Listling Without Commentary: Shit You Weirdos Are Allergic To

Guests registering for the first ever Autostraddle A-Camp in Southern California are allergic to a lot of things.  I stole a sneak-peak at the seemingly quite complicated spreadsheet keeping track of your identity/money/needs and was really impressed by the variety of things y’all just CANNOT HANDLE! (For the record, I’m allergic to cats, dogs, ragweed and metronidazole.) I’ve been told that there’s even an Autostraddle group for people with allergies, so check that out.

Things Y’all Are Allergic To:

1. Henna
2. Aspartame
3. Kiwi
4. GMO soy
5. Avocado
6. Cats
7. “Kind of grass.”
8. Strawberries
9. Lamb
10. Amoxicillin
11. Venison
12. Ginger
13. Olives
14. Dairy
15. Papaya
16. Buffalo
17. Tetracycline
18. Squash
19. Honey
20. Cashews
21. “Fire ants, maybe.”
22. Lavender
23. Penicillin
24. Bees
25. Milk
26. Beef
27. Sulfa Meds
28. Shrimp
29. Bactrim (antibiotic)
30. Crustaceans
31. Walnuts
32. Bananas
33. Garlic
34. Onions
35. Dogs
36. Horses
37. Fragrance mix
38. “Trees and also air.”

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  1. I’m allergic to ladybugs and sunlight!

    Also possibly amoxicillin, but I was on that during one softball season, where there was lots of sunlight exposure, so who knows?

  2. It’s weird that there are so few!
    Kids these days are allergic to so much stuff.
    I’m allergic to ginger, totally weird, also ironic.
    I keep trying ginger stuff every year or so hoping the allergy will magically disappear, but no luck.

  3. That’s alot of allergies, but I can honestly say that as all encompassing as that list seems my only known allergy is not on it. I’m allergic to bear saliva and that is 100% real talk. I found out when I was like 10 yrs old.

        • Well, I wsh the story was more interesting but here it goes. When my family went on a vacation to Florida there was a stop in Mississippi (I think) where you could buy raisins and feed them to this HUGE bear that would eat them from your little outstretched hand with it’s crazy long scratchy tongue. So, my parents being the responsible aldults they are, totally jumped on that shit. Anyways I broke the fuck out all over and we had to go home from the beach early. Doctor later concerned it and then looked at my dad like WTF did y’all do?!?

    • I’ve got garlic and onions (or never have them) unless anyone else claims that prize as well. It’s surprisingly limiting in restaurants, particularly in vegetarian/vegan ones! I find sometimes in veg places there isn’t a single thing I can eat on the menu (except chips).

      So totes give her a high five from someone who tends to get a raised eyebrow about an allergy that often ends up on the table. (I don’t know why people get suspicious).

      • Have you discovered fennel? I replace onions with fennel bulb in a lot of recipes. It works. It’s amazing. And it’s utterly unrelated to the whole garlic/onion family, so it doesn’t affect her (she’s got a GI sensitivity, not an anaphylactic allergy.)

        • it doesn’t trigger it directly, but it dries out my skin to the point where I can’t keep it under control and need steroid creams.

          I react to cold, too. And extreme heat. And stress. And fragrances. And…

          • I once had chlorine poisoning because the water where i live had soo much in it and i didnt even realize that everytime i drank water or took a shower it got in me. When i took the (is antidote te right word? Lol) it was horrible! All the chlorine tht had bonded to my own molecules (ha) were broken down and got into my blood stream, and it was like being poisoned all at once! Worst week of my life- i sobbed constantly and yelled at people like i never ever do. Lol. Rndom story. I just hate chlorine i guess :P

    • i was about to comment that I could tell that you weren’t going because the list was A. too short, and B. there wasn’t gluten or pineapple on it.
      (you’re allergic to pineapple right? i feel as though there is a tropical fruit on the list)

    • before i read the list, i figured it was just going to be about you, marika.

      SIDE NOTE: someone with more allergies than you was at my gf bakery the other day!!! it was crazy. she had like half a page of stuff she was allergic to. but we were still able to make her a wedding cake!

        • I am also allergic to pineapple!!! Craziness! But I’m also quite allergic to red food dye (all of them, not just those of the bug-derived variety), and all food dyes really. Anything artificial will give me a headache/stomachache/hives (just depends)from flavorings to preservatives…so no BHA/BHT/BHQ. And MSG, but who isn’t allergic to that?
          Oh and mold, that’s no good either.
          And erythromycin!! I have a weak stomach!

  4. So..If I show up to A-Camp wearing my Lambs wool sweater (which is always covered with my dog’s and cat’s hair), reeking of a fragrance mix, with a Henna flower in my hair, eating a salad containing among other things: kiwi, strawberries, papaya, bananas and walnuts with a honey-ginger dressing, popping a myriad of anti-biotics and carrying my fire-ant farm..Should I expect to spend the weekend contained in a plastic bubble?

  5. I feel like I should add my weirdest allergy, which is whatever is in sour green apple flavoring. Not regular green apple flavoring, not sour stuff on its own, but something in sour green apple flavored candies makes my face swell up.

    It is strange and my doctor thought it was hilarious so it is now actually written in my medical history.

  6. Being allergic to papaya must suck for lady loving.

    I’m allergic to fruit punch, I almost died so many times in my childhood from people (mainly adults)testing me, thinking it was a fake allergy. nope.

    • Also I work outside and furnace oil is too expensive to keep the house above 15 degrees (59F).

      It gets better. There was an oil spill in our basement last month so we can’t turn on the furnace ’cause the floor will catch fire and every door and window has to stay open to air the fumes.

      Someone please adopt me and keep me in Cali. I can live off of mangoes and love.

  7. Yay I’m not the only person with a penicillin allergy! (I’ve seriously never met anyone else with it).
    I’m also allergic to pine (if I’m around too many needles for a long time I get laryngitis), poinsettias, long haired dogs, and potentially pomegranate & bee/wasp stings.

  8. I’m allergic to bananas, seafood, latex, Dilantin, Dilaudid (I don’t know if that’s spelled correctly), and sooooo many flowers. When I was working in a store during Mother’s Day and they had a million flowers on display, I thought I was going to die of allergies. Tears and snot were just rolling down my face. It wasn’t pretty.

    • I have to say, as the wife of someone who is sensitive (not full-on allergy) to garlic, I’ve gotten over it. At this point, if I eat garlicky things I miss all the other flavors that I put in food when I can’t rely on garlic for flavor.

  9. How is their no peanut allergies?
    Is this some kind of lesbian thing cuz we are all peanut butter lovers?

    I swear peanut allergies are a new problem and don’t remember them
    being such a huge concern when I was in school, but people freak out
    about that shit these days.

  10. I’m allergic to gluten, tomatoes, corn, coco, shellfish, most cold water fish, yeast, grass, pretty much every other plant anywhere, dogs, cats, amoxicillin, fragrances, almonds and possibly dairy. I think there are more fruits, but I can’t remember any of them.

      • How have you people survived so long on this planet? I can’t even conceive of all of this..I roll through life eating gluten like a glutton, covered in various animal hair (domestic and non-domestic) and never having to hesitate before touching something or putting something in my mouth (yeah, I said it) and until now never gave it a thought…I AM SO DAMNED SORRY!!!

  11. I’m mildly allergic to the sun and HIGHLY allergic to silicone. The only thing anyone ever says when they hear this is “OH, SO NO BREAST IMPLANTS FOR YOU!! HAHAHA!!”

  12. Today, as I was having ice cream with a coworker and trying to identify all the ingredients in it, I was remarking how incredibly grateful I am that I am not allergy to any foods (except, minorly, carrots). Still not sure what-all was in that ice cream.

  13. Well, my walnut “allergy” is really only a sensitivity (it gives me a rash and triggers my asthma) so if it is adversely affecting the A camp budget, it’s not a big deal to me.

    My cat (who I’m supposedly allergic to) has worse allergies than me. He’s on pills and a gluten free diet and sneezing at my feet as I type.

    This was a good reminder that I need to finish the questionairre already. Let me go do that now…

  14. Everything but the sun pretty much sums up my allergies.

    Trees, hay, grass, dogs, cats, bees, pollen, certain brands of make up, scented laundry detergent and dryer sheets.

    Oh yeah and I have asthma.

    I promise I’m a real catch when I’m medicated.

  15. I was in great need of some cheering up today and Autostraddle did that for me. I have allergies too! And I’m the only one in my family/friends group with any issues so they always make fun of me.
    I’ve got numbers: 6, 7, 14, 21, 22, 24, 25, 35, 37, 38
    Plus pineapple, oranges, limes, sometimes lemons and any citrus really, rodents, farm animals but not horses, birds and feathers, lots of scents/fragrances, all flowers and pollens, arythromyacin, advair, excedrine, coconut, bees and yellow jackets (I don’t know if I put down that number.), uh… wool, bed bug bites, dust, dust mites, fleas, sand fleas, ticks, cockroaches, saltwater, everything they do on those allergy tests…
    I also have asthma, neuropathy and fibro myalgia. Which makes me sensitive to humidity, air pressure, temperature, sitting still and standing up, walking and lying down, sea level…
    Oh I forgot mold. Mold almost killed me once. I don’t wear make up but probably that too. Some laundry detergent, tons of soap, probably fish but not snowcrabs, camels, emu and ostriches, airfresheners! And candles, deodorants, Always Infinity pads apparently, sausage and grease, my own hair/dandruff, What else? Probably berries… smoke…incense…honeysuckle… maybe soy because I’ve never had it.
    Also, does it count if I have a thing where I can eat weird textures without throwing up, like mashed potatoes, pudding, jello, custard, and things?
    There are more things but I don’t know them all.

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