Liquor In The Team Pick: It’s Cocktail Week At The Kitchn!

In a semi-regular segment entitled Liquor In The ______ that can’t be too regular because I’m probably drinking right now, I’m going to write to you about all the different ways you can liquor. I recognize that it’s weird, especially for those of you who have actually had a drink with me, because I am what the frat boys would call a “two-beer queer” (what I would call a “no-beer queer,” as I’m gay all the live long day). But I get drunk very easily, is the point. Still, I really really like beer, wine and liquor and want to share that love for the artistry of alcohol with you all, my favorite queers. Let’s lift a pint to alcohol and our Autostraddle community– they go together like wine and soft cheese.

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I love the Kitchn, you love the Kitchn, we all love the Kitchn. But for me, most of the amazing recipes are out of my reach. I look at the Kitchn the same way I look at my Pinterest board of what I want my apartment to look like: if only, if only. If only I didn’t burn soup that comes in a can. But this is the week. This is the week that I have a fighting shot at the recipes on the Kitchn. Because this week is Cocktail Week and dammit, I can mix a drink. I might not be able to microwave soy chick’n nuggets, but mix I can!


It’s only Monday night (at the time that I’m writing this) and they’ve already had a 3-Ingredient Cocktail Open Thread, a store profile of Cocktail Kingdom (a magical place), a recipe for Gin and Tonic Sorbet (which my girlfriend assures me I am making for her) and a post on pitcher drinks for a party that includes a recipe for Strawberry Basil Margaritas (om nom nom nom). Not to mention a Wine Words post. I truly cannot wait to see what the rest of the week will bring me/us/the world at large. Let’s shake it up, queermos!

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  1. I’m not much of a drinker however that strawberry basil magarita looks refreshing!!!

    Also, a college softball team just pulled up to the Sandwich shop next door. It just might be that i dont have my glasses on but I’m pretty sure their softball coach looks a lot like Rachel Maddow… If I’m wrong then I guess it’s safe to say Maddow is in the eye of the beholder.

    • Oh my god, I know, I want to try it so much! The recipe has been book-marked and saved, for sure.

  2. Hey Ali,
    I was reading through this post, and spotted a bottle of Knickerbocker Gin (the blue bottle on the right hand side) in one of the pictures you included from Kitchn. I work for New Holland, which is the company that makes Knickerbocker, and was super excited to see our spirit on Autostraddle. We are a small craft distillery out of Michigan, and would love to send you some of our spirits to mix cocktails with. Send me a message and we can get those out to you.

  3. once upon a time i made watermelon basil martinis and got so blissfully smashed on a summer afternoon without even realizing it, and lived happily ever after the end.


    • That sounds awesome! Recipe?

      Currently my favourite 2 ingredient “cocktail” is silver rum, mango soda and ice cream. MMmm.

  4. Okay. So I found lychee liquor at my local liquor store and had to have it, but I have yet to find anything as far as recipes to use it with. I mixed it with ginger ale and it was fantastic (mostly because I really wanted to try it but there wasn’t anything beside ginger ale in the apartment).

    Simply put does anyone know recipes for Lychee liquor.

    Pretty please!

    • Dude, you’ve got to try it with champagne cockatils, lychee martinis (especially if you have access to lychee juice or canned lychees in syrup) or mixed half and half with fresh lime in a whiskey sour. Tops.

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