Kristen Stewart Says Hey Girl, is Talking to You


First there was Fuck Yeah Ryan Gosling. It was funny but, I mean, it was mad heterosexual and kind of boring. I looked at it a few times, but mostly because as far as I’m concerned Ryan Gosling looks like a Muppet. Amirite?


Then, like a beacon of comedy light shining down from Relevant To Your Interests heaven, someone developed Feminist Ryan Gosling. I mean, these are the folks who brought us Hey girl. I mean… Woman. What’s not to love? I looked at this a lot.


That was all fine and good until something else happened. Something I didn’t expect. I had been thinking about making a “Hey Girl” image site, I even slipped a Portia de Rossi in there. But nothing was sticking. Until I discovered this. How could I not have thought of this myself?


Someone started Hey Girl It’s KStew, and it’s brilliant. I love love love Kristen Stewart so I was super bummed to see that the tumblr isn’t taking submissions. I made a few of my own anyway.

Update: It has been brought to my attention that Hey Girl It’s KStew is written by YoungCreature. According to their site, YoungCreature “is a blog focused on exposing and supporting queer musicians, artists, filmmakers, writers, troublemakers, and earth shakers.”

Also, as of just a few minutes ago, you can now submit! I encourage everyone to submit Autostraddle-related stuff!!

Riese’s Update: Back in April 2010, we featured Young Creature in Eight Queer Blogs We Really Like Right Now.  (“the internet is the size of a thimble” – laneia)

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  1. Not sure what makes Ryan Gosling so attractive to straight women. In my opinion his eyes are far too close together

    • Yeah, I wouldn’t shag him, but I find Ryan attractive in a cute and very charming way. Plus he’s a really good actor with nice style. So this is one of the few instances where I can see the hetero appeal.

      But, this is coming from someone who thinks KStew is WAY overrated in the lesbian circle. (Emma Stone = 100000x better.)

    • I’m bisexual, with a male partner currently, and I also think ryan gosling looks like a muppet. bahaha. also I am totally hot for kstew. it drove me to seeing breaking dawn a couple of days ago which is quite possibly the most painful thing to sit through ever. which was worse, the endless montages or the scenes that made my reproductive organs writhe in agony?
      but I digress. I’m totally following this.


    And that’s all I’m gonna say. Now if you excuse me, I just got an occupation for the next few hours…

  3. i followed this tumblr before it was featured on autostraddle dot com
    too mainstream now, they sold out. unfollow.

  4. I’ve always thought she was swoony when she wasn’t pretending to be a co-dependent boy obsessed teenager.

    And now she’s offering to pick up a gluten free pizza from New Seasons for our date? *swoon*

  5. Not only as this made me finally get the whole K-Stew thing (before I was shouting ‘Bloody Cheer Up Woman!’, I am now about to get back on Tumblr….

  6. Hate to break it to you but she’s not a lesbian. she’s pracically married to Rob. Why is everyone insisting she is? Because she’s a tomboy and rejects the trappings of being a hot female celebrity?? Because she doesn’t wear makeup on her downtime and likes to wear Rob’s clothes? My bff tried to convince me my brother was gay after he wouldn’t warm up to her at my wedding. She said he was aloof and awkward around her. I told her he’s an introvert and doesn’t like loud, obnoxious women. Well she wouldn’t let it go insisting she knew my brother better than I. Needless to say we’re not friends anymore and he’s married to a woman with two kids. If he’s gay it’s up to him to come out of the closet. Enough of this horseshite.

    • I see your doubt and I raise you…

      If she’s not bisexual, then she’s at least bi-curious (although really, who cares. she’s hot and like every other celebrity, that’s good enough for me because the chances of me even meeting ANY hot celebrity gay/straight or otherwise is so slim, i’m not even going to contemplate the chances of actually having sexy lady time with said celebrity.)

    • I’m not trying to say that KStew is gay but…you do realize that Hollywood is a fickle place, right? I’ve heard people say that Eddie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds were ‘madly and totally in love’…yet their own daughter, Carrie Fisher, has said that they were ‘never in love’ and her mother was actually a lesbian…
      My point is, sometimes things are not always as they seem. It’s weird, I feel like gay people are so much more suspicious of Hollywood, and I think it’s simply because it has been confirmed to us that the Hollywood closet is still very much a shut one (see: The L Word Season 5). I think that for some straight people (and even gay and bi people), Hollywood has convinced them that gay people in Hollywood are all just “private people”. And if they wanted to be out, they would, but instead they just want their privacy. I refuse to believe that that is true in all cases. I think I’ve taken this kind of OT and for that I apologize.

  7. Haha! Before I could even read the “hey girl…” on the last picture I was like, OMG, CUTE BLAZER!

    Am I the only one who watches Twilight and pretends that she’s gay for Alice?

  8. I wish I liked K-Stew, I really do. I JUST DON’T SEE THE APPEAL. Not even when “hey girl…” is involved. And I do love me some Feminist Ryan Gosling.
    …I might just want to be RG’s best friend.

    • I used to be like you… then I saw The Runaways. Something broke in my brain shortly thereafter.

  9. I’ve gotta say it: I don’t understand the Kristen Stewart fascination!
    I just don’t get it, seriously.
    I am unimpressed with her acting, less impressed with her interview skills and do not find her attractive.
    Here is my lesbian card, you may take it now

  10. I’m still waiting for Kristen to grow into the woman she demonstrated she could be in Panic Room :) Maybe she might give us a glimpse of that in Snow White and the Huntsman?

    We’ll see.

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