1. “Oh, you read that right. Lifetime Achievement. She’s been around three years.”

    Maybe that’s the equivalent to 31 in Lady Gaga years.

  2. best award show EVER i’ll never watch another one again, till next NNN. the part where dawson leary tells of shangela because he ‘speaks drag’. oh yes. also when johnny weir’s face lights up and he says “sex nugget!”

    • I love Drag Race and thought the NNN awards were generally quite entertaining (particularly how every shot was filled with awkward audience members standing around), but this moment made me seriously cringe. The so-called “drag” language was nothing more than a stereotypical version of “African American Vernacular English” (google it). While I think Shangela’s act was funnier on the stand-up episode of Drag Race than in the NNN skit, having James Vanderbeek imitate it was just plain offensive and, IMO, reminiscent of blackface.

      Sorry to bring the mood down…

      • So, it’s not racist when a black person does it? No. Either it’s all okay or none of it is.

        • Unfortunately your logic doesn’t hold up Andrew. Racism = prejudice + power. A member of the marginalized class cannot be “racist.” Also, note that I did not use that word to describe the skit. The intentions of the writers and of James Vanderbeek were almost certainly innocuous, but that doesn’t change the outcome. The value of reappropriation of negative stereotypes and slurs by oppressed groups can be debated, but when it comes to someone with the most privilege available (a white, heterosexual, cisgender male) using them, there really should be no debate.

    • having covered the NewNowNext awards red carpet twice when it was in NYC, I can say with relative confidence that the winners seem to be at least partially determined by who shows up to the award show, so that there aren’t just a ton of video acceptance speeches

  3. Only watched it because ADAM LAMBERT was presenting … only enjoyed the Drag Queens performance … LOVED seeing GORGEOUS ADAM … all 10 seconds of him. So happy that PH kept his face covered … BEST idea he’s ever had … quite disappointing as award shows go but so were the Grammy’s ….. That’s Entertainment???

    • Hi Tess! Queenrose here and you KNOW I totally agree with you. It is so damn hard to watch a show where people get on stage to “entertain” or especially SING for us, when we KNOW that the best damn vocalist in ALL of pop and rock is sitting right THERE…in the audience…just watching. That’s like having Freddie Mercury sitting and watching Sugarland or Katy Perry sing and NOT being asked to perform…BOOOOOOOOOO!
      But, to be fair, maybe his 19 management don’t want him to perform while he is busy making his sophomore album…I dunno. Just seemed like such a waste of REAL talent! Thanks! ;D

  4. Now, I love Carrie Fisher just as much as the next Star Wars loving, outer space obsessed lesbian. But clearly, Autostraddle deserves the internet award. Clearly.

  5. My middle school girlfriend was really into Panic at the Disco. I never like them much until now. (I was really annoyed by how no one ever pronounced the exclamation in Panic! at the Disco, but it seems to have disappeared. That helps.)

    • god i can’t believe you had a girlfriend in middle school! coming out in your 20s is so lame :\

  6. If you missed ’em and live in the Great White North, (that’s Canada, I think), they’re on MTV.ca! There goes the next couple hours — time well spent. :)

  7. So, I realized that aside from the awkward audience members, I forgot to mention my absolute favorite part of the entire show: the Cloe Sevigny impersonator!!! OMG. I was on the floor, it was so dead on. This is all.

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