MUNA Songs Ranked by Their Song-of-the-Summer Potential

For a while there, I felt like “Silk Chiffon” was everywhere. The first single off of MUNA’s new self-titled album (which is the first released under their new label, Saddest Factory, run by the queen of sad white girls Ms. Phoebe Bridgers) went viral on TikTok, paid homage to But I’m a Cheerleader and generally just infected a few months with a little earworm. Having worn OUT the Repeat 1 button on Spotify listening to the song Number One Fan off the band’s previous album, I feel qualified to say: MUNA knows how to make a song of the season.

If “Silk Chiffon” was the song of the spring (winter?), then I’m here to encourage you to find your song of the summer from the rest of the tracks.

“Silk Chiffon”

Y’all already know this one, and so does every TikTok queer for miles. If it’s not broke, etc. You want to stick with a classic, this one’s for you.

Blast when: you’ve got the sun on your face and the wind in your hair, whether that’s rollerblading, driving in the car, or sitting on the porch.

“Loose Garment”

One of a few breakup songs on this album, this is not about regretting the breakup itself or wishing that you were still with an ex, but just being sad about the end of a relationship that ultimately couldn’t work and not quite able to shake it. That’s gay culture! I’m all about pretending sadness doesn’t exist this summer, but for my saddies (combo sad grrl/baddies) out there, maybe this is your hit!

Blast when: you wanna wallow a little bit, but ONLY a little bit.

“Kind of Girl”

One for my contemplative girls and gays! A song about resisting boxing yourself in, loving all your flaws and wanting more. It’s more downbeat than most of the other songs on the album, the only reason it’s not higher on the list, but one thing I love about this album is none of the songs are content with just being sad: they’re hopeful and lilting and most importantly, still bangers.

Blast when: you want to emote while singing. In college, there was an “acting through singing” course (yes I was a theater major) — this is a perfect song for that class.

“Shooting Star”

I wish this song was…louder? That’s truly my biggest criticism on the album, is this one song’s volume. Pretty good, I think!

Blast when: driving home from a party where you chatted someone up but didn’t get their number.

“Home By Now”

Another post-break up anthem, this one about wondering whether a relationship might have worked out if you’d stayed in it. Gorgeous deep vocals, and real insight into that feeling when you know you broke up for a reason but aren’t yet used to the space by your side that an ex used to occupy.

Blast when: you want to ruminate on all your past relationships (don’t lie, we all do it!).


In their New York Times feature, MUNA talks about recording this song and how the chorus kept sounding like “She’s a salad,” which will be how I sing this song forevermore. I anticipate so many imminent couple montages to this song on TikTok!

Blast when: you and your partner are bopping around together.

“Handle Me”

Okay, a bottom anthem!!! Haha jk…unless…? This song begs a partner to not be shy. It’s sexy but if you weren’t listening to the lyrics you might not notice just how sexy.

Blast when: you’re with a person you wanna kiss for the first time!

“Runner’s High”

The lyrics question whether the singer is feeling fine after a break-up simply because they’re the one who left. Truly some very clever lyrics in here, ripe for captions and quoting.  Croony and introspective, this still has a propulsive beat, turning a potentially sad song into one that you still want to jump up and down to.

Blast when: you wanna belt something sad but not depress yourself.

“No Idea”

Another very sexy jam! I wanna see a bunch of thirst traps set to this song ASAP, or watch it score a scene in a movie where the lead locks eyes with a hottie at a bar and then one cut later is grinding up against them.

Blast when: you’re feeling flirty or feeling yourself!

“Anything But Me”

Is there a more iconic opening line on this album than “You’re gonna say that I’m on my high horse, I think that my horse is regular sized?” This vibe, wishing an ex well but removing yourself from that relationship very firmly, that’s the wave for this summer. No lingering confusion, no mixed signals. Let’s want the best for each other and just admit that it’s not us.

Blast when: you’re trying to get over someone, it’ll help for sure.

“What I Want”

Maybe it’s just sonically similar to “Number One Fan” and my obsession is kicking in, but the second this song starts, I’m shaking ass! “I spent way too many years not knowing what I wanted, how to get it, how to live it and now I’m gonna make up for it all at once.” Is this a post-pandemic song? A post-break-up song? A post-coming out song? Applicable for any and all situations where you’re ready to let loose, this is a certified banger and I can’t wait to hear it in a room full of sweaty queer people.

Blast when: you wanna listen to the song of the summer, babe! This is it!

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