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1. 2010 is almost over, which means 2011 is gonna be here, which means it’s time to shoot our 2012 Autostraddle Calendar just in case the apocalypse DOESN’T happen. This time, Robin Roemer will be doing the photoshoots in Los Angeles. obvs. So, if you live on the west coast and would like to be a part of next years calendar, email us: robin [at] autostraddle [dot] com.

2. The Calendars will be ready for the holidays — it’s the sexiest, most stylish/sophisticated gift for all the lesbos on your list sophisticated, sexy & queer gift for all the lesbos on your list. Order the 2011 Calendar now and get 12 months of hot lesbians AND on this Calendar, you won’t need to pencil in Coming Out Day or Gay Pride because b*tches we got allll your gay holidays up in there with the rest of ’em.


This month’s Autostraddle Calendar Girl is:

Romi Klinger!

Miss December

Autostraddle Calendar Girls Romi Klinger

From Photographer Robin Roemer:

“Romi and I had a blast shooting for the last month of the year. She was so fun to work with and as you can imagine after all that air time on the Real L Word, very comfortable in front of the lens. Romi did her own gorgeous make-up for this one. Thanks to Sara Medd for the amazing threads for the shoot.”

Autostraddle Calendar Girls Romi Klinger

Autostraddle Calendar Girls Romi Klinger

Autostraddle Calendar Girls Romi Klinger

Autostraddle Calendar Girls Romi Klinger


The Official Calendar Girl Data Sheet on Romi:


Autostraddle Calendar Girls Romi Klinger

Autostraddle Calendar Girls Romi Klinger

Romi Klinger is a founding mother of the basically-famous PYT Productions (the hottest weekly lesbian party in Los Angeles) (with costumes!), she has her own make-up company, Tragik, with Sara Bettencourt, and she works at the super-fancy Marc Jacobs store in West Hollywood.

But perhaps you recognize Romi from something else — like the first season of Showtime’s infamous series, The Real L Word starring Romi’s friend Whitney. Perhaps you read what Romi had to say to Autostraddle back in August about her experience on the show. Also, you can find out even more about who she is and what she cares about by reading this interview with Romi, Sara and Alyssa AND this feature on PYT Productions. That’s a lot of Romi-related reading. Then, read her #1 feeling:

“I grew up in a family with two women as parents and I saw what happened to my family as a result of not having a lot of rights. It’s important to me that I be protected under the law with gay rights. I do promotional parties for lesbians with my company PYT and we did a huge fundraiser on Pride for the Harvey Milk Foundation.”

Autostraddle Calendar Girls Romi Klinger

Autostraddle Calendar Girls Romi Klinger

Autostraddle Calendar Girls Romi Klinger

Autostraddle Calendar Girls Romi Klinger


See all the calendar girls so far this year.


We just think Maxim, COED and Playboy shouldn’t get to corner the market on “monthly devotions to very very good looking women.” We know lots of hot lesbians who also look good casually lounging on bedsheets and hanging out at the pool/on the couch.

Each month our photographer Robin will shoot a Le Cadeau by Robin set (as featured on WeTV) with one beautiful, talented, smart, interesting and sexy lesbian lady. At the end of the year, we’ll have a pretty kickass calendar that you can buy for 2011, which is our last year on earth before the apocalypse. Don’t you want to keep track of that in style?

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Robin specializes in entertainment, lifestyle and portrait photography. She's also a Creative Producer, Director of Photography and co-owner of Scheme Machine Studios LLC, her production company based in Los Angeles. Robin loves shooting for TV and film and has worked with media companies like Legendary Pictures and Viacom. She shot and directed the Pride campaign for Google called #ThisIsFamily. Robin has had the pleasure of working on national campaigns for companies like Dove and Levis, and had the unique opportunity to shoot for non-profits and initiatives such as The Black List, Save the Children, Move to End Violence, Have a Hart Day, and The Clinton Global Initiative. She is most proud of the work she has done with organizations such as The Ad Council and RAINN working on national impact campaigns. Her celebrity roster includes Cyndi Lauper, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, The B-52s, Keri Hilson, JB Smoove, Tegan and Sara, Margaret Cho, The B-52’s, Andreja Pejic, and many more. She was there for Autostraddle’s birth and proudly served as A-Camp co-director for many years.

Robin has written 82 articles for us.


  1. I have a happy, again, Romi is absolutely gorgeous!
    Thank you for that great idea and making my miserable wednesday-stuck-at-home-with-the-flu much much better… Beautiful pics :D

  2. She looks like a man. I like to cover myself in pudding and then lick it off my body so who am i to judge really.

  3. Great photos. Romi has a smile that could light up an entire room. Seems like a total sweetheart as well. TRLW cast have really proven themselves to be a lot more interesting and likeable off the show than on it. Big surprise. (-_-)”

  4. Dont tell me I am the only lesbo in the blogosphere that feels as though Romi as Miss December is disappointing! Not that I dont think Romi is hot, thats almost indisputable. The issue here is the amount of DIGGING Autostraddle did to find her. Correct me if Im wrong, but most, if not ALL the other calendar girls are relatively unknown. Romi on the other hand? All you had to do was know that she had a gratuitous strap on sex scene on national television.
    I read an interview (probably on this site) with Romi who condemned the Showtime producers for using that intimate footage of her and the “pussy juice and cream corned” Whitney directly following a half naked oil wrestling match. This interview somewhat redeemed Romi in my eyes, but that didnt quell my disappointment at the tactlessness of the Real L Word producers.

    Does anybody else find it problematic that this woman who is famous only for having strap on sex with a Z-list celebrity at a party is Miss December? Where are the up and coming Ellens or Rachels? What happened to putting our best foot forward and representing our community well?

    All I have to say, is if our “best foot” is wearing 5 inch stilettos and body glitter, I want no part.

    • So if a woman is seen on TV in a sexual way or seen having sex, is that it? Her body has been tainted! She’s shamed for life! She is now and will never be more than the girl who got fucked on TV for somebody else’s dollar! She is just a body!

      Of course not.

      She’s also a brain!

      A whole human person!

      I don’t know her, but she’s friends with some other people on the team and we’re all in the same lesbian media orbit anyhow, so there was no ‘digging.’ She’s smart, funny and cool. We’d rather not play into the idea that once Showtime catches you fucking on camera, your life is over, or that we should trust reality TV producer’s version of who a person is.

      Romi has started two of her own businesses including a wildly successful lesbian nightlife production company, she’s been remarkably resilient in the face of a lot of harsh criticism — including our own (obviously it’s no secret that I hated TRLW) — and she’s out there spreading good energy to other people. She’s got a queer Mom, she’s comfortable in her (smokin’ hot) body and there’s nothing wrong with being confident about your sexuality, she’s smart, she’s a businesswoman. I think that’s pretty fucking rad.

      • if ‘smart’ and ‘businesswoman’ now mean opportunist who slept with someone on the show to get on tv (literally, in front of a camera crew), then sure……
        the pictures are great and she is hot , super fucken hot , i wont argue that.

        • “Romi has started two of her own businesses including a wildly successful lesbian nightlife production company…”

          Read moar.

          • What’s not? Pointing out that you ignored the bit where Riese listed Romi’s business achievements so you could enjoy judging her some more? I’m afraid that’s for you to deal with.

          • ah of course, i have an opinion that differs from urs , so insinuating that i cant/didnt read would be the appropriate response. thank u

          • “Angry mean lesbians.”

            I know! We’re so judgemental about women having had sex on national television and then telling people about her accomplishments as a queer lady.

            FOR SHAME

          • Every time there’s another gay suicide article u guys write all ur little comments on how ur hearts bleed or how if only these people had stepped out and reached out to their community or loved ones maybe they’d still be with us. People are here for that, reading & participating because they are reaching out to their community and even foolishly believe that their opinions might matter.Then, u all write comments/replies in the next article over condescendingly /attacking ur own fellow queers for having opinions that are not like that of ur own. If its not a comment praising or not a comment that is identical to ur own beliefs, its twisted into something else. None of this is actual dialog; it’s a fucken fan club. It makes me sick.

          • I’ve never even seen the show. Few people that have posted are in a fan club. You just BLATANTLY ignored the fact that there is more to this woman than her sex scene. That’s not having a different opinion; that’s you not even responding to her achievements. Judge someone taking into account everything, not just one sex scene.

          • There is “having opinions different to ours” and then there is “making a hateful judgement about someone you don’t even know”. You did that latter and got called on it. You need to read what Riese said down below, and you need to grow up and own your words.

          • “People are here for that, reading & participating because they are reaching out to their community and even foolishly believe that their opinions might matter.Then, u all write comments/replies in the next article over condescendingly /attacking ur own fellow queers for having opinions that are not like that of ur own.”

            I just . . . I feel like I need to comment on this comment that was made by melisa in response to a response to her disparaging response.

            Someone comes onto a community web site and says basically, “this lady who is a part of my community is an attention-mongering slut. I don’t like her. I forbid you from celebrating her.” That to me, is a perfect example of “condescendingly attacking ur own fellow queers for [making decisions] that are not like that of ur own.”

            Also, Romi did something public WITH HER OWN BODY. She was drunk. It looked like a sad experience. Have you ever done something while you were drunk, that ended up making you feel sad? Did it happen on national television?

        • You have no idea what her motivations were. Sleeping with someone because you LIKE THEM is different from sleeping with someone to “GET ON TV”. ALSO WHO THE FUCK CARES IF SHE DID IT TO GET ON TV, TV IS COOL AND ROMI IS COOL AND REALLY BEAUTIFUL AND THERE ARE LOTS OF LESBIANS IN LOTS OF DIFFERENT FIELDS OF WORK. Being gay doesn’t mean you have to be a Rachel or an Ellen. Yeah, that’s AWESOME, but can’t you also be gay and have other jobs too?

          Sorry I got all worked up, I just can’t imagine what it would be like to model for a community that I found supportive and have them shoot me down.

          • Also, just to clarify, I’m not at all insinuating that Romi doesn’t do a whole lot of awesome stuff for the queer world, because she does. I’m just saying that it’s important and valid to have queers in all fields. I wish there were more queer women on TV, in entertainment publicity, retail, etc. THANKS ROMI!

      • x1000?
        I’m weirded out that people are hating on the decision to feature Romi but I’m actually more just confused! I don’t understand how a case can be made that she’s not an active and productive contributor to the lesbian community, especially when the write-up that accompanies the photo spread states that she is invested in more than one business venture. PYT productions is a well-run company; she doesn’t need to be the next Rachel or Ellen to be photographed in a sexy calendar. For all we know, she could be the next big name in gay nightlife, which is not an insignificant accomplishment. She also has a good attitude! What’s the problem? And in my opinion, she provided some of the very few redemptive moments in The Real L Word, just because she was like the only person on it who was hella real.
        I want to ramble more but honestly, Riese says it all better than I could.

    • Autostraddle didn’t “dig” to find Romi, Megan. We’ve all worked in gay media for years so we know lots of people also involved in gay media.

      I think Romi deserves to be seen in a good light, don’t you think? You said it yourself, reality tv producers and editors are great at tearing people down and showing only the bad. That’s what makes for watchable reality TV. Maybe instead of complaining about representation in a calendar which is supposed to be fun and POSITIVE, we can support these girls. I think Romi was a perfect end to this year. She’s smart, talented, and involved in her community. And she’s hot!

      I’d go back through and read about how awesome these girls are. They are stand-up comedians, artists, writers, entrepreneurs and philanthropists. If you think you know people who are better, why don’t you send them to me. I’d be happy to meet the next Ellen or Rachel.

      • “Seriously, its like people don’t even read sometimes. I say, if you want to be negative… go troll any other website. Not ours.”

        Look Robin, I love Autostraddle and I think you guys do a great job here. Im sorry if my opposing view point on a highly controversial figure bothered you to the point of sending me the above quote in an email, but what kind of website would you be running if it weren’t for opposition? Correct me if Im wrong, but Autostraddle is an interest blog. Most of the people come here looking for an internet community for queer women. This means that Autostraddle exists for people who already feel alienated from other outlets for one reason or another.
        Now, what makes a blog reputable or a website sturdy is its ability to argue its point and back its claims. You argued so persuasively for Romi that I took a second and a third look back on the entire article and felt I should recant my previous statement. As a blogger, as a site, your team is sturdy. I commend you that you are able to deal with opposition, but to send a private note to my email makes me reconsider the integrity with which you conduct your work. I wasn’t trying to cause a big stir, I was simply trying to state my opinion. As a queer woman, I have had my opinion and voice stifled enough. Im just surprised and genuinely disappointed that I would hear it from a moderator on a queer website.

        • Who is sending “a private note”? I commented back to your comment. Can I do that? Am I not allowed as a photographer to defend the project I’ve worked countless hours on? Can I not defend these girls who have put themselves bravely out there? While you “reconsider the integrity with which I conduct my work”, perhaps you should consider whether I am allowed to also have an opinion and a voice.

        • Also, I just realized you thought you got a personal email from me. When you comment and check the box below, the system sends you an email when someone responds to your comment. Just to be clear, there was no personal email sent. I don’t come on here to make enemies, I just want to defend these girls. And I want people to want to be involved in this project and not be afraid of the backlash.

    • Hey, I like girls in stilettos.

      Also, Romi gets 500+ points for putting herself out there again, because I would be more inclined to run and hide under a rock if my sexual exploits had been plastered across tv.

      • Yessss, thisthisthis.

        Also, did I miss the Glittertime with Romi part of the photoshoot? Somebody said something about stilettos and glitter. As if they were a package deal. Which they should be. Especially in this case.

    • “I grew up in a family with two women as parents and I saw what happened to my family as a result of not having a lot of rights. It’s important to me that I be protected under the law with gay rights. I do promotional parties for lesbians with my company PYT and we did a huge fundraiser on Pride for the Harvey Milk Foundation.”

      • Seriously, its like people don’t even read sometimes. I say, if you want to be negative… go troll any other website. Not ours. :)

    • Please don’t be misogynist. I don’t expect everyday laydee-hatin’ here, so I’m surprised an Autostraddler is writing that. As Riese said, when a woman gets judged for owning her sexuality, then there’s a problem. We’re supposed to be changing the world from the inside. Let’s do it for queer rights and feminism both.

    • Let’s see…Romi is queer, smart, philanthropic, business savy and hot as hell so I don’t get how she wouldn’t be a good choice for the calendar.

      Digging (EVEN IN ALL CAPS) I don’t think was a requirement of the calendar girls (read the intro again!), just that they were super awesome examples of queer girls within the community and all of them have been.

      And body glitter and 5-inch stilettos are awesome like ponies and rainbows and burritos and gauchos.

      And your “best foot forward” comment reminds me when my mom used to say put your best foot forward. And that meant wearing khaki and wearing headbands.

    • I don’t live in an urban area and I don’t own a TV, so I have no clue who she is. Maybe she is known to some small subset of the population, but like just about all gay/bi women, she is unknown to virtually everyone. Maybe Ellen Degeneres is the exception.

      Anyway, she’s sexy, so who gives a fuck? And I think there are a lot of women who look great in stilettos.

  5. Thank you Robin and all the amazing girls involved in this! Thank you for everyone who has shown me love and support this last year! Im excited for the new year! Everyday is a new day im so lucky to have such amazing strong women in my life! Enjoy the calendar!!!!!!

    • Romi, Babe, “you look good Johnny”…. You know we all love you over here, you are a gorgeous person with a gigantic heart! Ill even make Shay sing to you again to prove it. xo

  6. so much love for the last image. the whole set is beautiful, but every time robin puts a girl in front of that window I DIE IN THE BEST WAY.

  7. Romi is looking very sexy. I love her body!!! She has a nice booty. She looks like a prettier (thicker (i say that in a good way))version of Martina Sorbara, whom I love and who is very pretty in her own right..

  8. Wow

    That was my straight, very closed-minded friend Calvin
    I left my computer open, with Autostraddle open and he took the liberty of fill in the comment box when I was out of the room.

    I love Autostraddle but this has really made me rethink my thoughts on this website and it’s contributors. I really can’t believe a publication that is behind the fight for equality would take from someone the right to say what they so choose. I see what was done just as bad as what the narrow-minded people who hide behind the anonymity of the internet to gay bash and send hateful and harmful words and threats.

    Now my comment and not Calvin’s…
    You know I just don’t give a damn anymore

    Have a great day

    • No one said anyone couldn’t say what they wanted. We are defending a project and its very brave models to commenters that are being just plain mean and making it very personal towards Romi, who is an actual person who deserves respect.

      If someone can come to this feature and share their opinions about it, I’m pretty sure I’m entitled to share mine back, especially if those opinions are filled with support for these women rather than insults. Please don’t confuse that with gay bashing.

    • To be fair, the comment was not redacted in such a way that the original words Calvin posted were removed. Riese simply added a humorous sentence to the end. Furthermore, if Calvin wants to troll, he should not have used your account. He was then not exercising HIS right to speak, but assuming your identity and making off with YOUR right to speak.

      Personally I would be pissed at him for (a) having the indecency to write the comment he did on a post obviously celebrating a woman (who, by the way, I totally think he oogled regardless) and (b) using my account (your account obvs) to write such an inane and potentially hurtful comment. IDENTITY THEFT IS A SERIOUS PROBLEM JIM

      • hey-o!

        okay. i have never done that before. but seriously, anyone who would come here to say “she looks like a man” in a way that feels arbitrary (as it turned out to be — just a friend with a second on a website he’d never seen before) because it doesn’t even make sense. insulting a model with a misogynist joke is one thing, but insulting a model with a misogynist joke that doesn’t even make sense is way worse. why would i want someone like that to come to my website?

        and see, i was right! it was just her friend jerking around. that’s precisely how surreal that human being seemed — that human being was not actually real. so basically it’s like a ghost or something. Or like a pony, and so, I win.

    • Sure, yeah. An important part of the fight for equality is letting bigots post homophobic shit unchallenged. Your friend posted offensive shit under your name but Autostraddle is who you’re angry at. You think calling out/mocking gay bashing is the same thing as…actual gay bashing. You aren’t seeing the problem with this?

      Please do flounce off to your world off bizarro indignation and leave the rest of us in peace. Everyone will be happier that way.

    • Adios, Calvin! Your ideas about beauty, what people should and shouldn’t look like, women having a duty to look some way that you think is attractive, and just gender in general are all stupid!

  9. I would just like to say that I’ve known Romi was going to be Miss December for about a week now and I was beyond excited! Now, I am even more excited then I was before and am so happy that I can come and look at this everyday.
    Romi, you look amazing girl and are truly beautiful. Don’t let anyone say anything, on here or elsewhere, about how you’re a bad image for our community because of one scene. You are a remarkable woman and I am so glad you are part of our community and to top it off, an incredible business woman.
    Thank you Autostraddle for this.
    :) <3

  10. I applaud Romi for having the cahones to put herself out there publicly. She had to know she would only be opening herself up to new criticism. She seems savvy, sexy and confident. Bravo.

    I might also add, if you don’t mind me objectifying for one minute, that her body is banging! Wow! Not quite as drool inducing as Miss January, but close.

    Also, does she design those feather earrings herself?

  11. Omg you guys. Why are we being
    accused of censoring dissenting
    opinions? We don’t, we didn’t delete
    anyone’s comment like most websites
    would. We delete like 5 comments a year
    You dissent, we hash it out,
    we joke around, we get testy. By
    addressing the issue, we are
    showing support for your dissent
    by engaging with you.

    I feel like it’s really not
    personal. I have fights about issues
    with my friends like every day.

    Can’t we all disagree but still
    be respectful and not take one
    experience to threaten to totally
    change your opinion of a site
    that does a lot of things right.
    Also threatening to leave is against
    the rules of lesbian fight club.

    I wrote this comment on my phone
    I hope it works

    • I like your phone’s dramatic formatting.

      I feel like I could interpretive dance to this while a pretty girl plays an acoustic guitar.

    • I dunno. I love you ladies regardless. People will get over it and most likely be back. I’ve found that Autostraddle is like crack. :)


          • you know what i changed my mind. i’m starting to feel really uncomfortable with the tone on the CG post threads.

            starting now: no talking shit on calendar girls posts. just things you’d say to her face. direct concerns about the project as a whole to robin and i via email. yes — we’ve had important conversations here like the sizeism thread, but from here forward this space’s scared. (there IS an entire post to discuss romi’s strap-on-sex already, btw!)

            IMPORTANT SIDENOTE : i don’t want this to come off as an attack on the various rabble-rousing dissenters and their challengers. girls i love you, thanks for making me think, for real. i’ve been right in here with you yelling/being yelled at. but shouldn’t be.

            autostraddle doesn’t censor dissenting opinion, just hate speech and anything which criticizes/speaks negatively a woman based on her physical appearance. we don’t require registration or auditions. we want it to be a safe place for debate, but it’d be off-topic here to debate anything besides the ‘worthiness’ of the model and you’re not allowed to debate that. so.

            these are your OUT queer sisters, half-naked! they’ve dealt with the same feelings of discrimination and difference that you have. they’ve been questioned on their gender presentation or told/heard that what their body wants is wrong, just like you. more importantly they’re real human beings deserving reverence & appreciation.

            these girls are tough and can take it, but i don’t want ‘resilient’ to be a requirement for future models. imagine — if your hot photoshoot was consumed by discussion about how CGs are too skinny, you wouldn’t direct a casting agent/sister/friend/client there necessarily, and that’s sad ’cause of all the work that goes into it. it scares people from modeling for us! it’d be way cooler for the models to know they’ll be 100% embraced when their photos go up than to deal with occasional conflicts on other topics.

            every one of you remembers at least 50% of the body-related insults you’ve gotten in your life, and even though the criticisms here don’t actually address physical appearance at all — this space is officially a sacred gathering place for womyn-loving-womyn to appreciate their inner and outer beauty. CG posts are strictly warm/appreciative/celebratory.

            just once a month. temple of womyn. and we’ll set up a forum next year to discuss general issues. is this ok with everyone? you can respond to this, i’ll eventually delete this comment, otherwise i’m being meta.

            in other words i’ve moved to san francisco and become a hippie, i’m not even wearing a bra right now.

            thank you.

          • You just put my feelings into words again. I don’t know how you always manage to do that, but you’re amazing. Also, I’m now reserving money for this amazing calendar even though I don’t know where I’m gonna put it, because my parents would probably have questions like “Why does my ‘straight’ daughter have a calendar with beautiful, half-naked girls?”

          • Dani and jenin are on to something……

            Autostraddle Mobile Coming-Out Team !!

            Roving bands of lesbians/bi-girls, travel to your hometown, burst thru your family’s front door at dinnertime and announce your new/true status !!
            That way, you just stand up and yell out: “f**k yeah–what they said!”

            Your Mom: “Wow! I’m so impressed with the quality of homogay girls–is that a real word? I had no idea they were so smart, funny, self-aware and all-around lovely… Of course honey, we just want you to be happy and live your most authentic life! Do you need me to sign a permission slip?”

            Your Dad: “Who are these girls and why are they blocking the TV? Why is everyone smiling?”

            Sign up now!
            Get school credit!
            See the world!

          • I like your thinking, smartypants. Your name fits. This sounds like an amazing idea and I can always use more credits.

          • I’ve always thought Riese a brilliant writer..She’s now moved up to GODDESS! Oh..And as to Romi as Miss December…OMFG!

          • THANK YOU for pointing out that people confuse “having a dissenting opinion” with “being mean”. THESE ARE NOT THE SAME and you cannot back up a hateful comment by just arguing that you are “dissenting”.

            hatas should remember what kate bornstein says, aka

          • And where would you recommend a girl go in Santa Cruz to find a lady? (thinking I should do a little road trip!)

    • Hey Riese
      I rarely comment, but something about this thread gave me a little push.
      I’ve been watching Autostraddle grow and evolve from the start and always love the content to be found here. But I think what keeps me coming back on a near-daily basis (okay sometimes multiple times a day) are the comment threads. The fact that you and your team consistently encourage and inspire so many insightful and positive comments speaks volumes about the integrity of this site.
      And now I’ll stop gushing.

    • I’ve never written poetry before and English isn’t my first language but ZOMG… i just want to join in the queer poetry jam funtimes, to the tune being played on the rainbow colored acoustic guitar in my head right now. if i may.

      eleanor roosevelt said
      a woman is like a tea bag
      you never know how strong
      she is
      until she gets into hot water
      or in this case
      a hot calendar

      said calendar
      has a good message
      and makes my heart
      want to sing
      about BUNNIES
      (AND BBQs)
      *clicks to order
      another one*

      romi’s mom
      as well as
      for the win
      exclamation marks

      that’s all i got

      [/end LiveJournal entry]

  12. Oh my goodness! Shit went down since I checked the comments last!

    I feel like I have to make up for some of the nonsense a little, so…

    1) Thank you Romi for putting yourself out there. You’re smart, beautiful, and rock the fuck out of a feather, gurl.

    2) Thank you Robin (and team) for continuing to do excellent work even though these Calendar Girl pieces tend to end in comment wars. I really appreciate everything you do.

  13. so everyone’s a little huffy
    and we’re mad and our faces are puffy
    and we all think different ways
    and of course thats okay
    but lets remember the important things, Buffy.

    girls who like girls are real hot
    because we know that we have a shot
    so lets all hide our knives
    and return to our lives
    of loving each other a lot

  14. Robin thank you! you are amazing and talented and a strong woman and Im just lucky I got the chance to work with you and hope to again in the future. If people want to disregard everything I have done in the commiunity with pyt and more and being who I am and yes letting the world get a closer look into what my life is as a lesbian, then fine. In the end I just wish people were not so quick to judge. Im pretty sure thats what we have been fighting for but to each their own. I stand strong in who I am and Am so proud to be apart of this! Thank you once again to all those who show love and support!

  15. I keep coming back to Autostraddle today. I tell myself it’s to see if any new content has been posted, but I really just want to look at these photos again.

    Romi, you look absolutely stunning here. Seriously. Damn. Props to everyone involved in this project! This may be enough for me to buy the calendar…

  16. in addition to her breasts her thighs are absolutely delicious…

    I also totally love the bra/panties set with the bow, romi you look absolutely yum.

  17. Holy Shit, I LOVE the teal bra in the second shot. PLEASE TELL ME WHERE TO ACQUIRE IT or just send it to me, that’d be ideal, really.

    Also, Robin, these photos are gorgeous! Romi looks amazing.

    ALSO ALSO, can we all pause for a moment and think about how fuckin’ cool it is WE HAVE A FUCKIN’ LESBO PIN-UP CALENDAR?! When the hell did that happen? You know, to the world.

  18. I have nothing against Romi. And I heart Autostraddle.
    I just find it truly ironic after all the hate/mocking thrown at TRLW, and Los Angeles lesbians in general, through recaps and video skits, that you would feature her as a calendar girl.
    Repeat: I have nothing against the fact that you did or her or you. But don’t you find it just a teeeeensy bit hypocritical after everything? But live and let love. Please don’t attack me now.

    • i personally don’t think it’s hypocritical at all. i love the juxtaposition actually.

      i *heart* that AS is featuring this hot girl as a ‘whole human person’, as opposed to the very limited, mostly unflattering, caricatured portrayal in TRLW. How else would i learn what a seemingly kickass lady she is if not for this rad project?

    • i know what you’re getting at but i don’t think that really applies here. Regardless, I was the one who wrote the TRLW recaps and hated the show. But I didn’t write this post and I didn’t take these photographs. Regardless, this post doesn’t say that we liked TRLW. We’re pretty careful to never fake-endorse anything. It says we like Romi, who happened to be friends with a cast member during filming. That’s all. We didn’t say we disliked any of those people.

      now, if ilene chaiken was miss december — that would be hypocritical.


    • It was a trashy tv show, not a hate campaign. I could see where you were coming from if you feel that TRLW was actually seriously and deliberately destructive to the community, but at the end of the day, every community has a trashy TV show and we didn’t get The A-List, so.

      Plus like, I’m not a fan of most of La Lohan’s oeuvre (except the Parent Trap! Which was actually an awesome remake! and Mean Girls obligatorily) but it doesn’t mean I can’t think she’s cute.

  19. Now that I know what Romi actually does, I’m even more surprised by THAT scene.

    I mean, it’s her life – she has to live with it.. BUT, I just don’t understand how people can go into the workplace (Marc Jacobs store etc) after something like that?

    We’re talking about the REAL real world here, where most of us ‘mere mortals’ would probably be fired from our jobs & find it hard to get another (due to our notoriety). TRLW incident makes even less sense to me now, than ever :-/

    But she’s attractive with great makeup skills, so I guess she gets a pass in the real world?

    • I feel that Romi gets a ‘pass’ in the real world, for the most part, for being able “keep calm and carry on” with her life AFTER notoriety. That and having supportive bosses & colleagues & friends & family around you, i guess. But i really believe you have to start with being supportive of you yourself.

      Staying positive no matter what praise OR crap might be thrown your way, and maintaining a great work ethic = no small feat IMO. I really admire the attitude.

      And the hotness of this photoshoot, Robin & co!

    • Wait — you don’t think it’s messed up that a woman would be expected to *leave her career* after something like that?

  20. A ll
    U niquely
    T alented
    O pinionated
    S exy
    T errifically
    R esourceful
    A lso
    D elightfully
    D istinguished
    L adies
    E nlighten one another

    • i am heavily enjoying the influx of poetic experimentation in this thread. the acrostic here is sublime. i am thinking someone should write a sonnet. iambic pentameter not necessary but incurs bonus points. GET ON IT, GRRLS.

      • My goodness. Such an uproar over butts –
        though such a butt, alas, is rarely seen –
        these queers have really gone a little nuts,
        while Romi (bless her soul) remains serene.

        The hubbub springs from sources we cannot
        account for – “jerky friends” and other ghosts
        in the machine. However, one cheap shot
        ought not derail the discourse of our posts.

        By this I mean that we should redirect
        our focus to the proffered assets here;
        it seems a shame to have the comments wrecked
        while we poor cluds might such a sight revere.

        So long as gays can type or sites refresh,
        so long let Romi bare her flawless flesh.


          • Possibly overcompensating for the missing syllable above. Also possibly tipsy. Will definitely take a full ride scholarship anywhere.

        • ok, I waited a full day to say this: totally crushing on the smart girl

          “Hi, I think you’re some kind of wonderful–may I take you to dinner?”

          • ( huuuuuuuuge smile on face ;-)

            I can’t comment on the food but the conversation will be sparkling!

            We will share some surprising similarities, numerous academic geek/comedic references and there will be spontaneous laughter with much mutual appreciation.

            And since it’s a date, there will be some shy moments and some flirty ones too…

            By then end of the night, you won’t even notice your feet hurt in those shoes and I will be ever so impressed with what a highly-trained poet you are….

          • And if none of that sounds even remotely interesting or if you are pathologically shy, we can each sit at our own tables in only the coolest coffee house….

            You will notice I am surfing the coolhunter website while simultaneously reading Dwell, I will notice you….

  21. Robin these photos are so so fantastic. YOU KNOW WE LOVE YOU.

    Romi’s hot, you guys! I have not seen very much of TRLW but now I am regretting that.

  22. What just happened? Were people fighting again? I don’t know how anyone could make coherent sentences after staring at the pretty lady. Or have mean thoughts. They’re breathtaking photos, Robin.

    I’m gonna go back to playing Minecraft now…

  23. The judgement astounds me. We’re supposed to support and build up women, not knock them down.


    Romi is stunning. The end.

    • I’m right with you here. I’m glad most of the comments are positive and “GET IT” but those few that are so quick to judge… they hurt my heart a little. Also I’d wish those people would read any of Riese’s previous comments. For christ sake.

      Anyway! I’m glad I got to format this post because I got to look at Romi’s beautiful photos for like, hours.

      Also, as someone who now knows Romi because of this website etc. — I am proud and happy that she is Miss December.

      I am almost glad that she seems to be as polarizing to our commenters as she is.

      I think some of y’all need to take a step back and reconsider your flash judgements. I promise to never stigmatize you if you’re ever caught on a reality TV show having sexual relations with someone, or something regretful like that.

      Also, I’d like to quote Romi’s FUCKING MOM who just commented (as it seems that many people on the internet don’t like to read all the things):
      “You are more than this calendar, more than your work, and more than one episode on The Real L Word.”


      • I, too, am with you in what you said. Surely we all know what people are protrayed as on reality tv =/= Real Life person.

  24. This sentence of the comment wishes to inform the CEO of Ideas that it is amazing when she internet fights with people and it makes this commenter feel very protected and safe.

  25. Romi, you look beautiful, strong, and sexy! I am proud of your shoot and believe you are a perfect choice for Miss December. I am proud of you for standing strong in all your choices, good or bad Romi…All we have in life is to recognize our ability to choose our steps, change our mistakes and be the change we want in our life. You have always danced to your own drummer and I am proud of you for always standing up for your choices and never allowing yourself to be a victim. You are more than this calendar, more than your work, and more than one episode on The Real L Word. You are a wonderful daughter, sister and hard working, dedicated young lesbian woman. All of your identity is not in your sexuality, it is in all of who you are. I love you!!!!! Your mom.

  26. A friend just text me that my mom Wrote on here! And I woke up and had to see! Im reading this and for once a comment has made me cry! My Moms! I love you so much Mom and Thank you for all your love all support and raising me in gay and loving home! Thank you for teaching me to be me and never let anyone bring me down! I am so much of you and my father! I pray that he would be proud of me the way you are today! They are amazing pictures and Im proud to be apart of them! I am not perfect and cannot please everyone! I hope I am giving back to my community and breaking down boundries! I am me and I can be sexy, dorky and I can cry and I can make bad decesions and wake up and dust them off and learn and Grow! Mom you taught me to never let any struggle or opsticle get me down. Each day is a new one and in the end I am proud of who I am and my friends and my family! Thank you MOM for everything and for making me such a hard worker and strong women just like you! I LOVE YOU! you just made my morning!

    • Calendar girls are NOT supposed to make me tear up! I’m going back to Maxim where I don’t have to remember that girls in photos are people.

      No but really. Awwwwww! Just look at that family love! Thanks for the beautiful photos and lesson in confidence and respect.

    • zomg this is the cutest thing to happen since carly’s mom commented on robin’s post about queer weddings

      (sidenote: i also have a lesbian mom and a father who passed away, weird!)

  27. Your welcome!! Your Dad and I are and always will be proud of you…He is watching you from above Romi…He loves you and is always there baby…Have a great day and hold your head up high!!!!! Every day is an opportunity to grow and learn and most important Romi, to be happy and be kind….Way too much hate out there these days. We all have the right to be the people we are, so go be the best you!!!!!!XO

  28. After reading this whole thread, I have been reminded, once again, that Autostraddle really is a unique and wonderful place.

    How great is it that we can support them by paying $20 for a beautiful calendar with amazing photography and stunning, real women that we get to oggle all year? What a deal!

  29. Romi is this section of this comment has been removed as it is in violation of our comment policy: we do not allow hate speech or slurs of any kind (ethnic, gendered, based on sexual orientation, etc.)

    Another thing- this site trashed this reality show from the start and now all of a sudden you have the cast featured here weekly. Give me a break.


    • ALSO, re-read your post and look at the ridiculous spelling errors YOU made before accusing someone of not being “even remotely intelligent”.

    • You are an reality show editor’s dream. They have turned you against someone you don’t even know.

      Here’s your answer to why Romi is in the calendar. And this is important to know. I have never watched the real l word. Not one episode. I probably never will. I pick the calendar girls. This is a project I work on with Sara Medd, our stylist. So in conclusion… Autostraddle writers recapping The Real L Word and trashing it has nothing to do with our decision to include Romi in the calendar.

      And from what I’ve heard, Autostraddle was trashing how this show was produced and how they decided to portray our community. Its why reality television is so successful. We are programed to enjoy sitting around on our couches and being snarky and judgmental without knowing anything, but thinking we know everything.

    • Oh, do you know her? Hmm, probably not! How would you know if she is brainless? You don’t. Personally I know geniuses who can’t even tie their own shoes, so what does that say. Its time to stop being judgemental! You are judging her based on appearance instead of looking at her as a whole seemingly well-rounded individual. We learn from our mistakes. I hope you learn from this one!

  30. Reading all these comments reminds me of what happens when all the women in my house have our periods at the same time.

  31. That first picture is the beautifulest thing I’ve seen all day & I’ve seen a lot of beauty in many contexts this fine day. Thank you Robin & Romi. x

  32. I don’t know why I didn’t realize this while I watched the Real L Word but Romi is damn, DAMN hot. Wow.

  33. Studying for my giant exam at Kaplan?
    $ 1,500–

    Completley unnerving all the condescending guys in the row behind me by surfing Miss December?

    thanks Autostraddle !

  34. People….all the hate makes me sad. Let’s all take a breath. Every one of us has made more than a few bad decisions and all of us have made good decisions. It just so happened that Romi’s bad decisions were broadcast for the world to see and that was done by a “reality” tv show and (I mean rly) how many times do “reality” shows let us see the entire picture?
    I know this has been said before but I felt the need to reiterate.
    Let’s spread around some love.



  35. LESBIANS, LESBIANS, LESBIANS!!!!!!!!! CONTROL YOURSELVES. GET YOUR FINGER AWAY FROM THERE (that mouse, where you were about to click in the text box and leave a nasty message to the lesbo your cyber-arguing with…you dirty whores).

    ROMI!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!! I’d share my brownie with you and when i get a brownie, i eat that damn brownie…but you could totally get a bite (dont tell my boo though).

    Alright, back to the awesome posts and hot lesbians with extra time in there day (or those avoiding homework before finals like my oh-so-beautiful self)

    Peace & Blessings ^_^

  36. Romi is obviously smart, beautiful, and has her shit together. Anybody that has negative things to say about anyone including her, it is all just jealousy. Grow up and get over it.

  37. Hmm.
    I’ve only been a consistent reader of Autostraddle since I think like July, so I am wondering – is Romi the first calendar girl who has had some sort of semi-celebrity status before being featured?
    I don’t find anything wrong with that, just observing that it obviously adds another dynamic to the situation and thus the comments. It’s sort of a unique scenario thus far.

    Something I see all over the internet in commentary posts is the same old tired response – I have an opinion, then you have an opinion of my opinion that is negative, so I cry foul claiming that your opinion is denying me my right to having and voicing mine.

    See how nonsensical that argument is? I fucking argued with a guy over The Walking Dead who pulled that shit earlier this week. Look, we can all have opinions and express them. What we cannot have is our own special vacuums of cyberspace where we can do this and not expect opinions to be formed back as a result.

    Also – Romi looks like man? Really?
    Because some douchebag straight dude saw that she had short hair and is an obvious lez? There’s nothing mannish about her face, body, makeup, or clothing, and even her hair, while short, isn’t really masculine.
    Why would that comment deserve any sort of reverence or respect when it’s obvious intention is to troll?

    As for Romi herself – she’s a pretty girl. She’s not MY kind of pretty or MY preference, but I don’t find anything offensive about her looks.

    • To answer your question, we had one other “celesbian” in the calendar this year. Nicole Pacent was our Miss June. She stars in the lesbian web-series “Anyone But Me”. She wasn’t on a reality show though so thankfully she escaped any negative feedback about her body, her choices, her intelligence, her worth, etc.

  38. Now I feel a little awkward for being all, “Romi is super hot, unf”, because her mom is reading.

    I think this is a lesson here for all Autostraddlers, don’t say anything here that you would be ashamed to have the calendar girl’s mom read. And plus this is a website with some gay ladies, let’s all just chill out as readers. Let’s not tear each other apart, let’s tear apart John McCain or something.

    PS: Romi’s mom, great job with the genetics
    PPS: I would support further censorship of haterade in calendar girl threads with pudding-moderation so we’d know what’s up.

    • “I think this is a lesson here for all Autostraddlers, don’t say anything here that you would be ashamed to have the calendar girl’s mom read”


  39. I’m also disappointed Romi was featured as a calendar girl. To me she doesn’t exhibit enough self respect to be considered, newsworthy, substantial.

    • hi. okay this might not be articulated well because i’m really tired, but something about this comment really made me feel terrible.

      i think it’s the word ‘substantial’. i know what ‘substantial’ means but i looked it up in the dictionary anyway because that always helps.

      1. of considerable importance, size, or worth
      2. concerning the essentials of something
      3. real and tangible rather than imaginary

      i think the way you used the word is number 1. and this makes me feel really, really sad. i don’t know romi and i thought the real l word was a dumb show and i wouldn’t have made the same choices she did. but she is still a person. and to think she is not ‘of considerable importance, size, or worth’ is .. really low. i don’t know. she’s not a dog. i’ve read all the comments in this post and none of them made me feel as horrible as this. and it’s not even my body up there.

      i’m sorry that you feel this way about romi. i am so, so sorry that you looked down on someone like this.

  40. She’s pretty, smart, successful and a member of our community. You don’t have to necessarily respect her behavior on a reality show , but at least have the common decency to not talk shit about her for no apparent reason. It’s just not cool, yo.

    And Romi, you’re a badass. YOU GO, ROMI COCO!!!!

  41. So I’ve been wanting the autostraddle calander for soooo long now, but I know that there’s no way I could just tell my mom, “Hey, This is what I want for Christmas instad of that badass camera got me.” Not only is the camera really cool, but I don’t think she’d appreciate me asking her for pictures of girls in there underwear. Now I’ll get to the piont. Could y’all (Don’t make fun of a socal girl saying y’all. It’s the LGBT accepted term!) possibly try and have these sold in Calender stores? that would be awesome. And I would buy probably two. One for me AND one for me girlfriend. I’m just that loving. I wasn’t going to ask before, but now that Romi’s in it….well, I just can’t say no.

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