What Your Girlfriend Wants: Autostraddle’s Final Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide 2009

It’s down to your final week of gift-buying, ladies and gentlemen and LTGs and GTLs, and if your brain is fried from final exams/your terrible job/unemployment/alcoholism, you could perhaps use some help selecting gifts for your loved ones. Autostraddle can help. And even if your shopping is done, this post is really about desire and laughter, and who can’t use a little bit of that this time of year?

Plus, even if you aren’t buying us any presents, we get like ten cents every time you buy something via a link on our webpage, and we’re saving up for some mittens!
alex-iconSenior Design Director Alex (NYC)
Likes aesthetically-pleasing things, dancing and carrying on.

Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture DVD (2nd Edition):

I love all sorts of Trivial Pursuit — I don’t discriminate cause the questions are too hard… but sometimes you only want the pop culture questions! They’re fun! And even better: in DVD form. This looks like a party in a box and I really really want it.1b

1-year Subscription to Interview Magazine:

I always steal Riese’s Interview magazine when she gets it, so maybe it’s about time I get my own. I can’t help it, it’s just so gorgeous and their interviews/write-ups of people and artists are always inspiring. Plus, magazine subscriptions are always cheaper and a better deal than buying them on the newsstands anyway ($9.97 for a year!)

hot-laura-icon2Intern Hot Laura, Student (Philadelphia, PA/Ohio)
Likes talking to her grandma on the phone, being domestic [but with sass], dancing, and making things with her hands.

A cordless drill:

I have been asking everyone in my family for a cordless drill for two years, but no one seems to be taking me seriously. Guys, if you’re reading this I am serious! There are many things I could do with my cordless drill. I could put up curtain rods so my windows won’t be naked, I could pretend to be Rosie the riveter, I could even fix my door. Obviously I would have a girl come over while I do all these things and sweep her off her feet with my power tool prowess.drill

The Sound of Music:

The Sound of Music is the best movie ever and was always exciting to watch because there is that part in the middle where the first vhs stops for intermission and you have to go put the other tape in. Unfortunately, I don’t have a machine that will play vhses [hello pluralization?] anymore. Q: How do you solve a problem like Maria? A: Get the dvd version instead!soundofmusic

“On Food and Cooking”:

I’ve never heard of this guy [apparently he’s famous] but it looks cute and I like to pretend that I can cook. Here are a few choice pieces from Amazon’s reviews: “McGee has taken his slightly outdated volume and turned it into a stunning masterpiece that combines science, linguistics, history, poetry and, of course, gastronomy.” “He explains…why eggs are so nutritious and how alcohol makes us drunk.” “McGee’s conversational style—rich with exclamation points…” Um, yes please.On_Food_and_Cooking_The_Science_and_Lore_of_the_Kitchen-119188699563352
Brooke-Icon-newChief Operating Officer Brooke (Miami, FL)
Enjoys talking business, bottle service and basketball.

In addition to the item below, she would like someone to come organize all of the stacks of papers and folders she has laying around… just sayin.

Bang & Olufsen Earset 2:

dotted-divider2Jen-S-iconIntern Jen, Student (Canada)
Splits her time 60/40 between Canada and New Zealand, loves trees/ponds/stars, selling large parcels of land, and sandwiches.

Small Bamboo Tablet:

I want this because the one that used to live at my house moved away a couple weeks ago and I really miss it. Sometimes after laboring over piles of income statements/balance sheets/weird stats equations, the only thing that keeps me sane is spending way too much time designing logos for my fun marketing class.bamboo-tablet

Purple Paring Knife:

You know when you have a really perfect tomato all ripe and ready to go into a salad? But then you start to cut it with your piece of crap dull knife and it mashes the tomato with its pathetic dullness and the once perfect tomato doesn’t taste right anymore. Sigh. I want 2010 to be a year of proper tasting tomatoes.paring-knife

Green 8 Cup Coffee Press:

I already have a coffee press but it only makes enough for about 1.5 cups and that is just not enough on most days. Also, I hope this green one will clash just right with my new purple knifecoffeepressdotted-divider2
NatVlog Superstar Nat (Los Angeles)

Step Brothers DVD

I forgot how funny this movie was!!


T-Mobile G1 Phone with Google

My phone is broken and it is time to upgrade to a phone with internet!!!

phone-needs cropping

Fashion Pet Classic Medium Cable Dog Sweater

My Dog only has one sweater and she looks good in Red!

sweater-needs cropping


crystal-iconMusic Editor Crystal (Australia)

P!nk: Funhouse Tour Live In Australia:

When Pink toured Australia mid-year, I went and saw most of her 58 concerts [and wrote about it!]. Now thanks to DVD magic I’ve been re-living the Funhouse every single night. Best tour DVD of the year, hands down.pink

Arial7 Headphones:

I think these headphones speak for themselves. If any of my loved ones are reading this, my favourite model is ‘TANK’. Just fyi.tank

Indestructible iPhone cover:

One of my worst habits is compulsively shredding up anything within reach, and my iPhone cover is always the first victim. That’s why I really want this Speck iPhone cover for Christmas, it looks immune to idle hands.speck-cover

1000 Recordings To Hear Before You Die:

I can’t buy this book because I’m already in debt due to my already-excessive music consumption. But if the music lover in your life has a little more willpower, I think it’ll be an awesome gift.1000recordingsdotted-divider2
elizabeth-newIntern Elizabeth, Student (Chicago, IL)
Collects useful degrees (poetry! art history!) tattoos, scars, books, dvds, music, magazines & useless information.

(500) Days of Summer:

It was really cute, and I love Zooey Deschanel (and Joseph Gordon Levitt).

Wicked Willow I: The Darkening, Wicked Willow II: Shattered Twilight, and Wicked Willow III: Broken Sunrise.

It was amazing and heartbreaking and I am a huge nerd for anything Buffy related (and just a nerd in general, really).wickedwillow

Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo for PS2

It’s this awesome, weird, competitive tetris-y sort of game, and the best part is trying to figure out what the strange characters are screaming at you in Japanese. And sometimes in English the characters tell you they are quick and easy.superpuzzlefighter


carly-icon2TV Editor Carlytron (NYC)

Tuxedo t-shirt:

Somehow I don’t own one of these!

Picture 2
jess-rothschild-iconEditorial Assistant Jess (NY)
Pop culture junkie (with a minor in lesbian internet) who works with computers and enjoys concerts, techie gadgets, working out, sushi, art galleries, making lists, traveling, puppies, and nyc in the fall.

Kodak Zi6 HD Pocket Video Camera:

Why not just get the Flip? Well, the Kodak has expandable memory slots, has better image stabilization and takes also takes still pictures! Hopefully this comes into my life in the near future to help with interviews for Autostraddle.kodakcam

Ally McBeal: The Complete Series:

So I can re-live my high school feelings.AllyMcBeal

Casio Keyboard:

Rock Band is fun and all but I’ve had my eye on this baby for a while now. I grew up playing piano and unfortch living in a NYC apartment usually does not allow enough room to make that happen. This keyboard has great reviews and will allow me to learn the acoustic versions of Poker Face & Bad Romance til my heart’s content.keyboard
green-iconExecutive Editor Laneia (Arizona)

Half Broke Horses:

by Jeannette Walls
From the author of The Glass Castle, which I also haven’t read but would love to HINT, Half Broke Horses is about Walls’ grandmother and her actual real life. Memoirs are always good, but this one is written by someone else? Intriguing.half_broke_horses_jeannette_walls

Bodum Coffee Press:

Coffee presses don’t use paper filters so there’s no waste! Also I hear that Bodum presses make “gooooood” coffee. PLEASE I WANT THIS.bodum-press

Moleskine Japanese Album:

The Japanese Album has fold-out pages! You could put pictures on them, or you could draw. You could do anything! I love Moleskines so very much.moleskin

NEXT: Lily wins because she picked Spice Girls, the rest of the team, and special last-minute holiday deals for ya.

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  1. The Glass Castle was one of the most inspiring memoirs i’ve ever read. If you don’t receive it in your stocking you should buy it for yourself for new years or something. I think Jeanette Walls would praise the independent move. I’m excited about this “true-life novel” too. sweet post.

    • I agree that the Glass Castle is amazing. Definitely read Half Broke Horses, too. I just finished it yesterday and it might be better than GC?

      Also… my feelings are hurt that a gift guide didn’t come out in time for Hanukkah. :(

      • I also enjoyed The Glass Castle a lot a lot. I also found it strangely useful when trying to understand a lot of the weird families that my friends came from, and in particular about how easy it is to be manipulated by someone you love, even if they are completely f*cking insane.

        Dawn THE BEST PART IS that like um, I’m Jewish too, but also in denial anout Hannukah because I can’t afford to go home for it. I told my Mom on the phone that it wasn’t a real holiday and it’s just been pumped up by capitalists looking to bank on everyone for the commercialized holiday season and she just made a whimpering noise and said it was a real holiday. Which is true, but it’s not our most important holiday so um, oh I dunno. I haven’t gotten gifts for ANYONE YET. NOBODY!!

  2. If you’re gonna get a cordless drill for somebody, don’t get anything by Black & Decker or Mastercraft. The parts inside are made of plastic and they don’t hold a charge very well. Go with something by DeWalt or Makita. IMO.

  3. This list is bursting with awesomeness! But.. “Yes, I have Spice World on VHS…any self-respecting girl who grew up in the nineties owns this brilliant masterpiece” – Lily, you win. I LOVE THIS MOVIE. Let’s watch it at the imaginary autostraddle holiday party.

  4. You know, this gift guide is so awesome. it’s like you’re peering into the gay/doesn’t-understand-budgets part of my brain. either that or the radiation from the computer screen is finally getting to me. tubular, dudes!

  5. Wow! This list is amazing!

    I’ve been checking this site everyday since I ran into it about a week ago, and now I think, no I know I’m in love.
    Taylor, I just ordered those Frye Erin Oxfords in grey yesterday! I’m a girl who loves a good oxford and your description of looking dapper is exactly how I want to feel in a sexy handmade leather dashing shoe. Can gay christmas be today and everyone gets all the fabulous gifts on this list? please

  6. Laura’s right, the Sound of Music is the greatest gift on the planet. Especially when it comes with the deluxe Sound of Music companion book! The hills are alive!

    Laura: I’d give you power tools.

    • what comes special in the deluxe book?? i need to know! also, since we’re having a sound of music love fest, when i was little and it would rain and the power would go out, my mum would play songs from the sound of music on the piano and me and my brothers would sing along. it’s kind of a miracle that i’m the only gay one.

      • rofl yes, yes it is. That is glorious.

        The SoM companion guide is the most beautiful book in existence. It is about the making of the movie and the play, first and foremost, but it discusses how Rodgers & Hammerstein came up with the songs and how they chose to take the real story and edit it into something people would want to watch! They go into the background of the real VonTrapp family which is also super fascinating (did you know you can stay at their hotel in Vermont?!). And you get little secrets about the movie too, like the fact that the real Maria is in one scene. http://www.amazon.com/Sound-Music-Companion-Laurence-Maslon/dp/1416549544

        That long summary doesn’t show how much I love the SoM at all. Nope. *grins* Also, Julie Andrews is a goddess.

    • I love the Sound of Music so much. Not ashamed to say its one of my fave films. When I was in 6th Form (HS Senior Year) the head girl was one of my friends who was also crazy about SOM and we ended up putting it on as the 6th form production that year. It was totally awesome, we had an orchestra and everything, and costumes made out of curtains. Also Mother Abbess was a boy, but yknow, thats how we rolled.
      Anyway, I have like 3 copies of the Sound of Music, but would automatically love anyone who gave me one.
      This whole article is super ace, and I want pretty much everything on it! Also if you live in crap rented flats like me a cordless drill is pretty much essential for survival/putting up shelves!

  7. I got waaaay too excited by the colored knives and magnetic spice rack. Maybe I need a girlfriend. :s

    I have a Bodum travel press that is the only reason I was able to show up and teach my 7:30 last spring. They are magic. And I had my favorite little camper last summer design the insert for me and she drew me, a heart and a house that was “our house”. And I love the idea that someone believes I will afford a house some day, even if it is someone who believes every pineapple you cut up COULD HAVE BEEN SPONGE BOB’S HOME (oh no!).

  8. All coffee presses and no keurigs eh? I praise you all for the non-lazyness! I’m sure it pays off though. All I do for coffee is press a button.
    P.S. If you have netflix, you can watch Spice World non-stop, it’s on instant play!

  9. Dear Laneia and Jen,
    As a friend, I feel it critical to inform you of the Aero Press coffee maker. As an avid coffee drinker myself, I’d wanted a French Press as well. Hell, all I wanted was a perfect cup of coffee that wasn’t bitter or full of stray grounds. That was when my girlfriend bought me an Aero Press. And it is, I promise you, the very best cup of coffee I have ever had. Ever. In my whole life. It’s the only coffee maker I will ever need and I think if you took a chance on it, you’d find it’s all you’d need as well.

    Pros: It’s fast and easy to brew and fast and easy to clean up. It’s best to use espresso ground coffee because that gives you the richest flavour. It does use filters, but they are recycled and can be used as many times as you want. At $25 it’s the same price as, and even cheaper than some, French Presses.
    Cons: The only con about this thing is that you’d need a carafe to be able to make a whole pot.

    Seriously ladies, I recommend it. Obvs. That was a book, I know. But I think every coffee drinker should only have the best.

    Love, Rachel

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