It’s Cataclysm WoW Guild Go Time: Let’s Do This Thing, Autostraddle

Okay guys, it’s time to get our collective heads in the game. I know there’s been a lot of interest in getting a WoW Auto guild going, so let’s try to get this shit set up so we’ll be ready for the earth-rending expansion come Tuesday. We scraped a loose guild together before, and I managed get us set up with a tabard and a bank before getting sucked out of the game do to those pesky IRL concerns. But expansion time is perfect for starting fresh, so we’re at a crossroads. Here are some questions/concerns for us to discuss in the comments if you guys want to do this thing, which I think/hope you do! The screenshot below proves I did not make this up. Just look at your former selves!

1. Our guild is currently called the “Flannel Confederacy” and it’s on the Proudmoore server. Do we want to stay on Proudmoore or start fresh on some other agreed upon realm?

Factors to think about with our brainses:

Proudmoore is a pretty high population server. That means it’s been around a while so has a developed community, economy, etc., but it can also mean queues when too many people are clamoring to play at once (ahem, Tuesday).

I picked Proudmoore initially because it’s full of teh gay. There are a ton of well-established queer guilds there, so I suspected it’d be good for anyone who might want to dabble in queer-friendly raiding on the side of our quaint little casual Autostraddle guild.

I won’t have a chance to renew my WoW account til the weekend, so I won’t be able to check out Proudmoore to see if it’s had a massive population boom that might keep us from playing there til then. Who wants to do a little research, eh?

If we want to start fresh, we can pick a newer, lower-population realm to strike up our mighty Autoguild on. The downside of this is that low-pop realms can be lonely and might not offer good progression options for anyone looking to switch their main characters over to our Auto guild realm, which could be sad if we lose folks that way.

Also I picked a non PVP, non RP realm and figured we should probably keep with one of those since it’s the most neutral, newcomer-friendly realm type. I know everyone would ideally love for their home realm to be where we play, but it wouldn’t be fair for us to decide like that. Part of the fun will probably be that we’ll all have brand new characters and won’t have a gazillion gold and one thousand shiny gryphons to swoop around on.

2. We’re going to need lovely, friendly officers who know what’s up. Since I probably won’t be able to play as much as I’d like, it would be AMAZING if you guys would like to take a lot of this into your own hands once we get going.

3. We’ll probably need a non-Autostraddle site to function as a forum of some kind, if we’re pretty serious about this. That way, we can help people join and organize whatever events and what-have-you without weirding out/clogging up the rest of Auto too much. A Twitter account could be good too, so once we see where we’d like this, I can set it up and pass on the reins. My suggestion for this is Livejournal, as that’s how my last guild went about things. I know LJ is super weird, but it’s easy to navigate and has message boards. I’m very, very open to other suggestions, with an eye for simplicity (we want to attract new Autostraddle readers to play, amirite?)

4. Like I said, I won’t be in charge of any of this once it gets going (if it gets going! we don’t have to make a guild at all, but I think that you guys want too, so that rocks!). I will help make some initial decisions, play with you all of course, and then hand off all of the intoxicating, intoxicating power to you guys!

5. Horde or Alliance? Why not both! Our Proudmoore-side guild is Alliance, but I suggest if we start a new guild we pick one or the other to throw most of our initial efforts into and then make an opposite-faction guild so everyone stays happy!

Okay, that’s it, I think?

p.s. I’m really excited, this could be really, really funmazing! I hope you’re excited too! And enterprising!

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  1. You’ve got numbered questions, I’ve got numbered answers:

    1. I’ve never played on Proudmoore, and I’m open to the idea. To anyone who has played there before: What’s the raiding scene like?

    2. I’d like to see how things shake down. I’m an officer in my super tiny guild now, but I’m sure (okay, I hope) we’ll have a lot of people who have the time / skill / experience to run AutoGuild.

    3. LJ would be more accessible, but how do we feel about WowStead or a similar dedicated host site?

    4. See 2.

    5. My knee jerk reaction is Horde, but I will be rolling a worgen come the expansion. It would just take some getting used to pvping the other side of the field.

    So excited! If we have a guild ranking system, could we possibly set it up for lesbotastic titles? I’m not even sure what they would be, but I am open to suggestions.

  2. I’m fairly new to WoW so I had no idea this guild existed. That makes me super excited. I don’t play that often though or know much about the game yet so I can’t answer any of your questions. Except that I’ve been playing Alliance. That’s all I know. Whatever ends up happening I totally want to join.


    I also suggest Caelestraz or however the hell you spell it because my character is on that… I can go on Proudmoore, but the times will be all weird. But Autostraddle WoWing sounds so bloody awesome.

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  5. I just renewed my account and am ready to go on Tuesday. I would love the opportunity to play with you all. I prefer alliance but I am willing to give horde a shot. I have a couple max level characters on Uther, pve, and would probably move them over to whichever server is chosen. I have been playing WoW off and on since launch and would be happy to help out those new to the game. I also have funds to help set up a guild with guild bank if it is decided to switch servers.

    In my experience, low population servers have just as many negative factors as a high population server. Pick-up groups for raids are hard to come by and the in-game economy is bad. High population servers are bad because tradeskill resources are farmed to death, the lag, and the possibility of delays logging into the server. A good medium population server would be best, but really, I don’t think it is going to make too much of a difference one way or the other. Log-in delays would probably diminish a few days after the expansion launch. If Proudmoore isn’t laggy than it would probably be fine.

    Whichever server you decide to go with the dungeon finder system makes it easy to get groups. That was usually the biggest trouble being on a lower population server. No more frustration and wasted time sitting around looking for group. You just queue up and it forms a group for you. You get an estimated wait time and are free to do whatever while you wait. Average wait time is 10 to 15 minutes. No wait time for tanks or healers! It is a great feature they added about a year ago.

    I have been playing a lot since renewing my account and am looking forward to the expansion. The events and lore leading to the Cataclysm have been exciting and interesting. The whole landscape is transformed and the world is fresh and waiting to be explored again. Hope to see you all there!

  6. Okay, I renewed last night and have been thinking about it more. Proudmoore is awesome, but I’m worried we’ll have lag like whoa/queue times come tuesday, possibly thereafter.

    A medium population server would definitely be best for a balance.

    My other main consideration is having a server with a few known guilds both horde & ally side that are queer-friendly. My old server, Bronzebeard, might fit that bill quite well, actually.

    Bronzebeard has Daughters of the Horde & Daughters of the Alliance, two queer-friendly guilds for women. They raid, have tons of events, etc, so would be a great option for anyone who wants more progression.

    Both guilds are full of the nicest people ever. Maybe our baby Auto guild could partner with them for anyone who wants to raid, etc?

    Bronzebeard US is also PVE, non RP and is fairly faction-balanced, from what I recall.

    /thinking out loud

    • ON MY WAY

      sort of….. I forgot Cata launched this week and decided to move house. Stupid self *kerslap*

      Should be up and running by the weekend though, now I’m off to make a livejournal. Weeeeheeeeeee!

  7. This is seriously awesome and is making me want a new computer, so I could join your epic guild. But, I am worried it would cut into my valuable knitting time.

    I can knit and watch hulu/netflix but probs not good enough to knit whilst gaming. I need more arms.

  8. Agh..I already have ten toons spread over two servers. to start up another new character, now? I suppose I could transfer a toon. I would love to be in a guild with a bunch of dykes. One of my guilds is just me and two guy friends of mine, then the other is a bunch of high powered raid freaks. I really don’t fit in, being the casual player that I am. I like questing and exploring, but just don’t have the time for raids and dungeons

  9. ohhh noes.

    i usually only play WoW at my Dad’s when i’m staying there… I have three characters on his account on Fizzcrank.
    I might need to start ACTUALLY playing if I can play with all you ladies.

  10. Is this still happening? Proudmoore is full because all the homos have flocked to that server. I dunno if new players can join. Whenever I log in, it says Full or High. Luckily for me, I already made a character named Sapphia. Go me! I think I joined a gay guild already (I haven’t leveled that character. It’s level 1. I mostly wanted to see if they really did host a gay pride parade on the server) but I would totes join an Autostraddle server because this website is bomb.

  11. Oh my god!!! I am like addicted to Wow. When I get enough money to start an account, I hope this thing is still going! It’s an awesome idea, and one that should have been implemented ages ago. 8)


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