So, Lindsay Lohan’s Gonna Be in Playboy! Naked!

Truth be told, I went a full 24 hours ignoring every blog on the internet perpetuating this rumor of LiLo fielding a $1 million offer to pose for Playboy.  I simply figured if I pretended it didn’t exist, it would disappear into the Internet ether next to the Gaga/Kanye tour that never materialized.

Well! Looks like not only is it happening, she was spotted at the goddamn Playboy mansion for a “48-hour photoshoot” yesterday and her own mother Dina Lohan confirms that “the shoot went well.”

Autostraddle has actively chosen not to cover the darkness in Lindsay’s life over the last year or so in an effort to send good, positive energy her way. However, this is something real that we can touch so we have to acknowledge it exists. How do you feel about this decision? Is it a big deal or is everyone just freaking out to have something to freak out about?

At the end of the day, this won’t be the first time anyone sees Lindsay Lohan naked — she was fully naked in New York Magazine and in Muse and appeared naked with her private parts covered up by heaps of other magazines.

Lindsay enterting the Playboy Mansion

Never forget.

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  1. Hmm. I’m torn. I denounce Playboy for all the usual reasons, but my baser nature – which has been in-lust with Lilo since Mean Girls – is probably not macth for my high-minded principles and I’ll likely buy a copy. Although, I will say I’m not as excited about this as I would have been back in 2007, pre-trainwreck and pre-Ronson break-up. I like my Lilo with her flaming red hair, freckles, and buxom, curvy body. Not the too skinny, bottle-blond with a simultaneously pathetic and haughty look she carries now.

    I’m sure she could use the money Playboy paid her but I’m convinced it will go not towards rebuilding her life but to further

  2. her spiraling legal and personal problems. That being said, I haven’t lost all hope of a combeback a la Robert Downey Jr. for her.

  3. If this had been 5 years ago, I might have cared. Now however, she is nothing but a bedraggled crack whore who needs serious psychological help

    • ‘Nothing but a bedraggled crack whore’ – are you kidding me? Do you really think it’s ok to talk about people who are sex workers or have drug problems / mental health issues like you think it makes them trash?

      • Thank you for speaking up, I completely agree. I don’t think any of us have the right to judge people we don’t know for the things they have to struggle with daily. Whether it is a famous person or not, whether we think we like them or not, labeling people as things like ‘crack whore’ just reenforces the problem in our society of blaming addicts for their own situations, instead of reconizing addiction as a true illness. Addiction affects someone in almost everyone’s life, and just because Lohan is a celebrity on a (very public) downhill spiral, in my opinion that does not entitle us to judge and bash her for her difficulties OR her lifestyle choices.

  4. Agreed.

    Also, the usage of the term “crack whore” really really bothers me. I mean, really? I don’t even think I have to explain why…

  5. thank the lord for autostraddle. the comments on the la times blog post you linked to are super depressing.

  6. I think Lindsay Lohan has shown in the past, even while sober, that she’s very comfortable with nudity and her sexuality, and I’d never judge what a woman wants to do with her own body as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else. also, playboy has really good articles.

    • Riese, I wish it was that easy. However I don’t think it is. Instead this comes across as solely a situation where funds are desperately needed and she is taking a deal she had long rejected. It seems at this point she is willing to do away with her integrity to get any money she can. One can scoff at Lindsay having integrity. But Lindsay was always clear she would never do Playboy which is typically done nowadays by young women looking for publicity or women whose career is on a downward spiral.

      One can point to two prior nude pictorials in disagreeing. I would say she really believed the teasing New York magazine pictorial was art based on her obsession with Marilyn Monroe. The Muse pictorial, one she looked back upon in not so hidden regret later, came across as exploitative. She looks wasted in the photos and video and she was in the midst of one of her I will show Samantha Ronson people think I am sexually desirable phases. It was only a short while after the “Tell Samantha that” comment caught on camera at another photoshoot, it was at the same time that she was telling people she was with Samantha even though Samantha was refusing to see her, and it was few weeks later that she was videotaped at a party where cocaine was being openly used.

      If Lindsay was having a rough time then and in 2010 it may be worse now. There has been really shady stuff going on with Lindsay for a few months now and concerns she is selling out her integrity for any money she can get. The Playboy situation seems no different. This seems like a mutually exploitative situation. She gets cash from Playboy and Playboy exploits a broken down drug addict for money needed to pay for lawyers and rent. One can argue that if she gets cash how can she be exploited. It is the same argument used to say women who make porn films to feed a drug habit or to keep from being evicted from a house are not being exploited since they are being paid. It is still a person doing something they’d rather not do because they see no choise. Her Mom seems worthless. A decent Mom would explain she does have a choice – for example lower her standard of living in terms of housing and shopping. This Mom instead even denies she has a drug habit. I am all for women being comfortable with nudity and their sexuality. Stars such as Amber Heard and Evan Rachel Wood have shown how to be strong while doing so. I am not for the taking advantage of a broken hearted drug addict at her nadir. That is all this is.

  7. Although she’s no doubt very pretty, I’m not at all attracted to her so this doesn’t interest me. It moreso makes me think her career has gotten so bad she’s desperate for an infusion of cash. Also, I hate what Playboy represents. But to each their own. I think she needs to get back in a relationship with a lady. She really seemed to get her act together a bit more with a woman by her side, amirite?!

  8. I had a comment about this but then I watched those 8 minutes of Mean Girls awesomeness and forgot what I was going to say.

  9. Someone pointed out a really interesting thing about photoshoots on another forum where this was discussed. Lindsay has done many over her career and has certainly done several in the past two years. What it really highlighted to me was that while so many people might tell you your gorgeous, beautiful etc….if you are not wanted or don’t feel wanted by the person you love…everything else can be secondary or seem meaningless. I have an example here.

    At 3:39 you hear them telling her she’s the most beautiful girl in the world. Her response is: “Tell Samantha that”.
    So, while she’s basically just spent the whole day having been fawned over and told she’s beautiful, the one person that she wants to hear it from won’t (at that time at least cause they weren’t together) tell her that. I don’t mean to come across all ~deep~, I just think it’s kind of telling about human nature.
    Aside from appearing to be at the very least medicated in this video

  10. I’ve had a subscription to playboy for a couple years now…am I a “bad lesbian”?? I like the articles!! Some of the ladies are nice too

  11. I’m sure you made a crack or two about Sarah Palin. The double standards on sites such as this and AfterEllen is amazing. It’s okay to bash others but god forbid someone bashes their “own”..

    The Lindsay Lohan worship is sickening and even more gross than Lohan’s teeth. There are other more important things going on in the world right now than crying about someone making fun of a c-list actress.

    • If you’re going to claim double standards, you might want to have some actual examples.

      And where you’re seeing this Lindsay Lohan worship, I don’t know, having an article about something and about something in their life is not worshiping them.

      • I was actually talking about whenever a Lindsay Lohan article appears here or AfterEllen(especially AfterEllen), her stans come on here and gush about how great this woman is and how talented and beautiful she is and how everyone should give her a break and if people don’t like Lindsay, they are “haters”…I CLEARLY wasn’t talking about the article per se.

        Okay, prime examples, every time there’s an article about Sarah Palin, the jokes and mean comments fly. Another prime example is whenever a Tila Tequila, Paris Hilton, or Kim Kardashian article is posted(anywhere, not exactly here), the jokes about their looks comes across the board, but because Lohan dated one girl, we’re supposed to garner sympathy and love. Please…… save your sympathy for those who really need it….I hear there was a recent earthquake in Turkey….they might need our attention and sympathy……

        • I can have sympathy for more than one person at a time. Just because you care about a little thing doesn’t mean you can’t care about other things happening in the world.

          Articles posted anywhere =/= autostraddle having double standards. Saying people on the internet criticize Palin isn’t an example of Autostraddle doing so. So again no double standard on this website.

          • No kidding. People still make fun of her calling her a fake lesbian while Lindsay gets a pass. Hey, wasn’t there a rumor about Paris same sex hookups? I hear that Aubrey o Day is bisexual. Where’s the love for those two by queers ?

      • Oh, here’s one about the Bush twins, no one got on their soapbox and told this poster that they were wrong for their assumption.

        July 2010 during the thread about not making anymore articles about Lohan:

        “George Bush’s daughters were alcoholic, drug addled fuckups to whom “prostitute” would be a compliment.
        Hopefully Scott Brown and his ideology of hatred keeps his kids from becoming the Bush daughters…but it didn’t work for Bush!”

        Yep, but because this was Bush’s( a so called horrible right winger) daughters, this slid by…got the memo. I’m pretty sure if one of them were to suddenly date a skinny boyish D.J…..never mind.

        • You can cherry pick comments from posters from anywhere, that doesn’t mean the website’s articles have engaged in double standards.

          I’m drunk and tired, so I’m going to blunt. We get it, you don’t like Lindsay Lohan. That doesn’t mean you need to attack anyone who has ever defended her while claiming that it’s okay because someone somewhere in the world criticized someone you like.

          • Who said I like the Bush twins or celeb that I’ve mentioned? Where on earth did I attack Lindsay’s fans ? Too bad your reading skills suck and you take what you want to take from my comments because you are so far up Lindsay’s butt. I was talking about in general for the eightieth time, not just this site. Duh. I now see that if one person has a negative comment that doesn’t follow the crowd, it gets attacked.
            ? I have a right to my opinion just like all of you and yet I’m the one attacked because I don’t drink the Lindsay Kool-aid. Let the “you are such a hater” comments come in in 5 4 3 2 1…..

        • Two wrongs don’t make a right. I don’t at all think it was acceptable to speak about Bush’s daughters in those terms. There is a pretty simple explanation for why no-one here called out whoever made that comment. It’s that I wasn’t an Autostraddle commenter back then and now I am. I suspect the same is true for the other Autostraddlers who have objected to the use of terms like ‘bedraggled crackwhore’ and a ‘rotten toothed crackhead’. If I was around then I would hav objected to it.

          You have misunderstood when you say it’s about ‘Lohan worship’. I am really not particularly interested in Lindsay Lohan. What I am interested in is an end to degrading and dehumanising certain classes of people, i.e. sex workers and mentally ill people and people with addiction issues. As for your comment that it’s not important, it IS important. Because our societies stigmatises drug addiction, addicts often can’t or don’t access proper care and support. Because we stigmatise sex workers as whores, it becomes ok to mock, degrade and abuse them. Demanding that other commenters change their language is a very small act of demanding a culture of respect and dignity.

          • so so SO much love for your post (specifically the second paragraph). such strong feelings about this topic and i agree with everyone you said. thank you!!

  12. Yawn…the “feel sorry for her” Lindsay Lohan worship is sickening….This girl have gotten chance after chance. If Lindsay Lohan weren’t white or wasn’t famous, this girl would have gotten locked up and the key thrown away. Just imagine if Lindsay Lohan was Rihanna. Would she have gotten the same sympathy treatment?

    For all crying about comments about Lindsay’s looks, have you ever made cracks on Sarah Palin, Paris Hilton, and Rosie O? I bet.

    Lauryn Hill is going through some things as well, I wish people were more sympathetic than a c-list actress that continue to say “f**k you” to the law.

    Also, the same people crying about giving Lindsay a break and leave her alone, are probably the same ones that made cracks on Amy Winehouse, Michael Jackson, and Whitney Houston and Lauryn Hill….entertainers with REAL talent.

    • I personally don’t think it’s okay to say demeaning things about the way anyone looks, celebrity or no. I certainly wouldn’t defend my right to make offensive remarks about someone’s appearance in a public space. That’s just infantile.

      And by the way? Justifying your actions by comparing them to others’ that are “just as bad” does not make your actions “good”. In fact, it sort of cements them as bad.

  13. “making fun” of a celebrity’s looks =/= calling her a crack whore, and judging her like she is trash.

    • Let me ask you a question, in the last few years, have you ever made fun of Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse, or Charlie Sheen? Or have you ever made a negative comment about any of the Karadashians, Paris Hilton, or even Tila Tequila?

      If the answer is yes, then you have no business to preach on someone making fun of someone’s troubles/looks. That’s my whole point. Lindsay isn’t the first nor the last celeb to be picked on.The king of Pop(more talent in his left pinky than Lohan’s entire body), Whitney Houston, Lauryn Hill, and a number of celebs have been dogged throughout their career… She isn’t special….sorry.

      • my issue is not with people in this article making fun of lindsay lohan specifically. im not claiming she is special and should somehow be exempt from any negative comments.
        my issue is when people drag addiction into it, and call people they do not know a ‘crack whore’.
        i have a problem when people are blamed for their addictions (and addiction related struggles), and looked down upon for it.

        if someone called lindsay (or any other celebrity) fat, or ugly, or poorly dressed, or untalented, i would not have made a responding comment, whether i agreed or disagreed. because they are entitled to their opinion on such matters.
        but i think its a different situation when we talk shit about someone for their personal struggles and call them things like ‘bedraggled crack whore’ and basically assume that they are trash.

        it is one thing to dislike a celebrity or find them untalented. it is another thing entirely to treat addiction like it is a choice to be blamed for instead of a true illness.

        lindsay lohan deserves no less respect than any other human being on this planet, and her talent (or lack there of), struggles with drugs, sexuality, etc do NOT change the fact that she is an ill person deserving the same basic respect as the late ‘king of pop’.

      • i’m pretty sure this blog has been more than respectful of michael jackson, amy winehouse, and the like.

        charlie sheen may be a drug addict, but first and foremost, he is an unapologetic and rampant misogynist and abuser. i think a lot of readers here do a really good job of distinguishing between humans encountering conflict and struggle and downright douchebags.

        • Um…. Charlie like Lindsay is struggling with addictions, why is it okay to call Charlie a douchebag but not Lindsay? Your view on Charlie is based on hearsay.

          Wow. The more I read these Kool-aid comments and being attacked for my opinion, the more I bang my head against the wall. If only people cared this much about what’s going on in the world instead of some washed up celeb. It’s quite sad. I guess I’m the only one that save my sympathy for people that really need it such as the homeless. At least Lindsay knows where her next meal is coming from

          • yeah…. i definitely dont read the newspaper every day to stay up to date on current world issues. im also pretty sure i dont volunteer multiple days every week with the homeless in my large city. i also probably didnt live in a tent in africa for A YEAR when i was 19 doing volunteer work over there.
            and wait a minute, am i getting a masters degree in nursing with a minor in gender studies so that i can try and make positive differences in the world of queer lady health? nope. guess im probably not doing that either.

            i dont have time to help anyone EVER. im WAY too busy reading celebrity gossip and attending meetings of the ‘lilo is perfect’ fan club. all. day. long.

          • oh, and sarcasm aside, i find it interesting that you say you save your sympathy for people that “really need it such as the homeless”.
            if youve EVER worked first-hand with a homeless population, i assume you are well aware that a disproportionately large amount suffer from problems with addiction and/or mental health. much like lindsay lohan. yes, she was born into privilege and is far from homeless. does that make her struggles with the exact same issues any less valid, or any less real? seems pretty hypocritical to me.
            and as ive stated before on this article, my issue is not with people bashing lindsay in particular. i have a problem with ANY woman being called a bedraggled crack whore, and also with comments in general that devalue and place blame upon those with addictions/mental health problems.

      • It is completely unfair to assume that people who defend Lindsay are at the same time out judging other celebrities. I find that most people who say “give the girl a break” apply that same sentiment to anyone who is going through a rough time. You are calling people hypocrites when you have no evidence that any of us are. I happen to feel sorry for any person suffering from addiction, celebrity or otherwise. That does not mean I worship addicts. That only means that I feel sorry for them, and hope that they will one day get well. Please explain how that sounds like worship to you, because I really don’t understand where you get that from. No one has time to police the entire internet and defend every single person who is ever insulted. Just because one day LiLo is defended and the next day the Bush twins aren’t, that doesn’t mean people are biased. It probably just means no one saw that comment, or didn’t feel like getting in a pointless argument on the internet that day. Unless you have actual evidence that any person here defended Lindsay and then went on to criticize someone else, your argument has no weight. You can’t call hypocrite on an entire website where multiple people post with varying opinions.

  14. One *great* thing I learned from Cady Harring (aka Lilo from Mean Girls) is this gem of wisdom when I decided to stop being a name calling super-bitch (well upon reflection I may have looked like a super-bitch only because I was acting like a super-bitch):

    “Calling somebody else fat won’t make you any skinnier. Calling someone stupid doesn’t make you any smarter. And ruining Regina George’s life definitely didn’t make me any happier. All you can do in life is try to solve the problem in front of you.”

    I think we should all remember that when we want to judge celebrities harshly.

      thats such a good point. mean girls is undeniably comedic genius, but it is also shockingly relevant not just to high school and also most of adult life, but this article and the comments on it.
      thank you!

      • I remember watching it just because Lindsey Lohan was in it but I don’t remember any of the movie. I must watch it again.

  15. I don’t even remember what the article is about. I just remember HOW MUCH I FREAKIN’ LOVE MEAN GIRLS and how giant my crush on Amanda Seyfried is.

  16. Could not agree more. More power to her. I hope she uses the money to pick herself up by her own bootstraps, because I would love to see her starring in some good films again.

  17. Wow, what on earth got in the water here in the Autostraddle comments? WHY CAN’T WE JUST BE FREHHNS T_T

  18. Hell, since everyone’s being blunt around here, i’ve decided to come out of the shadows and put my two cents in. I wasn’t going to post anything and let it slide, but I can’t believe that people are arguing over Lindsay freaking Lohan! Must have been a slooooooow night.

    This might be a long post, so enjoy ladies and gentlemen…

    Maybe it’s because I seem old or whatnot to people, but by a certain age, people need to stop defending entertainers, be it Lohan or MJ(what does MJ have to do with Lohan? One was a megastar who died a tragic death, the other is an actress who’s always fucking up her chances.) Sitting there wasting your keystrokes defending an entertainer who probably doesn’t get a fuck about you and is busy counting their millions to care whenever some unknown person called them a crackhead or a bitch, seems very kiddish. As much as I love Diane Lane and Lisa Whelchel(Blair Warner from The Facts of Life), I’m not going to sit there and defend them. I’ve got better things to do with my life than to worry about who’s calling which entertainer fat, bitch, or whatnot.

    People do have a right not to like Lindsay Lohan just as much as people have a right to defend her(as silly as I think it is to defend someone who probably makes more money than you). Everyone doesn’t have to agree with your opinion. Me, I think it’s silly to go back and forth about an entertainer, be it a fan or not. I guess my give a damn is busted right now considering that I have important issues going on in my life such as paying off student loans and my partner and I fighting a custody battle as we speak because her bastard of an ex husband wants to take away her kids…

    I used to like Lindsay Lohan, until she kept fucking up chance after chance. Chances that the average person wouldn’t get, black or white. What did it for me was the constant DUI arrests. I’ve lost my first love to a drunk driver and would never defend someone who constantly stay in trouble. As much as I liked Bobby Brown back in the day, I can’t stand his troubled ass now. That goes for Charlie Sheen. Whitney Houston(again, since we’re throwing the queen of R&B name around here), I grew up on her music, but I was probably one of the few that didn’t give a rats ass about her short lived 2009 comeback, I’d rather hold my breath for when gays can have the same rights as heterosexuals, not some entertainers comeback be it Lindsay or Whitney.

    Oh, just because people care about an entertainer, that doesn’t mean that they are clueless to what’s going on in the world. This thread reminded me of a thread of Afterellen(since this site was brought up) back in 2009 shortly after MJ’s death, one poster felt the need to get on her soapbox and scold everyone for caring about MJ’s death rather than the war in the middle east. The funny thing was that she can describe detail after detail MJ’s televised funeral coverage. The point? If you don’t like a certain entertainer, why bother clicking on a thread about them or reading up on them. The good thing about America is our right to freedom, you are free to not watch LL’s movies or MJ’s music videos.

    And can we please stop throwing the word “attacked” around? Pretty please? At least three posters have made this claim. I’ve read this thread several times before coming to the conclusion that no one was being attacked, just stating personal opinions. I repeat, no one was being attacked, Lindsay fans nor the lone non Lindsay fan. Every time someone has a different opinion than you that does not mean you’re being attacked. Can we retire that word on the internet along with “hater”?

  19. i think that wonderful article written by anon a few months back (i think it was called, “if lindsay lohan is ‘pathetic’, then so am i”) needs to come back on the radar. it makes me so sad to see people shaming those who have addictions, and to see it here on autostraddle, which is generally such an open and accepting environment, is especially upsetting.
    thank you to those who checked their fingers before judging lohan. i don’t really have an opinion on her or the fact that she’s posing for playboy, but i still think she deserves basic respect. there is no excuse for calling anyone a crack whore, EVER.

  20. I think Lindsey Lohan doing this photoshoot is kind of sad. Dude! Somewhere in there is a really, really good actor. I just want to see her work again. She was charismatic. It’s just hard and sad to watch a star fade out.

    To me, she’s obviously doing the photo shoot; just for the money; not because she wants to express her sexuality. It just sucks. There’s hella stories of Hugh Hefner being a genuine dirt bag (that’s putting it lightly).

    As far as “artistic credibility” with nudity; I’m a filmmaker here in SF, CA and I hear some of my fellow dude filmmakers talk about “artistic credibility” aka a woman’s left tittie and right tittie and it’s pretentious bullshit.

    I agree that the naked form is absolutely beautiful. I believe in the concept that nudity is beautiful/sensual…etc. as well as sexuality. But, come on!

    There’s just something about dehumanizing a person to the point where they are just walking titties with warm holes to stick dicks in that pisses me off.

    This photoshoot is about exploiting a sad situation. Eff Hugh Hefner. He don’t give a shit about Lindsey Lohan or women in general. He just cares about how much money they can make him; which means he’s reducing women to…I don’t know…produce or anything you can buy in a store.

    I liked the naked issue of the ESPN magazine. That shows naked athletes doing their thing and really helps you appreciate how absolutely beautiful, strong and amazing women are. Women, you know, aka humans, aka not things to be sold for money.

    I get that it’s mutually exploitative. But, I still hate Hugh Hefner. Lindsay Lohan is in my prayers. So, many of us are pulling for you Lindsay!!!!

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