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Have you seen some new faces turning your broken links into the magical dancing unicorn gif you intended or plusing your smart commentary on various issues of the day and perhaps making smart commentary of their own or deleting that spam comment from some penis enlargement site (seriously, know your demographics fellas)? Have you been wondering who these pieces of heaven are? Wait no longer. Please allow us to present the newest lights of our lives and yours – the Moderators of Autostraddle dot com.


Kaylah is a fine arts student studying Art Administration and music in Lexington, Kentucky. Her passions are cooking a meal that rivals that of your Latina mother, watching documentaries on her favorite cryptid Bigfoot and DJing house parties. She left college TWICE to work for the Disney Company and hated every magical millisecond of it. No, she won’t teach you how to twerk OR dougie, so don’t ask. Kaylah is super single (hey girl) and can’t wait to be the badass feminist homemaker of her dreams.

Interesting Facts:

+ I had my first kiss at 18 years old. I didn’t get the courage to lean in and go for it until Evanescence’s My Immortal came on the radio. Epic.

+ My unpopular opinion is that Jägermeister is absolutely delicious.

+ I love saying “cunt” and “slut” and any other shocking ‘un lady-like’ things. I shock people during conversations because with my docile and sugary sweet southern mannerisms, you just don’t expect it.



Rachel was born and raised in Florida, though she’s making the trek out west to Nevada in July. She graduated in 2011 with a BA in Creative Writing, and after trying and failing to have a Real Adult Job, she now works independently as a transcript editor and often sees the sun rise from the wrong side of the day. When she’s not meeting work deadlines, she’s working on the half a dozen queer YA novels she hasn’t yet finished. Someday, Autostraddlers. Someday. She spends more hours watching YouTube than she does watching movies or TV, and she’s probably re-read Harry Potter three times since last year.

Interesting Facts:

+ Last year I went on a month long solo road trip to “find myself,” relying on the kindness of friends, cheap hostels, and rest stops in the mountains.

+ I was homeschooled all the way from kindergarten to senior year of high school. I know, right??

+ I have an obsessive love of makeup, and it all started because I wanted to be Jack Sparrow for Halloween back in 2003.



Photo on 6-21-13 at 7.36 PM #2
Rain is a college student living Valdosta, GA, smack dab in the middle of the Bible Belt. She is double-majoring in Biochemistry and Psychology and minoring in French. She gets paid to get yelled at (no seriously, she’s a part-time telemarketer) and is the youngest active member of South Georgia Pride, the LGBTQ organization of South Georgia (yes, it exists, believe it or not). She is always dreaming of the next place she wants to travel to. She is a chronic hopeless romantic with a terrible case of the singles. She hopes to one day become a professor and write a novel that changes the world.

Interesting Facts:

+ My life goal is to complete a 5,000 piece jigsaw puzzle.

+ I am constantly wanting, designing, or saving up for a new tattoo.

+ I can only cook 2 things in the entire world, but man, I can make them perfectly!



Bio: Melinda is a lawyer and has lived in Southern California all her life. She has attended all three A-Camps and has tentative plans to attend the fourth. (Which is not an offer to keep you out of jail if you do something crazy/dumb in Angelus Oaks. Which you won’t, obviously.) Kindly and reserved, descended of a therapist, prone to ask “How does that make you feel?” almost religiously, her name and signature phrase “fuck you” nevertheless became a rallying cry for September 2012 cabin mates. Her hobbies include drinking, swimming and secretly plotting to usher in a new era of history.

Interesting Facts:

+ My username, Melanie, is a mistake on Melinda that stuck. It remains one of my nicknames/aliases to this day.

+ I still think I can become some superhuman blend of Don Draper, Nella Larsen, John Kennedy, Peggy Olsen and Ramon Novarro if I just try a little bit harder.

+ I have a much beloved, spoiled, and overweight five year old cat.


In addition to these brand new baby birds we have a familiar face moderating the comments to keep this Autostraddle community the bestest it can possibly be. Intern (Modtern?) Kenzie has stepped up to that plate. Perhaps you remember her.

Let’s give ALL these terrific humans a warm welcome to Team Autostraddle!

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  1. I don’t know all of you, but look forward to changing that! I do know that Kaylah made me laugh so hard I choked on my beer, and I absolutely know that Melinda is smarter than I will ever be. Except for the PBR. That will never be a smart choice. No. Really.

  2. “…turning your broken links into the magical dancing unicorn gif” – They do that? Teach me, Master! I’ve always wanted to put a jpeg/gif as a comment. And… Wait for it… Hey girl, hey! ^___^

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