that @nbc & our creator Dan Goor trusted me with this incredible opportunity. Thank you to my cast mates who inspired me & encouraged me to try my hand at something so daunting. And a million thank yous to the incredible production team and crew of our show. You all are truly moving mountains… going into battle each day. I am honored to have witnessed your passion, drive, and heart. #femalefilmmakerfriday

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Personally I can’t believe Stephanie Beatriz subjected us to the Bichelorette and yet did not call herself a birector.

Of course Laura Jane Grace is a Scorpio.

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Correct me if I’m wrong but these pants pants are a vibe

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This was the gayest photo of King Princess this week by leaps and bounds. Those pants aren’t a mood, they’re an entire sexuality.
Kehlani’s transformation from mommy-to-be to Mommi is well underway.

Just an elf.

The vision of Hayley Kiyoko screaming System of a Down lyrics to whimsical Icelandic ponies is enough to get me through the rest of this week.

Join us next week, for even more smoldering Kehlani.

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    • Well now I’m going through that twitter thread and with the suggestions I hope they’re all queer and happy. I wish people were able to come out to just other queer people so we could high five and congratulate them without the straights knowing.

    • I’m guessing Céline Dion, who just released a line of gender-neutral kids’ clothes and therefore is familiar with the Zeitgeist of our community

      • Seconding/Thirding Céline. Although Cher would be great as well. Or Stevie Nicks…No matter who it is, for as long as they’re happy all is well ?. And if they want to come out discreetly without the straights knowing they can just publically leave their leathergloves in a department store during Christmas time and we’ll all know.

    • My guess was also Celine Dion and it was such a strong feeling that I couldn’t think of any other possibility?

    • I have to tell you that because of this link, I fell into 30 minute deep dive into Rutina’s instagram and that was the best decision I ever could have made!

      (I also love that we all just agree to call Chef Shonda, well, “Chef Shonda”. If I ever find out that she has a last name, I am going to be so confused!)

    • Rutina has been out here living her best gay life on Instagram for a while now and I couldn’t be happier.

  1. Teddy and Emily are the cutest OF ALL TIME (and yes I might be biased because I’m thrilled to see representation of a relationship that is similar in so many ways to my own, but) NO ONE IS CUTER

    • Oh! So is their relationship also based on terrible puns and neither of them wanting to cook as well as cute glasses? ???

      I think you’re giving them pretty good competition on the cuteness together front, @chandra and @cait-marie87

      • Maybe! And Canadian/American, and Gen X/millennial, and getting engaged within months of dating..

        Of course Cait’s comment was “we did it first”

  2. Oh noooo I think I have to break the news that Stephanie Beatriz’s bachelorette hashtag was probably a play on her last name and not an actual reference to her bisexuality, although let’s say it was that tooooo

  3. Congrats to Teddy and Emily – Wikipedia page “vandalizer”

    Maybe the rumour is about Queen Latifah, but that’s less of a rumour though?

  4. okay but what about Enya (except i can’t imagine her popping up in gossip dm’s but details)

    also King Princess’s pic is an absolute masterpiece. i feel that composition on an existential level.

  5. Did you all see Kehlani’s flashback photo album?!?! So adorable.

    Also my heart can’t take any speculation about Tessa Thompson & Janelle Monáe not being together. My theory is that they’re tired of the gossip and this is a ruse so they can avoid it. I WILL GO DOWN WITH THIS SHIP.

  6. “Reader Ari reached out to point out that Janelle and Tessa Thompson have deleted a bunch of pictures of each other (Janelle even got rid of pictures of Tessa in the “Pynk” video!) and have stopped liking each others’ photos. As of press time, they still follow each other so I’m crossing my fingers and hoping for the best.”


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