Same-Sex Marriage is Coming Soon to a U.S. Capital Near You!

Welcome to day 4 of the Intern Occupation! All the adults are still lost at sea. We’ve taken over, and we’re never letting go! JK, it turns out running a website is really time consuming. Riese totally still has a job when she gets back on US soil. Speaking of which, are you reading the live blog?? You should be. Riese and Alex are really funny, even in the face of imminent disaster/drowning.

Also, Lady Gaga premiered her Bad Romance video yesterday, and we have a lot of feelings about it, mostly that it is the greatest video ever!

Now, let’s get down to the news:

Gay Rights MarchDC: Yesterday a committee sent a bill legalizing same sex marriage to the Washington, D.C., City Council for consideration. The full council will take up the bill in early December. It is expected to easily pass. (@wapo)

Maine might still suck, but at least D.C. is seeing the light! Too bad this didn’t happen before the National Equality March. There could have been some fabulous marriage ceremonies after the rally.

NEW YORK: The New York legislature did not vote on same-sex marriage yesterday like they semi-promised. BUT Gov. Paterson said there would be a vote before 2009 is over, which is kind of great. (@nydailynews)

DADT: The American Medical Association dealt Don’t Ask Don’t Tell another blow Tuesday when they called for a repeal of the policy. The AMA’s main concern is the strain that DADT puts on doctor-patient relationships. Military medical professionals have been forced to “out” their patients in the past under DADT, making many service members fearful of coming out. It seems like every day, a new group comes out against DADT. We couldn’t be happier about that. (@baywindows)

RYDER: Remember how Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman are going to have crazy lesbian sex in some movie? Of course you do. Well guess what? Winona Ryder is in talks to join the cast. Personally, I think they are trying to kill all the lesbians with this movie. “Hey let’s put all the strong female actors we possibly can into one film and make them all have sex with each other. Then all the gay ladies will keel over from heart failure in the theaters. Perfect.” All this movie needs now is Angelina Jolie. (@variety)

PROM: An Alabama high school has forbid a lesbian couple from attending prom. The two girls have secured the help of the ACLU to fight the school. These high school discrimination cases are getting more and more common, which is probs a product of people coming out earlier and earlier. So, way to go high school gays! Fight the man! (@examiner)

MISS J: J Alexander, of America’s Next Top Model fame, was on Tyra’s show this week to help a gay girl come out to her parents. (collective awwwww) It’s hard to imagine someone being more out than Miss J, which makes him a great person to have on the teevee. He also told his coming out story, of sorts, and it was cute. (@gawker)


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  1. If Angelina Jolie was to join that movie I WOULD seriously think it is is a conspiracy and plot by ‘the man’ to kill lesbians..

    • Yeah, I read that from AP last night. It’s bittersweet. They say we can have equal rights when it comes to hospital care and job discrimination, but nothing else like marriage that infringes on the “integrity of the traditional family or the constitutional rights of churches.”

      • I’ve seen bigotry – of all types – that can last me a lifetime but I’ll just say that there are some things this state can be proud of. In the end, it’s what you make of your experience and who you associate yourself with, as it is anywhere else. You take the good with the bad and try to believe that most people are just that, people – people who have a basic, universal concept of right and wrong that, although it may not be immediately apparent to them at the time, is one that they’ll come around to one day. Call me an optimist, plain crazy, or still irrationally dedicated to Alabama’s future as so many of my peers have all but abandoned it.

        That said, I am biased as I do call Alabama home. I’m not defending Alabama’s record by any stretch of the imagination more so than I’m arguing the point that it’s worth fighting for.

        I try hard to believe that Alabama’s destiny is more than beating Mississippi in everything. :) So yeah, excuse my rant.

        • I was born in Alabama and lived there for a few years, actually. So I also have some pride in the state and the South in general. It’s hard to see stories about Southern racism and homophobia because there are also so many wonderful things about that part of the country (i.e. peaches, spanish moss, accents, etc.). I hate that it’s still rather conservative and backwards, but I like your attitude about the future!

          • Foist and Sarah, I am with you 100%. I live in Mississippi, and as tempted as I have been to abandon the South, I just can’t. I love the weather and the hospitality and everything. The future is bright and all, but the South’s is just a little further away.

          • I have nothing to add really but I do find it interesting that you mention the weather. I always complain about the weather down here but after visiting NYC for the first time last December when it snowed 3″ in Manhattan (I think it was the first real snowfall of the season), the meaning of cold was redefined for me. I finally saw the sun on my 5th day there, the day before we left. Anyway, makes me grateful for cloudless days in the low 70s like today.

  2. hey I hope he Washington bill is passed. In many ways, other countries in America (the continent) look up to the USA and any step towards marriage equality has a good influence on them (and hopefully it’ll echo in conservative countries like mine? -Costa Rica-)Fingers crossed.

  3. *sigh* This daily fix makes me homesick. Sometimes you don’t realize how liberal and accepting your community is until you move to Cali-fucking-prop-8-fornia. Even at a fancy university in the bay area, people can be pretty ig’nant. Case in point(s): One of my closest friends says she’s never met a gay person before me, I’m the only out person in my dorm, my head wants to explode b/c this questioning girl says she wants to be straight because it’s “more practical.” This just proves that we need to be even outer and even prouder so everyone will come out and we can bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles and the state/country/world will be more like DC which is my hometown so suck it, Maine.

    ps. it’s Ally Week so hug your straight friends!

  4. It’s really hard for me to imagine J Alexander having to come out. Like, was there ever a point after his having exited the womb when whatever it is that he is wasn’t clear? Was he not creating ruffled three-tiered headdresses and tinfoil space boots out of curtains when he was two?

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  6. “Marriage is about bringing the two different elements of society — men and women — together in one unit of form that produces and raises the next generation.”
    This is the only reasonable argument a lot of people can operate with while opposing same sex marriage and this really creeps me out. And what about married couples with no children? My husband and I didn’t get married to have kids! Shall we divorce?

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