Eight Queer Blogs We Really Like Right Now

by Laneia & Riese

We’re always telling each other about blogs we find. You know, on the internet. Like, ‘omg I’m in love [link]’ and then you wait there for a bit, staring at your gmail screen whet with anticipation, hoping to hear your sentiment echoed.

Sometimes you stare forever and nobody writes you back. It’s a long & ultimately endless pause which becomes a closing note; and in that endless pause, you realize you were wrong to think they would love it. And that maybe you were wrong to love it too.

But sometimes your friends write you back right away OMG I WANT TO EAT HER and when that kind of confirmation happens, you write that shit down. We have like a list. For ourselves. It’s getting long. So let’s start sharing!

We want this to be a series ’cause obvs these aren’t the only eight blogs you should read. But we’re historically bad at maintaining series so.

Also, “people we already know either online or IRL” aren’t included on this list, because the idea is that we FOUND these blogs organically, not ’cause you nagged us to read your shit or ’cause of nepotism. We’re not Aaron Spelling.


1. Effin’ Dykes:

What the f*ck is going on ‘Effin’ Dykes‘? Some seriously clever shit, that’s what. It’s kind of amazing? Yeah, it is. Find out why the author loves to fly in Never Leave Your Fags Unattended, or why, in the battle of microwave vs. grill, microwave will always win. She even went to a Naked Girls Reading show in Chicago and wrote all about it and I am super jells. The imagery is more akin to a Tumblr and there are so many funny words and such. You’ll probably love it. You’ll probably never come back here again. We’ve lost you.


2. Fit for a Femme:

So basically what you’ve got here is a gorgeous woman in adorable outfits, and it’s a blog called Fit for a Femme. More specifically, you’ve got a gorgeous femme, SBJ, showcasing these hot f*cking boots or this perfect dress. And just when you think it can’t get any cuter, BAM there’s a photoshoot like this one with M in which they’re at the beach and omg I think she stole M’s hat and would you look at that mothereffing wool coat?! Stop it both of you STOP BEING SO LOVELY.


3. Nobody Passes:

Besides having an awesome/in-your-face banner that makes me want to watch the Rocky Horror Picture Show, Nobody Passes — the product of queer/gender theory writer Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore — is a great mixture of art, feelings, and deep thoughts. We really dig her narrative posts, as well as her artistic projects like lostmissing. If you like Sycamore’s blogging, check out her books!


4. Sartorial Butch:

Sartorial is arguably the best word in the English language, so this site has a lot going for it right from the start. The Sartorial Butch has a love of great ties, great button downs, great suits, great shoes… Everything you need to look hot sans heels. She also posts recipes, including breakfast foods, so we’re pretty much sold. Oh, and there’s a good number of posts on butch identity, too!


5. Queer Fat Femme:

Queer fat femmes looking hella cute, having fun, doing stuff, changing the world. Bevin’s based out of Brooklyn and she and her friends obvs know how to have a good time. She even does a pod / video deal: The FemmeCast! There are QFF Guides to Life, like Beginning a Yoga Practice, and Battling Insecurities and Asking People Out. Don’t miss QFF’s additions to the Queer Lexicon! Laycation! Bevin you badass, do you ever sleep?


6. Young Creature:

If you’re looking for someplace to binge on superhomosexy queer culture, dreamy internet mixtapes, and new videos and music releases from your favorite queer artists (Tegan and Sara and CocoRosie, anyone?) Young Creature is your jam. Not just lesbians, but queer artists all across the board are represented – Owen Pallett, you guys! And just when you think “Music is cool and all, but I think I need something a little more substantial in my RSS feed,” you get hit with Lesbian Herstory and Emily Dickinson. Could you ask for more? We think maybe not.


7. A Brown Girl Gone Gay:

Let’s talk feelings. I mean really, just like, tell me how you feel. All of your feelings. When I first stumbled upon A Brown Girl Gone Gay, she was up against autowin for Best Lesbian Personal Blog in the 2008 Lezzies and if I recall correctly, she was anonymous back then. And now she’s got her real picture up there, with those feelings I was talking about. And I thought, wow, that’s so f*cking honest, you know? It’s like talking to a person.


8. Grumpy Granny:

The lez-blogosphere isn’t just for lesbian moms and younguns, let’s get some age diversity up in hurr with Grumpy Granny! 53 and a self-described “mostly happy, sometimes cranky, living too much in my head, lesbian grandmother, residing in Colorado USA,” Grumpy Granny writes about her life with her special lady, children, and grandchildren. Sometimes shit gets serious with the fam and sometimes she’s just gonna make some fucking furniture and she’s gonna tell you why “think pink” got her thinking about how the economy is run by disease and sickness. Yeah, it gets deep.

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  1. i’d like to suggest a Flickr photo stream of this lesbian blogger Tankgirl. her site’s About page says “She’s a butchy dyke with a fondness for other queers, punks, nerds, and misbegotten social deviants.”. So I think that’s a site that Autostraddlers will enjoy.

    website: http://tnkgrl.wordpress.com/

    her Flickr stream is very exciting, there are many photos of smart phone.

    in a recent post she said she’s a Nokia E72 user, so i feel an affinity with this blogger, as most of my friends have moved on to iPhones and Blackberries, and i believe that Symbian OS deserves more supporters.

    i first came across her site when i was searching for information on modding, she is so great! she modded an HSDPA radio into her acer aspire one. http://tnkgrl.wordpress.com/2008/10/28/modding-the-acer-aspire-one-hsdpa/

    i wanted to try it, but after reading her instructions, i realized it involved soldering, and i don’t really know how to use power tools.

    her more recent posts are mostly just unboxings and a few video podcasts, less on modding, but it’s still very exciting.

    i wasn’t sure if i should leave this comment here or the Sexy Sunday post since i think this is an exciting site. but it’s not NSFW, so i thought i’ll just leave it here in the Queer Blogs post for interested people.

  2. Excellent, I love reading about what life is like for gay ladies in other countries, it’s so interesting, so i’ll definitely check all of these out.

    Ooh, wouldnt it be good if a good few different members from Autostraddle did a piece about the gay scene and gay life where they live, and then if any of the rest of us were thinking of going travelling we could read it, or even write a piece about the gay pride parade wherever they live or something! Anyway, I digress completely, thanks for posting these blogs!

        • we actually had that exact idea! i started planning for it pretty much the week we launched but then no one ever submitted their pieces… hey I think Leah is supposed to be writing about seattle WHERE ARE YOU LEAH

          so then we started a series about called Girl-on-World and we had all these ideas about it being hooked up with a nightlife guide and all of this.

          I don’t know what happened to that project… I think like most great ideas, we ran out of time and stuff. Actually Alex & I were going to write one about LA in October I totally forgot about that.

          But we have done a lot of travel stuff, like Robin & Carly went to Ithaca, and Buenos Aires, and we’ve done Greece, Berlin … yeah check out the travel archives!

          Here’s the ones Crystal did about Sydney that were closest to the initial idea:
          Girl-in-Sydney, Australia: Crystal Does Lesbian Nightlife, Discovers They’ve Got Their Own “Chart” and Sly Foxes & Snatches.

          • That’s fantastic, thanks a million for the links, I had read some of the travel ones before and they were great from what I recall. The first Sydney one is exactly what I meant actually, just a kind of general scene guide and window into gay lady life from a lesbian who actually lives there. I know you guys have enough to be doing, but you could even get regular members to submit pieces, id say there’s lesbians from all over the world on this site. Admittedly the pieces probably wouldnt be as funny as the regular writers ones but sure they only need be short factual things. It’s just when I want to look up scenes in cities ive noticed all I can generally find is ads for pubs and club nights etc and not an actual honest opinion about what’s good and what’s good to avoid etc. Anyway, apologies for being completely off point! Back to blogs etc!

          • That’s great, oh, and if you do get it done make sure you dont forget about Europe, lots of us from different parts on this site! And thanks for actually listening to my suggestion, very nice of you guys, much appreciated! :-D

          • Oh my gosh, I saw the comment, I saw this coming, and I feel like I just got scolded by my mom! :( I’m sorry, I will get on it.

            Brainstorming the outline now…

  3. When I first discovered “A Brown Girl Gone Gay” I found the site design too distracting to read. It was set up in a bunch of columns with the posts running down the page and requiring a lot of scrolling.

    Now that the design is a lot cleaner, I’ll definitely give her another read. :)

  4. i didn’t get any studying done this morning because of effin’ dykes (and I haven’t even gotten around to looking at the other 7 blogs yet, this will probably take all week) but I’m supposed to be studying for a sort-of joke class about sexual orientation, so it probably counts as research right?

  5. It’s been a rage-filled couple of days you guys. Today I spent hours fantasizing about getting Alexander Nehamas fired from Princeton. Professor Nehamas, if you’re reading this, you can thank Effin´ Dykes for saving your job.

  6. i’ve been loving fit for a femme since a few people commented on the link in her user name a few weeks ago. and it looks like i’ve got some serious catching up/homewok avoiding to do with effing dykes.

  7. OK, I’m back and I’m adding all those not already on my reader IMMEDIATELY, and of course thanks x 84,000 for including FFAF on this amazing list.

    I suggest all current and future honorees celebrate like I did today:

    1. Champagne brunch.
    2. Buy new porn.
    3. Have lots and lots of totally raucous sex.


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