12 Geeky Halloween Costume Ideas To Perplex Friends, Onlookers

So maybe this is just a thinly veiled attempt to have you tell me what to be for Halloween. Nonetheless! These costumes are a terrible idea because:

a) they are impossible to execute (that sounds like a challenge, eh?)


b) even a geek will have no fucking clue what you’re going  as, particularly if she’s had a few drinks or is riding a sugar high of epic proportion.

Let’s proceed:

1. NASA’s Space Shuttle program (people will be both confused and sad)

2. The chemical structure of dopamine (no norepinephrine or serotonin either, I mean it)

3. Emma Frost, Storm, Mystique, etc. of the X-Men…you’ll just look like any ol’ ice queen/a generic sexy-super-femme last minute store-bought Halloween entity. Jean Grey is an arguable exception, depending on how far you’re willing to go with the being-engulfed-in-flames bit.

4. Any Cylon except Number Six (Battlestar Galactica). Though if you have an abundance of Hawaiian shirts, you could try to make Leoben work.

5. Pluto in absentia.

6. Commander Shepard from Mass Effect. BECAUSE YOU COULD LOOK LIKE ANYTHING. There’s a character creator, after all.

7. Any prominent figure of the Horde except for Sylvanas Windrunner (World of Warcraft). There’s no way to make an orc costume flattering, and Halloween is about getting your sexy on, if I’m not mistaken. Or maybe it’s about the harvest season or something. While you’re at it, you know I’m not hating, but WoW might be a good catchall avoid-this-at-all-costs category.

8. Marie Curie. She was many things, but ‘identifiably dressed’ and ‘a babe’ ain’t among them.

9. Anything conceptual: Spacetime, any of Newton’s laws of motion, the blood-brain barrier, human evolution. Tempting, I know. Let it go.

10. Any Game of Thrones character. This is gonna go generic-RenFest real fast. And is that what you want? You’ve got all year for that! Goddamn, I want a turkey leg.

11. The ghost of Steve Jobs: Too soon.

12. The amygdala. That shit is almond-shaped. People will think you are dressed as a clitoris, and if that is your intention, you should probably plan in advance.

If you’re already going as an item listed here, fucking own it! Don’t listen to me, I was just kidding! (Pics or it didn’t happen.)

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  1. I’m going as Ursula from The Little Mermaid. I already have the haircut, and I made my very own tentacle dress :)

    • No fucking way! I am going as Ursula too!!! A little more conceptual since I was too lazy/poor to make actual tentacles, but I drew tentacles on a pleather skirt

  2. Along the lines of #9 (who is not a wanker): I think I’m gonna go as “matter”. And in this case, matter is Alice with beer in hand shaped.

  3. For 7: I saw a really hot Arthas at Blizzcon.

    I myself am going as the Eleventh Doctor. My Sonic Screwdriver came in yesterday. :D

  4. I’m going as the Green Fairy, the hallucination you’re supposed to see after drinking too much absinthe.

  5. lol dopamine…i study this. GET OUT OF MY LIFE.

    also id only go as shep if theres Kelly around to feed my fish.

  6. …or you could just skim this post, see Horde, think of obscure 80s cartoon characters and go as one of them….

  7. I’m going as Zombie Scully, in hunt of a missing Mulder to zombify. I think this will finally be grounds for me to”believe”.

  8. The chemical structure of Dopamine? I like it! Or you could be the chemical structure Oxytocin and claim to be a snuggle.

  9. When I read pluto I thought of the planet (sorta planet, mini-planet, trying to hard to be a planet, the planet for short people, a kind of whaterever not-planet planet)and I know the point of this article but how lame is it going as a planet? then you’d have to spend all night spining arround something yellow… But you know what you’d be cool going as pluto you know the dog.

  10. I made Adam West-style Batman and Robin costumes for me and a lady friend. Unfortunately as much as I want to get a picture of Batman and Robin making out, she’s straight and has a super jealous boyfriend. Damn!

  11. I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned on here, but I actually am going to go as Mystique this year. I’m wearing my regular clothes and telling people I’m Mystique in disguise. Nerdy *and* lazy!

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  13. I have a friend who went as The Chinese Room at our college halloween last night. The surprising bit is that it was actually somewhat identifiable… if you knew what The Chinese Room is.

  14. In regards to #3, a friend is going as (supersupersexy) Scarlet Witch. Someone asked if she was Red Riding Hood. I’m Wolverine, so at least people’ll recognize me.

  15. My wife and I had obscure costumes no one at the party we went to last night could recognize – I was Franky from Skins and she was Rich from Skins. It was still awesome, especially when we busted out our phones and showed people what the originals look like!

    One of my friends dressed as Steve Jobs, though. He didn’t go all the way and wheel an IV drip bag around with him, though…

  16. “8. Marie Curie. She was many things, but ‘identifiably dressed’ and ‘a babe’ ain’t among them.”


  17. Last year I went as a muggle because I was too lazy to get a costume when I was going to a costume party. Oops.

  18. I went as a courtesan to a Halloween party. As the party-goers were the geeky type, everyone was like “OOH, YOU LOOK JUST LIKE YOU’RE FROM ASSASSIN’S CREED”. It was a good feeling.

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