New Lesbian Webseries “Newtown Girls” Premieres And I Liked It

Late last year I told you about The Newtown Girls, a new 10-part ‘dramedy’ webseries that follows the lives of lesbians in Newtown, a queer girl hotspot in Sydney, Australia. Now the first episode is here!

Here’s the deal. Skarlet (Debra Ades) returns to the Newtown scene after a year-long journey of self-discovery in South East Asia, inspired by a bad break up. She crashes in the townhouse of her cute BFF Alex, who delivers a healthy dose of girl-on-girl action in the first 50 seconds and I assume can be relied to do so throughout the series.

Other characters and stories will also be introduced, just not in the next 7 minutes.

What do you think? Will you keep watching?

I’ll admit that although I was super amped about the idea of a queer series set in the Newtown area, a place where I’ve lived most of my adult life, I was also slightly worried. I wondered whether a 7-minute episode could give viewers a true taste of the area and its queer community, which I adore and can’t help but to feel slightly protective of. It was all for nothing though, ’cause I loved this episode. I laughed and I cringed and most of all, I related. (Well, to most things. I don’t know any twentysomething lesbian who has a spare bedroom in her Newtown terrace.)

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending the Newtown Girls launch party at The Bank hotel, and these were the main take aways:

1) The cast is very attractive and also very into this project.
2) “I got to kiss a lot of really hot girls” – Renee Lim (Alex)
3) “There’s not enough good quality gay content out there. That’s why I’m here.” – Kylie Watson (Veronica aka the book store girl)

Everything else you need to know is over at the Newtown Girls website or Facebook page or Twitter account.

If you like what you’ve just seen then let us know, we can keep you posted when new episodes drop.

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  1. wheeeeeeee I have a penchant for any local series (seeing as most aussie programs last no longer than two episodes on tv)… I am definitely looking forward to seeing more! As a former Sydney-sider I loves me some Newtown and totally some Newtown girls… :P

  2. Hee, yay Newtown :D It’s awesome to see a show in the places I frequent. Also, Alex is really hot.

    Oddly, to me in the first scene when they first started talking they sounded a bit English, not really Aussie.

  3. I’d keep watching, but I wish there were more queer shows that were about folks I could actually relate to. I just feel like I keep seeing these shows with wicked mainstream/wealthy/stereotypically pretty queermos, and that’s just not my reality. As an anarchist who has two food service jobs (gotta pay the bills) in my early twenties, I would love to watch a show where queer people were doing something other than 9-5 “professional” jobs and prancing off to yoga retreats in foreign countries to “find themselves.” Please don’t get super defensive, I’m not saying shows like that should be taken off the air – but if any of you qtz know of some less norm-y queer tv for when all I want to do after work is drink beer and stare at a screen, lemme know!

  4. Haha, so weird seeing Newtown on the small screen, I live here and go in those shops all the time, hehe
    (I may have been secretly trying to find myself in the background).

    I am interested to see how it goes, I feel Scarlet is being overacted but maybe that’s just the character.

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