Ann Arbor Meet-Up 7/1: Senior Editors Emerging From Hibernation To Drink Whiskey With You

There are few times in this life where all five senior editors are together in one place at the same exact time. THIS IS THAT TIME. Or rather, July 1st, 2016 IS THAT TIME. Rachel, Laneia, Yvonne and Heather are all going be in Ann Arbor this Friday, and we (we = Sarah and Riese) decided the best situation for a hangout would be if all of you were there too! So if you happen to live in Michigan (or NW Ohio) (or Windsor? really anywhere) and can make your way out to Aut Bar, we’d love to drink/dance with you! We are also building up our SE Michigan/NW Ohio group, so if you can’t make it out this time, request to get added to this Facebook group so you can hear about all the other cool times we’ll be hanging out. (But TBH this one is gonna be the coolest).

Aut Bar Meetup with Riese, Rachel, Heather, Yvonne, and Laneia!

I wish I had arms like Alex Vega.


Sarah is gay.

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  1. Aw man, I used to live in London, ON, a reasonable distance from Ann Arbor. Not anymore, sadly.

  2. Rachel

    Aw, dag, I’ve been sitting here thinking about how much I miss Common Language Bookstore and now I’m gonna sulk about missing this too, since I’ve moved easterly. I mean it’s been over a year now but STILL.

    Speaking of which – y’all, if you haven’t gone to Common Language, totally give it a go. They struggle so every dang sale helps them, and honestly it’s just so NICE going to a store with a full bookcase of just lesbian fiction. They’re open til 10 pm on Fridays, go into town a little early and give them a look? They’re literally right next door to Aut Bar. Do it so I can live vicariously through you!

  3. OMG. Nothing ever happens in Michigan as far as AS meetups. This is great!!

    • It’s a bit short notice for me so idk if I’ll be able to go, unfortunately :(
      Also do you have to rsvp? I don’t have a facebook but I totally was at camp and am not an internet weirdo!

  4. Lija

    Nooooo!!! I live in Ann Arbor, but I am thousands of miles away in the Arctic for the summer and am missing real life and bars and pride, etc pretty intensely right meow . Would have LOVED to meet some of the Autostraddle ladies! D:

    • Well honestly the Arctic sounds pretty cool, not gonna lie… and I am impressed you’re getting service out there! We will be getting together for other things in the future, don’t you worry! :D

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