Lija Can’t Knit you a Blanket, But She’ll Rock Granny Chic

Hey, hi, and hello fashionable chicks of the world. Remember last time when we debuted “I’ll Have What She’s Wearing” and we said it was Wednesday but it was really Monday? Well we’ve all gotten a little more sleep and put our shoes on the right feet, and we’re pleased to tell you that today is actually Wednesday! We’re pretty sure. If you are a new reader then you don’t even know that happened, forget we said it. Oh and also, here’s what this is:

In addition to talking about sweet clothes in general, we’re going to start posting pictures & interviews for you of real live queer grrrls and what it is they’re wearing! Think except gayer and a little more chatty. Here, we’ll have ladies talk about their styles so you can relate, be inspired, or just procrastinate some more. These ladies are living proof that lez fashion can really be anything–and that you don’t have to wear skinny wife-beaters that show your nipples a-la-shane to be hawt (unless, you know, that really IS your style). So check up on us weekly to see who’s rocking what and why!

This week we’re bringing you dog-walker-extraordinaire and wondergirl Lija [that’s LEE-yuh]. She’d like you to know that she loves dancing, her dog Cappy, and NPR, but I’d like to add that she can do glasses like nobody else. With a fashion sense that is one part geriatric and one part trendy, she’s basically just the cutest.

lija cool

Let’s start at the very beginning: how would you describe your style?

“Well, actually people say I dress like a grandmom, but I would say ‘granny chic.'”

Where do you like to shop?

“I like bargains and I like thrift stores a lot. I like Circle Thrift. Usually I buy scarves, and I like tiny little things. Shoes and earrings usually cross the line, though. Maybe someday I’ll find shoes that are just too good to pass up, but they’d have to be really really awesome. I don’t like spending a lot of money on clothes at all.”

So do you make any of your clothes?

“Not really, Except for things that I crochet, like hats. Once I tried to make a quilt but I was like, ‘Fuck this, I’m going to be here forever.'”

If you were going to write your own version of “My Favorite Things,” what would you include?

“That’s one of my favorite movies! But a few of my favorite things? Um, my dog.”

Okay how about your favorite things that you put on your body?

“Ooooh okay. Got it. If you ask me a non-specific question about something I love, I’m probably going to talk about my dog. Just silky shirts and scarves. I have this one shirt that’s really flowery and silky.”

How do you deal with winter with all that silk?

“Layers. And my coat is puffy and warm. I like summer clothes better though. Short shorts.”

Do you want to talk about your hair?

“It’s weird. It used to be very long and curly-ish. Curly, I’d say. I don’t think I’ve been hit on at all since I cut my hair. By guys I mean. It’s like I have to make more of an effort to look like a girl with my clothes now. It’s very interesting. I just feel like people treat you differently.”

Is there anything you wouldn’t be caught dead in?

“Oh probably. There’s a lot. The pants that go to here [capris]. I don’t like the ones that go to here either [highwaters]. I like heels but I can’t really wear them. I would die in them. I would actually be caught dead in them. I’d be in the middle of the street passed out with my ankle broken. And I’m not really a big fan of JNCO jeans.”

[We had a serious breakdown of communication here but don’t worry, we have pictures! I still have no idea what these babies are, but maybe you guys know what she’s talking about.]

There you have it! Stay away from giant jeans, stick with silky shirts, and the GILF look is all yours. Come back next week to check out who Becky has all picked out for us.

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Laura is a tiny girl who wishes she were a superhero. She likes talking to her grandma on the phone and making things with her hands. Strengths include an impressive knowledge of Harry Potter, the ability to apply sociology to everything under the sun, and a knack for haggling for groceries in Spanish. Weaknesses: Chick-fil-a, her triceps, girls in glasses, and the subjunctive mood. Follow the vagabond adventures of Laura and her bike on twitter [@laurrrrita].

Laura has written 308 articles for us.


  1. I love this feature! I’m glad Autostraddle is giving a wider view of lesbian fashion. We don’t all wear flannel shirts and baggy jeans! (Though I happen to like that look, worn well.)

    I’m always stuck for inspiration and this feature gives me some good ideas *rubs hands together*.

    Right, I’m off to give my debit card a battering…

  2. I totally remember people wearing those pants in middle school I always wondered why.

    Lija’s style reminds me a lot of my sister. She LOVES fashion but hates spending a lot for it. People with superior thrift store shopping skills make life better.

  3. 1. i know what jncos are. yes! (why?!)
    2. omg my style is 33.33% geriatric too! except like old-grandpa-man geriatric, and not cute old lady geriatric!
    3. this is a great feature- thanks!

  4. Ahhh childhood memories. everybody in my 5th grade class had a pair of jncos. We must have looked like ridiculous little punks.

  5. dear lija, let’s go shopping together and then make out. also can i borrow your red flats and glasses. thanks.

    • becky and i are gonna stick with 3d people for a little until we get the hang of our interview styles and then we’ve got special plans involving yinz!

  6. I’m really glad she isn’t a fan of JNCO. When I think about those pants, I throw up a little bit in my mouth.
    Great segment!

  7. When I think of jnco jeans I just think about all the annoying boys in middle school and jr high who wore them, and I get all itchy.

    I don’t like to spend $ on clothes either, but I will go broke buying shoes. It’s an illness. Mostly rocket dogs and converse one stars.

  8. great article!! Crochet-ing (sp?) is a good time. The bit about JNCO’s made me have a vivid middle-school flashback, I think I need to lie down now. They were/continue to be the worst!

  9. I love this feature! It’s great to see what other smart, sassy, gay girls are wearing…the things in the magazines are so dull…

  10. Whenever I think of JNCO jeans… I think of ICP. All the ICP fans at my middle school/high school rocked those pants.

    Love this feature.

    Love her style.

  11. I have always wanted to rock silk scarves! i think the last time i tried was when i was 12. at that time, i was also wearing bifocals and kept them on one of those little cords so i could take them off without loosing them… sure, back then i got made fun of, but really i was just SO FASHION FORWARD. i think i’m going to try again with the scarves.

    awesome job laura!

  12. “I don’t think I’ve been hit on at all since I cut my hair. By guys I mean. It’s like I have to make more of an effort to look like a girl with my clothes now. It’s very interesting. I just feel like people treat you differently.”

    OMG YES. This is a bit off topic but there’s a guy in the metro who hands out newspapers and every day he addresses me as “sir” and I’m like “THAT’S NOT GONNA HELP YOU SELL NEWSPAPERS, DUDE”

    But yeah, I think people totally treat you differently with short hair. I would like to do a further study on that.

    Anyways, this is great. I love Lija’s leather jacket. Want.

    • I totally feel this, too.
      I had long hair basically all my life (mid-thigh at it’s longest), and I cut it and EVERYTHING changed. Guys still hit on me, but a lot less often, and gay girls picked me out of crowds as gay because of the short hair. Cutting my hair strangely made me a lot more feminine!

      • I had mid-back length hair and had it cut to 1-2 inches about a year ago. People definitely treat me differently with short hair. I’ve only gotten mistaken for a boy once when I was quite bundled up for the snow. I’m called “sir” at work sometimes, but that happened before the haircut, too. I think it’s the park ranger uniform, which is another story entirely. Why do people assume a person in uniform in a position of authority is male? People can’t seem to get over that fact that I can both have a vagina and prevent forest fires.

    • ohemgee i had no idea this would bring out so many emotions that people had stored up from middle school either!

  13. Hah. This is awesome! I’m glad so many people have an UN appreciation of JNCO’s with me. And, also… thanks for those who appreciate my styleee :0) !

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