International Autostraddle Meet-Up Week Spring 2017: Resist/Persist

Hello and welcome to International Autostraddle Meet-Up Week(s) 2017! The world feels darker and more depressing than usual, so we were thinking now would be a really good time to gather together to resist, persist, and cheer each other the fuck up. So we’re all gonna meet up and do just that! From Tuesday, March 21 – Tuesday, April 4, all over the world, Straddlers are gonna meet up and hang out and plan the revolution. Are you in?

Duh yes of course you are in!

What will this look like? Well, it can look a million different ways. Honestly, I haven’t helped plan a meet-up scenario since 2013, so I may be a little bit rusty and I hope y’all will be gentle with me as we work on this together. We all need to be gentle with each other and ourselves right now, and we need to be decidedly not gentle with the systems of oppression and forms of government that are trying to harm us and ruin our lives. That’s why the theme of this year’s International Autostraddle Meet-Up Week(s) is Resist/Persist.

There are a lot of different ways to be an activist and to make your voice heard in this world, and we encourage you to get creative about how you want to structure this particular meet-up. How do we resist and persist every single day? Maybe you want to gather some Straddlers in your city and make protest signs for an upcoming local direct action. Perhaps you’d like to make sure everyone has your representatives phone numbers and emails saved in their phones, and after that, make some calls or draft some emails or write some postcards to your reps together. Maybe you’ve been on your activist game 24/7 for forever and you’re exhausted and the best way you can resist right now is to do something restorative with some likeminded queer babes and remind each other that community is real and we’ve all got each others’ backs and we’re gonna make it through whatever this fucked up world has to throw at us. There are literally millions of ways this particular meet-up week could look, and I’d love if we all shared ideas in the comment section and help each other plan the most effective, most badass, most empowering forms of resistance and persistence.

Resistance can look like this // photo by Taylor Hatmaker

If this sounds a little more serious than some of the themes of our previous meet-up weeks, I’ll be honest and say yeah, it is. Things are different now. They can never be the same, but we can move forward and work with what we’ve got. And even if we’re older and more jaded and things are darker and harder, we’re still all here. We’ve still got each other. We’re still going to keep building community and learning and growing and fucking up and saying sorry and doing better and yeah, loving each other. For forever.

So uh, with that intense intro, let’s get down to the nitty gritty about what the fuck is gonna happen this International Meet-Up Week(s), shall we?

Resistance can also look like this // photo by Molly Adams

Like always, our team members are working hard to create events for International Autostraddle Meet-Up Week(s) in the cities we each call home. We are making this particular round last two full weeks to hopefully accommodate a lot of people’s busy schedules. As you know, we here at Autostraddle are slowly but surely taking over the world, but unfortunately our staff still doesn’t live everywhere, so in order to make this truly international, we need your help.

Are you interested in hosting a meet-up in your city / town / community / etc? YAY! THANK YOU! Now you just need to let everyone know about it. Fill out the fancy form on our Events & Meet Ups Hub, and we’ll publish it and get it up on the site. Then we’ll take that info and update this very post so that all the meet-ups for International Autostraddle Meet-Up Week(s) are in the same place!

We also have a special hashtag and a special graphic for you to use so we can feel as though we are all hanging out together via ~the internet~ no matter where you live! If you’re hosting something, make sure to use the sweet graphic Sarah made as the photo for your Facebook event, and if you’re posting about an event on social media tag it #ResistWithAS. You can use this on social media to see what other AS readers around the world are doing, and share your events too!

Isn’t it cool how Sarah can just resize a graphic to be any size we need it to be, like this specific one is perfect for a Facebook event banner, just saying

If you have any questions about International Autostraddle Meet-Up Week(s), please ask them in the comment section, as that will be the easiest way for me to see them and answer you quickly! And please please please bookmark this page and keep checking back, because I don’t want you to miss a meet-up in your city, okay? Okay. I’ll be hosting one in Portland, OR and I am very much looking forward to meeting some of you babes! Details on that and all other meet-ups will be posted shortly — as soon as you submit yours we’ll get it up on the site and start telling readers about it! Thanks for planning this epic International Autostraddle Meet-Up Week(s) with us — we literally could not do this (or anything else) without you. See you soon. <3

Submit your meetup plans here!

Meet-Up Schedule


Melbourne, VIC, Australia 4/1: Melbourne Autostraddle Meet Up

Venue: Bimbo Deluxe, 376 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, VIC 3056, Australia
Event Date: April 1, 2017
Start Time: 12:00 pm
End Time: 5:00 pm
Host: Ngaire Sidhu
Description: We are going to be meeting up to resist and persist!
Come along to meet other like-minded people, chat about the LGBTIQA movement in Australia or have a crafternoon making cute things over pizza and drinks at Bimbo’s.
Meet at Bimbo’s Deluxe at 12pm. Please RSVP as soon as possible so I can book a table for us.
Contact Ngaire on 0424617359 or over a FB message if you can’t find us on the day or have any questions.
Please bring your friends!
See you there!
Please RSVP as soon as possible on the Facebook event page.

Sydney 3/26: Homefires: Self Care and Cake

Venue: Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney, Royal Botanic Gardens Restaurant, Mrs Macquaries Rd, NSW, Sydney, Australia
Event Date: March 26, 2017
Start Time: 1:30 pm
End Time: 5:00 pm
Host: Max Whitby
Description: Sometimes existing is resisting. Sometime recharging is part of persisting.
Come and learn about some practical, low energy expenditure self care strategies…. not just mani pedis. (Although also valid: ydy)
Meet up in the bottom cafe area of the botanic gardens restaurant (accessible routes marked on official botanical gardens maps)…. if it is still raining we will stay put in the cafe… otherwise folks can grab a warm beverage/snack etc or byo…. and we will have a picnic situation in the gardens.
We will wait until 1:30 in the cafe, and then post updates in this event page. There is a good chance that this event wil be at least 3 hours long. There are bathrooms at the cafe.
Topics to be featured:
– Making a POA (plan of attack)
– Template/automate strategies (to guide people who help you in ways that you have control over)
– Mindfulness 101+
– Self soothing
– Listicles (who, what, where, why, when, HOW)
Content will be available as PDFs on this event page afterwards.
If you are interested in hosting other topics please DM Max.
Please RSVP by the group facebook page:
or event page:
Updates on the day will be posted to the event page.


Osaka 4/8: Queers in Japan

Venue: Osaka-jo park, Osaka-jo, Osaka, Japan
Event Date: April 8, 2017
Start Time: 12:00 pm
End Time: 6:00 pm
Host: Maria Devlin
Description: A hanami party where any and every queer in Japan can plot revolution under the sakura trees.
Contact me on LINE (ID: emdev) if you are interested in joining the event.

United Kingdom


Manchester, UK 4/7: Manchester UK Autostraddlers Meet-Up

Venue: TBA
Event Date: April 7, 2017
Start Time: 7:00 pm
End Time: 10:00 am
Host: Laura S-C
Description: The very first Manchester Autotraddlers meet-up! For the lesbians/queers/allies/bois/bisexuals/genderqueers/trans* and other non-binary identified Straddlers in and around Manchester UK.
Facebook group:
Please email me at for enquiries, or join the FB group for updates and discussion.


Edinburgh 3/25: Edinburgh Autostraddle Meetup

Venue: The Forest Cafe, 141 Lauriston Place, Edinburgh, Scotland EH3 9JN, United Kingdom
Event Date: March 25, 2017
Start Time: 12:30 pm
End Time: 4:30 pm
Host: Calista Hobart
Description: Come and chat all things Autostraddle! The Forest Cafe serves hot drinks and veggie and vegan food. Bring your knitting/crochet/crafting, I certainly will.
The cafe is on the ground floor but the toilet is downstairs. Dogs are welcome.
I’ll put a big rainbow Autostraddle sign on our table so you can find us.

United States


Los Angeles 3/19: Phone Banking to Block ACA Repeal

Venue: Leo Baeck Temple, 1300 N Sepulveda Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90049, United States
Event Date: March 19, 2017
Start Time: 2:00 pm
End Time: 6:00 pm
Host: Los Angeles LGBT center
Description: Are you ready to take action to defend healthcare for our community!? Here’s your opportunity!
In the month of March, The Center’s Leadership LAB are organizing hundreds of Center Staff, Clients and Volunteers to make strategic phone calls to key Senators to block the the bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act. We will welcome you to our grassroots activist team, share with you targeted, strategic opportunities to fight the threats and attacks against LGBT people.
Los Angeles! The LA LGBT Center is hosting a phone bank session to help block the Affordable Care Act Repeal
Come join us for some grassroots activism Sunday 3/19 2-6pm or Wednesday 3/29 5-9:30pm


Chicago 4/4: International Autostraddle Meetup Week: Queer Storytelling!

Venue: Sidetrack The Video Bar, 3349 N Halsted St, Chicago, IL 60657 United States
Event Date: April 4, 2017
Start Time: 6:30 pm
End Time: 9:00 pm
Host: Ellie O
Description: Hello Chicagostraddlers! Let’s go to queer storytelling for International Autostraddle Meetup Week!
The event is Outspoken at Sidetrack ( Doors at 6, show at 7, I’ll arrive at 6:30 but you come when you can!
And for those who can, let’s get dinner first! 5:45 at the Chicago Diner next door (there are two Chicago Diners — go to the one on Halsted!).
Can’t wait to meet you!
It’s not necessary to RSVP, but if you want to, join the Chicagostraddlers Facebook group ( and then see the event at


Worcester Massachusetts 3/31: Worcester Radical Craft & Dance Rally

Venue: Turtle Boy Statue (corner of Franklin St. & Salem St.)
66 Franklin Street (Worcester Common Park, behind City Hall & directly across from the Public Library main branch), Worcester, MA 01608, United States
Event Date: March 31, 2017
Start Time: 6:30 pm
End Time: 2:00 am
Host: Heather Mangione
Description: Come join Airspray Worcester and the League of Just Us in a direct action gathering outside on the streets of downtown Worcester! Meet at the Turtle Boy statue (corner of Franklin St. & Salem St.) where we will be congregating for a radical craft-making gathering before we take the streets with a giant sound system to march and make our voices heard.
Things to consider bringing:
–Cloth you’d like to paint stencils on (materials will be available but any t-shirts/ bags/bandanas/etc are great options too)
RAIN DATE: Saturday 4/1 @ 6pm (same location)
Street parking is available
Accessibility: This is an outdoor event and we will be congregating at the statue for approximately 1.5 hours before we march around 8pm. We will be using acrylic and latex paint as a heads up for anyone with chemical sensitivities.
No need to RSVP–just show up! But here is the FB event for more info:

New Mexico

Albuquerque 4/2: ABQ Meetup

Venue: Marble Brewery, 111 Marble Ave NW, Albuquerque, NM 87102, United States
Event Date: April 2, 2017
Start Time: 7:00 pm
End Time: 11:00 pm
Host: Lindsey Costley
Description: Let’s get together and write some very opinionated and strongly worded letters to our representatives!

New York

New York City 3/31: Resist, Persist, SING YOUR HEART OUT!

Venue: Stonewall Inn, 53 Christopher St., New York, NY, 10014, United States
Event Date: March 31, 2017
Start Time: 6:30 pm
End Time: 10:00 pm
Host: Valerie Anne
Description: Let’s gather at the historic Stonewall Inn for a little karaoke – sing your best songs of protest (We’re Not Gonna Take It! Seize the Day!), your favorite queer songs (Take Me or Leave Me! She Keeps Me Warm!) or switch up the pronouns in any song to make it gayer (or cover songs by dudes like Take Me to Church or Crimson & Clover). Very informal, no rules (You definitely don’t have to sing! Just cheer on your fellow queers!), just come, relax in a safe space, get inspired for the next protest by being at the birth of what we now call the Pride March! (NOTE: I put the end time as 10pm because that’s when Lesbo-a-go-go starts but, as the name suggests, that’s always a fun time, too if after relaxing you’d like to dance your feelings out.)
Accessibility note, or lack thereof because it’s NYC, karaoke is upstairs, and Stonewall is 21+.
No need to RSVP, just come if you wanna! I’ll wear an Autostraddle shirt or sweatshirt so you can find me.


Athens, OH 3/25: Autostraddle Meet-Up/Open Doors Dance Party

Venue: Casa Nueva-Cantina, 4 West State St., Athens, OH, 45701, United States
Event Date: March 25, 2017
Start Time: 9:30 pm
End Time: 1:00 am
Host: Kass
Description: Hey there! The first ever AS meet-up in southern Ohio will be in Athens @ Casa! Meet and greet before the OU LGBT Open Doors Dance Party gets underway @ 10pm — we resist by existing, y’all. See ya there!
No RSVP needed; show up and get down. *Open Doors may charge a small cover at the door.

Cleveland 3/26: Mason Bee House Building w/ Autostraddle CLE

Venue: Didi’s House, 3189 Oak Road, Cleveland Heights, OH 44118, United States
Event Date: March 26, 2017
Start Time: 11:00 am
End Time: 1:00 pm
Host: Didi Shiloh
Description: In the spirit of Resist/Persist, we’re gonna hang out and build some mason bee houses so that this slowly dwindling North American bee species sticks around to keep serving the environment. Y’know since the world is dying and our government doesn’t seem concerned. Come be concerned with us! See FB event for more details.
Request to join the Autostraddle CLE Facebook group to stay updated on events in Cleveland (this is a private group).


Austin, TX 3/22: Austin Autostraddle Meet-Up

Venue: Spider House Cafe, 2908 & 2906 Fruth St., Austin, TX 78705, United States
Event Date: March 22, 2017
Start Time: 9:00 pm
Host: Alaina Monts
Description: Let’s get together to call/write postcards to our representatives about the fucked up 2017 budget plan Trump proposed!!
RSVP via facebook, for materials reasons.

Dallas/Fort Worth 4/8: DFW Straddlers Mall Meetup

Venue: Starbucks @ Parks Mall in Arlington
Event Date: April 8, 2017
Start Time: 1:30 pm
Description: Hey Dallas/Fort Worth Autostraddlers! Join us for an afternoon of coffee, bowling and general awesomeness. We’ll meet at the Starbucks inside Parks Mall, then continue on to Round 1 for bowling once we’ve caffienated, and then maybe hang out/wander around some more after that.
When you get there, look for Lauren (aka Ace on Autostraddle). She’ll be wearing her queer-gal uniform of buffalo plaid flannel and a shirt with a cat on it.
Don’t forget to bring socks for bowling!
The event is posted on the Dallas Straddlers FB page. Please join the group (yay) and RSVP there, or, if you don’t have Facebook, you can message Ace (aka Lauren) on Autostraddle. Or just show up! The more, the merrier.

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Vanessa is a writer, a teacher, and the community editor at Autostraddle. She used to be hot and fun but now she’s mostly hot and sad. Find her on twitter and instagram.

Vanessa has written 379 articles for us.


  1. hi i am really excited to be back at autostraddle doing this fun work with y’all also will some of you please host some meet-ups in your cities and towns and communes etc etc etc and maybe comment some things here so i don’t feel so very lonely in this post COOL GREAT GOOD TALK LOVE YOU ALL SEE YOU SOON xoxo

  2. as soon as i get my shiz together i’ll try to plan a meetup in NYC! (if someone else wants to do this instead that’d be great because planning isn’t my STRONGEST suit but i’m very good at social media marketing/bullying my friends into showing up to things so i can swoop in with the assist)

  3. Hi there Vanessa and other awesome Straddlers!

    I’m in Edinburgh and would love to meet others. I’m better at enthusiasm than organisational abilty but if anyone would like to cooperate to make a Scottish meet up then hell yes lets form a team.

  4. GREETINGS! I’m in Raleigh, NC and if no one is hosting an event, I would like to host one! We need to get together and make menstrual pads! I may need a bit of help with the sewing because I like the idea but I have never made one myself, but I am full of vim and vigor and I have a box of sewing supplies that I can lend!

  5. I don’t think I can swing being extroverted enough to plan a thing right now, with the cold and an abundance of life stress, but I would definitely love to attend one around Baltimore/Glen Burnie, MD. Willing to bring food and/or booze.

      • Knoxville, TN??? That’s so far. I’m TECHNICALLY closer to Waxhaw (10 minutes away), which is an hourish away from Charlotte. I live in the COUNTRY COUNTRY. ARGH. I CAN meet halfway, but my car is way too old to drive four hours! Is there a meeting point between those two?
        Amelie’s would be a great place in Charlotte/Rockhill to meet if you can come up. I don’t know if there are and Charlotte straddlers…

  6. Soooooooo… Pittsburgh? Anybody? I will try to Do Thing. No idea what it might be. I know like one other woman who reads this thing here but there must be more, right? Hopefully somebody who has better ideas than me and can Facebook and stuff?

  7. I’m not sure if I can help organise stuff, but I can attend! Any Dutch ‘stradlers around?

    Maybe there are some from Belgium, or Germany but close to the border… We can make this super international!

    • Or you could hop on over and see Vicky and her friend in Madrid, if you’re close to an international airport. ;)

      It’s a bit short notice for me, and also being far away from a major international airport means cheap airfare to Spain is no longer cheap, but when I still lived near a major European airport I’ve been known to country-hop very cheaply for cool events. Plus, Spain is nicer than the Netherlands this time of the year, even inland Spain. Sorry Netherlands. :)

    • yessssss! in my humble opinion you should submit this idea as an event to our meetup hub and then we can post about it and if there are other exeter, england straddlers about they will see it and then you will all hang out at Boston’s, which i have no idea what/where that is but gosh it sounds fun! <3

  8. Anybody in the Denver/Boulder Colorado area? I don’t have any idea if there is anybody that would be interested in this location. Unfortunately because of my health I can’t really be in charge of organization, but I can be an enthusiastic participant!

    • there are definitely other denver/boulder straddlers out there! you should search facebook to see if there is a facebook group with people from your area because then maybe you could all connect and someone who feels more up to hosting could do so and you could all hangout and have the best time :)

  9. Anyone in Atlanta? I’m a broke millennial in between undergrad and grad school, ergo I live with my parents, ergo I cannot host, but what I can do is bake. I bake good. If someone wants to host, I will bake delicious things.

  10. Chicago! My friend and I were talking about how Chicagostraddlers meetups have really fallen off, and that’s sad because that’s how we both came into the Chicago queer-lady world. So she pushed me to create a meetup! (And I think she’ll do her own, too.)
    Let’s go to Outspoken! It’s a queer storytelling event on Tuesday, April 4 at Sidetrack Bar (but it’s not a typical bar scene inside, very possible to be sober). And let’s meet for dinner beforehand at the Chicago Diner.
    I’ll also submit this as an Autostraddle event, and create an event for the Chicagostraddlers FB.

  11. PS you guys i forgot to mention that i would really like it if you take photos of your meet-ups (with everyone’s consent of course) and then send them to me so i can make a PHOTO GALLERY on AUTOSTRADDLE DOT COM of all the international meetups and make you FAMOUS doesn’t that sound fun?!?!?!

    so plz take photos when you meet-up and then i will tell you where to send them at a later date xoxoxoxo

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