VIDEO! Meet ‘The Real L Word’ Season 2 Cast: Beautiful Dirty Dirty ‘Rich’ ‘Rich’ Dirty Dirty Beautiful Dirty ‘Rich’

Look, it’s no sunshine glowing from Tracy’s vadge but at least this one’s a little less subtle:

Although Whitney is the only lead girl returning from the glory of season one, Autostraddle Calendar Girl Romi has been promoted to full cast member status and we can confirm that Rose, Natalie, Sara and Whitney’s hilarious roommate and voice of reason, Alyssa, will all be in the mix. Wherefore art thou, Tor?

The producers have responded to complaints about the original group being too femmy and whitewashed by adding two butch girls, one African-American girl and one Asian Girl. TA-DA! So now, aside from the manipulative editing and lack of “character” development, there’s really nothing else to complain about, right?

Although the group seems to be on the whole more of a “social group” than the original, we’ve got a Nikki & Jill substitute in the form of a brand new legally married couple trying to get pregnant.

The new season premieres June 5th. Here’s the cast breakdown, per Entertainment Weekly:

Whitney: She’s back! (And she’s the only season 1 cast member to return for the second season.) Here’s what’s coming up for the Hollywood special effects artist and activist this season, according to Showtime: “By far the biggest complication is Sara — the temptation Whitney just can’t seem to resist — despite her friends’ warnings. But beyond the girl drama, Whitney is making 2011 her year to re-focus on her creative passions and give back to the community.” Whitney will also be launching and hosting a monthly ladies’ night party in West Hollywood and delving into some special effects makeup projects with her best friend, Alyssa, as well as “scheming a blowout charity event to determine once and for all if the reigning lesbian subgroup will be ‘pants’ or ‘pumps’!”

Claire: The St. Louis native just moved from New York City to Los Angeles and is starting her own online lesbian magazine focusing on the sapphic lifestyle and fashion. Claire’s Showtime report: “We catch her in the middle of a major life change — leaving her life in New York City, amazing girlfriend included, to see what Los Angeles has to offer… and if her ex-girlfriend of five years, Francine, is really ‘the one.’” Which brings us to…

Francine: Claire’s ex from college is a media and business executive who is just now coming into her own on the L.A. dating scene. Apparently, Francine thinks that she and Claire are “tragic” together and “doesn’t know what to make of Claire’s move.” Says Showtime’s official dossier: “She’s already on her way with a successful career and a great group of friends whose support is a welcome presence as she also grapples with whether or not to come out to her traditional Japanese mother.”

Romi: The fashion designer wasn’t officially a cast member in season 1, although she did indeed appear, and now she’s got her new girlfriend, Kelsey, in tow. “A social butterfly, Romi’s a fixture at every party and a trusted confidant among her friends,” reads her official bio. “She’s also developing her own jewelry line, starting a new job and struggling to be emotionally and sexually available to Kelsey. It’s a lot to bear and Romi is stretched thin. Alcohol has helped her manage in the past but it’s become a toxic medicine. She knows it’s time to make a change, but there will be consequences.”

Cori & Kacy: The Culver City, Calif., duo are entertainment executives, have been together for five years (legally married for two), and are ready to start a family. They’re excited — and overwhelmed. “They have to find a donor, a doctor and figure out their insemination plan,” says their combined bio from Showtime. “Cori also has to bid adieu to her carefree party days and quit smoking. It’s an emotional journey without a roadmap.”

Sajdah: The resident of Van Nuys, Calif., is an LGBT activist and was once nominated for high school prom queen. Now, Sajdah has gone butch and is finding her way in L.A.’s lesbian world, having just moved from Washington, D.C., where she was the first of her family to graduate from college. Reads her Showtime bio: “Articulate and opinionated, Saj isn’t shy about making friends or speaking out on behalf of the gay community through activist work. Yet, the ins and outs of relationships remain a mystery for her — until she meets her first girlfriend and is forced to learn, and fast!”

Is the diversity and fresh set of ladies enough to lure you into giving this a second chance? What if they tried harder, made fresh hummus? Let’s get some feelings out in the comments.

This just in, there’s a trailer…

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  1. Okay but, what is the likelihood that we will see Alex and Croce when they inevitably cover a PYT event?

  2. “Now what are ya’ll gonna bitch about? I mean, aside from the manipulative editing, shitty score and lack of “character” development?”

    Well, I could bitch about the lack of creamed corn. I was really hanging out for that, you know.

  3. im excited that Natalie is going to be in “the mix”.
    Also, “Whitney is making 2011 her year to re-focus on her creative passions and give back to the community” *cue audience: awww*

    • ya know, i didn’t want to say anything but… claire and romi def have some nipple confidence happening

      • I read this comment and the comment thread above it together somehow, and my brain translated it into “Evan Rachel Wood Cowbell!”

        Which, you know, didn’t seem ENTIRELY nonsensical…

  4. they look like they’re covered in crude oil, DID THEY NOT TAKE THE EARTH DAY PLEDGE? for shame.

    • Seriously though, seriously what are they covered in? Are they supposed to look like the baby penguins in those DAWN commercials, because they do! Is crude oil wrestling something I wasn’t aware of? I’m the least trendy gay girl ever!

  5. should i be more excited about this?

    i feel like i should be really into the Real L word…but I just can’t muster up enough interest.

    like I’d rather watch American Pickers…

    maybe it’s the LA thing…

    maybe I’d be more into like a real l word in the bronx or brooklyn or Atlanta…mmm or maybe i just like thicker looking girls with a bit more attitude….

    • they should make a British version, but put in in somewhere other than Glasgow or Essex (all British remakes are situated in these two places) we have charm, charming British charm.

      • Like a lesbian version of The Only Way is Essex?

        Also, I’m from Essex & half Glaswegian. Does that make me a good candidate for this potentially amazing remake?

      • Oh god I would die and go to heaven if they made an Australian version… Oh you Aussie ladies just don’t know what you do to me… If anyone wants to make Aussie videos for me I will accept. They don’t even need to be dirty. Bust out an encyclopedia and read it for an hour and my head will probably explode. *sigh*

        • There was that web series that Crystal covered… Generation L, I think? I thought it was kind of weak but the accents might override that for you ;)

      • My vote is with a Canadian version. And do it in the winter so it’s just a bunch of chicks in sweatpants and wooly sweaters bitching about the weather, getting drunk at hockey games and lying on the chesterfield after they throw their back out shovelling the laneway.

        But that’s probs just me…

      • yes. if my photog deal doesn’t work out, i think opening a thrift store / declaring war on storages = a decent plan b.

      • I prefer Parking Wars. Nothing is funnier to me than watching people loose their shit over a booted car.

        • i’ve only seen like 10 mins. of “parking wars”. it was the one in south philly (heyyy) & this old lady was following the meter lady around the streets & waited for her outside some shop & wanted her to give everyone a ticket. the cops eventually made her leave though. that old lady reminded me of my aunt. hence why i remember it.

  6. I can definitely confirm that Natalie is in the mix. I saw the whole cast filming for an episode at Trigger in SF, and Natalie was there and looking adorable as ever. As was Romi and Whitney…the rest I didn’t recognize but I see some of them up in that promo shot.

    • Tami,
      Are U sure that it was Natalie that was at Trigger in SF. I
      Was that when she was still w/ Rose?

  7. I think there’s a good chance that this season will be better than the last one. Or maybe just as bad, but in a different way. A good way. You know?

    Either way. As much as I hate to admit it. I’ll probably end up watching.

    Also. Sajdah is pretty hot.

  8. “Alcohol has helped her manage in the past but it’s become a toxic medicine.” romi is the new mikey? ON CARDSTOCK!

  9. My main feelings:

    a. Meh, reality tv.
    b. OHEY SAJDAH. (That is one good lookin’ butch mm)

    • Yesss I am sure this will be nearly as awful as the last season (of which I only saw the finale and the amazing recaps) but the few brief glimpses we got of Sajdah tooootally made me swoon.

  10. My first reaction is to Entertainment Weekly: why does the statement “…and was once nominated for high school prom queen. Now, Sajdah has gone butch..” need to be in that bio?

    I mean I guess yay for backstories and relating to characters blah blah maybe i’m being too nit-picky. Just annoys me. I was only ever in this for the auto-straddle recaps anyway!

    • “why does the statement “…and was once nominated for high school prom queen. Now, Sajdah has gone butch..” need to be in that bio?”

      Because the show isn’t actually for us; it’s for straight people. And ex-prom queens are waaaayyyyy more relatable and less scary to the heteros who have closet gay fantasies which drive them to watch this schlock.

      So sick of this crap. And there is absolutely nothing attractive about Whitney IMO.

      Please demand better and stop slurping up the shit leftovers they keep serving us.

      Recaps TOTALLY not included in this. They’re genius.

    • I would feel pretty good about the world if I never had to hear/read the phrase “gone butch” again.

  11. Does this mean you’re going to recap this?

    because I’m physically not capable to watch it..


  12. “It’s an emotional journey without a roadmap.” I just cant even, what! Maybe it’s just me, but surely that’s a piss take, that’s the most ridiculous sentence ive ever read, is that meant to make me watch this, ha!

    • that sounds like it was stolen from the eat pray love promotional thing (and thats not a good thing)

  13. im going to be really confused with the ambiguity of pronounciation between sajdah and sara (aka sadda)

  14. So…i’m totally watching this b****, if only for Sajdah and the new couple and Francine. I cant help it. This and true blood will be my entertainment for the summer, other than friends and work.

  15. The first season is a huge guilty pleasure of mine. It’s nice to see a more sexually and ethnically diverse group of girls, as well as what appears to be a more politically-conscious angle (hopefully?).

    Whether it’s good or not, a second season means RETURN OF THE RECAPS! :)

  16. How do you say Sadjah’s name? I keep trying to but it just sounds like an even harder version of Sara/Sada.

    • Oh good, I’m not the only one who can’t figure it out and/or are getting the two names confused because they sound so much alike

  17. I spent the whole of last week watching Season 1 and I think I just might be the only person who’s happy to see Mikey and Rose go. They were so fucking disrespectful and annoying I cringed every time they opened their mouths.
    Yay for a more diverse cast for Season 2, even thought it’s complete tokenism…but it’s gotta be done somehow…

    • Rose is still going to be a HUGE part of the show unfortunately, she’s in a good amount of season 2.

  18. Akti Vader- SO TRUE! Rose drove me crazy stringing along that poor girlfriend of hers… This season 2 is going to be alllll sex

  19. This part about Natalie being in the mix surprises me, because before Nat deleted her Twitter account she said that she would not be on Season 2. Maybe they show a little bit of her before she & Rose broke up. I just can’t see Nat giving them the O.K. to film her
    Nat has been really quiet since her break-up w/ Rose. What do you guys think? I loved her & would love to see her on it, but treated right.

    • Rose was totally a bitch to Natalie. I’m glad Natalie is moving on. THAT’S RIGHT GIRL YOU CAN DO BETTER.

  20. Did you guys give them that clip that is around 0:03?? cuz it looks like a frame from the calendar shoots

    • yup, TRLW filmed the autostraddle calendar shoot because someone from the show is involved in the calendar

  21. Oh my god! There is a black girl who looks like she has thighs!! I mean, I guess if they had to bang out two in one, but still!!!! I can watch this and feel less bad

  22. I cannot believe – out of all the Lesbians they could have chosen for season 2 they went with Whitney! – who on her last outing proved to be the most horrendous example of a modern day lesbian there is surely? I mean poor little Tor hey, and as for Romi having a lead this time round well are we surprised NO! What do you think she was trying to do from episode 1 – I was pleased how they rounded it all up in the final episode though brilliant ‘Karma’ all round to be fair…lol 

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