Lip Service Episode 205 Recap: Perfect on Paper

At the hospital, Lexy is learning something about the consequences of being free and easy. Angry ginger guy finally catches up with her.


Lexy: I don’t know you.
Ginger Man: But I know you. Your name is Lexy Price and you’ve been working here for 18 months.
Lexy: It’s you, isn’t it?
Ginger Man: Stay away from my wife.


Ginger man has one of Lexy’s shirts. “You gave it to her,” he says. Lexy thinks and thinks — it’s taking her a bit too long, but I guess that’s supposed to build suspense or something — and realizes this guy is Bea’s husband. And then a kid shows up, maybe 7 years old or so. Lexy, you’ve just met the husband and daughter of the “puddle of sanity in your life.” What are you going to do next?


Lexy is quite shaken up, understandably. She goes right to Bea and confronts her. She says “What the actual fuck?” which is another phrase I want to adopt.


Lexy: You told me you were in an open relationship. You told me you were gay.
Bea: Please don’t be mad.

Please don’t be mad? That’s what you came up with? That’s more like something your kid would say. I guess that says something about your maturity level.

Bea: I can’t leave them. Evie’s too young. She’s not going to understand.
Lexy: What? Understand what? That her mum’s a lesbian? No one needs to know as long as good old Lexy’s on tap whenever you fancy a change from some cock.
Bea: It’s not like that.
Lexy: Yeah? It sure as fuck seems like it!


It sure as fuck does. Anna Skellern is doing a great job in this scene; she’s furious, but somehow also very clear-headed. Lexy’s a woman who knows her own mind.

I’m glad this stalker storyline is over. It was never as scary or as suspenseful as it should have been. I guess because it was never really about Lexy; she just got caught up in someone else’s drama.


At the police station, a drug dealer has been brought in. Sam wants to let him sit for a while: “He’s a junkie. He’ll agree to anything when he’s been without his stash for a couple of hours.” Her cop-partner looks concerned about the cruel, cold look on Sam’s face.


And it only gets colder when Sam’s phone rings. It’s Lexy calling again, probably seeking some comfort this time, as well as offering it. Sam just picks up the phone, says “stop calling me,” and slams it back down. Mean Sam is making me sad.

Cut back to the hospital, where Declan is giving a random guy a hand job. I was going to skip this scene entirely, because it annoys me to no end that shows about gay ladies always seem to give screen time to penises (not that there’s an actual full-monty shot or anything). I realized I couldn’t express that annoyance without actually mentioning the scene. Consider it expressed.

At the gallery, Sadie has a customer. She pretends to know what she’s talking about. Just when it looks like she’s losing the guy, she mentions a new piece that’s not for everyone but might appeal to “the canny investor.” Yes, it’s the coffee-stained square!


The guy actually buys it. I think Sadie could sell the proverbial bridge.

At this point I got a little peckish, so I took a break for some paprika crisps. I got them at the London Candy Company, which is a delightful place. Turns out paprika crisps are pretty tasty, although my better half insists they’re really just barbecue flavor. But I don’t like barbecue chips, so that can’t be right. Where’s Tess when I need to discuss crisp flavors?

In the hospital cafeteria, Lexy is talking about the Bea shituation, but Declan’s not really listening. Surprise. And he makes yet another offensive remark:

Declan: How could you not tell? Wasn’t her fanny, like… (spreading his hands wide)
Lexy: Ah, jeez, Declan. You’re a great mate, you know that?

She leaves. Can we leave him for good, Lexy? Please?

Back at the police station, DS Murray and DS Ryder are questioning the suspect. Sam shows the kid an evidence bag containing cocaine, heroin, and amphetamines. She tries to get him to talk some “warehouse deal” and some other dealers, but this isn’t The Wire so I’m not paying too much attention to the details.

And then she loses her cool and calls the suspect a piece of shit and pushes him to the floor.


I guess I can’t say “Hold me, Heather Peace” when Sam herself is the one who’s making me need a hug.

Ryder pulls Sam off the guy and escorts her out. She doesn’t apologize.

Sam: I was under the impression he’s a piece of junkie scum.

Junkie scum? That’s almost comical. You could at least call him a shitbird or something.

Ryder points out that “junkie scum” aren’t the only ones feeling Sam’s wrath lately.

Ryder: You’re going off at everyone these days.
Sam: Well, if they’ve got a problem, they can say it to my face.
Ryder: They can’t. Because you’ve lost it.


Ryder tells Sam that he found the CCTV footage of Cat. He took care of it, but he can’t be there every time she screws up.

Ryder: You need to take some time off. Go home.
Sam: To what?

Fair point. Sadness!


Tess is checking her email. Let’s have a look, shall we?


The From column is blurry, but if you look at the subject line of the fourth message, you can see that we’re talking about, which apparently is a real thing. And then Tess has quite a few messages from people want to go out or go to the cinema or get drunk. As she would.

But the subject line that really interests me is “Fiona loves Fubu,” near the bottom. Is this Fiona Button’s personal email, at least partly? And I bet there’s no deal with either — if this were an American show, there would be 18 contracts in place just for a single mention of a website. I much prefer it this way, even if Fiona has just inadvertently shown us her digital knickers. (Apparently she’s not too tech-savvy.)

Erm. Moving on! The point is that Meg keeps trying to contact Tess.

Tess: Is there a medical condition that makes you unable to take a hint?

Lexy’s not really in the mood for playful banter. Tess notices this — ’cause she’s good like that — and ask what’s wrong. Lexy tells her about Bea.

Lexy: I think it’s safe to say I’m feeling pretty stupid right now. Why didn’t I suss?
Tess: (closing her laptop decisively) OK, we need pizza.


Lexy tries to beg off and go hide in her room, but Tess won’t let her be on her own: “Only refined carbohydrates is gonna fix this.” Lexy considers, then confesses that she’s kind of starving. Yay! Girls’ night with potential to be a girl-on-girl night!


At the gallery, Jo is working while Sadie stands around and mopes about her lack of text messages from Lauren. Jo tells her she can “get off” now.

Sadie: Fat chance.

I have no jokes left to make because Sadie is making them all!

Back at the flat, the carbohydrate party is commencing. Lexy is still calling herself “dumb,” but Tess says she’s just trusting, which is a good thing. Is it? Well, I guess it’s a good thing for an actress who has to submit to trust-fall exercises. Not so much for an ER doc who needs to keep her wits about her.

Lexy: You know the irony? Out of everyone I’ve ever been with, I thought Bea was the most sorted. Turns out she’s right up there with the rest of the users. And given my back catalog, that’s quite an achievement.

Tess is looking at her as if she wants to say, “I’d love to be the next page of your catalog. Maybe in a swimsuit or something, if that’ll help you notice me.”


Luckily, despite her generally bumbling nature, Tess doesn’t usually babble. She usually comes up with an adorably funny comment instead:

Lexy: Do you think it’s this complicated when you’re straight?
Tess: Yeah. But the sex is crap.
Lexy: See? That’s why I like you.

They clink bottles. Hey, it’s a step in the right direction. I mean, in terms of touching things to other things.

Wha! I think I’ve just switched from Team Sam to Team Tess, where Lexy is concerned. Except what is their couple name? Texy? Less? Gah.


Sadie is up to no good again. She’s at Jo and Lauren’s house, which is quite swanky. She rings the doorbell, and a startled Lauren answers the door.


Sadie: Nice place! Well, invite me in, before the neighbors see.

You have to invite her in! Because she’s a vampire, get it?

And Lauren does, or she at least stands aside to let Sadie pass. Sadie strolls in and tosses her bag on the couch as if she owns the place. But Lauren’s not happy to see her. Sadie seems to think she’s well within her rights to drop by, because Lauren has been ignoring her.

Lauren: So, what: I don’t text you for a couple of hours and you come round my house? I’m trying to work here.
Sadie: Have you always been like this?
Lauren: What?
Sadie: Boring.
Lauren: It’s called being a grownup.
Sadie: Fuck that.

And she does.

Let me back up a sec: before they got to that point, Sadie told Lauren to meet her tomorrow afternoon; just make up an excuse about the dentist or something. Of course Lauren said no. That appears to be the only thing she’s saying no to right now though.

Just as things are starting to get good, Jo arrives home. Lauren points Sadie toward a loo. SADIE! YOUR BAG IS ON THE COUCH!

Lauren greets Jo in an alacritous everything’s-fine way and gives her a kiss. Lauren asks Jo how her day was.

Jo: Great. It helped that Sadie flogged a Monica McCarthy. Can you believe it? On her first day! She’s such a star.

Jo notices the bag on the couch and asks whether they’ve got company. Right on cue, Sadie emerges with a nonchalant “Hi,” as if it’s the most natural thing in the world for her to be hanging out at her boss’s home on her first day at work. I half-expect Lauren to puke.


Jo naturally inquires as to Sadie’s reason for being there. Sadie offers up an almost believable explanation: that she “short-changed the till” when she took cash out for coffee, and she didn’t want Jo thinking she was helping herself.


Lauren, you are cracking me up!

Jo: Thanks, Sadie, but, um, there was no need. It woulda kept until morning.

Sadie shows herself out. She gives Lauren a look, and Lauren almost seems amused, if it’s possible to be entertained and panicked at the same time.


That was fun! I love these little caper-ific sexcapades. More!


Back at the pizza party, Lexy and Tess are listing the things they do not want in a partner.

I love that no. 3 originally said “Isn’t a bloke” and then became “Isn’t with a bloke.” Check and double-check.

Here’s the list:

  1. No issues with (their) sexuality
  2. Not a control freak
  3. Isn’t (with) a bloke
  4. Not at war with family (And isn’t too close to family)
  5. Is open to sexual experimentation
  6. Doesn’t listen to Coldplay 24/7
  7. Not so uncomplicated they’re boring

Is “wears cute socks” there anywhere? Because Lexy is totally meeting that requirement.

Lexy: Where do you even start to find someone like that?


Turn to the right, Lexy!

She does! They have a moment, a very brief one, in which their eyes lock and they’re smiling and it looks like it wouldn’t be so difficult to lean in and seal the deal. After all, they’re both perfect on paper.

But Sadie clomps in and ruins it. Poor Tess! How many times am I going to have to type that?

Lexy takes herself off to bed and Tess is left to watch TV with Sadie and ponder her fate.

Before we leave that scene, I want to clarify the “boring” thing. I agree that it’s nice to have a few complications, but let’s not judge people for staying home on a Saturday night. Some of us recap and eat paprika crisps, while others watch reruns of Titanic.



The next day at rehearsal, Tess is giddy with potential. But she doesn’t know whether Lexy was just being friendly. I don’t know either! But I know I’m not really enjoying watching Hugh trim his nose hair.

Tess invites Hugh to the book launch thing she’s going to with Ed. But Hugh has an extra fitting with the buxom costumer.

At the Minus 21 offices, Lauren doesn’t have any text messages. Doesn’t feel good, does it, Lauren? She silences a rambling staffer, dismisses a robotic assistant, and cancels everything on her schedule. She’s says she’s off to the dentist, just as Sadie instructed her to.

Meanwhile, Ed is visiting Sam. He’s trying to reach out and be supportive.


Sam: Hey, now that’s nice. I’m fine. You can go.

OK, now you’re just beating up defenseless Eeyores, and I won’t have it.

Sam tells Ed to go find Frankie and comfort her, “’cause she was the one that Cat was fucking the day she died.” Oh, no no no. That is not worth it. I’m pretty sure Ed would prefer a boot in the face to that little divulgence. I don’t understand why Sam has become downright sadistic. Maybe her parents need to come back do an intervention. Let’s invite Cat’s mother too, and the entire cast of Downton Abbey!

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  1. I’m too frustrated with the Harriet Braun at the moment….but I do agree there was sooo much drama in this episode. Bottom line: Tess and I would totally make a cute couple haha :) As for the rest of it all I kept thinking was wtf

  2. This was a great episode. Sorry to the Frankie and Cat fans but for me, the show has gotten way better since it has no longer revolved around them. I absolutely love both Tess and Lexy and I really like their chemistry. Sadie has totally grown on me, too. Her line to Lexy was hilarious. Also, loved Lexy solidifying her Aussieness by drinking out of a jug :P

  3. My feeling about Sam’s behavior is that it’s mostly just bad writing. I have a very hard time believing that she would start treating Lexy like shit in this way. Lexy’s been one of the few people looking out for her, has no connection to Cat (or as far as Sam knows Frankie either) and has been on Sam’s side throughout all of this. I think this is hack work to give the Tess/Lexy side of the “triangle” a boost.

    However, despite all of this I’m willing to bet a thousand imaginary dollars that Sam and Lexy hook up in the final episode.

    • Aaaack, Id wager a Sam-Lexy hook-up as well. Actually thought offtherailssssss Sam was gonna give drunkity drunk Lexy a ring and Sexy-ness would ensue

  4. Okay, so I was totally team Sam/Lexy, but I totally bought into Lexy/Tess in this episode.

    I loved Tess’s reaction when Ed used her back to write on when giving that guy an autograph

  5. I was indifferent towards the Tess/Lexy set-up before today but by the end of this episode, I wanted to reach through my screen and strangle Hugh for being such a gigantic cockblocker. That is all.

    • Also, I just really like Lexy’s character and she deserves someone nice and stable right now. Plus, Tess is like 30 levels of cute and funny.

  6. I feel like Lip Service is doing a reverse Helena Peabody with Sam’s extreme character “development.” With the The L Word, Helena’s transformation from her first season on the show to the second transformed her from the rich, heartless other woman to Alice’s most supportive best friend. This change only made her more important and integral to the show.

    The Sam character…she’s gone from being the perfect girlfriend to this destructive and weak trainwreck that’s hard to watch. And she no longer meshes with the show. If Sam and Lexy were to happen now, it would be unrealistic.

    And the Lauren and Sadie (Ladie) relationship…I could watch that hot vampire pairing all day. Sadie is a treasure.

    • This makes me realize that I want Peggy and Helena Peabody to swoop in and lecture/have sex with everyone!

  7. I am loving Lip Service 2.0! and the fantastic recaps always make me laugh out loud, great job there.
    Too bad that it’s almost over. I wonder how the ratings are going, really hoping that we get a third season…

  8. Yes, I TOTALLY CALLED that Bea’s girlfriend was actually a man! Not that it was a particularly difficult plot point to see coming, but still!
    Sam has always been my favorite character, but after this episode…ugh. I may have to transfer all my affections to Lexy.

  9. I LOVE the idea of Lexy and Tess together but for me, thats as far as my interests with this show goes.

    I feel as if Harriet Braun met up with Ilene Chaiken in between seasons and she’s fucked her up. I call Season 2 a Chaikenification of Lip Service. Season 1 made sense…Season 2 does not.

  10. That scene on the roof with Lexy and Tess was adorable! Damn you Hugh for messing that up!

    Also, Bea’s husband? I was quite a fan of Lexy and her :( Why’d he have to go all stalker crazy on Lexy

  11. I am loving Lexy and Tess. Everything else is just ugh. Like I expected, it’s like the writer’s don’t know what the hell to do with the story.

  12. Yes, yes, Lip Service, but paprika chips. I LOVE PAPRIKA CHIPS. I am so sad that they seem to mostly be a Europe thing. But then again, they have chips in red wine and steak flavors here, so I shouldn’t be too sad.

  13. I am on the one hand grateful they are making a series about a group of friends who are lesbian women,and not just bury the odd lesbian girl somewhere as an unimportant character.

    But then there are all this ludicrous storylines and plot twists that are borderline stupid,and i get so frustrated with this show. It is the bbc ffs,i do expect some quality.

    And what is it with everybody doing drugs? I mean is there anybody in Glasgow not doing coke? We’ve had architects,photographers,doctors,actresses and now a cop.I mean there are other ways to deal with a bad moment in life.
    Plus Cat did coke,screwed up a presentation,and still somehow did get the contract.

    i will stop now,because i will get frustrated again

  14. i am so worry that sam is going to turn into a killer cop.
    as much as i’m enjoying the show, bring frankie back pls. how about this: lauren dumps sadie, she gets overdosed, and she asks for frankie before she passes out.

    • At some point in her rage I thought the finale might involve her hunting down Frankie, and I decided she wasn’t that crazy, but that was before she was doing coke, so who knows.

      Different note: did the girl that Sam took home totally look like Lindsey Pavao from The Voice to anybody else?

      • I thought the random Sam took home looked like Lindsey too!

        Although for that creepy scene, I wish the girl hadn’t resembled Pavao…made me dislike Serial Killer Sam even more.

  15. Was it just me or did sam’s scene with the drugs and the club girl feel a lot like it was basically a scene for frankie with sam’s character substituted in?

  16. I want old Sam back now please. Well maybe not old Sam, obviously her character has to develop in some way in light of what happened with Cat- but I don’t really buy this. When she shoved that suspect on to the floor and called him junkie scum that was painful, and then when put her hand over that girls mouth it was just so terrible. I hope I don’t have to continue feeling uncomfortable every time Sam comes on my screen, especially if/when there’s a third season. And I don’t want her to be perpetually miserable either. Guh.

    I didn’t like this episode too much but the Sadie/Lauren bits were fun. I still get excited any time somewhere I know turns up on this show like “Oh I eat/drink there!”, “Oh I know that place!” which is maybe a wee bit tragic. Nevertheless that was probably the most interesting part of this episode for me.

  17. I’m probably in the tiny minority of people (though I know they exist out there) who don’t like Sam, so all of this off-the-rails stuff is doing my head in. I was glad that Frankie was getting a time-out, so we didn’t have to see her on a drug-fueled self-destruct… but now we just get to see Sam do it. Yay!

    I think for me, S1 Sam was okay – I liked her better than Frankie for Cat, and thought she provided her with some stability… on the sidelines. This season, they have gone from making her the saccharine sweet mail-order no-personality girlfriend (to simply counter the shittiness of Cat’s infidelity), to making her Frankie and then some. Sadie as a main character, is working all kindsa magic for me… Sam not so much. But whatcha gonna do?

    Also, the interrogation scene was just… ugh, a poorly executed cliché. (Not HP’s fault though.)

    I have also been adamantly against Sam/Lexy from the get, for ALL of the reasons. I did prefer the idea of Texy to start with, then figured – actually, no, Tess deserves to be more than someone’s second choice. However, I like the way they sowed the seeds… I’m back on the Texy ship. With just one episode left though, I’m not banking on anything.

  18. I really love Sadie. I wonder if Frankie will show up at Tess’ play. That would be nice. We’ll see.

  19. Not to get all Hunger Games, but I feel like the only way Frankie can come back and fit into the show is if Sam dies (or gets written out of the show). I can’t see them realistically coexisting…

    May the odds be ever in Frankie’s favor.

  20. It’s official, Lexy is my ideal woman. Although Sam was smokin’ in that club scene

  21. This episode is all about Lexy telling everybody what is what. First Sam, then Bea, then Declan. Declan is just the worst. Even when he tries to be a person, he fails; Lexy didn’t just want to ‘save” Sam. Lexy was into Sam from the get go when Cat was still alive and Sam was a happy-go-lucky copper.

    The stalker story line was crap. And while it was fun to see Lexy riled up, her outburst at Bea reeked of biphobia.

    In other news, Sadie did something nice for someone who isn’t Frankie! My favorite bit from the ep was Sadie nonchalantly defending Tess from Sam’s attacks. Look at Sadie being selfless and supportive towards someone she doesn’t want sex or money from! Score another dimension for her character.

    To finish on a superficial note, this Jo woman needs to switch up her tragic hairstyle. Run, don’t walk, to the nearest salon, Jo.

  22. i have never really been a fan of sam but i think the way her character is going is quite realistic. she is self destructing because of her grief and anger and even tho it is uncomfortable to watch (especially with lexy in the last ep and the random girl in this ep) i really feel that it is well written. i am also loving the tess/lexy storyline and really hope they get together in the last episode.

    with regards to declan, i quite like him. i dont find him as gross as some people seem to. i dont find him offensive, in fact i think he is quite funny and like his and lexy’s relationship. they slag/jeer each other all the time in a way that i feel is just their friendship and i find it very authentic.

  23. The character writing seemed a bit off this episode… Sam was doing a Frankie (drugs/drink/one-night stand as therapy) – when it’s true I’d more see her doing something vengeful (as someone stated above). I do think that loss and betrayal make people do crazy things, so I don’t think that Sam is becoming someone new but rather showing a side of herself that’s not been pushed before. It’s odd that she was considering calling Ed… they’re not close, and he would remind her of Cat, brother and all. Could the writers at least give Sam some friends? She must know someone people in Glasgow, since the ‘crew’ were known via Cat. At least a friend to get drunk and commiserate with!

    And the Bea “don’t be mad” reaction was just bad writing. Sadie is making this show right now – lines, acting, and character development. Who knew she was such a softie?

  24. That was totally Sadie’s episode ! She was so freaking good, sexy, funny and non-chalant ! Her character’s come a long way from the mythic “Shave for me ” scene with Frankie in that stranger’s tub.

    Lexy really evolved too, we saw much of her, in kind of interesting and characterly way. We got to discover another side of her.

    Dialogue was great too ! Nice expressions !

    Am so on team Texy now, they would really click.
    The season is nearly over, so sad. What the hell am I going to do on Mondays?!?

  25. I thought it was uncool of Ed to tell Nora that Tess thinks that she is a self-centered bitch. He didn’t have to bring Tess into it, she still has to work with Nora. I wish his character would grow a spine.

  26. is it only me that thinks Jo is a little older version o Karman Kregloe of AE?:)

    • Yeah, I can see that. When I first saw her I thought she looked like Kim Deal and I instantly started hating Lauren a bit more.

  27. Best caption: “Meh”… Lexy’s reaction to her roomie having a crush. I feel the same way. I’m not on the Texy bandwagon. That situation will end badly. I was hoping Sam would have to step in and stop/attack/kill the stalker. That was a dud that fizzled. They had to ruin the hot, blonde bob story! Poor Lexy…No more fbuddy at work. I loved the ‘Badass Sam cruising the bar’ scene…I was waiting for them to crank Bauhaus like in The Hunger. Did she pick up Daisy from Downton Abbey? I know everyone was agast at Sam putting her hand over Daisy’s mouth, but I whispered ‘thank god’ when she did it. (oops)Maybe Sam just needed to go nuts for a week and get laid. Sometimes that can recharge/renew someone who’s in a funk. (not that I’d know anything about that…)

    • I think “Meh” is exactly right. I love the character of Tess and I think Fiona Button is terrific, but my problem with this silly triangle nonsense is that Tess has really been portrayed as not Lexy’s type. I want Tess to have her own story line and meet someone that suits her and actually finds her atractive. Just because Lexy and Tess are each awesome in their own right, doesn’t mean they’d be awesome together.

  28. i love sadie. she looks fabulous, and she says and does whatever she wants. and i don’t buy her with lauren, someone who looks just like her but 10 to 15 years older. it’s weird and i don’t think they have chemistry. even when sam is scary she’s gorgeous, although i didn’t really like seeing her using drugs and using a girl for sex.

    for the first time this season tess and lexy actually had some plausible chemistry and seemed like they had a chance in hell. i don’t know how they managed, but they made it believable that lexy could grow to be really be into tess.

    i can’t STAND declan. he’s like the gay version of pervy, creepy jay. i’d rather have no men on the show, then men like him.

  29. i LOVE sadie. she has the world wrapped round her little finger. i want to be her.

    “ASBO, which sounds like a growth or something.” HA! you’re so right. these re-caps make me appreciate Britishisms so much more

    Plus i don’t think Lexy and Tess are meant to be because Sam + Lexy = Sexy. Lexy + Tess = Less. Screaming message from the universe. I think so.

    • Lexy + Tess can also be Lexess. If Tina and Bette is TiBette then you know, same pronunciation ;)

  30. 100 points for the Raising Arizona turn to the right! I’ve been saying it that way for far too many years :)

  31. I don’t get the comparisons of Sam 2.0 to Frankie. Frankie was self destructive, selfish, emotionally stunted and irresponsible. She wasn’t mean or violent. She wouldn’t have attacked a grieving Ed over something Cat did. Since when does someone who’d been dating the deceased for a year get to be indignant with family members who knew them for a lifetime? Attacking the junkie was also ironic in light of Sam protesting Cat’s joke about police brutality last season and reminds us that being violent to people with addictions is cruel and conservative, especially when you’re going to take their drugs home yourself. They’ve made her irredeemable to the point that it’s impossible to root for her and Lexy.

  32. I’m in love with Sadie
    that’s probably a bad thing but the character is turning out wonderful
    Unfortunately after this bender & the secret being revealed, i’m not sure how Sam fits in with the show anymore. Which sucks because I liked her character as an upright citizen.

  33. TriSexA? Kudos my friend. I’m diggin the name for that household.

    I quite adore the development that is going on between Lexy and Tess. Roof scene? YES. I hope the chemistry continues. Hah, but I do think it was great when Lexy’s response to the whole situation at first was “Meh…”

    And Sadie? Her comments just keep getting better and better. So many good ones, I think I can deem them quotable. Also loved how she was able to sell that coffee-stained painted.

    Can Declan just get off the show? I don’t have a problem with guys, but he’s such an ass.

    Sam is going in a direction darker than I expected… Would’ve never thought she’d go so low. It’s as if she did a 180!

    Yet overall, I thought this was a great episode. One second it started, and the next it was over!

  34. I just have to say, and I really don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, but I LOVE your recaps and they are – sorry girls – way better with more insight and fun than Sarah and Lee’s they post on Sorry to be so straight forward, but that’s just the way I feel. You quote the right lines, the ones that matter and the ones that show a character development better than any banter about personal opinions. Don’t get me wrong, I love that you share your thoughts with us, I just think they are more accurate to what I actually feel. Example? You said you’ve switched from Team Sam to Team Tess in just one glance of Lexy. Well, that was exactly what I felt. I was so fond of Sam and Lexy getting together, that I was confused when I realised, I was hoping for a kiss of Tess and Lexy. And now I am so full of contrasting diametral feelings for the finale…whoa!!
    So please keep up the good work. And maybe we can read your recaps of a 3rd season on a bigger platform.

  35. 1. I feel like Sam was already mean, this is just like… Sam 2.0. I remember her saying basically that Sadie was worthless or something along those lines and being verbally way-over-the-top with the meanie-ness to Frankie. Especially with that “how to attract womyn” conversation in Rubie’s the night Lexy first hung out with them.

    2. I see the vampire thing but does anyone else think Sadie is like… EXTREMELY French?

    3. Went to the gaydargirls website, looks like the same one Tess was on when she decided to try online dating, and maybe even the same one Cat met Sam on in like the first episode.

  36. Now feeling unoriginal since I realized I did not coin “Sam 2.0”

    How about, Sam Sequel?

    Secondary Sam?

    Ugh forget it.

  37. Great episode, loving Sadie! Poor Tess, Hugh had to drag her into his drama again.

    Also has anyone else noticed the irony of 1 of 2 real lesbians in this programme has turned out to be married to a guy. I have to admit I agree with Maquinon about Lexy’s reaction being a little biphobic but from what I can gather Bea had told Lexy from the beginning that she was gay and that her partner was a woman. And she also said it was an open relationship which is obviously false so regardless of Lexy’s attitude towards bisexuals all this stems from Bea’s dishonesty.

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