Listling Without Commentary: Things That a Computer Is Without Internet

1. an expensive notepad

2. an expensive stereo

3. a poorly designed breakfast-in-bed tray

4. an expensive chess board

5. a small DVD player

6. an expensive post-it

7. an expensive paperweight

8. a cumbersome camera

9. an expensive calendar

10. an expensive photo album

11. a disorganized filing cabinet

12. a cluttered desk


“i hate it when i lose internet and my facebook machine just becomes a typewriter that plays dvds”

originally published on the shoreline receding, with additional items added by riese & laneia.

‘listling without commentary’ concept inspired by / stolen from the awl

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    my friend totes lost internet this morning so this list is so relevant right now. i totes just texted her this whole article, i hope it makes her feel a bit better.

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      It’s always interesting trying to balance having both the laptop and the cat on your lap (and then continuing to use the laptop while the cat inevitably lays on your arms)

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    Sometimes I lose the internet, and then I play solitaire for like two hours, and then I slowly back away from my computer and go outside, and it is lovely.

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    A nice device reading stories to you
    (audio-books are sooo nice)

    The Borg-Cube to my mp3-player

    A photo album

    A reason to get mad 😀

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    Ahh this is super-relevant to my life when I was stuck on Amtrak for 14 hours. How do they still not have wifi?? I did have an L-word DVD though, so.

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