Legends of Tomorrow Episode 411 Recap: Something to Sing About

Previously on Legends of Tomorrow, Zari and Nate were fake dating but the truth bug made Nate admit he had a wee crush, Mona’s Kaupe crush Konane got murdered after turning her into a WereKaupe, and Hank was killed by Neron when he tried to break off their deal though when Nate found him it looked like Nora did it.

We begin this episode in Washington DC, 2019. The Legends are all at Hank’s funeral and Ray is feeling weird about it because of Nora. But Sara says they have to woman up and be there for their friend.

Sara Lance looks very attractive and it's rude

Who looks hot at a funeral? How is that fair?

But when Nate finally does see Ray, he doesn’t hold anything against his buddy whatsoever. He knows Ray’s big squishy heart couldn’t help but believe the best in Nora. They exchange “I love yous” and it’s just so sweet and pure. I love their emotional openness, especially toward each other. And while I took a while to warm to Nate, I support this best-friendship with all my heart.

While this very sweet love-fest is going on, Constantine can’t help but notice a lot of supernatural energy afoot.

After his exchange with Nate, Ray goes into the bathroom to compose himself and hears something unusual coming from behind the sheet that is covering the mirror. After a little mumbling to himself, he pulls off the sheet… and sees Nora.

Nora smirks through the mirror

I’m impressed he knew it was really her, I probably would have assumed a Freaky Friday situation would happen.

Nora says she didn’t kill Hank and Ray instantly believes her which is exactly what I would do even though I’m not sure it was the wisest decision. So Ray sets off to help his girl.

On the Waverider, Charlie is on a one-shapeshifter mission to get Mona to embrace her wild side, which is why she’s plopped a steak down in front of the wee vegetarian.

Charlie smiles devilishly at Mona

Charlie is that friend your parents warn you about and I love her.

But they’re interrupted when Mona’s shirt with the names of classic Jane Austen characters starts fading one character at a time. They know this means that there must be a magical fugitive that interferes with the timeline, causing Jane Austen to fail to write Sense & Sensibility and Pride & Prejudice.

The rest of the Legends are still at the funeral and Sara tries to say the fugitive alert can wait and they should prioritize Nate.

Sara and Zari give Nate somber and supportive looks (but are still too hot for a funeral imo)

Bros over foes.

But Nate understands and wants them to go save history, aka his second favorite thing after his found family. So they all kiss him on the cheek and head out, and Sara even agrees to let Mona come along since she’s an expert on the subject.

Ray offers to stay back and QB this time and even though it’s clear he’s acting weird, Sara decides it’s not weird enough to worry about quite yet.

So the Legends ladies start prepping for their trip and are chatting about how Zari has it bad for Nate. Sara tells Zari about the truth bug confession and they decide that even though they’re not passing the Bechdel test it’s okay to talk about this stuff now and then.

Sara leans as if she's ready for Zari to spill the tea

“We’re three women of color and a bisexual captain, I think we can spare a few minutes for some hot goss.”

The three women give Zari advice that is so very exactly who they are: Charlie tells her to sleep with him, Sara tells her to sleep with someone else to see if she’s horny for Nate or just plain horny, and Mona tells her she should just talk to him about her feelings.

Charlie and Mona smirk at Zari

I really related to Zari looking like she wanted to spontaneously disappear when people started talking about someone having a crush on her.

(Granted, that’s sort of a bit of Old Sara shining through but I like that she still thinks like this even though her heart belongs to Ava and Ava only right now.)

So the ladies dress up and head back in time to go to a wedding Jane Austen will attend. In bonnets.

Sara Mona and Charlie are in their Sunday best AND BONNETS


Zari trips over something and falls and Sara moves to help her because she’s chivalrous like that but a handsome stranger swoops in first. He’s very charming and Zari swoons a little and awkwardly courtesies, much to the amusement of her friends.

Sara smirks giddily

Sara’s such a shipper.

And I just want to take a moment here for a wee anecdote. I went to ClexaCon this weekend (where there were hilarious Avalance and Nyssara panels and where Caity Lotz, Jes Macallan, and Katrina Law were all the ship captain heroes we all deserve) and I wanted to try to get a head start on my recap while I was on vacation. So one morning I watched the first eight minutes while my friend Nic was getting ready, meaning I mostly just got up to the bonnets. Then I went to the panel and Caity said something about this week’s episode being a Bollywood musical episode. I was like, “Surely this is incorrect. Surely not even this show could go from Jane Austen to Bollywood in one episode…” But lo and behold. I should never have doubted that Legends could get from Point A to Point W so seamlessly.

The ladies head to church for the wedding, talking about that steamy meet-cute, and they accidentally end up sitting right behind Jane Austen, which Mona is adorably fangirly about. (And Sara is very…Sara about, giving her the ol’ once-over.)

So the wedding begins and everything is going fine and then the bride stops the wedding before she even finishes walking down the aisle. She loudly, proudly, and dramatically declares that she’s in love with the scullery maid, and then the groom says HE’S in love with the mother of the bride, and then everyone sort of starts making out like it’s some kind of soap opera situation.

The bride and the scullery maid kiss

Where’s THIS Jane Austen novel?

Charlie is having the time of her life, our precious little goddess of chaos.

Ray sneaks Nora onto the Waverider and she tells him about the demon that killed Hank and why everyone thinks she did it. He agrees to hide her in the Waverider, even though he’s almost busted immediately when Charlie returns to the ship to give him an update.

Sara, Zari and Mona leave the wedding with more on-brand opinions, Zari practically shaking her head, Mona thinking the whole thing was very romantic, and Sara saying it’s “hawt” with that classic smirk.

Charlie tells them that there were more lust outbreaks back in 1802 in this new tainted timeline so to avoid the sexual revolution starting too early, they go to find Jane Austen. Charlie reminds them that servants would also have the scoop so Sara decides she’ll go with Mona and Zari can go back to talk to her handsome stranger. :eyebrow waggle:

Sara smirks

At ClexaCon Caity Lotz admitted that sometimes she doesn’t even realize she’s smirking when she’s smirking and I love her even more now.

Zari agrees to do it but she is… unamused by this set-up.

Zari gives Sara a stern look

Sara Lance and Zari in a face-off (like literally a competition of facial expressions) would be a dream.

Mona and Sara seemingly strip down into their nightgowns to go see Jane Austen (FASHION) and Mona is so excited that she fully geeks out when they meet her.

Sara and Mona are in nightgown looking dresses


They start to go for a “turn about the room” and Sara’s bewildered expression about the whole thing is priceless. They eventually work it out that the lust-fest began the same time Lord Remington came to town. In this conversation Mona is also low-key horrified to hear that Jane Austen doesn’t really believe that love conquers all. She is horrified by the events of the wedding, not because it was two women together, but because they’ll both lose their stations and have nothing to live on. She tells Mona she’s a fool because love is a lie and romance is dead and I’ve never been so Team Austen in my life.

Zari goes to see her handsome fella who still looks like something out of a romance novel, and he’s pretty darn happy to see her.

Sara and Mona find some giggling girls and Sara lets Mona take the lead since she’s more familiar with the time period. Sara is very entertained by what ensues, and so am I.

Sara smirks at Mona's goofy giggles

It’s like watching a puppy run on linoleum. It’s a little messy and very hilarious but she got there eventually.

They quickly realize that it’s not Lord Remington they should be after but the very coachman they just sent Zari after alone and that they need to save her from “smashing” the magical fugitive. (Because there’s another one she should be smashing.. .what? Who said that?)

Zari seems like she’s on her way to smashtown but she stops making out with the coachman when she realizes he’s definitely not human. He confesses that he’s Kamadeva, the Hindu god of love. She keeps making out with him and shoves him into a barn stall, so when Sara and Mona show up they think they’re too late, but it was a trick and Zari was on to him and cuffed him in a non-sexual way.

As they drag him away, he professes his attraction to Zari which is legit, but he also implies it was BECAUSE she resisted his charms, and like, no means no, bruh. He IS charming though, I’ll give him that. Oh and he’s the namesake of the Kama Sutra.

Zari smiles unwittingly

:mind dives headfirst into gutter:

Alas, when they get the fugitive behind bars, Mona realizes that history hasn’t fixed itself yet so they still have work to do. Sara and her arms say it’s too late to bug Jane Austen again so they’ll deal with it in the morning.

Zari, Charlie and Mona listen to Sara

Every time these four share a frame an angel gets their wings.

So they all go to bed, including Nora, who is in Ray’s bed and is totally into Ray but he panicked and gave her a grandma nightgown and slept in the chair, much to her chagrin.

Oh PS Hank’s ghost is haunting Nate but Nate doesn’t care. But weirdly the literal ghost is less interesting than everything else going on in this episode so we’ll come back to that later.

As the Legends go to bed, Kamadeva sends some magic dust up through the vents and they all have sexy, sexy dreams. Nora gets some steamy and consensual love from Ray, Charlie whoops about David Bowie, Zari is having a threesome with Nate and Kamadeva, and Sara, of course, is dreaming of Ava.

Sara is smiling in her sleep

Same, tbh.

In the morning the girls all chat about their sexy dreams and honestly I need more of these four being buds. They’re so funny and fun and different.

Sara, Charlie and Mona try to get Zari to fess up abotu her dream


Mona isn’t having fun though because she dreamed about Konane so now she’s just sad. Zari tries to comfort her by telling her that she only knew Konane for a little while so she couldn’t possibly be in love and SHOCKINGLY this doesn’t work and Mona ends up wolfing out.

Zari sits Mona down for a Talk

Me to me when I have a crush.

She’s suddenly mad that Jane Austen made her believe that love wasn’t a lie in the first place and storms off to confront her. While she’s growling about hopeless romantics and Ms. Austen being a liar, Jane finally blurts out that she DOES believe in love, which helps Mona shift back into her human form.

Zari marches into the holding cell, pissed at Kamadeva, but he assures her that he doesn’t put any new images in anyone’s head, he just fans the embers of existing passions into flames.

Zari asks what a god would even know about a human heart and he admits that he just stole the god’s powers and wants to show her what they can do, together.

Zari's eyes glow gold

I genuinely thought she was going to snort it so I was pleasantly surprised when she licked it.

So Zari decides to lose control for once in her life and does some magic dust with the magical fugitive.

Jane Austen admits to Mona that she does believe in love but she’s just having regrets about not marrying the only man who offered because she didn’t love him, since now her and her sister aren’t going to be set for life. Her writing isn’t even published. Mona encourages her, tells her that she’ll write timeless books someday. Jane offers Mona advice in return; love should be about a partnership, about respect and not losing control.

Cut to Zari and Kamadeva who have forgotten what the word ‘control’ even means and are talking about getting married. They decide to go full Bollywood movie BECAUSE WHY NOT and Zari starts singing. Honestly the plot doesn’t even matter at this point, because she looked amazing and sounded amazing and was singing about her feelings and her time traveling shenanigans.

Zari sings dressed in Bollywood movie sari and jewelry

I thought maybe I got hit with gold dust because this is MY DREAM SCENARIO.

Gideon is even effected, and decides to play the music with the whole Waverider, infecting Ray and Nora, and eventually even getting Sara and Charlie in the mix. It’s truly a thing of beauty.

I also enjoyed Charlie and Zari breaking the fourth wall a little by fully calling out that they were in a Bollywood musical.

Zari smiles brightly as she admits it's a musical

:Ursula voice: KEEP. SINGING.

When Mona shows up she does my all-time favorite TV-musical trope which is the self-aware “why am I singing” trope and helps everyone snap out of it.

She tells Zari that she’s been brave and strong and maybe shoving their feelings down isn’t the answer but going along with every whim isn’t either. Also once they’re snapped out of it, Sara and Charlie jump on board too and Charlie realizes that he probably already had a wife… and he has a thousand.

Mona tells Zari she can't get married

To quote a wise woman, “You can’t marry a man you just met.” (Elsa. It’s Elsa.)

Oops I dropped this.

Sara is dressed in her Bollywood costume and she looks amazing

I have drowned in Sara Lance’s eyes RIP

Mona tells her not to give up and Zari’s song turns into a sweet commitment to not being so resistant to love. Her and Mona sing about opening their hearts again and knowing that even if they gets hurt, they have their found family by their side to help them through it. “I’ll surrender.”

Zari and Mona sing

I FEEL A LITTLE CALLED OUT but it was beautiful so I’ll allow it.

Back in the Séance side of this episode titled Séance and Sensibility, Constantine tricks Mick into being a vessel for Hank’s ghost and learns all about his deal with Neron. Nate finds a secret room and a video that proves that Hank wasn’t doing experiments on magical creatures, he was training them to make a magical creature theme park called Heyworld based on Nate’s childhood drawing, which is still torturing animals but I guess with a more pure intention?

But it helps Nate get closure and I won’t lie to you, I got a bit emotional when he went back to finally pay his respects and finally called Hank “dad” and said he loved him.

Since the seedpod is out of the bag, Neron starts taunting Constantine and shows him that he has Desmond’s face now.

I loved this Zari-focused episode and I hope you did, too. I loved seeing the women all fight and bond, and I hope we get more of it as the season goes on. In the meantime, here’s Caity Lotz’s homemade, behind-the-scenes music video from the episode. You’re welcome.

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  1. I was really hoping (and praying) for Zari and Charlie to get together not this Nate and Zari thing, gross. I’m disappointed but I am still here for this more Zari forward episode.

  2. It was, in many ways, a highly enjoyable homage to Bride and Prejudice where everyone was still hotter than the guy who played Darcy

    Tala Ashe is so talented, and she’s helped make Zari one of the most compelling characters on the show. I would still prefer her with Charlie than Nate, but we’ll see…

    Tbh, I do wish there was a bit more Jane Austen in the episode! If Clara Oswald got to make out with her, she at least should have exchanged some witticisms with Ms. Lance.

    • For the very reason that you mentioned, they couldn’t have more Jane Austen. Then the team may have run into the Doctor.

  3. Kate Christie did a queer re-telling of Pride and Prejudice (Gay Pride and Prejudice) and it is awesome!

  4. At this rate, the Legends will spend all of season five repairing the fourth wall.


    Between her reaction to the Fairy Godmother earlier in the season, and her startled take when Charlie identifies the situation as a Bollywood musical number, I don’t think Captain Lance is a fan of musicals.


    “…so I was pleasantly surprised when she licked it.”


  5. Life’s a show and we all play our parts and when the music start, we open up our hearts.

    The recap itself is amazing, but then to also have a recap title that hearkens back to maybe my favorite song of the soundtrack for Buffy’s musical episode is just too great to handle!!!

  6. I love Zari Tomaz with my whole, entire heart. I’m less than thrilled about her getting with Nate, both because I think they have more of a friend chemistry and because I’d love for Nate to just be single and dealing with his dad grief and new job stuff, but, for Zari, I’ll hang in there.

    Ideally I would love to see her occasionally vexed by Charlie’s innuendos and incorrigibility for like 5 eps before she realizes how infuriatingly into it she is, and then they bang during missions and stuff like a fanfic. But with a show like Legends, that already casually gives me regency-era lesbians and Bollywood brilliance in the same ep, I’ll cut some slack.

  7. I hope this becomes a LoT tradition – having a Zari-centric episode. Tala Ashe is amazing!

    I love how Charlie and Sara kept gently ribbing Zari throughout the episode. I want more of this. More of them ribbing Zari and Zari looking put out but deep down she feels loved and accepted.

    Sara’s face when she and Mona rushed to the stables! It was a perfect combination of “ugh, damnit I don’t want to interrupt but damnit, I’m captain and I have to interrupt!” I loved it!

    Also, now that we’ve got a taste of a LoT musical numbers, can we get a full-blown musical episode because it can only be hysterical.

  8. Had to stop in the middle of reading this excellent recap to come down here and yell about how freaking much I love your phrasing here: “[Mona at work is] like watching a puppy run on linoleum. It’s a little messy and very hilarious but she got there eventually.” THAT IS 100% accurate and bless you for it

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