New Merch: “Gal Pal” Crop Tops and T-Shirts Are Finally Here!


It’s Gal Pal Week at Autostraddle, a week dedicated to celebrating palships between queer gals, and what better time to introduce our new “Gal Pal” crew and crop shirts than on a week dedicated to our most pal-ish gals!

Gal Pal Crop Tops and Crew Shirts

Gal Pal Crop Tops and Crew Neck Shirts are now in our merch store!

Gal Pal Crop Top

Everybody is wearin’ crop tops these days. We even showed y’all how to crop a shirt. But this one’s already cropped! How great is that! These are printed on Bella + Canvas Women’s Flowy Boxy Tanks.
This crop top has a boxy silhouette, round neck, and elongated arm holes and we love it so much.

Gal Pal Crew Shirt

Let me tell you how amazing these ridiculous 90s colors look on a black t-shirt. These are printed on American Apparel unisex fine jersey short sleeve t-shirts.
We haven’t done a crew neck in awhile (or ever?) but after I did the crew shirt design for Greyscale Goods and wore it at camp and got all these compliments, I thought we’d try it out.

We want your photoz!

Grab yourself a Gal Pal Shirt from our store, and if you feel so inclined, take a photo of yourself in your Gal Pal shirt hangin’ with your gal pals (bonus if they’re ALSO wearing a Gal Pal shirt), post it on instagram and tag us (@autostraddle) with the hashtag #galpals so we can see all your cute shining faces and everybody can see how the clothes fit on a variety of bodies!

Buy Gal Pal Shirts in the Autostraddle Merch Store!

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  1. To borrow a phrase, I wear a strictly dadcore wardrobe, but I really want to wear one of the galpal crop tops. It completely speaks to my memories of having grown up in the 80s/90s. Well done everyone; it’s sure to be a classic.

  2. excited to wear that crop top all day every day until it literally falls apart and off of my body

  3. Oooh, I love that ’80s/’90’s neon swoop. That is total “aerobics video” font and I love it. At first I was like “crop tops?” (I have a hairy bellybutton ~_~) but the crew one looks bitchin’ :D

    • With total respect for your own clothing choices and as someone with a hairy bellybutton, I’d say that having a happy trail (or whatever your particular belly hair configuration is) isn’t a reason not to wear a crop top!

      Belly hair is super cute and showing it off with a crop top is a hot look IMO. My sister and I both have some tummy hair and have rocked crop tops at various times and looked great.

  4. I love the crop top, I’m just too broke for anything right now but hopefully it’ll stay in store for a while

  5. These are great! Maybe I’m out of the loop, but can someone define the modern-day use for gal pal? Buzzfeed seems to think it’s a cheeky reference to your girlfriend in a jab at other mainstream media that doesn’t seem comfortable calling two women dating girlfriends or partners, but on AS it seems more platonic. Either way, I’m now torn between the gal pal tee and the scissoring v-neck…maybe I’ll just have to get both.

    • Follow up question to AS: how often are you read as queer when you wear your scissoring apparel? I own one obviously queer shirt and some days I’m just not up for dealing with the heckling that comes with it (and other days, bring it on!) I can’t tell if the scissoring shirt would out me or not. Do straight people get the reference? Probably going to buy one and wear it all around when I’m in queer spaces, but (as much as I hate to admit it) sometimes it’s nice to be stealth in more conservative areas.

      • Aside from queers I’ve had one person (a cis gay guy) get the reference. I think people are clueless and you’re safe.

      • I jokingly said to my little sister that people would probably assume I’m really into crafting. Or something…

        • HA YES. No one has said word one about mine, but I imagine that’s what they think it means. I mean, in fairness, I am pretty into crafting.

      • I haven’t had anybody heckle me or make a comment yet! Though I’m usually wearing the black tank, where the ink is a little more understated, so it could be that?

      • The scissoring shirt is the best– helps me, with an almost 100% success rate, separate queer ladies from others. On pride, every gay woman I met laughed at and loved my shirt. All the straight people who saw me asked why I wasn’t wearing a festive pride shirt.

      • Thanks for the responses everyone! I look forward to buying my scissoring tank when I get my next paycheck!

        • Other than my 80 year old gpa telling me it looked like I was cutting off my nipple, nobody has really commented on mine.

  6. This is great! Are you planning to do more crops in the future? Because I’m totes behind that.

  7. totes excited about this but i don’t know which one i want?????

    i joking called my girlfriend my “gal pal” the other week and now my mom only ever calls her my “gal pal” it’s great. in other words, i really relate to this gal pal week as i have platonic and romantic gal pals and always will.

  8. YUUUUUUUSSSSSSS. I am so excited about this! Literally all I want in my wardrobe is crops ( too bad they’re not work appropriate -_-)

  9. Count me for another “I didn’t know I wanted crop tops until now. It looks so short! I need pix of sassy models (or dogs?!) so I can imagine it on myself (and dogs).

  10. Awesome!! I love a crewneck.

    My goal is to have more autostraddle clothes than regular clothes.

    Also, that greyscale shirt is sexy as hell.

  11. Oh man, I was just thinking yesterday “I need a crop top” because I want to push myself a little outside my clothing comfort zone. This gal pal crop is perfect! I want it so much.

  12. I have debated a crop top for a while, I so want one but feel so self conscious… but this may be the one that pushes me to go for it, because I really really love it!!

  13. I really want to get that crop top, so cute. Not sure if I’d be a medium or a large. The clothes I wear vary greatly in size. I am short, have big boobs, and somewhat of a tummy. Suggestions?

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