No Filter: Ama Elsesser Will See You Soon

Happiest of midweeks to you all! Welcome back to No Filter, where I cull the best content from queer Instagram famous people and bring it here, to you! Let’s get it poppin’ shall we?

Amber is the Chief Equity Officer at the ACLU and a Philly legend and um…it’s safe to say I am in love?

I love a good mood-board carousel, so evocative of a *~vibe~*

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Happy Fathers Day, thanks for the face.

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Fret not friends, for we have Father’s Day content which is also CUTE baby content!!!

I’m just nodding, also these late 80s early 90s fits in the next images are frankly inspiring!

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tea is tea

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Legend status from such a young age??

Have we discussed the fact that I am a coatsexual? As in, often attracted to outwear? Well, now we have, and this realllly works for me.

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(giveaway included) A few months ago I was given the opportunity to get a new electric wheelchair even though I honestly didn’t need a new one. I wanted to see what the new one had to offer so I accepted. Since I was little my mom always told me that if you are given the opportunity to help somebody, do so. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ SO here we are. if you are in the Los Angeles area, in need of an electric wheelchair, I want to gift you my Quantum i-level electric wheelchair (battery charger included also have headrest if needed) pictured here. No strings. if you swipe through you’ll see photos of the chair right now. It is used so please keep it in mind, I wanted to be as transparent as possible. I just want to give it to someone who actually needs it. These electric wheelchairs are expensive as it is. Mine is pretty awesome and has traveled the world! She’s international hunny. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ You or the person must be living in the Los Angeles area, and you must have a slender body type because this chair is personally fitted for my body. The cushion is approximately 18 inches wide. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Tag a fellow disabled person (profile must be public)and I will pick someone within a week from this post date. ♥️⁣ ⁣ ⁣image description: first photo – sitting on my electric chair wearing the most amazing outfit which consist of jeans, crop brown sweater, my NASA gray jacket, aviators and a red beret. second and third photo is a solo photo of my electric chair, two angles.

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EXCUSE me this fit is everything??

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Part 1 of 2 posts — It’s been a rollercoaster of emotions these months to say the least. As the world flipped upside down, a competition I poured my everything into finally debuted to the rest of the world and I was left with a big secret to keep. Top Chef All stars was one of the hardest experiences I’ve voluntarily put myself through, the other was my first Top Chef which felt like a breeze in comparison. The pure caliber of talent and professionalism of this All star season had us all cooking out of the gate as if the first challenge was the finale. This group of bad ass, successful chefs that I have only the most respected for, challenged me daily to be a stronger version of me. As it’s a competition to our viewers, it’s a once in a lifetime experience for the chefs…I mean twice. I mentioned in a past post that we argue, we cut & burn ourselves, we cry (a lot), but we also laugh, we smile, we exchange culinary secrets & life goals, and we grow to be stronger together. We all had our reasons for going back into competition. The day I got asked to compete again — my brain said “no f-ing way am I putting myself through this again are you trying to kill us?!”, My body had immediate butterflies and nervousness 🤢, you know, the barfy kinds, not the fuzzy love kinds. But my heart said “Fuck it. Let’s do it! What’s there to lose. It‘ll be fun!”. My heart won the battle thankfully. Since my first Top Chef, I’ve learn time and time again that fear is the strongest motivator. I leaned into my fears and found my strength. I choose yes over no. I chose my heart over my brain. (Of course, this is situational 🤣). I’m forever grateful for what Top Chef has done for me – It’s allowed me to create beyond the walls of a restaurant. It’s given me confidence and strength. It’s brought me closer to my family. It’s give me a modern family of wise crackin’ yet incredibly inspiring chef friends. It’s given me courage to proudly represent my LGBTQ/Asian American communities. Thank you to everyone that worked tirelessly and poured their hearts into building a show that not only changes lives, but inspires us all to be better. (Continue on next post cause I talk too much 😬)

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CONGRATS MELISSA I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!! (I do not endorse shipping of irl people but…I…want her and Padma to get married I am sorry!!!)

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[image: aprox 5 years old] Just had a beautiful, over due conversation with Leyna Bloom. Leyna is a black Filipina trans woman who is known for her imprint and influence in fashion and media. She is a model and an actress. A talented one, at that. You may have heard her name by her recent breakout role as WYE in @portauthoritymovie. Will never forget the day we both we tagged in a photo just after seeing eachother on the train. I was so embarrassed that day I'll never forget. My former partner and I had just lost shelter where we were staying and we're moving with all of our belongings in a shopping cart on the NYC subway. There I saw Leyna, cross legged reading a book with glasses on. Maybe two days later someone tagged us both in a post about how our visibility inspired them. It was that post that created the cause for our connection. Though- through time and assumptions the growth of our relationship was interrupted. I'm so happy to be reconnected with you and look forward to building on where we left off. The past few weeks have been quite revealing- and through these reveals I'm feeling so lucky and uplifted to have an opportunity to continue building on relationships with folks I always loved but didnt feel comfortable being in conflict with. But conflict is often rooted in love a desire to see or be seen, we often forget this in relationships at times. We can't honor love if we don't honor growth and we can't honor growth if we don't pour into each other. Cheers, sis Leyna 🥰❤️✊🏽

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Nothing better than people growing and reconnecting and learning to be friends again!

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See you soon .

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A vibe! A mood! A looq!

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  2. Ok… now I’m eager to see Jillians’ new rig. And giving away a powerchair can save a life. Good on her.

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