Maine’s Anti-Gay Marriage Win is Inspiring Other States, Scaring Us

ActNowObamaNEW HAMPSHIRE: The Maine vote might also fuel an effort for a referendum in New Hampshire to overturn that state’s gay marriage laws. Two proposals are being drafted in the N.H. House: One would repeal the law Gov. John Lynch signed in June and re-establish civil unions; the other is a constitutional amendment that would charge voters with deciding if “the state shall only recognize the union of one man and one woman as marriage.” Seriously, if this keeps going …

Okay, I had to stop reading the article about halfway down because strange veins started appearing in my forehead. Thanks, Mainers, for ruining all of New England! No really, good job taking the refuge of same-sex marriage and turning it on its head. You’re setting an example even finer than that of our federal government. What a fantastic country we live in.

You can click on that icon there to tell Obama to act now to overturn Prop 8 and follow through on the commitments he made at the HRC Speech.

NEW STRATEGIES: Speaking of Maine, the New York Times thinks the defeat of marriage equality may make gay rights activists rethink their national strategy. You may recall last year around this time when the exact same issues were raised, and then we re-strategized, and yet we still failed, perhaps because people who don’t like us — or don’t care — still don’t like us, or still don’t care. The article is a pretty good comprehensive look at the state of the equality movement right now. There’s also this gem: But now, with Maine voters dealing a rebuke to their Legislature, it is far from clear whether elected officials — including the president — will risk political capital on gay rights. Actually, major politicians weren’t willing to risk political capital long before Maine happened, but this certainly isn’t helping. (@nytimes)

But don’t get too discouraged. This handy chart shows how much more accepting the younger generations are. I wish the future would just get here, already, before I lose my good looks and no one wants to marry me anymore. (@good)

FORTH WORTH RAID: The Fort Worth, Texas, police department suspended three officers on Thursday for misconduct that occurred during a raid on a gay bar. The suspensions were only 1-3 days, though, so that’s not exactly a lasting slap on the wrist. The misconduct was actually something about not filing paperwork properly, not for using excessive force in the raid, despite the fact that one patron ended up in the hospital with a minor brain injury. Here’s the bar owner’s take: The discipline falls far short of what should have been done to those officers,” he said. “We suspend our bar staff for overpouring longer than that.” The chief of police did apologize for the incident, and some policy changes were made as a result. (@dallasnews)

ENDA: The Senate held a hearing on ENDA yesterday, a bill that would outlaw discrimination in the workplace based on sexual orientation or gender identity. No Republicans showed up to the hearing. (@sfblade)

GLENN BECK: BUT LOOK THE ONION IS MAKING FUN OF GLENN BECK. “There is no greater tragedy than having Glenn Beck outlive your child.”

Victim In Fatal Car Accident Tragically Not Glenn Beck





Look at how hot Natalie Portman is!


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    • Hah, I was going to say something about how much I hate people right now but, yeah, totally gone now.

  1. You know according to Diva magazine Sarah Shahi is not as hot as Kate Moennig. That is a little random don’t you think.

    I have never been and will never go maine.

    • I went there once and almost got killed by a snowboarder!

      I’m not mad at Maine though specifically, you know? Like the people there busted their asses and the governor really stuck his neck out for us. I’m mad at the whole freakin’ country!!! I don’t think the vote would’ve gone any better in any other state (California case in point). That’s why I keep banging my head against the wall.

      • Riese

        I told my dad when his generation dies off, gay marriage will be overwhelmingly approved. He told me fine with me I’ll be dead. Ugh..It is such a touchy subject for everyone.

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  3. but guys! obama had gays and lesbians at the white house easter egg hunt! gays and lesbians — probably at least 1 of each! — were allowed on the white house lawn with all of the straight people! don’t you think he’s done enough for us?

    that onion video = yep

  4. Onward to full marriage equality!
    Cheers, Joe Mustich, Justice of the Peace,
    Washington, Connecticut, USA.
    Congrats to all the couples who came to CT to wed this summer from all across the country!

  5. People need to understand that they can’t decide that our love isn’t real or that our love isn’t right. It’s not their decision to make. Their words and actions hurt, they prohibit, they evoke confusion and despair, and in some cases, they kill.

    Natalie Portman, I love you. My desktop has never looked this good/amazing. I truly believe you are the most beautiful human being to ever exist, which also has led me to the conclusion that you are from somewhere only described in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Please take me there. We can watch the universe explode for our pleasure.

  6. Noooooo not New Hampshire!!!! Well at least nothing has happened yet. And yeah sucks about Maine but at least it went through the first time- a lot of states haven’t even reached that level yet. Also, I would like to add (from my experience) there are a lot of old people in Maine, just sayin. And New England won’t be ruined! Massachusetts is far too queer to be dragged down by this nonsensical madness!

    Wouldn’t it be cool if we could do like a petition (Prop 9?) saying you shouldn’t even be able to vote on the rights of other people when their happiness WOULDN’T EVEN AFFECT YOU NEGATIVELY?!?!!? sigh…

    • prop 9. it works. you know, district 9…that other movie 9. prop 9. yeah, that’s good. I bet if natalie portman proposed such a law, it’d pass.

  7. I think you folks would do well to notice that you lose every time the issue is marriage, and win every time the issue is equal rights.

    Maine, like every place else in this country, understands what marriage is and isn’t.

    Just sayin…………..

    • equal marriage = equal rights.

      We live in a country that flaunts the value of “separation of church and state”- yet gives a huge giftbasket of rights to people who are “married” but refuses these rights to those who have had a “civil union”. People cite that marriage is a religious ceremony, so God’s rules apply. (Let’s just ignore that marriage (and gay marriage) existed before God made his entrance into history.) So God (through Leviticus) says that being gay is a sin (and also in Leviticus that eating shellfish is a sin, and eating pork is a sin and cursing your parents is a sin and wearing two kinds of fabric is a sic, etc.) so gays (of course!) can’t get married. So, basically, marriage is for people who follow God’s rules? Well, the ones that people have decided are important. Yet, are all people who get married Christians? Or even just religiously affiliated with one god? The answer is no. They are straight, and that’s all that seems to matter. They can be Atheists, Pagans, Buddhists and completely godless people and the state doesn’t give a flying fuck about it.

  8. Don’t lose hope, those of you who believe in equality. We’re getting same sex couples from all over the country who want to legally marry and we’re bringing them to NH for a large LEGAL ceremony and reception on Jan. 1. This is not a time for gay people to give up their rights because of other people’s prejudices or lack of understanding of the gay community. Every out of state gay couple who legally marries in NH is a potential lawsuit to the State they are from. The States would rather give gay marriage rights than have to fight lawsuits to recognize these marriages. Also, the more NH couples who legally marry, the sooner the more conservative people in their State will see that their own marriages are not threatened. Life will go on the same as the day before gay couples were allowed to marry. To those gay couples who wish to participate in the NH gay marriage equality event, look us up online at Events Without Borders and we’ll send you some info. Let’s all start 2010 off on a note of equality, regardless of gender, preference, religious beliefs, race or any other barrier

  9. men w /men, women w/ women is unnatural…you know it and i know it…what causes it is a mystery i would love to see solved…..i love you’all tho….

    • I wouldn’t call it unnatural. Less common than heterosexuality, yes, but not unnatural. As we talked about in this post from earlier in the week, there is plenty of research showing that homosexuality abounds in the animal community. That’s about as natural as it gets.

    • being different isn’t unnatural. it’s actually the fundamental reason people as we know them exist. (unless you don’t believe in evolution, in which case you should probably leave the internet.) Here’s the typical scenario: two people have sex and every once in a while, they pop out a normal, GAY baby. it’s just like when people pop out normal, GINGER babies, which statistically happens less often than gay babies (seriously!). and sometimes miracles happen (Lindsey Lohan).

  10. I sure would hope that this is inspiring other states. Lets get these Maine voters over here in Massachusetts!

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